The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Eight

The next morning they woke up early because Charlotte was itching to train. At seven in the morning, Charlotte and Trevor walked into the training room to see her team along with Johnathan and Ryan. As soon as the royals walked in, Charlotte’s team got into the formation they had been taught. Johnathan and Ryan flanked Jeremy’s side.

“This looks nice,” Charlotte commented towards the group. Trevor knew Charlotte was in her element so he had decided to stay a few steps behind her.

“Just like your mate mark.” Johnathan snarky remarked. Jeremy looked at him and elbowed him in the side.

“What was that for?” Johnathan said rubbing his side.

“When you are information you do not speak unless spoken too,” Charlotte responded. “Is that clear, Right?” Johnathan nodded his head. “I am sorry, I can’t hear you?”

“Yes, my Queen”

“Thank you, however, you shouldn’t be there. That should be where Aaron is standing… where is he?”

“He was sent out on business to a different Kingdom,” Johnathan answered. Johnathan recognized where he should be and walked over to the King’s right side. Charlotte went on to describe the training session of what they would be doing that day and for the rest of the week. About two hours later, all of them were spent and need to eat. They all walked to the Dining room where Jonathan’s family was eating breakfast. Once they entered, Heather’s eyes snapped up and eyed Charlotte. Heather went to get up to leave, but Trevor demanded that she stay.

The group ate in an awkward silence. Heather with her arms folded across her chest, pouting like a little brat. That’s what Charlotte thought at least. She was used to people not liking her, but his mother didn’t have a valid reason.

“So Charlotte, you and Trevor will be getting married within this week?” Anna spoke up, curiously.

“So I have been told. I believe this Friday.” Charlotte looked at Trevor, who in return nodded his head.

“Everything is already in the works. Tomorrow night we will have the rehearsal dinner. Oh, which reminds me. Char, you need to get your dress fitted.” Trevor informed them. Charlotte nodded her head and went back to eating.

“I will not be attending the wedding,” Heather said, out of the blue.

“Mother for God’s sake, she is my soulmate. Why can’t you just accept that.”

“No, Trevor she is a murder. Tell me Charlotte how many people have you killed and for what?” Heather turned towards Charlotte.

“You will not talk to my captain that way,” Jeremy stepped up. Heather looked away from Charlotte and glanced at Jeremy.

“I don’t like you either boy or your brother. You three,” she said gesturing towards the Charlotte and the brothers. “Are not at all fit for Royals. You three are stone cold killers, who have killed hundreds of people. I will not stand for that.”

“Mother,” the twins and Trevor shouted simultaneously.

“Sweetheart, that is enough,” Daniels said sternly. Heather stood from her seated position and went to leave.

“Heather,” Charlotte spoke softly. Heather stopped and turned around. Char placed her hand on her hips and cocked her eyebrow.

“What,” she spat. Charlotte took a deep breath in.

“To be honest, if you weren’t Trevor’s mother you would be put in the dungeon or killed. I do not tolerate being talked to in such a manner. Not now nor ever. Sit.” She commanded softly. Her tone sent chills down everyone’s spine, even Jeremy who was so used to her talking in such a manner. Heather did as she was told and plopped down in her chair. Everyone’s eyes were on Charlotte, it was her tone of voice and her calmness that commanded everyone’s attention.

“I was lied to, I thought my parents wanted me to become a Left. However, I know they never would’ve wanted me too. The late King, Ashton, persuaded me to do so. I was tortured for years, forced to do things because that was what I was told. Once I got my mate mark, things changed and I only killed people who needed to be killed. Those who would hurt the kingdoms. The White Light Kingdom, in particular, was a bad Kingdom, their King, royals, lords, everyone in that Kingdom was up to no good.” Heather looked at her un-phased.

“This is supposed to make me like you.” Heather rolled her eyes causing Charlotte to purse her lips and regain control of the lethal weapon that rested in her.

“Again Heather, I would be careful how you talk to me.” Charlotte stared into Heather’s eyes.

“Trevor, how can you let her talk to me like this?” His mother urged him. Trevor took Charlotte’s hand in his and kissed it. He leaned over and whispered into her ear which caused her to smile. She was his and he had longed and craved her. She was everything he needed, she could and would take care of him; love him like she was created to do. Charlotte loved him and cared for him; even though they had only known each other for a certain time.

“She’s my soulmate and you need to learn your place mother; you are not queen anymore,” Trevor said. His father tightened his lips; Charlotte and Trevor were right but they were being a little bit disrespectful. Trevor and Daniel shared a look.

“Heather, I was not just a killer; which I will admit to being. I also helped the Black Light’s King do his work. I trained, cared, and helped the Kingdom as best as I could. I knew what he was doing was wrong, and I made sure to do the right thing. If you don’t like me, that’s fine but I want you in Trevor’s life. He needs his mother. I do not want him to go through the rest of his life without his mother, something I have been doing for the past fifteen years.” Heather’s mouth dropped. She was completely unaware of that part of the past.

“You don’t have a mother? Or a father?” She asked, tears reaching her eyes.

“They died in a war years ago, but I don’t want your pity.”

“I am sorry,” she wept. Charlotte looked away.

“So the wedding?” Ari said breaking the awkwardness. Charlotte got up and walked away, Trevor quickly on her heels.

“Your Highness,” Travis popped up. Heather and Daniel looked up to Travis. “I have known the Captain, for a really long time. She works hard and is a good person. However, she demands respect and she will be this Kingdom’s most fierce protector. If she loves you or cares for you, like she does your son; you will never have to worry about their safety.” With those words, Charlotte’s team and their mates walked out leaving Daniel and Heather alone.

Charlotte and Trevor had made it to their apartment before Charlotte had Trevor pinned against the wall. Her lips against his, as if they were searching for something. Her hands roaming around his body, ripping off the t-shirt. His hands found the hem of her shirt and tore it off swiftly along with her sports bra. They made their way to the small living room, Charlotte straddling him. Her lips left his and trailed his neck. Trevor was thoroughly enjoying this, but he sensed something inside her. He sensed sadness.

“Baby girl,” he mumbled. He wanted to let her continue but his mind was not going to allow it.

“Charlotte,” he beckoned. She stopped the assault on his neck. They made eye contact and he saw the tears she was holding back.

“I just, I am tired of having to bring it up. I am tired of having to explain that I am not a bad person. Trevor I am not, I know I have…” He cut her off and wrapped his arms around her. She cried in his arms until there were no tears left to cry.

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