The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Seven

SMUT ahead, you have been warned. 18+

Trevor and Charlotte sat at a round table with his family. His father was happy for him; he had finally found his soulmate after almost ten years of searching. His sisters were happy to have found their mates too. His mother had asked her fair amount of questions mostly about her past. Heather, Trevor’s mother, did not like the future queen.

A queen was supposed to be a mother a figure to the Kingdom and from what Charlotte had said; Heather was worried. Trevor did his best to fend his mother off of the young woman. However, his mother was ruthless, she wanted to know everything about the queen.

All around them, people were dancing and having a good time. Charlotte looked out into the small sea of people and smiled. Her teammates were having a good time and enjoy their new status in the kingdom. Johnathan was dancing with Sarah, both whispering into each other’s ear. Charlotte mindlessly scratched her nose with her right hand earning a small gasp from Heather.

“Why do you have that ring?” Heather asked.

“I gave it to her mother,” Trevor said annoyed towards her.

“Your father worked so hard to get rid of that, so did you grandfather and your grandmother. Lefts have been nothing but a black spot on all Kingdoms. And having your queen, the future mother to your children as a Left… I did not raise you in that way.”

“Heather, that’s enough,” Daniel said towards his soulmate.

“No Daniel, I will not stand to be sitting with her. She has killed countless people for no reason at all. I do not give you my blessing to marry her.” With that, Heather got up and left the dining room. Daniel put his head in his hands. The people around them had grown quiet at the small scene that developed.

“Trevor, if I am not wanted here then I will go,” Charlotte said getting up. Trevor could care less about his mother’s opinion; she had always seemed off to him. Always concerned about being the perfect mother and wife for all the woman in their kingdom to look up to.

“No, Charlotte. Sit please,” Trevor pleaded. She looked down at him and sighed.

“How about a dance?” She asked changing the subject. Trevor loved the idea. Both of them walked onto the floor and began to dance to a slow song.

“I’m sorry about my mother, she doesn’t understand you like I do. She was a queen and only a queen. Focusing on being a woman and mother. She doesn't understand how a woman can be so much more now, especially a woman like you.” Trevor whispered. She kissed his cheek and rested her head on his shoulder.

The night went on without the former queen. She was too wrapped up in her old ways. Nonetheless, Charlotte had a good time with Trevor. Their love for each other growing. By midnight everyone was tired and went back to their rooms. Johnathan had whisked Sarah away an hour before. Jeremy and Ethan had each of their mates by their hands, wanting to ravish them.

“Charlotte,” Thomas said gaining her attention. Trevor whispered something into her ear and left to go to the apartment. Thomas bowed slightly, acknowledging her status.

“Thomas, what can I help you with?” Thomas offered his hand to her and she took it.

“I have something I would like to show you.” With that, he led her towards his workspace.

In the crowded bar, one could barely see a few steps in front of them. It was dimly lit and crowded with people. In the far back left corner sat two men. Each radiated dominance and power. None of them had said a word to each other, each waiting for the right time to speak. A waitress came back around to their table and dropped off their ordered drinks.

The blonde man grabbed his whiskey and slug most of it back. The brown-haired man took his beer and sipped at it. The loud music returned and the crowd began dancing again.

“Here is your payment,” the brown-haired man said. “When will the coronation happen?”

“At the end of this week, if anything changes I will update you.” The blonde took the envelope and opened it. A wicked grin spread across his face.

“And the wedding?”

“Just hours before, the King and Queen will have time where it will just be us and them. You’ll know the signal when you see it. I will make sure the queen is unarmed.” The brown-haired man nodded his head and slid out of the booth. The blonde haired man nodded his head and looked away, he was a traitor to the crown and knew the price he could end up paying.

“You did this?” Charlotte asked with delight. Her eyes scanned over her new weapons.

“Yes, I have had them created for you for some time. If I am, to be honest here, I have had a little crush on you since I was ten.” A blush ran across her cheeks. “But don’t worry, you are my brothers and I know you will make him very happy… I mean he’s yours. I had been informed that you beat him in a little fight you had in the training room?” He eyed his queen.

“Yes, I did. Now with these, I think I will always win.” She laughed. She slipped on the watch on her left wrist. She took the bracelet that was black and simple and slipped it on her right wrist. She pressed the two gifts together and her jaw dropped. Her Knife Sleeves were better than imagined. They formed around her arms perfectly. The two blades shot out of ends.

“Thank you.” She said with a tear in her eyes. They retracted back into bracelets and she hugged him.

Charlotte thanked him again and headed back to the apartment. A few servants bowed their head for their future Queen. She had never been one for jewelry but the gift she had received today was beyond her wildest dreams. They were her favorite colors and they looked good on her.

“I would be wary of who you trust,” a familiar voice told her. She looked to her left to see Brent standing in the shadows.

“How did you get in here?” She asked. He walked into the light. He looked well, but there were small bags under his eyes.

“I have my ways and my friends. Just like you had yours.” He stated. As he got closer she grew worried.

“What do you want?” She spat at him.

“I am offering you a chance to keep your life. You come back with me and you live. So does your soulmate. But if you don’t, you will die when you least expect it.” He told her, circling her like a lion around his prey.

“I will not come with you; I will never come with you. You and Nicholas are horrible people and I have done enough horrible things to last me a lifetime.” She spat back at him.

“Fine, as you wish. But you know we have still had your plans and the people to execute them. Especially your plan for this Kingdom. You and King Trevor will be brought down, soon.” With that, he left, vanished into thin air. She didn’t mind him living. She would kill him when the time was right.

She turned on her heel and continued her walk. She would keep that a secret. Brent was completely unaware that he did not have the real plans, the plans she had really created.

When she got back to the apartment, Trevor was sitting in the living room looking over the plans she had created.

“I am sorry, they were left open.” He said seeing his mate.

“It’s okay, I was planning on burning them anyway. Do with them what you will. I know them by heart but I will work to forget.” She sat down by him. She glanced down at the ones in his hand. They were for the True Light Kingdom; it was a small Kingdom but had its wealth. She had whipped that one out quickly.

“This may sound weird, but I love your mind. You are so brilliant.”

“You don’t hate me or think I am cruel?” It was something she had feared, being rejected by her soul mate for her past.

“No,” he set the papers down and took her face into his hands. “You are so fucking perfect to me.” With that, he crushed his lips onto hers. He slid his tongue out begging for more. She complied and their tongues began to battle for dominance. She laid herself down on the couch. His hands began to wonder her body and slid under her dress. She lifted her hands above her head and the dress was off her body. Their lips dethatched and his eyes wandered hungrily over her body.

“Fucking perfect.” He whispered before worshiping her body. He kissed all over her skin, leaving some marks. He took her bra off and took her nipple into his mouth. She moaned aloud at the sensation she was feeling.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” She whispered out. He agreed and took her body into his arms. She returned the worship and began trailing her lips on his neck. When they entered the bedroom he placed her on the bed and took his shirt off.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Trevor asked.

“Yes please, I’ve waited for such a long time for you.” All of her hesitations flew out the window. She wanted him. She had waited all her life for him.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked. She nodded her head. “I love you.” He said before diving in. Her underwear was soon ripped off, her bare pussy for his taking. As he was working on her nipples, taking care of each one, his hands roamed her body. One of his large fingers ran up her slit, feeling her wetness, it was all for him. His cock grew hard at the thought.

“I must taste you,” he said before dipping his head between her thighs. A light coat of sweat rested over her body. She was in heaven. He kissed from her toes until her thigh. He trailed kisses everywhere on her body. It was torture for her, she wanted to be in control, but he was King and she was sure he wouldn’t go for it.

“Please do something!” She gasps; the words came out without a thought. He didn’t mind, he did as he was told. A few curse words slid out of her mouth as his tongue entered her. His fingers toying with her sensitive clit. Her body betrayed her mind and started rubbing itself against his face, desperate for more. His mouth moved to her clit while he slid a finger into her hole.

“Trevor,” his name left her lips as a moan. He continued his assault on her pussy until she came undone under his touch. He trailed his lips up to her mouth, with her juices still on his lips. Their lips crashed together in pure bliss.

“Please, I need you.” She said. He stood up and slid his underwear down. He aligned himself and slid in. Once he was all the way in he stopped and looked up to his soul mate. Her eyes closed half from pain other from a bit of pleasure.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly.

“Yes, move please.” She breathed out. He did as instructed and began to make love to his queen. Their mate marks began to glow; they were completing the process. Soon moans filled the room with sound of skin on skin accompanying it.

“I love you, my King.” Their bodies and minds were connecting with every trust; this was the purest love the earth had seen in a long time.

“I love you too, my Queen.” Their climaxes began to build and when neither could hold it anymore they let go. He continued with sloppy thrusts, until he felt spent. He collapsed at her side. He brought her into his side and began whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

A few minutes later he got out of bed and sauntered into the bathroom. He turned on the bath water and put a few oils in the water. He walked back in the bedroom and took Charlotte in his arms. They both got in the massive bathtub, Charlotte laid against Trevor’s broad chest.

“Why do you have all of these scars?” He asked. She sucked in a breath and began to explain. She told him most of her stories.

They spent the night talking about her past, they finally were getting to know each other. Charlotte felt safe with Trevor and she felt loved by him which was a foreign feeling. That night they fell asleep naked and content.

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