The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Six

“Trevor!” An unknown voice struck the air. She looked around to see five unknown people walking toward her.

“Mother!” Trevor walked over to an older woman. She was short with light auburn hair. She looked around fifty years old and wore a skirt and a fitted jacket. Next to him was a taller man, gray and black hair. Trevor took after his father, their build was the same, their hair, and everything in between except his eyes which he clearly got from his mother. Two beautiful girls stood behind their mother to the right, talking to one another. They both had brown hair with their mother’s eyes. Lastly, there was a boy around seventeen who looked similar to Trevor.

“How was your trip?” He asked. Her son wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. His mother was a short, skinny woman with fiery red hair. She was a true Queen. She placed importance on mothering and being the perfect wife for the Kingdom. Most women wanted to be her because she cared so deeply for her children and would stop at nothing to protect them. But the queen never meddled in her husband’s affair. She believed that a woman’s place was in the home, barefoot and pregnant and keeping the house clean.

“It was so boring; I hate going on the meaningless trips that you make us go on.” One of twins piped up.

“Do not talk to your King like that.” His dad said.

“It’s alright father.” Charlotte stood behind him, tired and still in her knife sleeves. She looked intimidating and nothing like his mother would’ve wanted for the woman to fill her shoes.

“You must be his soulmate. I am Daniel, Trevor’s father.” The two of them shook hands.

“Charlotte, your highness. It’s an honor to meet you. If you don’t mind I must go shower and show my guests to their rooms.” Charlotte said.

“Is that who I think it is?” His younger brother Travis asked.

“Yes,” he said dismissing his brother. He turned back to his parents. "I thought you guys would be gone longer.”

“Well we were, but your mother got wind of your great news and insisted that we come back.” His father replied. They began making their way back into the palace. His two sisters, Anna and Ari, rushed up to give their brother a hug. They were about seven years younger than him but their relationship had always been strong.

“They are here,” Anna looked at her sister. Both looked down to see their left arms glowing. At that moment Jeremy and Ethan walked out. They were brothers, Ethan younger than Jeremy. Both men looked towards their soul mate and smiled.

Anna took it upon herself to run over towards the men despite being in a dress and heels. Anna was not at all shy like her sister, but her soul mate, Ethan was. She skidded to a stop when she saw Ethan kneeling before her. He knew she was a princess and would follow his training. After a few moments, he stood and smiled at his soulmate. Whilst Ethan and Anna were having their moment, Jeremy walked over towards Ari. He could see she was a shy person.

“What is your name, little one?” He asked quietly.

“Ari,” she mumbled out not looking at him. He placed his fingers under his chin and raised her chin.

“Princess Ari, you are the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.” He told her before placing a kiss on her virgin lips.

“Well everyone is finding their mates, that makes me so happy!” His mother said. The group walked into the castle and made their way to their separate chambers.

“Trevor,” his father stopped him from going back to his mate.


“Will we be having dinner with you and Charlotte?” He asked.

“Yes, of course, seven o’clock. It will be an important dinner.” They smiled at each other and left.

Hours later Charlotte woke up and began to dress for the small feast that was being prepared. She dressed in a black dress that fit in all the right places. She placed soft curls in her hair and accentuated her features with some of the make-up she was given. She grabbed red heels and slipped them on.

She walked out into the bedroom to an empty room. She sprayed a little bit of perfume on before walking downstairs. Trevor walked into the apartment right as she was descending down the stairs. He held a small box in his hands.

“Char, I have something for you.” He informed her. She followed him into the small kitchen where he placed the box down.

“I know we have only been together for a few days, but you are my soulmate and the future queen.” He encircled his arm around her waist and looked deeply into her eyes. “I have done some thinking since I saw you on the battlefield.”

“Do tell me,” she smiled.

“I will do whatever want to make you happy if that means making you my Left. Then I will be just that.” She smiled a wicked grin. “But it will be very different than what you did at Black Light.”

“I will do everything and anything you want me too.” Both of them content with everything that happened that day. He was in awe of her and what he had witnessed on the field.

“Good because I need you to be mine, more than just a mark on our arms.” He bent down and grabbed a ring from his pocket. “My kingdom has longed for a Queen for years. I have longed for a woman such as yourself from the moment I was told about soul mates. Will you marry me?” He asked, holding an engagement ring up.

It once belonged to his grandmother, a woman he had a tremendous amount of respect for. His grandmother, Katherine, his father’s mother, had ruled the Kingdom without a King by her side due to a war he had fought in. Katherine ruled for ten glorious years before she became ill and gave her thrown up to her son. Katherine lived a few more years to see the next heir born. After Trevor’s birth, Katherine began writing to her grandson letters for when he was to become King.

Charlotte wanted to say no; she wasn’t ready. She wanted to take their time and have a strong relationship before jumping into a marriage. However, she knew it would for the good of the kingdom and she would always serve the Kingdom before thinking of herself.

“Yes,” she said quietly. He stood up and twirled her around in his arms. Their eyes met and their lust for each other began. He set her down and slid on his grandmother's ring. “It’s beautiful.” The ring was simple, just as his grandmother was.

“Just like you,” he said. He lowered his lips to her and placed them on hers. The kiss was electric. They each needed more. He hadn’t kissed or touched a woman in a while. Now that it was his soulmate, he knew that their love would fail to that of his past relationships. She had been kissed twice: the first time was a boy at the LSA who did it on a dare and the other was by King Nicholas when she had informed him that she was pregnant.

The kiss deepened and his arms brought her closer to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Just like him, she wanted and needed more. Suddenly their lips dethatched at the sound a voice clearing the room. Trevor looked up to see his younger brother standing in his kitchen, interrupting their semi-intimate moment.

“What,” Trevor said to his younger brother.

“I wanted to meet our future Queen, sorry.” He mumbled walking away.

“Do not interrupt us and then walk away,” Charlotte warned. Thomas stopped in his track and walked back to his brother. “What’s your name?” She asked.

“Thomas, my Queen. It’s an honor to meet you. I’ve heard all of the stories about you.”

“What would that be?”

“That you are badass with your Knife Sleeves.” She blushed slightly.

“She is, but you need to go. We will see you in a few minutes.” Thomas smiled and walked off, getting a grand idea in his head.

“Sorry about my brother, but I have some more things for you.” He turned and unlocked a dusty box. He opened the box and found a few of the Kingdom’s prized jewels. The ring would go on her right ring finger, signifying her new status as the Kingdom’s Left. The necklace he placed on her, was his grandmothers. Lastly was the Knight Light Kingdoms Queen’s ring. It was just like Trevor’s ring; it signified her place or what was soon to be her place.

Trevor and Charlotte walked out of the apartment hand in hand towards the Dining room. Music filled their ears as they got closer. A smile rested on each of their faces, for the first time in both of their lives they were truly happy.

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