The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Two

Five Years Later…

Charlotte found herself locked in the dungeon, currently being dragged by two guards. She looked up at their faces recognizing them. She had trained one of them; that was one of her jobs as the Left. The guard to the right looked down at her, pain written across his face. He knew the King was in the wrong but he couldn’t say anything for fear of being in with her. Her body stopped. She knew what was about to come. The door opened and she was thrown in.

The overpowering scent of blood filled her nostrils. Strong, rough arms wrapped around her and were forced on her feet, being chained once again. Charlotte knew the room all too well as she was the one who used to admit most of the torture. She had created the most wicked punishments for traitors, liars, and thieves. Now she was on the opposite end. The door opened again and King Nicholas walked in. She looked at him with a wicked smile on her face.

“You gonna try and break me? You know you can’t Nicholas. You never will be able to.” Charlotte egged him on. They made eye contact. Black bags surrounded Nicholas’s eyes. She looked over at Brent, he looked like he was glowing. Happy to see the fall of his enemy.

Nicholas picked up the whip. He threw his arm back and whipped it forward. A sharp sound hit the air. Charlotte closed her eyes and taking the pain like she was trained in the LSA.

This continued until her body was battered and bruised. Nicholas and Brent left the guards to clean up after their mess. The two men who brought her came back to get her. Both of them were fond of the women. They shared a glance, their heart aching for her. One of them picked her ragged body up taking her back to her cell. She was gently placed by the guard.

“Why are you two so nice?” She croaked out. The other guard brought some medical supplies.

“Because, when I was young you recruited me. Helped me take my sister out of a horrible home. I wanted to thank you.” She smiled and closed her eyes. The two guards did their best to clean up the wounds.

A group of twenty men stood out in the woods. Their cars parked in a secure location. All of the men wore black. Some were tall others short, but all were muscular. The moonlight hit their leader just right causing his soul mate mark gleam. His features were defined, eyes blue.

“She will have the same mark I bare. Black hair, brown eyes. I got news that she was in a dungeon. Johnathan will be there dressed as one of the guards. When you find her, she may not be in the best shape, but remember this is your future queen. Also remember this is the Backlight Kingdom, they are ruthless. So except their prisons to look like hell. Let me know when you find her.” All of the men placed their right hand over their heart and lowered their head.

“Alright, move out.” Four groups of five scattered throughout the forest that surrounded the Kingdom. Each group had their jobs, scattering around the poorly guarded castle. Their leader and his teams easily found the dungeon. As promised, one of the guards worked for the man in charge. Johnathan, let the men in. Their leader could feel his mark burning as it did when you find your soulmate for the first time.

Charlotte let out a groan of pain, her body jolting awake. She looked at her arm that was now glowing. She smiled knowing what was about to come. The young girl had always dreamt of the day when she found her soulmate. Her mother told her stories before bed every night about how the two warriors fell in love.

The footsteps in the hallway came closer to her cell. The man in charge of the search knew his soul mate was around the corner. The cell at the end of the corner emitted a soft glow. Johnathan was close behind his leader, thinking two steps ahead of him, Johnathan handed him the key. The gate was opened and the leader stumbled into the cell. He fell to his knees at the sight of his soulmate, broken in front of him. He reached for her, caressing her face. Charlotte softly smiled at the touch of her soul mate.

“You found me,” her voice weak. She reached for him wanting more of him.

“Of course. You’re safe now.” He muttered placing a kiss on her forehead. A sense of calmness washed over the girl. He scooped her up in his arms slowly standing up. Johnathan quickly placed the blanket over his future queen.

“Let’s head out.” The men ran out, heading back to kingdom.

King Nicholas watched from his office alongside his right hand man. Brent ran his hands through his hair. Both were frustrated but trusted in they plan. It was going to bring them so much power. The men looked at each other with only a nod being exchanged.

Charlotte woke up to a machine beeping. Relying on her training from years ago, she felt where she was. Restraints held her wrists down. She felt a needle in her arm. The room smelled clean. A hospital. The room was white with minimal colors. To the left was a window, sun shining into the room. In front of her was TV with white boards on each side. On the left was a couch and table. Papers spread all around it. A laptop rested in the middle with a few notebooks. There was another table by the couch which was filled with food wrappers and soda cans.

The door opened and in walked the man that saved her. His hair was black, eyes were crystal blue-green, and an attractive beard. He was toned and tall. He wore black pants with short sleeve polo. Both of his arms were littered in tattoos. On the right was the mark of a king. On his left was the mark of his soulmate.

“King Trevor.” He smiled. He set down his drink and walked over her. As he got closer the bags under became more apparent. The King looked like he hadn’t showered in a few days. He looked a little sick too. She yearned for his touch.

“Why?” She asked him. A tear fell from his face.

“The night I brought you home, you tried to kill me.” Her mouth hung open. She knew what happened at night, that’s primarily why she hated sleep. She spent most of her time training or studying or helping the King; rarely ever did she sleep.

King Trevor had been so happy to finally found his soul mate. He didn’t think twice when he put her down in his bed. He shed most of his clothes and slid in the bed. He brought her into his embrace, placing kisses on her shoulder. He drifted to sleep, happy and content.

The Left had a tendency to walk around, talk, and move about in her sleep. Her dreams were vivid that night She was being attacked by guards of the Care Light Kingdom. She grabbed her sword killing people left and right. Out of nowhere the Care Light’s Left struck from behind. She fell to the ground but recovered quickly. The two Lefts battled back and forth; Charlotte administered a swift punch in the opposing left’s face. He fell on the ground, hard. She climbed on top of him and began to choke him.

Trevor awoke quickly due to the lack of air. He opened his eyes to see his soulmate hovering over him, choking him. His right hand trailed across his night stand and hit the emergency button. The guards would take two minutes to get there. He pushed his mate off of him and they began to fight. Charlotte still deep in her nightmare. Trevor fighting to keep his life. He was strong, arguably the strongest king in the land. But Charlotte, she was made and groomed to kill. When she felt threatened she never hesitated to kill her target.

“I am so sorry, my king. I…” Guilt washed over her. Averting her eyes, she peered outside the window and allowed tears to fall down. His hand crept under her chin and gently pulled her to look at him. Tears streamed down his face. He pulled a chair next to the bed and sat down. He placed a simple kiss on his queen’s hand.

“Look at me.” He commanded. “I know you didn’t mean to. It’s okay. Please, what is your name?”

“Charlotte.” He smiled amidst his tears. “Will you please get me out of these. I promise I won’t hurt you. I don’t think I ever could, knowingly.” He got up and placed a swift kiss on her forehead before leaving. I watched him leave the room.

A few minutes later he came in with a doctor, who did not by any means look happy. He walked over to the girl with scowl on his face. The doctor pulled the key out of one of his pockets and unlocked both of the handcuffs.

“If she tries to hurt you again, I will not think twice about restraining her.”

“You will not speak to your future queen that way again.” He spat at the doctor.

“Of course, your majesty, apologizes to my Queen.” The doctor left the room quickly. Before Trevor and Charlotte could do talk again, another woman walked into the room.

“I am sorry for interrupting your highness,” she addressed the King. “I need to ask her some questions.” He nodded her head and went to take a seat. “Alone.” She mumbled. Trevor looked at the brown haired girl, asking if he could stay.

“It will only take a few minutes; I will be fine.” He pursed his lips and nodded his head; exiting the room.

“I’m sorry to do this ma’am, but I need to ask you some questions.”

“Okay, go ahead.” She asked a multitude of questions while looking at her vitals. Each questions brought back memories that she had worked so hard to forget. After five minutes of her asking about my history she grabbed a chart and looked over it. The young blonde woman mumbled to herself.

“I have noticed a few things. I need to ask you a question you are going to be uncomfortable with.”

“I’m comfortable with most things, but go.”

“Where you pregnant with in the last year?”

“Yes, nine months ago. It was a miscarriage.” She nodded her head and proceeded to ask the Left some more questions. After ten minutes of questions and the doctor he looked over her patient again before leaving. King Trevor walked back in and sat down by her side. He took her hands in his. Charlotte looked down at his hands noticing the rings. On his right hand was a gold ring with the letter ‘K’ on it.

“It’s for Knight. My last name.” An ‘o’ formed her formed on her mouth.

“For the Knight Light Kingdom?” He nodded his head. The soul mates chatted for a little bit longer before the doctor dismissed them. She watched her soulmate tidy the mess up, putting everything in briefcase.

“Do you mind giving me some privacy while I change?” She asked hoping for some privacy. He wanted to give her space, but he gave her space when the woman walked into the room.

“Actually I do.” He stood his ground. She took her shot and missed. They looked at each other, her pleading eyes, and his stern. He handed her some clothes, which she thanked him for. He closed the gap between the two, helping her take the hospital gown off. He placed his hand on her naked back. He ran his hand across the wounds on her back. She took in a sharp breath. The King knew his soul mate had been through hell and back because he felt the pain; it’s what kept him up at night. His large hand ran across the ugly wound that was placed on her back.

“What happened?” He wrapped his free arm around my stomach and pulled me into his warm embrace.

“A story for another time, my king.” A simple peck was placed on the top of her shoulder. He let go and allowed her to change. She wore a baggy t-shirt and tight leggings. He handed her a jacket and theirs hand intertwined. Everyone bowed when we walked past them; whispers and lies were soon to follow.

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