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"Fix it?" I echoed his words. The tension began to build. "I'm never letting you go, ever again." He was a man of his word. No. What had I gotten myself into? I moved to peer through the thicket when her arm snaked around mine and she was wildly shaking her head. "You don't want to-" she whispered and I shook my head firmly. "It will be okay." I whispered back as lowly as possible. Her frantic eyes tried to convey her message but there was no option. I had to see, see if I could help. Holding my heart in my throat, I turned my head back and peered through the leaves. It was not okay. ----------------------- At the start of her successful career, Flora Lori is running from a past, and a man, hoping to heal herself with time and distance. But when she takes a long deserved vacation to a remote luxury hotel far away from home, little does she know that her life will be turned upside down by the one man she promised to never look at again. Just recovering from a major betrayal, love is the last thing on the Alpha King's mind, but when a routine errand leaves him questioning all his choices, he sets out to convince the girl he once blamed for everything that he's the one for her, while simultaneously uncovering a sinister plot, that threw them both in this situation in the first place.

Adventure / Drama
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Deaf or Retarded?

“Thirtieth floor, please.” I motioned to the smartly dressed man next to me.
He was handsome, his eyes mischievous. His dark hair fell in messy curls and I instantly found myself attracted to him.

He pushed the button for me, and then pressed the button to his own floor - 21st.
I gave him a flirty smile which he returned enthusiastically.

It’s just the two of us in the lift. I thought.

A harsh pang of guilt ran through me.

Not this again!

I let out a small groan, which he did not miss.

When will this stop? Will it ever stop?

“Long day?” He asked me, his voice was friendly, warm.
I nodded.
I couldn’t very well explain to him what was going on. He’d stare at me like my therapist had - in the total of our three sessions.

So instead I said,“Yeah, work.” In an explanatory manner even though I was here on vacation.

What a waste.

I did what I always do. I tried to fight the ridiculous feeling. Push it down.
Generally that worked in my favor, but today it seemed slightly harder.

We reached the 11th floor. The doors split open, but nobody was in sight. They shut again.

“How long are you staying here?” He asked me, keeping the conversation going.
“Another week maybe. Really depends on things. But I will definitely take a day or two and really see this place.” I answered him with a smile.
This was his window if he wanted to take it.

And ... he did.

“Well then, perhaps I could show you around. I come here a lot.” He offered.

We crossed the seventeenth floor.

I smiled back, feeling a little shy now.
“I’d like that.” I said with a slight blush.
For the first time in really long, I could feel my excitement build.
His face lit up. The elevator pinged. The doors opened and he stepped out.

The dark haired handsome turned to me and I said, “Room 3008, Flora Lori. Leave me a message!”

“Expect it soon, Ms Lori.” He said cheekily and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Could it be that I was finally free?

The doors shut on his smirking face and I celebrated my success.
That was maybe the smoothest I’d ever been.
And I wasn’t even-

Suddenly a hot white burst of pain ran through me, like my veins had liquid fire, and I collapsed on the elevator floor. My hands still holding on to the side rails as I attempted to get up again.

I’d spoken to soon. Too soon.

Tears sprung to my eyes and I tightly closed them shut. The pain was unbearable this time. It stung like a million bees, threatening to render me unconscious.

It had never been this bad.

I did what I’d been told to do. Hours of doctors appointments and tests and that’s all they could give me.
To breath deeply.

Breathe in...out. Breathe in....out. I continued to chant in my head.
The harsh feeling ebbed slightly and I opened my eyes again.

The elevator pinged, making me glance at the indicator, I had reached the topmost floor.

With great difficulty, I managed to get back onto my feet and stumbled out of the elevator in a haze. Where was my room again? I let my instincts take over and turned to the right, passing by the various doors in the brightly lit hallway.

Why did this always happen to me?! I just - I just want some peace!

The door numbers were a haze to me, but I was pretty sure that I stood in front of the right one. I was about to remove my key card when I noticed that it was slightly ajar. I’d left it open - thank god! I didn’t think I had it in me to fumble around in my bag for a slim piece of plastic. I needed to call someone immediately! With that thought in mind I hastily pushed the door open, slamming it against the wall behind.

If someone ever asks me what my first mistake was, I think I could pinpoint it to this single moment right here.

The time when I opened the wrong door - literally speaking.

“So all the Alphas of Zone B have been vetted for? Then we should leave for-” the voice stopped talking. The room was a studio, with a bedroom and a drawing room where there were people sitting.
Several heads turned to me, my heaving chest, red, watery eyes, fingers clenched tightly over the shiny gold door handle like it was my only support.

I had entered the wrong room.

Scratch that, I had entered the worst possible room.

Two very beautiful girls and three well built handsome boys who were once my great friends sat wide-eyed in front of me. They had almost been family. My ex, and my friends.

“Reece, stop! Calm down!”
“What the hell is going on?!”
“Reece! I said calm down. Grey, Hank, hold him back!”

“Look at her! She’s not a threat! Not right now!” The voice of my once closest friend sounded through the room. She had always been the collected one.


My pain forgotten and my eyes wide, I managed to stand straight up. And then without another word I spun on my heel, getting out of there like my life depended on it. Because some instinctive, primal part of me knew that it did.

I hope they don’t come out and follow me.
Please God, if you’re really up there then please do this one thing for me.
I could only pray.

But to my horror, I heard unmistakable shuffling behind me.
Was it to much to ask that your enemies don’t outnumber you when you’re already in a weakened state? I didn’t dare look back as I hurried my pace.

God, you’re cruel.

A moment later I felt a vise like grip on my arm and I was yanked back harshly. I fell on my butt with a thud.

You would think that they weren’t assholes after two years but nooo.
Where’s the fun in that?

I let out a cry.
“What are you doing?! Leave her alone!” Daniella’s voice sounded as she scrambled over to me, her hand on my arm. She managed to help me up easily, as if I weighed nothing.
How was it that they were so strong? I’d always wondered.

“You always had a soft spot for the leech.” Hank spat and I felt a deep cut in my chest.
How they’d changed. The times had made them cruel.
Hank, Daniella, Sienna, Grey. And the boy that broke my heart -

“Mate! She still bloody smells like that!” Reece thundered and I shook from the timbre. His voice was deep, rich, commanding and right now, very very angry. He stood in front of me, eyeing me with distrust and anger. Even now, he still looked breathtaking. My heart was doing little flips and I couldn’t say for sure if it was due to the danger he possessed. His icy green eyes had turned several shades darker as Grey held him back. The rest of them stood behind him, with the exception of Daniella who’s arm was still under mine.
“Let me go!” I yelled weakly. Maybe if I created enough ruckus they’d be forced to behave.
Daniella immediately left my hand. I threw her a furtive glance of appreciation before I began to move back, not taking my eyes off of him.

“Not so fast! Why are you still doing this?! Stop with the scent now or I swear this time you will not get away!” Reece roared at me. I felt an invisible blow of force hit me with is words, it was enough to knock me breathless.
Tears sprang to my eyes.

Why? Why did this have to happen again? I was doing fine. I was trying to be happy and now I’m back in the same position.
I would not give them the satisfaction of breaking me.

“For the millionth time, I DON’T KNOW OR CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS.” My words matched his in hatred.
It was true, I hated them. They’d ruined everything.
Especially Reece.

Nobody else said a word at my outburst.
“I’ll show you what it means to disrespect the Alpha King.” His voice was no longer his.
It was darker, more sinister, more animalistic.
It wasn’t even loud and yet, it incited more fear in me than any amplitude of shouting could.

In a flash my back was crushed against the corridor wall. Reece had pinned me against the cold surface.
Some crazy, irrational and completely baseless part of me told me he wouldn’t hurt me, but that didn’t stop the terror from coursing through my veins.
I tried to struggle free, but it was impossible, he was so much stronger than me.

“REECE! Let her go!” Grey shrieked. Trying to pull him off of me.

And then one of his hands clamped over my mouth, presumably to stop me from screaming.

But what happened next was something neither of us expected.
Thousands of sparks erupted where his skin touched mine, electrocuting the two of us. I let out a scream while he flinched away from me as if he’d, well, been shocked.
My back slid against the wall, till I slumped to the ground in sudden exhaustion.

“How are you doing this?” He whispered, and I almost didn’t catch the words.
Doing what?
Sienna gasped. So did the others.
With the last of my strength, I raised my cold eyes to meet his surprised ones and I decided to bait him further.
“I was bitten by a radioactive spider.” I spat.

Sienna immediately ran forward, while the god-like dictator in front of me remained frozen. She bent down near me and I flinched away from her.
If she was hurt by that, she didn’t show it. Grey managed to pull Reece slightly back, allowing me some breathing space.

“Look at her, Reece! And tell me that you were right!” Sienna yelled at her brother, being careful not to touch me again. I struggled to get my breathing even.

“It-it can’t be..” Hank whispered softly and I frowned.
What were they going on about?
I can’t deal with them. I have this stupid pain to deal with first. I best get to my room.

Their matching expressions of horror were almost comical, had I not been in agony since I spoke to the man in the elevator.
Crazy, I know. That’s what my therapist said.
That’s why we only had three sessions.
Nobody was going to believe me.

I took this as a chance to make my escape. I got up and with the last of my strength, made a dash for the stairs.
I was certain that I had a decent head start and I could outrun them before a very familiar, large arm came around my waist and pulled me into its corresponding, wall synonymous, chest.

Did he have to be ridiculously stronger and faster?
I just couldn’t catch a break!

The contact sent traitorous sparks up and down my body, warming my very toes.

First they want nothing to do with me. Now they won’t stop harassing me.
Only Reece could ever make me feel this way.
Make my mind hate him and my body surrender to him.
It was pathetic, my self control.

He abandoned you! Get out of his grip! My subconscious commanded and my common sense was back.

I fought in his grasp, ignoring the onslaught of sparks and tingles that smothered me.
Not that it made a difference, I was like a child trying to get out of his grip. He could hold me with two fingers and I’d still not succeed.

“Let. Me. Go!” I seethed. My back was still facing him and his hands had wrapped around my waist tightly, but they weren’t hurting me.
I was hurting myself with all the struggling.

Why was there no one on this floor?! How can my luck be so atrociously horrible? Not even one witness?

Hank, Sienna, Daniella and Grey came and stood ahead of me, but their eyes were trained on Reece, who I still couldn’t see because he wouldn’t even let me turn, he just continued to hold me tightly, unaffected by my struggles.

“Reece! I said let me go dammit! This is illegal! I will call the cops on you I swear to god!” I continued to yell.
Out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw Dani crying. Hank and Grey were at an utter loss for words.
They just told there idly, looking at us. What the hell was going on?!
After about five more minutes, I gave up. I slumped in his grip.

What was I going to do? What was he going to do?

“Oh my god.” Hank whispered, his voice breaking towards the end.

“What have I done?” Reece's soft voice came from behind me and I froze.

Slowly, he spun me around, while still keeping me caged in his arms till I was facing him.
I tried to push myself away maintaining as much of my personal bubble as I could but he gave me no room.

What the fuck?

Reece was looking at me with an expression that tore at my heart.
Do not melt, Flora. Do not melt.

I was stone cold, “Are you deaf? Or retarded? I said let me go.”

And then Reece, with his free hand, raised it up, palm open.
I fought back instinctively, not trusting him in the slightest.
From behind Dani and Sienna came forward, trying to restrain me.

He then placed his hand just above my chest, on the exposed skin from my dress, and I almost electrocuted from the shock of it.

“I am so sorry.” I heard a whisper as my vision went black.

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