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A Taste

Flora’s POV

“So, what does this do?” I asked, toying a small rubber cap that was placed right above my heart. Sienna looked up from her tech and gave me a distracted smile, “It covers the sound of your heartbeat to make sure that it doesn’t transmit through the phone. We don’t want him figuring out that you’re lying.”

I nodded, understanding what she meant. But then…

“Isn’t that a little suspicious though? She won’t have a heartbeat he can overhear? There’s no way a normal human can control that...” Grey spoke up my thoughts and I nodded, siding with him. Reece was looking back and forth between us, debating what we could do.

“I mean, we’re just assuming that he’ll think that there’s just too much distortion or something.” Sienna answered, but her own voice was unsure.

“But we need the room to be pin-drop quiet cause he told her to be alone. There’s no way she could talk with noise in the background.” Reece reasoned and we nodded, wondering what to do.

“Well, there’s no way he can hear her heartbeat, he’ll know she’s lying when her heart wont race when she complains about the forceful marking.” Sienna argued back, still thinking that this was the best option.

“I have an idea.” Atticus piped up and all eyes turned to him – he rarely spoke up, only did as he was told. Reece nodded, indicating he should continue. Atticus’ neck turned a little red, and in that second, I knew I wouldn’t like this idea.

“Well, I mean. Her heart just has to race at the right points, right? He doesn’t need to know why it’s beating so fast.” He explained, and then his head tilted ever so slightly towards his King. My face lit on fire.

“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” I asked, my voice a squeak and he looked away, avoiding my gaze. Realization dawned in Sienna’s eyes while Grey thumped me on the back. Reece’s eyes twinkled and I knew he was going to enjoy this way more than he should be.

“I think it’ll be too hard for Flo to maintain her composure if I, ahem, turned her on.” Reece muttered cheekily and I had the urge to walk to him and knee him right in the balls. We’d see if he could get turned on after that.

“I think this is a terrible idea! For starters, it’s so embarrassing!” I mumbled, all my nerves flustering with just the thought.

“Just talking about this is working. I think this is a great idea.” Grey spoke, and it was his turn to be kneed in the balls now. Sienna looked, unsure between the four of us. She seemed to be the only one who wasn’t enjoying herself as she thought about it practically. I gave her a hopeful look.

“I think…I think this is the best possible way to make him truly believe it.” She said after a moment all the hope ran down my body into the ground. Never to resurface again.

I slapped a hand to my face. “Don’t worry, we’ll leave the room, obviously.” Atticus said immediately and I gave him my meanest glare. He. He was the problem. Reece chuckled at my feeble attempt to seem threatening, but I thought I was doing a damn good job at scaring Atticus. He looked like he might bolt any second.

“Flo, come on now. We don’t have much time. And you do know that this is the best thing to do. So, don’t be like that.” He told me politely and I frowned. That was true, we had to get that bastard Jeff Kurt, and we had to get him now. We just had to. I had to do this, if not the werewolf kingdom and the Nihls then at least for Xena, who thought he was family. Family isn’t supposed to be like that.

Sighing, I nodded, and Sienna moved forward, taking off the rubber cap and placing it on Reece instead. This was going to be humiliating.

“What do I say if he asks where Xena is?”

“Just tell him that we took her away somewhere, but she managed to sneak the phone to you just before that.” Grey suggested and I nodded. I hoped that she was calm soon. It had been nearly three hours since Nate took her running.

“Now, are you ready? It’s five minutes to the hour.” Sienna asked me and I nodded, taking a deep breath. How in the hell was I supposed to keep my composure when it was just Reece and me in the room? What did he even plan to do? I figured that if I didn’t know then my reactions would be more natural. This whole thing was a little fucked up.

“Alright then. Press this to take the call. Try to keep him talking for at least three minutes. Hopefully we can trace it. Don’t focus on anything else, the conversation will be recorded by this machine and we will be able to play it back, so you don’t need to worry.” I nodded.



“Please don’t make this unnecessarily hard for me.” I whispered to Reece as he settled in a chair in front of me. He gave me a surprised look, before his face fell slightly. “Flo, I was just kidding, I’d never actually do that to you. At least not right now, when so much hangs in the balance.” He told me softly and I felt guilty for my judgement.

“Oh, okay.” I managed before taking another deep breath. He realized what was going on and let out a little sigh, “Don’t worry, my Queen. You’re going to do a great job. We all know it.”

“What if I fuck it up?” I asked, not able to keep my insecurities in me. I couldn’t do such deceptive spy shit. I could write up characters who could though.

“You won’t, I’m right with you. And even if I wasn’t, you’d still do well.” He assured me, and a small spell fell over me. Suddenly, I felt cocooned and confident.

“Okay.” I said, managing a small smile. I would not disappoint them.

Right on cue, the phone rang. A tense, lazy smile grew on Reece’s face. It struck me that it had to be hard for him to maintain his line of thought too, especially when a psycho who possibly took part in killing Nihls was calling me disguised as a lovable brother of my best friend.

When did life get so weird?

I picked up the call, pressing the button hooked to it, to start the recording. “Hello?” I spoke, my voice firm and calm. “Flora!” His voice that I was so familiar with, burst into my ear.

But just as this happened, Reece got up and began to unbutton his t-shirt. HOLY COW. He did it slowly, deliciously. It was torturous. As usual my body betrayed me instantly and I managed to focus my thoughts back to the phone call with some struggle. “Julian?!” I put on a falsetto.

“Oh! Thank goodness you’re okay!” He muttered and I continued, “So, that’s why they took Xena away! Did you speak to her?! She told me to keep this phone with me!” I sputtered, watching the last button open. I was breathing heavily now, and Julian took that as fright.

“Where is Xena? Who took her?” He asked me, much too calmly in my opinion.

“I-I don’t know. We were sitting and this guy called Nate just came in and took her away! They’re all crazy here! There’s this guy called” – I gulped loudly when he moved to take his t-shirt off, his abs flexing with the movement – “Reece. They call him Alpha! He- He kidnapped us! Oh Julian, he’s my ex!” I said the words with disdain and for a second Reece faltered, but it was gone as soon as it came.

“What! Oh my God, the guy who broke your heart?” Julian asked me, his tone was just the right amount of concerned and I didn’t have to look to see the hurt flash across his face. “Yes! That’s right – I! This is all my fault! Oh god if anything happens to Xena..” I spoke, trying to muster some remorse in my voice.

I flashed a quick look to Reece – he looked fine now – and urged him on. He was fisting his t-shirt, before he carelessly tossed it away in full swing.

“Don’t- don’t worry! I will get you guys out of here. Xena already told me about this on the call!” He lied but I didn’t say a word. “Is that why they took her away?! Oh my God maybe I should cut this call! You don’t know what’ll happen if they catch me!” I whisper yelled, my heart hammering a thousand beats per minute as Reece reached for the latch of his belt. Oh my my my.

“What? Tell me!” He demanded, more out of order than concern and I obliged at once.

“Th-They caught us trying to escape and Reece! He got so mad that he bit me! On my neck. The wound healed but there is a scar!” I relayed, watching the belt slide out of it’s loops and gingerly fall to the ground. My heart was going to explode. But not before I got this son of a bitch for what he did to us!

“Oh god!”

“I don’t know where we are! But there’s crazy security, and a lot of trees. I heard them say something about a castle and a ceremony! I don’t know what’s going on but it’s some fucked up shit! I-Julian I don’t think they’re even human! I saw someone lift an entire tree!” I yelled in panic before pausing to take a breath.

Reece kicked off his shoes and gave me a sexy smile before his hands slowly reached for the button of his pants. My heartbeat doubled in a flash.

Consequently, Julian said, “Flora! Calm down, okay?? I’m going to get you out of there! I am going to find out everything I can! Do you think you can keep this phone with you?”

“I-I think so. I don’t think anybody’s near me. It should be fine.” I told him, breathing heavily. Reece undid the zipper slowly.

“Okay! I’m going to text you on this! Delete the texts and the call log, okay?” He instructed, and I nodded, “Hurry, please!! I think- I think they’re going to forcefully marry Xena off to this guy – his name is Nate! I don’t know his last name! I’ve never even seen him with Reece before!” I told him, my voice a strangled whisper. This was so fucking hard!

And apparently, so was Reece.

“Yes! Don’t worry. I’m going to find my buddies in your hometown and get more details about this!” He told me, but my heart wouldn’t stop hammering. There he stood, in all his glory, only a thin layer of cotton boxers blocking my view from something I would never unsee. I shut my eyes as a reflex. “Julian, this is so hard.” I told him, letting some truth seep into my words and his words were immediate, “Flora, you have to calm down or you’ll get caught okay? Please calm down for me!”

I took a deep breath, shaking my head to make sure Reece didn’t go ahead with it. He nodded. I got my heart to slow down the slightest bit. “Okay, I’ll do my best.” I told him, looking straight at Reece.

“Tell Xena that I love her, okay?”

“Yes.” I told him and then heard him click off.

“How long?” I asked him immediately and he shook his head, “I think it lasted two minutes, but Sienna will tell us for sure.” I nodded, frustrated. “He was probably using an untraceable phone anyway, so I wouldn’t sweat about it.” He told me, and I nodded. “He’ll keep texting you, right? So let’s see what he says.” He added.

I nodded once again, unable to form sentences when he was standing like that in front of me, on display. And it was a hot piece.

A devilish smile lit up his face as he stalked closer to me. My heart had probably had a rollercoaster of a day. And it seemed like it was about to have some more loops before someone allowed me to rest. I gulped, but otherwise stood my ground.

Were we going to do it in this stupid communications room?

Hell, yes.

“Nervous?” He asked, finally reaching up to me and snaking his arms around my waist.

“Excited.” I said honestly, and he let out a wonderful laugh. The warmth of his chest was seeping in through my own thin shirt and making the mark on my shoulder tingle in delight. I moved closer to him before initiating a kiss. It was a raw, sensual kiss, nothing held back. He returned it at once, one of his hands moving to the back of my neck to hold my head in place.

I moved my own hands to his shoulders for support and we went at it like animals. I guess for him it was second nature.

He moved us behind to one of the couches in the room and lowered me into it. I pulled him on top of me, never once breaking the kiss. If we split apart right now – I would definitely die. His hands roamed all over me, gripping my shoulder, squeezing my arm, tracing my neck, rubbing circles at the base of my shirt. It was driving me crazy. Once or twice he nibbled on his mark and I nearly shot out of the couch at my reaction.

My hands were moving with their own mind. They roamed on his bare chest, scratched his back lightly, and then wildly ran around in his hair. He didn’t seem to mind though, if anything it seemed to be working. Especially when I moved a hand over the front of his boxers. He groaned in a combination of pleasure and pain before clasping my wrist in his hand and moving it right above my head, trapping it away from him. I fought a little, frowning at this but his other hand settled on my breast just as he did this and I got distracted.

He fisted me through the material before I heard him swear and then heard the material rip to shreds. “Reece!” I scolded but he gave me a boyish grin, “I always get what I want.” He told me with such sincerity that I had to give back. My hands which were now free, reached forward and ripped…the only thing he had on. Yikes, maybe I should have thought it through.

He sprang free, and my eyes bulged at the size. I could tell it was big just from the stretched boxers he had on, but one look at it now and all my bravery fled me.

He gave me a surprised look before completely flattening himself on top of me and trapping both my hands above my head this time.

“Someone’s using their werewolf energy for all the wrong reasons.” He teased, and I blushed furiously, before abandoning all attempts of redemption and kissing him once again.

He broke away from me and moved lower, his mouth leaving a hot, wet trail down my throat. I struggled under his hold but he didn’t give. He reached right in the valley of my breasts and before I knew it he was sucking on the right one. Maybe that’s why he held me, because I was sure to have bucked away from him otherwise. I let out a startled moan and writhed under him in pleasure. He moved to one side of me, his mouth still perched on my breast. His other hand, now not holding up his body from crushing me, moved lower, unzipping the denim skirt I had on. My eyes widened in alarm as I realized what he was doing.


“Hmmm?” He asked, moving to the other one but didn’t stop what he was doing. He seemed enchanted. He wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted, unless I asked him to. All I had to do was tell him.

I didn’t. This was fucking amazing, why would I?

Growing frustrated with the material, he eventually gave up and left my hands to tear off my skirt. He sat up halfway, looking down at me with something akin to admiration. I blushed under his gaze but otherwise met his eyes with my own, confident ones, feeling beautiful.

I was sure that the underwear I had on was already soaked. The only clothes I had on were ripped to shreds, he hadn’t even spared my bra. Something dark swirled just below his eyes and I saw it reach multiple times to the surface before he pushed it down.

Reece was beautiful too. His muscular body, light skin, the several scars on his chest and sides, his intense gaze, warm yet exciting. He was going to be the death of me. I let my eyes travel down to the ‘V’ and gulped as I saw its size again. This wasn’t physically possible. It really wasn’t. Getting it to fit in me…well, that was a bit of a stretch.

Without another word then, his hand moved down to my core, gently placing his fingers on me. He didn’t come closer, he just lay there, half upright. His other hand reached to lock mine in his grasp – maybe he needed to be dominant right now. I shut my eyes in anticipation, knowing that my reaction was going to be nothing short of a bang.

His fingers slipped into the material and gently began to massage me. I breathed harshly, my face contorting in pleasure as his fingers took me to Saturn. I barely opened my eyes during this, knowing that he was just lying there, staring at me. Watching me enjoy what he did to me. It turned him on just as much as it turned me on.

I could feel the pressure build, finally understanding what all the books and movies were talking about. I wanted him to go faster, I wanted him to slip his fingers inside. I moved under him, thrusting my hips to indicate what I couldn’t say, and he obliged. Slowly at first as if he was testing how much I could take, but eventually he slipped in two fingers without hurting me. He moved them so slowly that I groaned in annoyance. “Reece! Come on!” I urged, and he gave me an evil smirk.

His fingers that were slowly moving in and out, all of sudden went into overdrive. I hadn’t expected it and let out a scream of pleasure at the sudden plunging.

“Oh my.” I could only say.

The pleasure began to build for real this time and I shivered under him, my hands trapped under his, trying to claw themselves free. He held on tighter, making sure that I stayed right under his burning gaze, under his magnificent spell.

“Don’t stop.” I warned him, swearing and his grin grew even more as he watched my half-lidded eyes, and the various expressions going through my face. I was so close. So close.

Just a little more and-

It came over me like a blanket. No, more like a wave. And I was drowning but flying at the same time. It was brilliant. It was blinding. It was – oh there were no words for it.

I slumped back into the couch, my hands finally free and Reece moved to lie on top of me, his eyes dreamy and ecstatic. He wouldn’t stop looking at me.

“Stop looking at me.” I voiced my thoughts, but my voice was barely a whisper, I was all worked out.

“Why?” He asked me, as if this was a stupid thing to say.


“Because?” He mimicked, and I frowned, turning my face to avoid embarrassment. I couldn’t believe I’d let out a scream earlier. Lucky for me, I was pretty red from all the workout itself.

“Because you’re looking at me like I’m food.” I told him, honestly feeling conscious.

He sat up, crouching on his knees. He moved a little further down, gripping one of my ankles and raising it over his head. I looked back at him in alarm, and he gave me a heart-melting wink.

“Well, I do intend to taste you.”

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