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Chapter Nine – It was a love blessed by the stars of heavens.

Aruna couldn’t wait for the weekend when Goku and his family would arrive. Every day she spoke to Goku on the phone and each time they ended their conversation, Aruna felt like something was amiss in her life. She knew that she had given her heart to a wonderful man who made her feel so special and beautiful. Goku always said things that made her feel like she was the only woman in his world, and would relate everything that transpired in the office to her. He always asked her for her opinion whenever something cropped up, that made her feel important in his life.

She couldn’t wait to see Goku and when the day finally arrived and he and his family stood outside their house, Aruna felt herself drown in her love for him. She stood waiting by the door for them to enter the house. Her brother-in law and sister walked out to greet them. Amma walked into the house and hugged her, as did Acha. When Goku walked through the door, he looked at Aruna with a longing in his eyes. The older people noticed it and asked them to take some time to speak to each other alone.

Goku asked Aruna if she could show him the beach, his eyes never once leaving her face. Replying that she could, she took him through the access door to the beach area. The weather was bright and sunny that mid-morning just like their two hearts that shone with untold love for each other. They held hands and took a long walk down the beach, talking about the seagulls and the speeding boats that passed them in lightning speed.

Goku whispered into Aruna’s ears and planted tiny kisses on her face. When they had walked quite a distance and was hidden from prying eyes, he said to her, his voice thick with emotion, “I can’t wait to marry you and spend my life with you Aruna. I have fallen madly in love with you and I am really so blessed to have been chosen to be your husband. I shall be counting the days to our wedding. I promise to make you happy and give you the best all through the rest of our lives.”

Aruna felt her heart swell with pride and love for him. She echoed her love for him too, “I love you Goku, and you make me feel special and so loved. I think like my brother in India said, I am the blessed one here. He told me that most girls would die for a chance to be in my shoes and I know now, how right he is. My stars are shining down on me. I feel like the luckiest girl now that I have met you, and am honored to be chosen to be your bride.”

The two lovers spent their time talking and laughing and didn’t notice time pass them by. It was late evening when they slowly walked back to the house. They had watched the magnificent sunset together, sitting on the beach as lovers do, clinging on to each other and even leaving footprints on the sand.

The future awaited them with so much promise. Aruna and Goku, they had a lifetime to share a love so pure and which were blessed by the stars of heavens.

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