The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Nine

Slight Smut.

The next two days were busy. Everyone was preparing for the wedding and the coronation; both were going to happen on the same day. Charlotte was happy that she didn’t have to plan either of them. She trained every morning and then Trevor made sure she was being pampered for the rest of the day. Charlotte had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the treatments.

Charlotte and Heather talked and made up; despite heathers reservations towards her. The twins adored Charlotte and loved hanging out with her and the other. The twins discussed getting married a few weeks, maybe even a month or two, after Charlotte and Trevor.

After the small party on Friday, Trevor and Charlotte walked through the garden of roses. Hand in hand, looking at the roses; charlotte smiled. She was relishing the moment. Both of them felt content with their lives, minus a small feeling Trevor had. He pushed the small feeling down and away to the deepest place in his mind.

“Thank you,” Charlotte said.

“For what?” They stopped in the middle of the garden.

“Everything, I want you to know that I love you. I trust you.”

“And I. I trust you, with anything and everything.” He placed his hands on his face and kissed her passionately. “I will see you tomorrow, I will be at the end of the aisle waiting for you.” He kissed the top of her head and left her.

The next morning Charlotte woke up to her friends walking into her room. They dragged her out of bed and into the shower. Charlotte washed body from head to toe, carefully. She slipped on a lacy pair of underwear and a strapless bra. She grabbed a white robe and tied it around her waist. She walked back out of the room and was greeted by a few maids. Some were already working on the hair of her friends and three were waiting for her. Charlotte sat down in a chair and closed her eyes, allowing them to get to work.

An hour and half later she was all dolled up. Her hair was half up with curls falling down. Her makeup accentuated her eyes and cheekbones. The rest of her friends had various makeup styles and hair.

At nine o’clock sharp, the women arrived at the church. Each got dressed in their respective suites. Hair and make-up were touched up. There was a knock on the door and then it opened. Travis, Thomas, Jeremy, and Ryan walked in. All of them were in awe of the queen. Her dress was simple: off the shoulder, sleeves that went down to her elbow which showed off her soulmate mark and her left mark. The dress hugged her body past her hips then it flared out, simply. The dress was made of mostly lace, especially the back. Trevor had encouraged the designer to have the back of the dress made up lace. He wanted to the world to know how strong his queen was.

“Wow, wait until Trevor sees you.” Ryan said, approaching his queen. “You look amazing.” All of the of the other men agreed.

“I have something for you,” Thomas stepped up. “It’s a gift and an upgraded of sorts.” He motioned for her to turn around and she did. He opened the box and placed the necklace on her neck. It was simple and elegant; everything she was. He placed the next gift on her wrist, a tennis bracelet like the ones he had made for her before.

“They are beautiful.” She told him. “Thank you.” Thomas simply nodded. She turned towards Jeremy and smiled at him.

“Will you do me a favor?”

“Anything captain.”

“Will you walk me down the aisle?”

“Of course,” he said without hesitation.

At nine-thirty, everyone was ready for the ceremony. There were hundreds of people waiting for her to walk down the aisle. All the lords and most of the gentry came to see; even different Kings and Queens from the Light Kingdoms came to see the wedding.

“Don’t let me fall,” Charlotte told Jeremy.

“Never,” he kissed the side of her cheek. The door opened and the began to walk down the aisle. At first, she couldn’t see Trevor, he was too far away. She wore a small smile on her face until she saw him.

Trevor watched his bride come into view. The dress was perfect on her. The lace was perfect. The dress fit her in all the right places. He loved how the dress showed her tattoos and marks. Trevor watched as her smile grew when they made eye contact. As Jeremy and Charlotte walked up to Trevor, Charlotte shouldn't help but gaze upon what he wore. Trevor’s tux was black with gold trimmings. The suit was tailored to his body perfectly. His beard was trimmed and his hair was styled perfectly to hold his crown. She understood why he had god trimmings, the crown itself was made of gold with black jewels.

“Who gives away this woman?” The priest asked Jeremy.

“Her family and I,” Jeremy said. Trevor walked down and took Charlotte’s hand. Together they walked up the stairs and stood facing each other. The ceremony went by quickly, Charlotte and Trevor stared into each other’s eyes. Happy. She looked away for a second to see her friends and his family sitting together. She was surprised to see Aaron here, seeing that he was busy with the police state and other police business.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may know kiss your bride.” Trevor brought Charlotte into his arm and kissed her. Trevor and Charlotte kissed each other for a minute before breaking apart.

After pronouncing them husband and wife to the Kingdom, they walked to a private room. They spent thirty minutes just being with each other. His lips met hers and began trailing down her neck. His hands went to the back of her dress. Taking it off slowly. She stepped out of it once it hit her ankles. He placed it on the chair. He trailed his lips down her body. She let out a small moan when his lips meet her clit.

“Trevor, stop.” He looked up at her, confusion written on his face.

“What? Why?”

“Because, we have the coronation in ten minutes.”

“I can be quick,” his lips went back to her pussy.

“Trevor,” she whined. “I know, but I don’t want quick.” He sighed. He trailed his lips back up her stomach, breasts, and up to her lips.

“Let me help you with your dress.” He walked over to a black bag that hung on the door. He unzipped it and brought out her coronation dress. The dress was black, with gold designs on it. It was beautiful. She stepped in and Trevor laced the dress up.

“Why black?” She asked him.

“Because it’s your favorite and I love it on you.” He kissed her again and they exited the room. Both of them walked out hand in hand. Now in the center of the room were two chairs. Well two thrones, one for the King and one for the Queen. They walked up the stairs.

Trevor let go of her hand and went up to his chair where he sat. The priest came back around and started the ceremony. He rambled on in the Knight Light’s ancient language. When he switched back into English, Charlotte tuned back. She followed instructions and knelt in front of Trevor. Ten minutes later, she stood back up and walked over to her throne. The priest placed her crown on her head and the scepter in her left hand and the orb in the right. She sat down and took her rightful place as queen of the Knight Light Kingdom. For a full minute, the crowd gazed upon the King and Queen. And then, time started to slow down as things started to fall apart.

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