The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Four

The next morning, Trevor woke up to the smell of coffee. He rubbed his eyes and swung his legs off the couch. He looked around the room surprised to not see his mate. He walked downstairs to find his queen sitting on one of the couches reading a book. A cup of coffee rested on the table. He walked into the mini kitchen in his apartment. It was mostly used for breakfast foods and snacks. She had woken up early that morning and made herself some coffee, another thing she had been craving. She had also managed to find a book or two in his apartment. After making a cup for himself, he walked into the living room and sat across from his queen.

“He’s going to come after you.” She stated. A good night’s sleep was all she needed to get back to her normal self.

“I know what I did, I’m prepared for him.” He stated coolly. She laughed. His eyebrows went up and a smirk spread across his face.

“Of course, anyone could take him down. It’s easy, but are you ready for me?” She asked. She knew exactly how his mind worked, he was weak. But Charlotte, on the other hand, she wasn’t.

“Are you going to come after me?” He asked.

“Not me personally. However, when I was working for him, I had been asked to do something that I regret.” His jawline tightened. A wave of emotions came over him.

“What do you mean?” He asked getting up. He sat in front of her on the table, moving her coffee away.

“King Nicholas knew he was a weak king. He would rather be in his bedroom fucking as many girls as he could than make the kingdom something. He left the work up to his Right and I. One day the King had assigned me to come up with some plans. To destroy each and every Kingdom.” She began to feel ashamed for what she had done. At the time she hadn’t thought anything of it. She wanted the kingdom to become stronger, they need it.

“Charlotte.” His tone was short. They made eye contact and immediately he knew what she meant. “For all Kingdoms?”

“All fifteen of the Light Kingdoms, yes.”

“How,” he asked baffled.

“My King, I don’t think you are ready for that answer.” He looked away.

“Are you sure, I have big shoulders. I can handle a lot.”

“I have spies everywhere, people who are loyal to me and me only. When you have power or had power like I did; you get people who are loyal to you.”

“I’m the king, I have people who are loyal to me.” She was amused at his remarks. Of course, he had people loyal to him, he was the King of the most powerful, and most successful Kingdoms in all of the Light Kingdoms.

“No my King, I don’t mean loyal subjects. I have two people in each of the kingdoms who benefit from helping me. They trust me, and I trust them. They have been through hell and back and I have given them a better life. However, now that I had made some mistake and ended up in the dungeon those things have ended.”

“I don’t want you to change your ways if you feel like having those people in your life on your side; then that can continue.” He was serious. His kingdom was the strongest but it never hurt to have people on the inside.

“Trevor, I think we should wait and have this discussion later.” He nodded his head.

“If that’s what you want. Let’s go get some breakfast, I’m sure the kitchen was has prepared some great food.” They got up and put their empty coffee cups away. A knock at the door had Charlotte wondering who it could be. She didn’t think twice when she went to answer it, but she should’ve. As she opened the door Johnathan and two other men walked in.

“Man, Trevor sure knows how to pull women.” One of the unknown men stated. She looked him up and down. He had blonde sandy hair. He was smaller than Trevor and Johnathan, but still, he was well built. Johnathan was about to say something, but she stopped him.

“Oh really?” She asked egging him on.

“Oh yeah, you’re the first one he’s brought in, in months. I’m surprised, you’re not his type.”

“What would that be?” She was indeed curious, what was his type?

“Blonde, short, non-threatening… no offense.” The other man chimed in. He had red hair and looked similar to a friend she had before her parents passed. The ginger looked down, realizing she was only wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and Trevor’s boxers. She was used to this, Nick or Brent walked into her small apartment at the palace many times. Most of the time they were stressed and needed someone to talk to, someone who knew and understood them.

“I thought Trevor found his soulmate, Johnathan?” The boned asked.

“He did,” Johnathan stated bluntly. Johnathan and Charlotte shared a look, a mischievous look.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Blonde asked. She smiled at his question. “Maybe you would like to adventure down to my part of the palace. I bet I could satisfy you better than Trevor could.” Suddenly there was a deep growl that came from behind the two boys. The boys muttered a quick ‘shit’.

“What do you think you are doing?” Trevor asked. Both of them turned on their heel and bowed their heads out of respect for their king.

“Here are clothes for you, my queen,” Johnathan interjected.

“Thank you, Johnathan, I think you are my favorite.” She smirked. She made her way through the men and walked upstairs. Trevor crafty walked behind making sure neither of the dimwits would check out his beloved mate. Once the door was shut, she immediately took her nightwear off and put the clothes Johnathan had brought her.

Trevor had decided on wearing jeans and a buttoned shirt, something he rarely wore. He knew he wouldn’t get into the office today or if he did it wouldn’t be for long. Charlotte was surprised to have the clothes fit her perfectly, she wondered who they belonged to. Hopefully not one of the boys’ one-night stand. Trevor looked at Charlotte, he was happy that the clothes brought to her fit.

“Whose are they?” She asked.

“One of my sisters, they have so many clothes neither of them would mind.” A smile spread on Charlotte’s face. She was happy that they weren’t some whore’s clothes. “Let’s get some food and I will show you the palace?” He asked. She nodded her head and they walked back downstairs.

“Charlotte, this is Aaron and Ryan. Aaron and Ryan, this is your future queen, Charlotte. Speak to her like that again and I will have your head.” Trevor informed the two when they exited the bedroom. They came down hand in hand. Charlotte was never one for relationships but being with Trevor was all she could have wanted.

“Of course, my apologies.” Aaron, the blonde, responded.

“Yes, we won’t let that happen again,” Ryan responded.

“Don’t worry, My King. I can handle these two boys.” Both looked at their queen with mouths agape. She reached her hand and patted Aaron on the cheek. She then bared her mark for both of them to see causing all color left their face.

“Oh shit, our queen is badass.” Ryan remarked. She liked him, he was blunt and clearly smartass.

“That is barely hitting the surface.” She remarked. “Shall we get some food?”

“I’m famished,” Johnathan said opening the door. The three men turned on their heel and headed out of the apartment. Trevor and Charlotte followed behind them.

As they walked toward the kitchen, Charlotte stopped when she came across a glass wall. Peering inside she noticed it was their training room. The five of them walked in to see various men working out around the facility.

The training room was state of the art. It was clean and well taken care of. She was very impressed. As the Left, it was her job to train the guards, warriors, and spies. She loved that part, it was her favorite. She loved seeing men and women benefit from the Kingdom. Three were ten group of five scattered about the room: running, fighting, boxing, and lifting.

“Who runs the training room?” Charlotte asked.

“That would be me,” Ryan responded. “These are the best fifty warriors. Each group has special tasks. If there are problems with certain kingdoms we send those two groups.” He said referring to the groups wearing blue tops. “The Purple squads help with the kingdom security and management of lands. The Red help with the palace security and other stuff around the Palace. The Gold and Silver do other random acts and do more of the policing business.” There were ten people in each group but I noticed there were no women.

“So only men in these groups?” She asked.

“Yes, women don’t usually want to do this sort of thing.” Ryan responded.

“That’s going to change, I don’t like that.”

“I don’t think so, I like it the way it is.” Trevor said. This caught Charlotte off guard. She let go of his hand. She felt insulated. Although she didn’t particularly care for the Black Light Kingdom, she was glad to see equality in the workforce. She had met her best friends through her line of work. All three men back up from Trevor and Charlotte's conversation. She looked away for a second.

“Ryan, will you do me a favor?” She asked turning her back to Trevor.

“Sure.” He responded with a smile.

“Get you warriors into formation?” She asked. He nodded his head and walked towards the center of the room.

“Warriors, formation.” He shouted. All fifty men stopped what they were doing and sprinted to their spots. Aaron, Ryan, and Johnathan walked over to the formation and stood in their spots. They were also a part of the elite training group.

“Charlotte do you think you are doing?” Trevor asked.

“My King,” she walked back up to him and patted him gently on his cheek. He had made her mad and she wanted to put him in his place. “Do you know what I did in the Black Light Kingdom?” He crossed his arms across his chest and cocked an eyebrow.

“You worked with the King.” He said not wanting everyone to know her job.

“You are right,” she laughed. She walked through the formation eyeing the warriors. “But I did so much more. I trained the guards, warriors, and spies. I kept his right on his toes all the time.” She said eyeing Johnathan. “Ryan, will you get me a two-sided sword?” She asked. Ryan jogged over and grabbed it off of a rack. He handed it to her and went back to his spot.

“Warriors you may rest. Get comfortable, you are about to see a show.” They did as she said. She looked over at her soulmate who had an amused look on his face. Johnathan and Trevor shared a looked. Johnathan went to get the King’s favorite weapon. Johnathan handed him a saber sword. She smiled at her soul mate.

“So, you are going to challenge me? In front of all of my warriors?” Trevor asked. She nodded her head. “You may choose your side, who you think will win. Whoever wins will have the day off from training tomorrow.” He said to his warriors. Ryan decided to choose his future queen. He had heard the stories of her and her team of warriors. Johnathan and Aaron choose their King; they had seen how he trained. He had taken down quite a few people in his day. Most of the warriors went to the king’s side while a few went to the queens. Trevor decided to take off his shirt, hoping his queen could be distracted enough to win. He had seen her eyes scan his body multiple times.

“Two can play at this game,” she muttered back. She walked over to Ryan and handed him her jacket and shirt she had worn. She threw her hair into a ponytail and turned around to face Trevor. His jaw tightened; he didn’t want anyone to see her without a shirt on.

“You must stay on the side you choose.” Johnathan stated.

“Thanks, Johnny boy,” Charlotte said sarcastically. “You boys should I know what kingdom I come from.” She stopped for a second. “I came from the Black Light Kingdom, where I was trained and brought up as the Kings Left.” A few gasps were heard. She was well known.

“To win you must pin your opponent is on the ground.” Johnathan stated. “Begin.” She knew he wouldn’t be the first to make a move, so she did. She went for a swing but Trevor blocked it. This immediate started to battle back and forth. The sound of swords hitting each other filled the room. Both of them started to break a sweat. He went for a leg, but she craftily avoided it. after a few minutes of sparing, she began to be impressed by the king.

“To be honest my king, I thought you wouldn’t last this long.” She stated. He smiled and made a move to pin her on the ground, but failed. They had moved away from the mats and were now battling across the training floor. When they came back to the matt she asked for a breather. Trevor took this moment to pin her down on the matt.

“Cheater,” she said sarcastically. The position they were in was quite steamy. His lips hovered over hers. He wanted to kiss her. As they were about to kiss, Charlotte took advantage and flipped them. She grabbed the swords that laid on both sides of him. She crossed them above his neck, trapping him. His eyes went wide; he had never lost before. She rolled off of him and stood back up.

“That’s all, you are dismissed,” Ryan said to the lot. All of them scattered, not wanting to see their king and queen fight. Trevor got up and walked away from Charlotte, heading towards the door. He felt humiliated, losing in front of his men. Aaron and Johnathan followed quickly behind, while Ryan walked towards Charlotte. She was a little hurt by his actions, she enjoyed a little battle here and there. She and Brent would surprise each other everyone in a while with a surprise attack, always keeping each other on their toes.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s a very sore loser,” Ryan assured her. She smiled at him and both walked off.

All five of them entered the eating room and sat down at a table. One of the maids, who usually worked in the kitchen, came out and served them coffee. After taking their orders she returned back leaving the five in a quiet state. A few minutes later the made returned and set their food down. Trevor began eating without a second a thought.

For Charlotte, it was the most awkward brunch she had ever been at. Trevor was so pissed and he wanted everyone to know it. Charlotte teetered between saying something or letting it go.

“We need to talk about the maps and your plans,” Trevor stated in the middle of the brunch. The three boys looked up in confusion. Reading their mixed expression, she sighed and sat back. Charlotte explained to them what she had told Trevor early that morning. All three were shocked at her actions.

“So you just did it? Did you even think of the people you would be putting at risk?” Aaron retorted, his disdain towards the queen was clear. She looked at him, unamused.

“I would be careful of your tone, Aaron.” She said. She was not going to be pushed around. “I was raised to be an assassin. I was tortured endlessly for two years. I was created to be ruthless because I had lost everyone in my life that was important to me. I wasn’t even sure I would have a soul mate. When the king asked me to do something I did it, without questioning him. So when he approached me when I was 17 years old to do this, I did. Each kingdom was thought out, how we could take control of the people, how could we gain their trust, how could each king be taken down. All of that in great detail.”

“Including ours?” Johnathan asked half astonished that someone could do that.

“Yes, but the plans are hidden. The true plans are, that is. King Nicholas has rough drafts that I had created for him. He thought they were good enough, so I kept the real ones hidden. No one can get to them. They are locked by a secret passcode only I know. If they fail to guess the plans will be locked away for good.” The four men had listened intently to everything she had said.

Ryan was disturbed that she had been able to come up with something that could take down all of the Kingdoms. Aaron was shocked that all the stories had been true; she was as just as evil and manipulative as the stories described her to be. Johnathan was both disturbed and shocked, he had seen destruction and he didn’t want to see it again. Trevor, on the other hand, was in love; as crazy as that sounded. Trevor craved a powerful woman.

“You said seventeen as if your mind had changed after. Did something happen?” Ryan spoke.

“It did,” she looked over at Trevor.

“But I met you year two years before,” Trevor responded, thinking it was him that had changed her mind.

“I know.” She took a sip of her coffee; the boys hung on to her every word. “The morning before my eighteenth birthday, I woke up to a searing pain. I tore the sheets off my body thinking it was my period or something, but it wasn’t. It was my soul mate mark. I was in so much pain, it wasn’t normal. Anyways, one of my dear friends covered for me and convinced King Nicholas that I was having female problems and he let me have a day off.”

“What does this have to do with changing your mind?” Johnathan interrupted her.

“I was getting to that,” she informed him. “After I left the LSA, they…” she looked away from the men, a tear falling down her face. “They sterilized me, it would have been a problem if I got pregnant. But the soul mate mark changed everything because I thought I was never going to have a soul mate. But I was told by one of the people in the villages that the soul mate mark changed things. I could have kids, with my soul mate of course.” She told this to them but looked directly into Trevor’s eyes.

“That’s not all though. I was conflicted. I didn’t think I would ever meet my mate. So I formed my own team, we were all high-level assassins that I had personally trained. I wanted to take down King Nicholas so the plans that I had created were put in the safe place. Like I told you earlier. But, uh, a few years later… nine and half months ago to be exact King Nicholas gave me an option to take over the kingdom… in a way.” She didn’t want to say it, she felt ashamed. She put her head in her hands. Trevor felt his heartache. He pulled her chair by him and turned so they faced each other. A few tears left her eyes, she was ashamed, so ashamed.

“What is it, Char? You can tell me anything,” Trevor told her. They looked at each other, he wanted to know.

“I was supposed to eventually marry King Nicholas, that what his father wanted and I would have done anything for King Ashton. He was an amazing man. Nicholas did not want that, at least that’s how he acted towards me. In reality, he just wanted an heir. Uhm, he wanted me to carry it. So with some medical treatment and help. I was able to get pregnant by insemination. I don’t know how everything worked out, it just did.” Trevor’s jaw tightened and his eyes closed.

He had so many thoughts swirled in his head. How could she not know that he would come for her?

“What was your plan?” Aaron asked.

“I was going to mother the child, and I could influence their choices.” They sat there in silence, each of their minds working and thinking.

“But I lost the baby, due to a failed mission. Or so I was told. I think it was because my soulmate mark rejected the baby. Anyway, Nicholas was furious. He said it was treason against the crown. So he threw me in the dungeon and tortured me. I was supposed to die the day after you saved me. He wanted me gone out of his life, so I was grateful when you saved me.” Trevor had a small smiled on his face. He kissed the hand he was holding and stood up.

“I need a second to think about this. Process all the information, Ryan will you take her to Tiffany? Charlotte needs clothes.” Ryan nodded his head.

“King Trevor,” Johnathan grabbed his attention. “I need to inform that your parents will be coming back tomorrow.”

“Fuck,” the words tumbled out of his mouth carelessly. Johnathan and Aaron got up and left the room, Ryan following a few seconds after. Once the room was clear, Charlotte stood up and started to walk away.

“Wait,” Trevor said. He grabbed her by the waist and hugged her. He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“My King, I am so sorry. If you don’t want me, then I completely understand.”

“Charlotte, I want you. I need you.” He wrapped her arms tighter around his soulmate.

The three boys stood around in a circle while their King and Queen had a moment. All three of them took a few minutes of silence before talking about what they had just been told.

“I can’t believe she would do something like that,” Aaron said. He did not like the future queen one bit. He had seen first-hand what she could do. She was a horrible person, who had killed hundreds of people including his parents.

“That’s all she knows; she didn’t have any parents. She was basically forced into being a Left.” Ryan said. He, on the other hand, adored the queen. He knew what it was like to grow up without parents. He himself had a similar upbringing. However, luckily, he had aunt and uncle who took him under their wing.

“No matter what, she is our queen. She seems to have had a hard life before, something that she didn’t have control over. She’s smart, strong, and knows how to protect herself. Which Aaron means you won’t have to worry about that. If I hear you talking about her disrespectfully or anything, I will kill you myself.” Johnathan said. He had fallen for the queen, not romantically, but for her strength and knowledge.

As Johnathan told that two Aaron and Ryan their King and future Queen stepped out of the dining room. The two heard the last part of what he said.

“But don’t you think we should be wary?” Aaron asked, completely oblivious to the two behind him. Charlotte looked up at Trevor’s face, his jaw was tightened and his eyebrows scrunched together. He took his left arm and placed her hand over the soul mate mark. Something that she had seen her mother do hundreds of times. Charlotte’s mother always told her that it would calm your other half. She was right, Trevor immediately relaxed under her touch. She cleared her throat gaining all three of the boy’s attention. Aaron’s face paled.

“My Queen, I am so sorry.” He looked down at the floor.

“You are right,” she said quietly. Aarons' head snapped up. Johnathan and Ryan’s mouth dropped. “I understand that you don’t like…”

“That’s not true.” Aaron interrupted. She closed her eyes and calmed herself down.

“I loathe being interrupted, so I would not do that again.” She glared at him. “You are right for being wary of me. However, I have not been loyal or cared for the Black Light’s King for some time. I don’t plan on betraying my soul mate or his kingdom.” She informed them.

“Of course, again I am so sorry,” Aaron responded. She nodded her head and turned toward the King. He looked down at Charlotte with love and care.

“Johnathan, I believe we have some work to do,” Trevor said looking to his second in command.

“Of course, Ryan go with Charlotte. Aaron, you have some business to do at the police headquarters.” Aaron nodded and head off.

“Johnny boy, let’s go,” Trevor said. He placed a kiss on charlottes forehead and walked away heading towards his office. Ryan and Charlotte were left standing. Charlotte was waiting for Ryan to lead the way.

“Let’s go,” Ryan held out his arm and they were off.

Charlotte spent the day trying on clothes, something she didn’t care for. however, she was in desperate need of clothes. Tiffany, who dressed the royal family, measured her. from her bust to her hips and everything in-between, Tiffany took notes on the future queen's body. She did not want to make mistake. Charlotte grew anxious, she wanted to do something helpful not get fitted for dresses she would not want to wear. Ryan did his best not to laugh at the discomfort that showed on his queen’s face.

Trevor and Johnathan were in their offices working on various documents. Although Trevor had brought work with him while Charlotte was in the hospital; he still needs to catch up on work that couldn’t have been brought. His day disappeared quickly. He found himself hungry and missing his soulmate immensely.

Charlotte and Ryan ended up at the same table the five of them had sat at in the morning. A different maid came by the table and placed down two drinks for them. As Ryan read the Queen’s face, he knew she was irritated.

“King Trevor is on his way.” He informed Charlotte. She wore a small smile on her face, completely annoyed by all the dresses she had worn; it was one of the things she truly hated. She tended to wear jeans or leggings, something she could run in and they were comfortable. However, Tiffany did give her some lounge around clothes, but mostly wear dresses and skirts with frilly tops.

She was brought out of her thought by the dining rooms doors opening and Trevor walking in.

“Leave Ryan,” Trevor said. Ryan quickly did as he was told. Trevor grabbed the chair and pulled right next to his soulmate. He had felt her emotions to a small degree the whole day.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her. he was hunched over, elbows on knees and both of hands holding one of her small ones.

“I was annoyed by Tiffany and all of the dresses.” He laughed a hearty laugh which brought a smile to Charlotte's face. His laugh had to be one of the greatest things she had ever heard.

“You can wear whatever you want. Don’t worry about the dresses and the formalities. I want you to be comfortable. However, skirts would give me easy access.” He said alluding to the dirty thoughts went through his mind. She rolled her eyes at him, knowing exactly what he meant.

“Speaking of that,” she said. “I’m not ready for that. I need another day…”

“Char, I will wait for you. I won’t rush you or anything, I promise.” She smiled. The maid walked back into the room and ask if the two of them would like anything specific to eat. Both put in their requests and began talking. He told them about her family and what to expect for tomorrow. She was nervous, but she knew it would happen eventually. He asked her questions about her favorites things, taking mental notes. She asked him many questions, mostly about his childhood. By the end of the night, she knew him well but was excited for the rest of their lives together as cheesy at the sounded.

Once dinner was over, he showed her around the enormous castle. She loved it. He showed her his office which was connected to the family chambers they would live in. The family chambers was a house with numerous bedrooms, two different living rooms, a massive kitchen, and so much more.

“When will we live here?” She asked.

“When we are married.” She gulped nervously. “I understand that you may not want that right away, but it will need to happen soon. For the kingdom.” Suddenly she felt like her old self again. Doing things for the good of the Kingdom.

“Of course, I just need a little bit of time.”

They continued their walk through the palace. It took them forty-five minutes to walk back to the bachelor apartment that he lives in. Charlotte was tired and need a nice long shower. She spent a while in the shower taking care of herself but mostly thinking about her new life. After her shower, she wrapped a towel around her body and went into the bedroom. Trevor laid on the bed, half asleep. He only wore boxers and blanket draped across his torso. She walked over to couch and grabbed one of Trevor’s shirts. Slipping it on over the towel, she allowed the towel to drop. Trevor’s eyes had been on her the whole time, watching lazily. She went back into the bathroom and put her towel up. When she came back to the bedroom, Trevor was walking to the couch.

“No, don’t leave the bed. You can stay.” She said. She didn’t want the king to spend another night on the couch. “We can share.” Trevor smiled at her words. He walked back over to her side and rolled into his side.

With his actions she smiled softly to herself. She waltzed around the room tidying up the place before turning the lights off and sliding into bed. Trevor laid comfortable in his position while Charlotte was anxious, she wanted to be close to him but didn’t want to push their relationship.

Sensing her slight discomfort and wanting something more himself, he extended his arms. He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her into his side. With one arm under her neck and the other resting on her side. They fell asleep comfortably in each other’s arms, both of their bodies pressed together, perfectly.

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