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Confuse Them

“Ooomph.” I heard a sound as I kicked something next to me while trying to stretch my limbs.

“That’s not nice.” His voice made me shiver, in a good way. Where was I?

The hotel. Growls. Trees. Handcuffs. Claws. We-

“Werewolf!” I spoke out in alarm and sat up simultaneously, my eyes opened to take in the room. A sharp pain resonated through my chest.

A large sized bedroom with a soft looking white carpet, red drapes around large windows, a large plasma screen TV right in front of us and a very thick comforter lying around me, with Reece’s head popping out from under it. The sudden intake of light made me squeeze my eyes tightly shut and pray to god that this had all been a dream. But when I slowly opened my eyes a second time, the huge bandage wrapped around my arm and the popping out head still next to me allowed no mistake. It had all happened.

He hadn’t uttered a single word as he assessed me. His eyes first raked over my injury - since most of the comforter was off me when I started up - and then settling on my face.

I didn’t say anything either, but met his eyes with sudden bravery of my own.

And then I remembered, “You drugged me!” My voice was thick from sleeping but it didn’t stop me from shouting.

He sighed, but there was a slight smile playing on his lips. “You think that is funny?” I challenged. I was really going to lose my shit at him one of these days.

“How are you feeling?” His question meant to sidetrack me, I knew, but it worked anyway.

“I...I feel fine.” It was true, I only felt a dull throbbing in my chest and a slight burn in my arm. Even my exhaustion was nearly gone. I wasn’t numb...I was normal. I couldn’t stop myself from asking the next words, “How?”

Reece got up as well, sitting cross legged, facing me. My heartbeat rose when the comforter slipped from him, exposing his bare torso.


But then he moved slightly closer to me and alarms flashed in my head, yet I held my ground.

“Don’t get scared of me, Flora.” He repeated the words from last night again.

Was I? Scared of him? Last night I had been in shock, I couldn’t understand what was happening and the lack of control frightened me. This was a whole species that I only thought existed in horror stories that suddenly came alive. Fear was a natural reaction. But now, when I had slept on it, not to mention woken up feeling better and safer, I had no justifiable reason to be afraid.

My mind and heart agreed for once. Reece was no threat.

He waited cautiously, almost as if he was waiting for the onslaught of a panic attack, but none came. Wordlessly, I nodded. The relief that blew across his face matched mine. For now, this was over. It would just be a chapter we put behind us.

“I have questions.” I made it sound more like a command.

“I would be worried if you didn’t.” He smiled a small smile. My heart fluttered at how gorgeous he looked right in the morning. The crooked smile, the marble sculpted abs, the expressive green eyes, and his messy, yet incredibly sexy bed hair. God, I was still so attracted to him despite everything.

Shame on me. It was like falling in love with an animal!

A slight blush rose to my cheeks and I cast my eyes downward, looking instead at the two pillows placed between us. He had kept his promise.

“As much as I want to know what’s making you blush, I need to check on your injuries first. See if they’re healing the way they should be.” My eyes rose to meet his again, and I could see the mischief in them. What was he up to?

“And then you answer my questions?”

“After we get you to eat something.”

“Okay.” I didn’t argue, I was hungry.

A thousand thoughts were running parallel in my head. We slept in the same bed, yeah we didn’t do anything but why was there a need for him to sleep here? Why did I feel no pain? Was he really a werewolf? Who else was? What attacked me? Why did it attack me? Where was everyone else? What is-

“Breathe.” The words came from right in front of me and I was startled. When did he get out of bed? “Don’t think so much or else it’ll overwhelm you,” he instructed and I let out a shaky breath.

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” Was I so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice him stand right in front of me? He moved closer still, his movements careful and gentle - trying to not alarm me. I made a split second decision to put him out of his mindset.

“Reece, it’s okay. I’m not scared of you anymore.” I met his cautious eyes with my own, sincere ones and immediately saw his shoulders relax. A sudden feeling of warmth filled me and I couldn’t help but smile.

A new thought occurred to me, “Atticus? April? XENA -”

“Everyone is fine. Xena’s plane got cancelled so she lands tonight instead. Worry about yourself sometimes.” Waves of relief swept over me. Thank god! I calmed down slightly.

He gently lifted the comforter off my legs and placed one of his hands around my leg, just above my ankle. But what I wasn’t prepared for was my reaction to his touch. A thousand sparks, ten times more potent and ten times more shocking ran from my leg to my entire body.

But it wasn’t painful in the slightest, no. It was electrifying. Had his hand not clamped around my leg so firmly, I’d have snatched it right out, unable to stand the overwhelming feeling. It was indescribable. A wide smirk formed on his face at my reaction.

“Reece! What? Let go!” I was a shivering mess as I tried to yank my limb away from his large spark infested hand. As if he hadn’t heard me, he went ahead and placed his second hand on my foot, just before my toes and it doubled. I tried hard to ignore it, but it was impossible. Impossible and amazing. Reece didn’t even hold back a bit, doing so much as yanking my leg forward so that I fell back down into bed. I felt a slight pain in my chest at the sudden movement but that went as soon as it came.


“Just a minute more, it’ll be fine then.” He spoke calmly but I could hear the note of pride and triumph that laced his words. What in the name of God was he doing to me?! True to his statement, the feeling began to disappear within a minute before they reached the normal levels that I’d always felt with him.

I was still lying down on the bed with my back against the pillows, trying to catch my breath.

If someone walked in right now and saw me, only one thought was likely to cross through their mind...

I blushed at the inappropriate comment in my head. Get yourself together Flora!

“Okay now?” He asked as though it hadn’t been his doing at all.

“What was that and how did you-”

“We decided no answers till you ate.”

Gaaaaah! He was so frustrating! So many secrets! How could I wait?!

“But, I want to know!” I whined like a three year old and he let out a chuckle.


“Don’t Flora me! How about just one?” I bargained. If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

His hands moved over my ankle as I sat up again, gently removing the cover of the plaster. Hadn’t she just put that last night? It wasn’t going to heal this fast. His quick fingers pried the wrapping off easily and within moments, my ankle was free. The cold air touched my skin and I raised myself to have a look. To my surprise, it looked just fine! Not even a single hint of the events that happened the night before! I drew in a sharp breath and looked at Reece. He was still looking at my leg, gently tracing the skin around my ankle and leaving delicious, light tingles all around it. “What the hell?”

He beamed up at me, placing my leg on the side and getting up. “Lets try!” He spoke cheerfully and I stared at him in awe. “Try walking?” I couldn’t keep the incredulity out of my voice. Sure it looked fine, but I couldn’t possibly think that it had healed completely..

Reece held out a hand for me and nodded encouragingly, “Don’t worry. I’ll catch you.”

Oh my dear heart.

The curious side of me took over and I placed my hand in his open, waiting, palm. He gripped it tightly, moving closer to me and I swung both my legs to the side of the bed. He moved closer still, and his other hand went around my waist, making my stomach clench in delight as my feet touched the cold floor. He pulled me up and I automatically put my weight on the better leg, deciding to gradually transfer the load to the injured one.

Taking a deep breath, I put pressure on the other foot and...nothing! It was perfectly fine! Healed like it was new! I squealed in delight at the progress. Holy-Moly this was insane! I looked at Reece who was looking at me with an expression I didn’t dare analyze.

“Whoaa...!” I was a child who just saw their first snowfall.

Next to me, Reece chuckled, his grip on my waist loosening to allow me some more movement. Deciding to push further, I transferred all my weight to the now healed leg to see if it could stand that as well.

In a minute I was spot jogging and after two minutes I was jumping. “This is amazing! What happened?!” I yelled in excitement at Reece who was only staring at me the whole time. Realizing that I was making a fool of myself, I stopped hopping around and turned to face him with barely concealed glee.

“What sorcery is this?”

“Stick around and you’ll find out.” He winked at me, playing up to my cheerful behavior. He then reached for me and made me sit back on the bed. I frowned but didn’t say anything.

“Your arm, please.” He gestured to the bandaged arm and it struck me that I had other injuries as well. In my excitement I’d forgotten that. He went to work again, being more careful this time as he unwrapped the gauze. The constant light brushing of his fingers sent shivers through my neck. My arm however, was not completely fine. An angry red line was clearly visible against my smooth fair skin. The skin had bound together, but it was still tender to touch, though I could move my arm rather freely with only slight pulses of pain. Reece frowned a little, but re wrapped my arm nonetheless. I was still in awe. It would have taken days to reach such a stage. This was magic!

“Well then, it seems that I’m doing well.” I couldn’t keep the hurry out of my voice.

“Not so soon, babe. There’s one more thing I need to check.” My cheeks flushed at the word ‘babe’, but then I realized what he was talking about and the blush deepened. Automatically, my hand tightened around my collar.

“Um, no. I think we’re all done.” Why was my voice wavering?

“We’re done, when I say we’re done.” His words had a hidden meaning, and I’d be stupid if I didn’t get it. My breathing stuttered.

“I’ll check that myself.” I moved a little away from him now, not trusting his wandering hands. I could already feel the rise in my heart beat. He flustered me with nothing but a few words.

Reece moved closer again, reducing the distance between us easily, his hands moving to the hem of my t-shirt. Noori had bandaged my entire upper chest after applying a sort of paste on it. I’d have to take my t-shirt off to completely remove the wraps. I looked up at him, startled to find him so close to me. Our faces were only inches apart, our bodies facing each other, his hands were on either side of my waist.

“And how will you manage to undo the wraps? Let me at least do that.” He whispered, his breath making my head whirl. How had he gotten so close? I couldn’t concentrate on anything but those full pink lips of his. Just an inch closer and we’d kiss. His one hand slipped just below the hem and touched my skin, sending sparks to my brain. I struggled to focus.

“I’ll get Noori to do it later.” I managed to move away. The room was suddenly getting hotter. I was anxious and shy. This was very inappropriate. What was Reece trying to do?

Reece looked like he wanted to say something, but then he dropped his hands and nodded, a knowing smile on his lips.

“I’ll call her. Meanwhile, you could freshen up. I know how you love your baths.” He laughed, cooling the sudden rise in temperature. I couldn’t have gotten up faster.

“Your clothes and everything is already kept inside. Be careful about your arm.”

I didn’t even look back, too flustered to face him.

“Oh, and Flo?” I stopped midway, still not facing him. “I will supervise, when she does come.” He spoke slyly and my face turned a raging red as I spun around to give him a piece of my mind.

But Reece was gone, the door swung shut in his wake and I just stood there, my mouth open like a fish’s. That man was going to be the death of me.

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