Elves and Dragons

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A war is gonna break out, and no one knows it yet. But it’s up to Ryver and Emmett to figure it out, and find a way to win, or to slowly postpone it. River is a gray elf, half dark and half white, which was a problem growing up, but when she's 13 she finds herself as a bearer of The Eponu Shield and becomes a 'Princess', sort of. She thinks of herself as more of a knight, but while working and learning from her Queen, she grows to accept her title, and protect all. Emmet is a Prince of Dragons, who has a short temper, crude and vulgar language, but a brilliant strategist and a masterful fighter. It was still a surprise when his mother died that The Brigit Sword would go to him. But, it turns out that he never wanted it, and lashes out his frustration from the burden of being both a prince and a bearer. Its when the two queens meet, as old friends, that the Elvish Queen relays some troubling dreams that the Dragon Queen shared. They conclude that it must be a message from the Gods, and conclude to stop a war from affecting their kingdoms is to wed their bearers and heirs. Being in an arranged marriage cause both of the bearers to be plenty frustrated, and it seems impossible for them to get along. Will they ever learn to like one another? Will they learn to do for their people, or will this be all for not and cause more chaos??

Adventure / Romance
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Prologue: Creation

The world did not end in a bang or a whisper, but rather, one scream at a time in a slow, horrific and brutal war. The battles had raged on for days, weeks, maybe even months, as metal clashed with metal, explosions erupted and shook the ground, and magic casters yelled out spells to encase and demolish their enemies.

Beings of magic, of new and old, humans and the like had join forces against a common enemy. They were, rightfully, called, ′The Blights’. Creatures of evil, malice, and death, with milk-white eyes and black skin that seemed rotten, just like their Master.

But these creatures were nothing more than a nuisance, compared to their generals. The Generals were three powerful women called the Morrigan, loyal only to the Master, and given gifts of an unholy trinity. These gifts cost hundreds of lives, but this was war, which wasn’t uncommon.

But, unlike every other war, this one was meant to happen, as the End of Days. With such battles, there is always a way to stop it. A ray of light and hope in this ongoing dark and desolate demise of all the good in the world, chosen by Gods who can not or will not intervene. All in the form of a prophecy, a hero, and an ancient weapon that can defeat the Master.

Though, in this case, its two weapons loyally alongside heroes whose destinies intertwine with each other, for better or for worse.

The only question now is, where do we start?

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