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King's Pub

Reece’s POV

In a way, I was glad that Dani and Grey were going to wear earplugs. Knowing Flora, she probably wanted to know what had happened but not let a lot of people know it. I could understand that; it was always so hard for girls to speak about crimes of that nature. I wish it wasn’t. My blood boiled at the thought that some man might have groped my beautiful mate. I should have killed that bastard then - I knew it. If only I didn’t think about the secrecy of my kind then. I was almost sure that he would’ve died by the beating I gave him, but I guess I was out of luck.

She spoke softly, which was good. If she had already started heavily breathing, then this was going to take too much of a toll on her mind and body. Her eyes were shut, and she was sitting as still as a statue. Sienna’s eyes were trained solely on her, while Dani and Grey were keeping a watchful gaze on me. I would call them paranoid, but anyone, even a human lover would rage if someone messed with his girlfriend.

I nodded at the three of them and began, “Do you know where you are, Flora?” I didn’t use a lot of power behind these basic questions, she wasn’t going to lie.

“I’m at The Wolf, in the second level of the basement section.” Her voice was firm and steady – a good sign. I let out a breath that I had been holding. All vitals looked good. I was glad that she had at least some of her werewolf strength already – she would need it.

Sienna nodded in encouragement and I continued, “Do you know who I am?”

“Reece Wolf, my mate.” Her short answer didn’t stop the warmth in my chest from blooming. I loved that she called me her mate! This was - oh why didn’t we record this?!

“Okay, I need you to go back to a specific memory, do you think you can do that?” I asked her gently, and she nodded.

Taking a deep breath, I spoke the next words with a stone in my heart. It was important to give her every single detail I could remember so she would go back to the right event in time, otherwise she could get lost in her memories and dredge some painful ones up.

“The night that we went out to King’s Pub. It was Daniella, Grey and me. A beautiful Saturday night, we had just finished one semester of classes. You were wearing a black crop top and a white skirt to go with. Nothing too fancy but you looked really stylish. We met up near the corner of your house and walked to the pub where Dani and Grey were already waiting for us. You were a little nervous cause you didn’t know us well, but you came nonetheless because I made you feel safe and trusted. I was wearing a simple white Henley and blue jeans, with a dark jacket. Do you remember this night?”

My heart paused for her answer; “Yes, I do.”

My heart continued,” Do you remember what we ordered that day?” I started using more power behind my words, her subconscious would need a harder push as she thought back to such old memories.

She nodded, a mysterious smile playing on her lips, “We ordered fries, and we split a plate of tacos. You guys also ordered some falafels, Mongolian pot rice, stir fried vegetables and jasmine rice, along with some desserts. I also had a dessert cocktail while Daniella had gin. You and Grey stuck to beers. You guys ate so much food.” Ah, so that was the smile – of course our appetite surprised her.

Her perfect recollection was a good sign. She was in the right memory. This was good, so far everything was going according to plan.

“That’s good, Flo. Now tell me, do you remember when you went to use the bathroom?” I put more power in The Command. Her body reacted to the power slightly, but she otherwise sat straight, not looking the slightest exhausted.

“Not really…” Her eyebrows creased and it took everything in me to not kiss her skin straight and ease all those lines. But I didn’t. Instead I said, “Think about it, you said we made you laugh so much you had to go.” I pushed and the wave of power that hit her made her stagger back in her chair. Sienna’s hands instantly supported her, and she was fine on the outside, but her body had basically taken a hit.

“Yes, I remember making my way to the washroom…I was stumbling, and someone put their hand on me… Uh, I- It was Dani!” She recalled but her tone lacked its normal strength as she answered, “I made my way in through the door – it was just a single person washroom. Daniella tried to step in but I spun around and pushed her out. I had just met her, she couldn’t stand inside the washroom with me.”

“I know, I know, Flora.” I cooed, my heart taking a toll with her wavering voice. I pushed more strength into my voice, reluctantly.

“Tell me what happened after that.”

Sienna’s hands dug into her skin to keep her steady against this assault of mine – and my heart was screaming at me to stop doing this to my own mate, but I held on. It was ten times harder for Flora and she was holding on as well.

“I lock the door and! Someone’s behind the door! Oh- I don’t know who it is!” Shit, she was reliving the memory! I jumped out of my chair to get her out of it, but Daniella and Grey moved to either side of me and held me back.

“Reece, the sooner this is over the better. If you get her out now she will only want to go back and visit this memory again.” Sienna told me and I snarled at her. I knew she was right, but I couldn’t do this!

“Who- who are you?” Flora’s panicked tone went deadly scared as she stiffened.

“What did he say, Flo?” I asked her from the cages of my friends. Flora seemed to be unhurt at the moment, but I needed her to get out of there!

“He’s coming closer, he’s walking up to me-!”

“Flora, he can’t hurt you, you’re with us now, you’re at The Wolf, this is just a memory!” I tried to get through to her. Her heartbeat slowed slightly, and I continued my assurance. “Everything is okay, Queen. You’re absolutely fine. It’s just a memory, he’s just a memory.” I told her. Sienna nodded at me and then at Grey and Dani. They loosened their arms around me as I calmed down with her. This girl, she really was my weakness.

“What is he saying? Can you remember?” I asked her again, putting more of the command in my voice to give her the necessary push that she needed. She nodded and held up her hands in front of her to signal giving her a moment.

“He said that he knew who I was.”

“I said that I am Flora, a student at our university.”

At least she’d switched back to past tense and her body wasn’t rigid anymore.

“He said, ‘I know who you are’” Her words had got some of their energy back.

I leaned forward, ready to yank her out of there the second she wanted to be.

“He said that you wouldn’t love me anymore.” Her words broke as her breath accelerated. The pain in her voice was no joke and it took me by surprise. He knew about all this then! Bastard was what? Toying with her?! I felt my nostrils flare and Grey and Dani’s hands tightened around mine once again. Sienna tried to comfort Flora as she continued her story.

“I-I was confused. I told him that we weren’t dating or anything and he laughed. He then said that dating was never an option. He said that he should kill me right now, but things needed to be done before that.” Her voice was grave, but it didn’t seem frightened – she knew she was safe now. I tried to push him away, but it didn’t work. He just kept laughing at me like he was mad.” She finished, and I tried again, “Did you ask him who he was? Why was he doing this?”

“He said, The Forgotten must always remain forgotten.” Her words were a whisper, which led me to believe that the man whispered it himself. But I couldn’t believe what she had said. Sienna stiffened as well, and both Dani and Grey looked back between the two of us in concern. How could he know she was one of the forgotten?! How?! I myself found out only two days ago! This was ridiculous!

“And then he came closer and touched my hair.” My blood boiled at the thought and I let out a growl. “I felt a prick – he broke a single hair strand!” she continued, “and then he pushed me, and I fell to the ground.” I let out a whimper.

“You bashed the door in and Daniella took me outside.” Thank God this was over!

“That’s enough, Flora, you need to come back now.” I layered my voice with the command and her eyes fluttered before they opened. Immediately I took her in my arms and held her there. She returned my hug with half the energy as I knew she was drained out from the whole experience, but I didn’t let her go. She could sleep in my arms if she wanted but there was no way she was escaping them.

“I’m okay, Reece. Nothing bad happened. I didn’t miss any timeline or get stuck in bad memories in my head.” She almost taunted me, and I laughed. The girl was nuts.

“I know I know I know.” I chanted, hugging her closer and tighter. But I was a protective fool. I was not going to let her do this again for any reason whatsoever.

“So, do you want to tell me more about what this all was?” She asked me, super casually and I laughed. Only she could calm me down with her words. For the first time in a long time, I was beginning to understand that value of no secrecy. Without hesitation I said, “Yes, Yes I do.”

She pulled away from me to look up at me with a big smile. I knew why she was smiling. He hadn’t touched her. For what it was worth, he hadn’t laid a hand on her. That thought both calmed and eased me on the inside. Sure, he was a shady, most likely evil person but for that moment, nothing he did hurt my mate and I was so glad about that.

“I’ll tell you all about The Forgotten, and their legend, let’s go to the library.”

She nodded, and then immediately stood up from the chair, but her knees gave out and I caught her before she hit the floor – of course she was tired. Her body hadn’t taken the rest that it needed yet and she didn’t even realize it.

“That’s…What’s going on?”

Even the panic in her voice was adorable. I took this opportunity to plant a small kiss on her lips – an action that caused a blush to spread over her cheeks – but she didn’t protest. “You’re just tired, you don’t realize it yet.” I assured her, not letting her go.

I knew she would protest, but I leaned down and swooped her up in my arms, enjoying the feeling of my mate against my chest and her sudden off balance making her arms go tightly around my neck to keep herself steady.

“I’ll carry you to the library then.” I told her cheekily, and she simply glared at me like a helpless pup. Aww, I could kiss this woman breathless just by the look on her face right now.

“You’re a sly person.” She informed me as we entered the elevator, but she otherwise didn’t protest in my arms. Why would she? I had delightful arms. I simply flashed her a grin.

“You need rest and I need you.”

From my left I heard a snicker and then a distinct slap.

“Ow!” Grey whimpered and I smiled at Dani, she always had my back.

“We’ve set up an area in the library for you so that no one else disturbs you.” Sienna informed me after finishing her mind link with someone – most likely Roran.

“Also, one of the elders is here – Hank’s dad. He wants to meet you.” She told us and I nodded. Out of all the elders it was good that it was him. Hank would feel better too.

“Ask him to meet us in the library as well. And get someone to send us lunch too, Flora must eat.” I instructed him.

I heard Flora scoff, but otherwise kept quiet.

I leaned in and caught her lips in another kiss.

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