The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Three

A black Escalade was placed in the front. The driver opened the door for both his King and Queen. After the King and Queen were settled in, the driver walked to his side and got in. He placed his right arm over her lap and kept his queen secure against his side not wanting to let go. It took twenty minutes for the couple to get to the palace. A man opened the king’s side door. The King slid out, offering his hand to his queen. A different man wearing something similar to King Trevor waited for a few feet ahead of them. They walked together, the king and future queen; side by side.

“So you must be our new Queen,” the man said playfully. Charlotte looked him up and down. He had sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. On his right arm rested his mark. He was the King’s, right-hand man. He looked strong but he was nothing like any other Right she knew. He was very happy and funny.

“Maybe, what is your name?” He chuckled and took her other arm. Charlotte’s eyes went wide. She had seen other right’s, most were stoic. They never touched the queen unless it was to protect her. He unhooked his arm after noticing the look on her face.

“I am so sorry. My name is Johnathan, your majesty. I think you will enjoy it here. I know Trevor has been waiting for some time now.” A low growl emitted from Trevor. I looked at Johnathan quizzically; how could he talk to his King-like. Nicholas would have slapped him.

“Get out of my face Johnny boy.” Trevor laughed. “I am going to show her the palace.”

“And by that you mean take her to your bedchambers and show her…”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” Trevor told Johnathan. “I think you have some work to do.” Trevor handed him his laptop case along with his briefcase.

“Whatever you say.” When they entered the palace Charlotte’s mouth dropped. It was beautiful and well taken care of. Everything was white and gold. The Knight Lights symbol was everywhere you looked. It was more elegant than she could’ve ever imagined. Charlotte had been to many castles, most of them small. Even the one she lived in for years was nothing compared to the Knight Light Kingdom.

“Do you mind if I, uhm just go to my chambers? I am tired and I want to shower.” She asked him. Truth be told she was tired, but more importantly, she didn’t want to see the kingdom just yet.

“Of course, anything you want.” The pair started walking to the west side of the palace. He pointed out some of the painting that hung on the wall. She stopped and looked at the glorious painting. It was a scene of a garden. Bushes and trees, covered in flowers. Butterflies and birds flying in the air, with the sun in one of the corners of the painting. Each bird and butterfly were different colors, embracing the beauty of the differences. Remembering her soul mate mark she held her left arm.

“It’s part of our mate mark,” he said gesturing towards the middle of the painting. There was a patch of roses, all different colors. In the middle was a red rose with a white butterfly sitting on it. “All of my family has it.”

“I… don’t think I am ready to meet them. I mean not today.” She responded to his last remark. Charlotte was nervous to meet them.

“Of course not. I barely know you and I don’t want them to scare you.” He smiled at her. His family was cheerful, to say the least. His mom and dad have been waiting years for him to meet his soul mate. His mother would ask her questions about having children and getting married. His father would ask about the kingdom she came from.

“Will I get my own chambers or…?” She asked changing the conversation. Instead of answering Trevor took Charlotte’s hand and continued walking in the castle. She could tell they were getting closer to the end of the wing when there were fewer guards and more advanced technology.

“Put your hand here.” He said motioning to the wall. As I reached out, a tablet of sorts came out of the wall. I placed my right hand on the pad.

“Queen Charlotte, welcome.” A female voice spoke. She looked at her king with a slight chuckle.

“I always heard rumors that your kingdom had the most advanced technology.” She mused. The door in front of her opened and they two of them entered. Upon entering, her mouth dropped. She expected it to be a single floor but she was wrong. To the left was a staircase that leads to another floor. Up ahead was the living room. A couple of white couches with a black table in the middle. A TV was placed on the wall. Attached to the living room was a small kitchen and a little dining room. Charlotte scanned the first floor before Trevor took her hand and lead her up to the second floor. Two double doors were a few steps away from the stairs.

“There is only one room in our apartment. When we start a family, we will move to a different part of the palace… if that’s what you want.” Trevor spoke breaking the silence. Charlotte gulped audibly. She was not ready for kids, not after what had happened months ago. Trevor glanced down at his future Queen, noticing the change in her expression.

“Char, I am sorry. We don’t have to think about it or talk about it for a while.” She nodded and looked away. Trevor opened the door and Charlotte followed him. The bedroom was massive. It was placed in the middle of the bedroom. To the left was a small office that looked neat and not used. To the right was another living room with a TV. In between the living room and bed were double doors leading to a balcony. On the left by the office were more doors.

“The bathroom is in there. Everything you need is in there.” He walked over to the bed and sat down. Walking into the bathroom, she found a huge bathtub. She turned the water on, making sure it was hot. Charlotte roamed around the room until the vast array of oils was found. Next to the oils was some soap and towels. The temperature of the water was perfect. She stopped the faucet and took off her clothes. Stepping in she let out a hiss. She hadn’t taken a bath in quite some time.

Trevor sat on his king sized bed running his hands through his hair. All he wanted was to be in there with her. He wanted to talk to her get to know his soul mate. He wanted to ask about the scars on her back. He wondered what she did to be placed in the dungeon. He loathed King Nicholas, all that King ever wanted was power. How could he treat such a perfect woman so horribly? He looked at his left forearm. He was lucky to find his soul mate, even though it took him nine years to find her. Getting up he decided it would be best to change and maybe ask his mate some questions.

The door opened and Trevor walked in. He glanced over her body and pushed his thoughts away. Walking past her, he opened a door to her left. She peered in to see it was a closet. Trevor stepped in and shut the door; he desperately needed to change out of his work clothes.

Charlotte looked back at the closet seeing her half-naked soulmate. He wore black sweat pants and no shirt; tattoos covering most of his chest and arms. He was a toned man, strong, someone who didn’t need protection. He sat down next to her, his eyes scanning her naked form; darkening. She wasn’t the shy type, especially since she was brought up around boys but she was nervous for him to see her. So she brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She placed her head on her knees and glanced up at him. He sat on the edge of the tub, somewhat relaxed. The tension in the room was thick. Neither of them knew what to say; how to start the conversation. She wanted to tell him everything, wanted to tell him her darkest secrets, but she knew it wasn’t the right time.

“I uhm, I…” Nothing was coming to her.

“Why did you ask me to leave?” He mumbled out. His question sent her mind whirling. He wanted to have an honest relationship with his mate, wanted to know every detail.

“I am not the person you think I am.” The words fell out of her mouth. She sealed her eyes closed, not wanting to remember the things she had done, the crimes she had committed. “Honestly I doubt I can be the person you want me to be, either.”

“I don’t care what happened to you. I just want you. Nothing you could have done will make me to not want you.” A tear cascaded down her face.

“My King, I am all kinds of fucked up,” she laughed out. He smirked at her chuckle. “I doubt your kingdom will want me as their queen.”

“Why is that?”

“I have done so many things. If they got out people would hate me and possibly you.”

“Char, I know who you are.” He stated. He, in fact, knew her, so well. He remembered the night they met at King Nicholas’s Coronation. He had seen her right arm; he knew what the mark meant.

The black haired girl looked away from her soul mate. Her mind was racing. She just needs a second to herself. She needs a second to regroup herself so she can back to the woman she once was.

“I’m sorry my king, but I need to be alone for a few minutes.” Her voice cracked, she felt so weak. She hadn’t felt this weak; this fragile, since she was a young girl. Trevor raked his hands through his hair and got up.

No words were exchanged between the two as he left. She stayed in the bathtub until the water went cold. Then she decided to take advantage of everything at her disposal. She hoped in the shower to rinse off the tub water and to give herself a deep cleanse. After twenty minutes of rinsing and cleaning herself, she stepped out. Wrapping a towel around her body, she walked into the closet. Of course, there were no women’s clothes but she didn’t care. She opted for a t-shirt of his and slid it on. She found some boxers and stepped into them. She braided her hair and head back into the bedroom.

Trevor laid in his bed with a laptop on his lap, furiously typing away on the keyboard. She walked over to him and sat down on the end. He glanced over at her, she sat silently with her hands folded in her lap. He glanced back down at the email and quickly finished it. Once finished, he shut the laptop and placed it on his nightstand.

“Are you hungry?” He asked standing and stretching his muscles. She looked up at him and noticed a mark on his back, starting from the top of his left shoulder down to the bottom of his right side. She had heard rumors that soul mates felt when their soulmate was in pain, physically or mentally. She crawled over to him. He stood there, unaware of his mate’s actions. She rested on her knees and placed her hand on his back. At first, he was tense but then relaxed into his soulmates touch. She ran a hand across his back, outlining the scar.

“You know, don’t you?” She asked. He turned around and faced her.

“Yes.” He gently grabbed her right arm and moved the long sleeve up to her elbow. He took his turn to run his hand over her Left mark.

“So you’ve felt all my pain?” Charlotte asked.

“Well, most of it, especially the scar on the back. You’ll have to tell me what happens. When you are ready.” He told her, reassuringly. Silence fell over the room. Her stomach however growled; she wasn’t just hungry but starved. He chuckled lightly.

“Stay right there, we can go get some food once you have some better clothes on.” He went to leave but she caught his hand. He looked at her, both hands holding on to his arm and hand.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile on her face. He went with his heart and wrapped his arm around her waist engulfing her in a hug. Her scent was overwhelming to him. She smelled sweet, just like he had imagined but better. Neither of them wanted to let go of each other, but she was starving. He placed a kiss on her forehead and walked back into the bathroom. He grabbed a pair of his sweatpants and walked back out. She slipped the pants on and they were off to get her some food.

He took her a different way than they had come in. On the first floor, there was a door leading out of his private place. He led her through a secret passageway that his father had installed in case of an attack. He used frequently when he didn’t want to be seen. This was the perfect case; she didn’t want anyone to see her without proper clothes. He didn’t want that either. He wanted her all to himself.

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived in the kitchen. As he was about to ask the kitchen staff to prepare food for her, she stopped him. She wanted to make her own food, as that was how she was trained. She made enough pasta for the both of them; that’s what she had been craving for the longest time.

They sat and ate their food in comfortable silence. She engulfed the food within minutes and she was still hungry. She found another snack and started eating it. Trevor watched her eat all of the food she could. Once she was done, she cleaned up her mess. The maids and kitchen staff tried to tell that she didn’t need to do it, but she didn’t mind.

They walked back into his place not saying a word. She decided that she was beyond tired. She went to go lay on the couch for the night.

“What are you doing?” Trevor asked eye the woman who was capturing his heart.

“I will sleep on the couch because of what happened last time.” He chuckled. He walked over to her.

“No, you will sleep on the bed I don’t mind taking the couch.” She grimaced. He was the king and Kings do not sleep on a couch, she thought. His mother and father raised him to put his soul mate first. Her needs were to come before his own. He took out one of his many blankets and placed it on the couch along with a pillow.

Charlotte laid in the bed thinking about her life. She was lucky to find such an accepting mate. He thought something similar. He was lucky to find someone as strong as she was, she would make the perfect queen.

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