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Meledys' Island

By jamesie All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1

Everything felt calm, quiet and serene as a young woman sat near the railing on a cliff side with her cello, her long, dark, silky hair and dress swaying in the cool breeze. Her slender and curvy body was akin to an hourglass like a super mottles’ body, her smooth, tan skin was gently worked by the sun and the elements and her bright hazel and amber eyes shined in the setting sun.

Noire watched the sunset, her back to the regal city looking over the beautiful, vibrant land. The cool breeze continued to lightly sway her dark, silky hair while it cooled her exposed skin from her dark grey dress, caressing it to a comfortable level. For the first time in a long time, she breathed in and let all of her stress and frustrations out. She felt at peace, and right when she set her bow down onto her strings, she felt someone pock her right cheek and everything suddenly became dark and blank as she awoke.

“Hey, Nowy… You still alive?” The familiar raspy voice called out to her as the owner of the voice pocked her cheek once more.

Noire waved her away with a tired hand as she turned over with an irritated moan, “Go away, Olivia…” She mumbled to her housemate as she tried to go back to the sweet embrace of sleep.

“Fine…” she whined in defeat with a short huff. After a moment of silence she spoke up, “Want me to find a Coconut for you?” she suddenly asked.

“Mm…” Noire moaned in response, begging for the young woman to go off to her shenanigans and dub-music or whatever else she calls it. The sound of her adorable whine and feet crunching away on wet sand was music to her ears, Especially the sound of waves washing up on the shore and the serene trees blowing in the cool breeze.

Curling herself a little on the sand, she smiled and thought “Mm… finally. Time to rest on this soft, wet, cool… sand…” she nestled in, tucking in her legs and arms closer to her body to get cozy. After a long moment passed the gears in her head started to come back to life as they slowly spun, “Mm… why does it feel so… strange?” she thought as the gears started gradually speeding up as her little mental hamster awoke for a morning workout. “Hm… I feel just fine… Maybe I forgot something?” she pondered long and hard trying to find when or anything she might have forgotten; an important meeting with somebody or anything but nothing came in her mental checklist.

She sighed with a light shake of her head and nestled back down, “Well, nothing like a good long sleep will fix…” she murmured with a quiet, sleepy tone as she moved around to get herself more comfortable as wet sand clung to her body. “Mmm… comfy, wet, cool sand… Sand? SAND!?

She quickly scrambled up to a sitting position with wide eyes, just now seeing what her friend meant by ‘find a coconut’. She screamed at the top of her lungs at the sight before her, causing a few birds in the trees to fly off; they were now stranded in the middle of nowhere on a tropical island.

She starts to hyperventilate at the thought of being stuck here forever, with no food or shelter. They’ll DIE of dehydration, or from an unknown infection, or get ripped apart by a wild animal!

She checked herself to find she wore her casual clothing; polished, black shoes, dark grey pants, white shirt with a baby blue bowtie on her collar and a grey vest. They were wet and cold of course; sleeping near the waterline will do that.

Her thoughts raced a mile a second from one point to another of how they’ll DIE, but then her line of thought was interrupted by the girl she’d been stuck with the most part of her life.

“Hey, Nowy!” She looked to her right as she continued to heavily breathe and saw her friend, waving at her happily, clinging onto a coconut tree upside down as the tree bent down with the extra weight, her electric blue, dyed hair hanging freely and swaying lightly in the gentle breeze. She then suddenly lost her grip on the tree with a slip and fell into a bush below with a yelp as three coconuts shook themselves off their parent tree and made audible ‘Bonks’ within the bush. “Ow!” she then heard the girl mumbling to herself angrily about ‘traitorous’ coconuts.

As Olivia simply slurped on her coconut, a few empty shells laying around her, Noire watched her housemate in fascination as the famous DJ was propped up against a tree she tried to climb up earlier.

She wore her usual clothing; black tank top, white hoody with an open zipper and short sleeves, white short-shorts and white and blue running shoes, leaving most parts of her legs, arms and belly open. Noire was sure her friend didn’t wear any undergarments under her tight shorts, but she wasn’t too sure with herself.

Her friend and herself were considered to be beautiful musicians; her friend playing in night clubs and rave parties, remixing music of the modern time, while she herself played classical music with her cello and a quartet of other musicians in more regal theaters. Even though her friend was born to a rich, regal family, Olivia stood out like a sore thumb amongst her family; being a little wild with her crazy shenanigans, loud and energetic, but her parents supported her with her goals nonetheless. She wanted to become in-depended and be a professional DJ, and so she did with great enthusiasm.

They were at the same height and age, though, Olivias’ skin was a little pale compared to her friend, most likely caused by staying indoors during the day and going out at night to party. Her vibrant, electric blue eyes practically shined in the dark, like they do when she uses her magic but nonetheless they shined like the LED lights in her shows and parties, which caused her to question why she hadn’t used her magic to take down the coconuts instead.

There are some things she doesn’t understand about her dear old friend.

  Olivia threw the empty shell to the side, relieving her stomach of its built up gasses with a loud, long belch, causing a few exotic birds within the forest to be, yet again, disturbed from their rightful nests. She sighed blissfully and patted her stomach with a smile like a happy, glutinous couch potato, scratching her belly button and slowly sliding down onto her back on the dry, warm sand.

“How and why are you so relaxed?” Noire asked in shock as she stood over her friend.

“Huh?” Olivia looked up at her questioningly with her sapphire blue eyes.

“How are you so relaxed?” Noire raised her volume a little more to send her message straight.

“Why not?” Olivia shrugged with a small smirk, leaned back onto the tree and used her hands as pillows.

“Why not?” the Cellist hissed, glaring daggers at the relaxing party-girl in front of her, “We’re stranded, in the middle of nowhere!” She yelled angrily, stumping and kicked up sand repeatedly in a tantrum. She swung her gaze back to her housemate as Olivia watched her with confusion and with the slight hint of concern. Noire stumped over to her, scrunching up her face, “Can’t you even see the downsides to this!?” she growled.

“Well…” she looked down to her side and drew out her favorite purple-tinted sunglasses, the left eyeglass revealing a small crack, “I need a replacement glass for my shades.” She then drew them up and rested them right on her hairline.

Noire just stared at her for a long moment, right before she twitched her right eye and blew up the gates, “AAAAAAAAUUGH!!! We’re stranded on an Island, Olivia!” she turned to her right and put up a hand to her brows to shield her eyes from the sun to look across the open ocean, “Oh! Look here!” She swiftly turned around and did the same thing, causing Olivia to look as well with a peek of interest, “Oh! And look there! Do you see it!?” she pointed out into the horizon with a finger and looked at her friend with a comically, manic big grin.

“No! What is it!?” Olivia excitedly got up and stood beside her friend, squinting her eyes to see more clearly while briefly shaking her hips to and fro.

“NOTHING!!!” Noire screamed into her ear, causing the poor girl to fall back onto her rump and rub her ear with a wince. “We’re going to die out here!” Noire cried out in despair and ran over to a rock near the waterline with a stumble and collapsed on it in a heap.

She cried mournfully for a few moments before she felt a comforting hand rub her back, calming her to a few sniffles while wiping her eyes the best she could.

When she opened her eyes though, she saw a cell phone half way embed in the sand, its little screen glowing away brightly. She quickly scrambled over to it like a staving bum and grabbed it desperately, rubbing her eyes to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. She than jabbed herself on her side to make sure, receiving a shock of blissful pain. The little item brought a tear to her already drenched puffy eyes as she saw the bar count for the signal was full, ready to make a call.

She got up to her feet with the phone on hand and scooped up her housemate in a bear hug, “Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes! We’re going to be saved!” she cried out and twirled around with an oxygen deprived girl in her tight grasp.

“N-Nowy…” Olivia croaked out as she began to feel lightheaded. Right after she spoke she was unceremoniously tossed away like garbage, or like a deflated balloon just landing after a ridiculous fly around.

The moment Olivia gasp for air on the sand Noire had already dialed a number for the Coastguard. Olivia gasped and coughed for air but was quickly shushed by her friend, whom almost crushed her spine and ribs. Olivia returned Noires’ lifted palm with a scowl and stuck out her tongue.

After a few rings, it was picked up by a woman.

“This is the Tahlis Coastguard, how may I help you?” She asked.

“Hello, this is Noire Meledy with Olivia Wenning. We’re stranded on-”


Noire blinked as the line suddenly cut-off, “Hello?” she said but no one answered.

She looked at the screen, wondering what was happening but then her eyes went wide in sheer horror of what the little cell told her on the small screen.

“Battery level: 0%” and just like that, it shuts off like a light right in front of her.

Noire just stood there, staring at the cell phone with a blank expression. Olivia slowly went up beside her friend and looked at the phone as well for a few moments before she looked at Noire.

“So… what now?” she asked and crossed her arms just under her breasts and leaned in to get a better look.

Noires’ hand holding the cell gradually started to shake till the phone fell out of her grasp and splats down on the wet sand. She stood at attention with a shaky hand and swiftly lifted her head up and stared at Olivia with a grin that was dangerously close to splitting her face into two, her hair now fizzled up and her right eye started twitching. Like a child on sugar rush she started running around, stopping at random points.

“Oh! Maybe we can set fire to the whole island!? Somebody will see that!” she stared at the exotic, luscious forest for a brief moment before turning her gaze to a small sparkle of light on the beach close-by. She zoomed over to the twinkle of light like a lightning bolt, noticing it was a glass, empty, cracked wine bottle embedded within the sand. She scooped it up with a swipe of her hand while twirling a little on the spot like a ballerina, “Or maybe, we can send a message in a bottle! Y-yeah! That should work!” Her eyes perked up and turned her crazed gaze at the open ocean, “Ah! We can Swim back!” she finished, tossing the bottle over her shoulder as she sprinted in the forest like the rushing women on Black Friday.

Olivia, on the other hand, was just standing nearby, watching her once sane companion losing it. She sighed and looked down at her wrist, checking on her imaginary watch. When she looked back up, she saw Noire stumbling out the forest with a coconut under her arm and skidded to a holt in front of her.

“Yeah-Yeah! It’s hundred percent full proof! Are you coming, Olivia!?” she looked at her friend with a look of blind excitement. Olivia just gave her a deadpan stare and lightly raised an eyebrow. “Okay-okay! I’ll grab help and get back to save you! Wish me luck!” she tucked in the coconut securely and ran into the tropical waves, splashing up sea water. “I’ll be baaack!” Noire yelled as she swam away with a wave of her hand and dropping her coconut into the water. “Hey! Get back here!” she swam after her only food and water sours for the trip.

Olivia sighed with a light shake of her head. She strolled on over to the coconut tree with empty shells of coconuts littered around her, leaned against the tree and checked her imaginary watch once more. As she checked with a three second count down of her fingers, it was quickly followed by a sound of a screaming girl with splashes of water. Olivia nodded to herself, picked up an empty shell of a coconut with her magical grasp, the shell glowing an eerie blue and waited patiently as she stared ahead with a tapping foot and crossed arms.

The screaming increased in volume as well as limbs splashing on the shore. Noire got out of water with a baby shark clamped down on the bottom-back of her vest, wiggling its body as it tried to gnaw off her favorite clothing.

“Get-it-off! Get-it-off! Get-it-off!” she screamed repeatedly, as she ran around with a dripping wet body.

Just as she passed by the DJ knocked the baby shark off her companion with a swing of her shell and held up the wiggling infant by its tail with her hand. She strolled on over to the shore and released it back into the ocean.

“Bye, little fella!” she waved happily at the baby shark as it swam away from the beach shore and blew it a kiss like they were long time lovers. She went back over to the shaking young woman, hugging her legs against her chest while rocking back and forth on her rump, looking even more terrible by the second. She sat down beside her hyperventilating friend, “Okay, Noire, deep breaths.” she took a deep breath to show her friend. Noire looked at her with bloodshot eyes, “Deep breaths, Nowy.” She did it again with a reassuring smile, as Noire started doing what her friend was telling her to do. “In…” they both breathed in a lung full, “Oooouuuut…” they both breathed out at the same time. After a few more Noire calmed down exponentially, but continued to shiver in the cool breeze. “Want to go in the jungle? It’s a little warmer and shady.” Olivia suggested in a quiet, caring tone, acting as motherly as possible for a DJ to be while rubbing her back. Noire nodded shakily in response, slowly getting herself up to her shaky legs. “Okay, let’s go in the shades.” Olivia let her friend lean against her side, as they slowly went into the dim forest.

Olivia gave the resting girl a makeshift coconut bowl filled with cool, clear water, slowly and gently tipping it on Noires’ lips so she could drink her fill as she laid next to a tall tree. Noire empted the water from the coconut bowl and rested her cheek back down to her hands.

“Feeling better?” Olivia asked like a mother to her baby, as she gently stroked her friends’ head, gently pulling back her long, wet hair, just like she liked it.

“Thank you, Olivia…” she murmured loud enough for her friend to hear and closed her eyes to rest, as Olivias’ gentle strokes lulled her to sleep.

When Noire awoke once more from a dreamless sleep, she made a wide yawn and held it for a few seconds before fluttering her eyes open. She lifted her head lazily while stretching her body, and looked around to find herself surrounded by exotic, tropical plants of many species and sizes. She sighed sadly, hoping to herself it was all just a bad dream. After finally accepting she and Olivia were stranded in the middle of nowhere, she took a good look once more to see if she hadn’t noticed anything.

The ground was covered in brown, dead leaves, planet matter and a few snapped twigs, covering the dirt like a possessive carpet-creature. She then noticed she was leaning against the base of a tall tree, the base of its roots towering over her like a small wall, protecting her from the elements and a few vines growing against it like a latter to promise land. She slowly got herself up, brushed herself off calmly and took a few steps to examine the plants that interested her.

Vines hung loose overhead like loose string as well as the leaves from the trees, few fallen logs lay rotting on their sides and bird songs echoing out new tunes in the calm air. Her ears than twitched at distant waves washing up the shore; turning her gaze towards a tiny brake in the forest canopy, showing her the open ocean as well as the cyan blue sky. If only there were calming jazz music to play with the birds, then she could relax a little more.

All was calm and quiet for a good few minutes, till she felt something tickling her side. At first it started out as little giggles for a good moment as she tried to contain her laughter, but quickly turned into chuckles and as the dam broke, it turned into an all-out laughing fit as pins and needles started invading her body. The poor woman collapsed on the jungle floor, hollering out laughter as fresh tears started forming, blurring her vision.

Suddenly, the tickling increased ten folds all over her body, causing Noire to roll around the soil, making the tickling effect worse as tiny pins and needles continued coating her body like a swarm of angry bees.

She struggled up to her shaky legs and limped over to a tree, propping herself up in a fit of laughter. The moment she looked down, her eyes bulged out at the sight of her body being covered with thousands of dark brown, crawling Ants. With an ear-shattering screech, she started to frantically shake her body violently to get rid of the small insects off her clothes, while continuing screaming bloody-murder.

While she continued screaming and flopping around on the jungle floor like a fish out of water, she managed to get herself closer to a small drop off without her noticing the calling of a river. She quickly got up to her feet after crawling backwards, backing away from the last ant that flew off of her leg, but suddenly her foot slipping over the edge. With a quick yelp, she flopped down on the hard, unforgiving ground and started sliding down and groaning from falling onto her breasts. Realizing what was happening to her; she tried to dig her hands in the slick soil frantically to crawl back up, trying to get herself out but to no avail.

She goes over the edge, screaming and flailed her arms around as she fell down. With a splash, she sank down, nearly hitting the rocky bottom but quickly started being carried away downstream. The current threw her body around like a rag doll for a few moments, but as her mind went back to working order she quickly swam herself up to the surface.

She gasps loudly, desperately filling her lunges of the precious oxygen her body needed, but also causing her to cough out water she accidentally inhaled.

This continued for a good few minutes; trying to keep her head out of the racing water, muscles strained by the constant paddling, cold water keeping her from thinking and breathing straight, and trying to avoid being smashed against the water breaking rocks.

By the time she got herself on the somewhat dry land, she was back on the beach. She dragged herself out of the now wide and shallower mouth of the river, hacking out water from her lungs while still trying to gasp for air. She flopped down onto the warm sand and started panting; breathing more properly as the water in her sore and burning lungs were dispelled.

She whimpered as she rested on the sand, letting the hot sun dry her dripping, damp clothes. She just got out of sleep not a moment ago, but now she was-yet again-incredibly tired and wet. All she wanted was a little, relaxing vacation on a cruise with her friend Olivia. But because she made one wrong slip in the middle of the night with Olivia in the open deck to stargaze, she and her friend was now stuck in a middle of nowhere. How she and her friend were still alive was a mystery to her.

With another whimper, she slowly opened her eyes and looked down at the sand with a defeated expression.

“Why can’t I have a peaceful life?” she mumbled, and with a grunt, she gets herself up to her four shaky limbs and started brushing off the sand as she sat on her knees. As she continued to brush herself off, her thought went right to her friend, Olivia. “Oh, of course I can’t get a peaceful, simple life because of that crazy girl.” She frown at herself and shook her head aggressively, “No, bad Noire! Don’t you dare think of her like that!” she scolds herself and shook her head a little more violently and finished with a snort. “Olivia is your dearest, and the most thoughtful friend you’ll ever get in your whole life!” she held her nose up high, beating down the parasitic, angering thought and brushing it aside like a common, fine dust.

“There you are!” Noire jumped at the sudden sound and turned back at the forest to see the culprit. Olivia grinned sheepishly near a tree she was under, “Ah… sorry, Nowy.” She gently kicked the leafy and sandy ground with her hands behind her back.

Noire sighed in relief, feeling her heart slowing as she stood up, “It’s okay, Olivia. Just… clear your throat or knock next time, okay?” she said and Olivia nodded in understanding, a smile coming back to the DJs’ lips. Noire started looking around curiously, “Now… any idea where we are?” she asked as she watched seagulls glide overhead.

Olivia went up to her side, “Don’t really know, but it’s a pretty neat place. I looked around while ya slept. This place is Huge!” She answered with a grin and motioned her head for her friend to follow her back into the forest. With a bit of hesitation and a shudder of creepy crawlies crawling all over her again, she huffs in determination and starts following Olivia, just a few paces away from her.

As they strode through the forest like amateur explorers, Noire slowly following right behind Olivia, she glanced from left to right at the various plants and insects with great caution. The sound of birds singing within the trees overhead and the brushing of leaves being caused by a light breeze in the canopy calming what was left in her-.

“Aaah!” She hopped away from where she once stood and quickly shook her right foot frantically as little ants fell off of her once more.

“Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, watch where you step.” Olivia spoke back at her friend as she tip-toed over the highroads of ants like a tap dancer, giggling like a little girl like she was playing Lava-Floor.

Noire glared at her, “Oh? Really? I was thinking of blinding myself while using flippers, later.” She said sarcastically and checked her feet for anymore creepy crawlies still attached, causing a shudder to go down her spine from the thought of going through the ordeal once more.

“Oh don’t be a big baby, these ants don’t even sting or bite. They just crawl around you.” Olivia chuckled and continued on, playfully hopping from point to another.

Noire huffed and tried to catch up, but also tried to watch where she stood and tip-toed out of the rather large ant highway coating the forest floor like a living carpet. She could almost hear their little legs pitter-patter like pop-rocks.

“Okay, Olivia, where are w-Aaah!” a sudden weight flopped down onto her back. Noire started running around and shook her body to try and get rid of the small weight clinging onto her hair, till Olivia stopped her in mid air with her magic.

“Calm down, Nowy!” Olivia laughed and levitated a small green lizard off her back, “It’s just a little lizard. See!” she glides the gecko over to Noire, causing the cellist to lean her head away with a cringe as her body was still held by the mages’ magic.

“Olivia! Please! Just… Just take that thing away from me! I’m having a rough morning as it is.” Noire begged and quickly nudged her head back as the lizards’ tongue licked its own large, bulbous eye.

Olivia snickered and let loose the gecko to the hoard of ants. As the girls left the area, Noire swore she heard tiny barely audible screaming coming from where she came from but shrugged it off as she saw the little green lizard lapping up the ants by the dozens with quick movements, moving from one target to another. Soon later as the girls became out of sight, more geckos scurried in and terrorized the ants and their home. A slaughter of countless ants died that day and no survivors were left alive, not even the Queen herself as she joined her children in the afterlife in the great ant hill in the sky.

The Clan Geckos’ assault was a success.

An hour or so later, Noire was having trouble just keeping up with her friend as they went through the wall of plant matter. The only thing keeping her in line with her friend was that she kept her head low and followed Olivias’ foot prints. But the occasional light slap to the face caused by the plants and the muddy ground sucking in her feet were not helping making the treck any easier.

“W- alm- ther-” Olivia murmured.

Noire looked up at her, “What was that?” she asked, but was quickly followed by a hard slap to the face by a leafy branch. She tripped back to her rump and rubbed her stinging face with her hands. “Ow…” she whimpered.

Olivia looked back in slight annoyance, “Nowy, it’s not the time to sit around and whine all day. Now, come on! We’re almost there.” She chirped.

Noire glared at her for a moment with a reddened face, got up to her feet and started following her once more, choosing just to stay quiet and soldier-on.

But now that she was quiet, she couldn’t hear anything else but their feet strolling through the thick wall of plants. She couldn’t hear frogs crocking or exotic birds singing. It was just… silent. It unnerved her to know something was wrong, she knew from experience-just an hour ago at least-that this jungle was supposed to be quite musical with all the animals, but all she could hear now were her heart beating in her ears and the now loud moving branches caused by Olivia and herself.

She starts looking around for any life moving and living around them, but nothing seemed to move, not even the insects buzzing around the air or crawling on the forest floor. She saw a large yellow snake retreating up a tree but that was all she could see.

She quickly stopped in her tracks as the yellow python moved its body away to reveal a capital letter ‘M’ carved into the tree, barely noticeable with the growing moss, but it was there. She then shook her head, figuring she was just seeing things and continued on to follow her friend.

The thought of animals being so quiet and possibly hiding started to scare her. The only time animals were this quiet was because something big or predatory creature was nearby.

She gasped and froze on the spot as she heard a distant twig snapping. She felt her pupils dilate into pin pricks and her heart pounding in her ears. The hairs on the back of her neck stood erect as a familiar feeling took hold of her whenever she tried to practiced ‘alone’; they were being watched.

“O-Olivia …” she called out quietly to her oblivious companion, as the said girl continued on through the forest but stopped and looked back at her friend.

“Yeah, Nowy?” she replied with a small smile.

“Do you hear that?” Noire quickly and shakily scurried over to her friend and started looking around in paranoia.

Olivia scrunched up her face and started looking in every direction. After a moment, she lightly shook her head, “No, I don’t hear anything.” She simply answered as Noire stuck close to her.

“Exactly!” she hissed with a terrified expression, “It’s too Quiet! Nothing in this jungle should be quiet!” she said and continued looking once more as her body gently shook in fear.

Olivia turned to her friend, “Nowy, it’s okay.” She spoke with care and gently pulled her friends’ chin to look at her in the eyes. “Nothing bad’s going to happen to us. I promise.” She finished with a wider smile.

“H-how do you know that? We don’t know where the heck we are!?” Noire replied.

“I know because I found a safe spot on the island while you slept, Nowy. It has all the things we need to keep ourselves going while we’re stuck here; food, clean water and shelter. That’s where we’re going.” Olivia gently ruffled Noires’ already un-kept hair playfully, “And I went through here before, Nowy. Like before, it was as quiet and creepy as Hell.” She chuckled nervously and looked around the thick undergrowth. “It’s just a little creepy like a jungle should be, but nothing came after me while I went through. Nothing to worry about.” She finished and looked back at her with a small, confident smile.

Noire shakily nodded and started taking deep breaths. “Okay, okay…” she said with a flushed face and took one last, long breath and slowly let it out with a sigh. “Okay… I’m fine now.” She said.

Olivia grinned, “Good! Now let’s head to our new home to settle in!” she happily said and started going through the forest once more without a care in the world.

Now calm once more, Noire shook her head and continued following her friend with her head down.

Noire gasped for air as she felt the thinning air and the cool breeze passing by. Her fatigued legs burned from the steeper climb and her stomach growled time after time, demanding to be fed. Noire tripped a couple times during the hike, making her clothes a little more dirty than they were before. Noire was sure she was going to pass out very soon, until she heard her friend call out the sweet-sweet words.

“Break time!” Olivia chirped with enthusiasm.

At that moment, Noire collapsed down in the clearing, face down with a groan. She heard her friend giggle but she didn’t care in the least.

Seconds later, she heard her friend walk up to her with her shoes crunching on the ground and squatting down beside her. She felt light tapping on her back.

“You okay there, Nowy?” she asked with a giggle and Noire groaned in response, not even thinking about moving a muscle, making Olivia laugh a little. “Oh come on, Nowy, just a few more feet and you’ll get in the warm sun!” she cheered on as she stood up to throw out her arms in front of her but Noire stayed put and silent. Olivia chuckled with a sigh and smiled down at her long time friend, “Oh, fine you couch potato, I’ll carry you over.” she said.

Just as said, Olivia slipped her hands under Noires’ armpits and started dragging the young woman where the sun shined. She gently rested down her tired friend on the dry ground, sat herself down on her knees and dragged Noire once more to get her friend to rest her head on her lap.

Noire smiled at the warm cushion and managed to wrap her arms around Olivias’ waist, making her friend giggle.

“You always get what you want don’t you, Nowy?”

“Shut up and pet me.” Noire murmured into her lap. With a quick laugh Olivia obeyed and started stroking her friends’ hair back.

For a long while it was just them resting there in the warm sun; Olivia petting her friend while Noire was in near comatose. Not long after, Noires’ stomach growled loudly once more, making the owner blush heavily while Olivia laughed out loud. Noire growled, mentally cursing her stomach for ruining the calm mood.

Olivia tussled her hair playfully, “Don’t worry, Nowy, we’ll feed your hungry, scary monster when we reach our new home.” she giggled, making Noire blush harder and slapped her friends’ exposed thigh.

“Shut up, Olivia.” she shot back quietly but only caused her friend to laugh harder and throw back her head, making Noire groan and bury her face.

Olivia calmed down somewhat, “Oh, is my little Nowy, embarrassed? Don’t worry, Mama Livi will chew the food before your big, bad monster can have it.” with that she started another laughing fit.

Noire was sure she was going to die from the taunting she was receiving. Maybe she’ll bring Olivia along by killing her first before she herself dies? What’s the best way to kill a party-going-DJ in the middle of a jungle? Smashing their head repeatedly on something solid for ‘head banging’ with ‘the beat’? Maybe strangle her with her own headphone cords? No, she would’ve seen if her friend still had those…

Now Noire felt a little bad for possibly causing her friend to lose her headphones to the deep sea and for thinking how she could take out her frustrations onto her friend.

Noticing her friend wasn’t slapping or hugging her anymore, Olivia quickly lifted her friends’ head to make her look at her as she wore her comforting smile.

“Nowy, I promise we’ll get out of here. We just need to keep our spirits up and let our music pump our blood with our heartbeats.” she got what she wanted as Noire cracked a small smile at her encouragement.

With that, she decided to find at least something to settle down Noires’ hunger for the time being.

“Okay, Nowy. You stay right here, okay? I think I saw something edible while I went through here the first time not too far from here.” Noire props herself up as her friend stood up and tussled her hair with the same comforting smile, treating Noire as if she were trying to calm down a pet dog. “I won’t be long I promise. You won’t even notice I was gone.” with that she disappeared back into the forest with a wave, leaving Noire alone in the clearing.

With a sigh she sat herself up on her knees and looked around her surroundings she hadn’t gotten the chance to see for herself.

Surprisingly enough it look beautiful, a Garden of Eden of the island if she could be so bold to admit. Bright and vibrant flowers and plants blooms all around her, the trees with vines looked more vibrant and welcoming and the smell of fresh dirt and plant life smelt serene. Then she also found out why the air was a little thin; they were on top of a mountainous cliff overlooking most of the visible island with a rocky ledge jutting out from the cliffs’ edge like a diving board of the century. She could see three mountain peaks close by, though, the largest one with an icy tip looked like it had its top blown off. She could hear and little bugs calmly fly from one flower to another and birds tweeting a marry tune within the trees.

Finding the strength once again, she eased herself up from her place with a quick brush down of her clothing, she started walking around with a few stumbles in her steps, still feeling a little fatigued from the hike. If only she had her cello with her, she might have played some music with all these new inspirations she was seeing.

Being a little wary of heights herself, she stayed at least a good ten feet away from the ledge but even so she could still see what the island had to offer; it both amazed and scared her with how big it was. Now she could relate to why Olivia reacted the way she did when she saw her again down at the beach.

Then, like a switch of a light, everything went silent. She looked around nervously and silently begged for the animals to make their respective sounds once again. All she could hear were the cool wind going by with a light whistle and the gradually increasing thumping of her heart within her ears. She felt like being watched once more like they were in the forest early that day and it was getting her paranoid.

With a snap of a twig echoing out, she swung her gaze to where she and Olivia came from. She was petrified on the spot, her mind racing what was beyond the dim foliage, how and where she should run to, where her friend was and etcetera. Her whole body then went cold as a dark mass slowly rose up without a sound and without warning, large yellow eyes blink into existence, staring straight at her as if contemplating something, pondering on what it should do next.

It confused her as to why it hadn’t attacked and ripped out her throat yet, but then her heart leaped up to her throat in fright at the sudden entrance of her random companion from behind.

“Give a round of applause to the DJ of the century!” she yelled out with her arms in the air like she was in one of her shows, making sound effects of a cheering crowd as she panted.

When she saw Noire, she was on the ground with a hand on her chest, panting like she was about have a heart attack. She chuckled nervously with an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, I-ah… forgot.” she apologized and kicked at the ground with her hands behind her back.

Now somewhat calmed down it was just her friend, Noire quickly looked back to where the black mass and eyes were and saw nothing. The birds and animals were back to their lives as if nothing had happened.

Thinking quickly it was just her deprived mind playing tricks on her, she looked back at her friend to see her presenting her a strange red, plump fruit. She grabbed the item from her friends’ grasp and examined it and felt out the hard surface, confused as to how you should eat the thing.

Before she could take a bite out of the strange fruit, Olivia quickly waved her hands with a shake of her head urgently.

“No! You don’t eat it like that!” she grabbed the fruit with her telekinesis from her confused friend and quickly chopped it up with her magic into four slices. Now out of breath, she levitated the sliced fruit back to her friend with a tired smile. “There… now… just eat… eat the… juicy… seeds.” she said before collapsing on the ground on her back with a heaving chest.

Noire stared at her friend for a moment before she set three of her slices down and looked at the first one she had in her hand.

It was littered with red, transparent, tiny marbles of ‘seeds’ as her friend said, and were stuck to small sheets of white membranes in between the core and the outer wall. It looked alien to her, but if her friend gave it to her than it must be edible, right?

She plucks three of the red orbs with ease and tossed them into her mouth. With one bite, her taste buds explodes into a shower of passion and divine tastes. Within a seconds she devoured what remained of the seeds within the slices, getting her lips and hands stained with red from the sticky juices.

Noire licked and sucked on her fingers hungrily but when she spotted her friend holding herself back from laughing, she blushed profusely once more, pulled in her knees against her chest and hugged them. She couldn’t quite believe herself, yes, she was hungry but devouring the fruit like a starving dog was very uncouth of her to show, though, currently her friend thought it was very hilarious.

When Olivia settled down from trying to hold in her laughter with only a few peeps and snorts escaping her system, she sighed and panted, leaning back against her propped arms. This was one of the only times she ever saw her friend getting laid back and doing whatever she wanted. If only she had a camera to record these moments.

“So…” Olivia looked at her blushing friend. “How long till we reach our destination?” she asked, trying to change the subject matter.

Olivia hopped up to her feet, jogged over to the ledge, which scared Noire because in her mind her friend could fall off the edge very easily, especially on the ledge hanging over empty air to which her friend just stood on.

Olivia brought up her right hand to her brow and squinted like she was trying to see a pin in a middle of a vast forest.

“Hm…” she started, “We’re… one-fifth of a way there.” she answered, making Noire visibly wilt like a dying flower. She quickly chuckled and walked back over to her friend. “Nah, I’m just kidding, Nowy. We just need to get down this hill and hike up another.”

Noire looked up at her, “And which hill do you speak of?” she asked, remembering seeing at least three mountains around the island, the biggest one right in the middle. She slowly got herself up with the help of her friend.

“The one with the icy tip.” Olivia wiggled a finger up with a mischievous smile.

Noire sighed and hung her head low, “The biggest one it is, than.” she thought. She looked up at her friend as she started going back into the forest with a marry tune and started following her friend down another path with a slump of her shoulders.

But as the two left back into the forest, high above the clouds flew a creature with a sight greater than a hawks’. With a silent but mighty flap of its wings, it descends lower to fallow its new meals.

Noire was sure she knew what fresh water smelled like; nothing. But with the sound of a running stream and the smell of fresh, cool smell of earth and mineral corrected her in what she thought she knew, though, it was hard to concentrate when you dunk your head in the small river.

Noire was practically inhaling litres of fresh, glacial water into her stomach. She was sure she hadn’t come up for air for a minute now, the side effect of dizziness was kicking in but she wanted to quench her thirst, but her friend had other ideas as she felt a hand grab her collar and pulled her out, plopping her down on the wet, gravely ground.

Noire started coughing as water ran down from her hair and skin, staining her shirt and bowtie.

“Good Goddess, Nowy, you tryin’ to drown yourself?” Olivia chuckled and patted her friends’ back as Noire continued hacking out water while she pulled aside her wet hair to uncover her face.

With another chuckle, Olivia grabbed Noires’ armpits from behind and dragged her closer to a nearby tree. She gently props her panting friend against the bark and sat down beside her to just rest with her. Not a moment later, Noire just leaned against her friend and rested her cheek on her shoulder; eyes closed while still panting for air. Olivia made a throaty giggle and rested her cheek on her friends’ head as well while wrapping an arm over her shoulders to pull her closer.

After a long moment, when Olivia was sure her friends’ breathing was back to normal, she decided to break the ice with a little idle chitchat.

“Hey, Nowy…”

“Mm?” Noire responded, still resting against her friends’ side.

“Remember when we use to play tag and hide an’ seek for hours and we get in trouble because we get home late?” she said with an amused tone.

Noire chuckled, a little raspy with a nod, “Yeah…”

“And I used to beat up bullies when they start bothering us?”

That caused Noire to laugh, “Those blueblood fools… their barks were worse than their bite I’d say.” she gently massaged the knuckles on her right hand, “I think you started rubbing off on me at that time.”

“Pff! Understatement of the century, Nowy. You broke one of their noses, got one in a headlock and ended it by kicking their family jewels!” Olivia laughed out and ruffled up her friends’ wet hair, much to Noires’ dismay, “I was so proud of you.” she sniffled and wiped away an imaginary tear from her eye.

Noire snorts and cuddled a little closer to her, “You are not a good influence to anyone around you.”

“And here you are, cuddling right beside me.”

“One: I really don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Two: Shut up, you love me, and three: you’re warm and comfy. Besides, I’ve been away for a whole month before this trip. I missed my blue haired, crazy roommate. Those nobles I had to stay with were driving me crazy.”

Olivia chuckled, “Yeah, sometimes you need a little crazy in your life. What fun is there being sane all the time.”

Noire giggled, “Live with the nobles and find out.”

Olivia shivered at the thought, “Nowy, don’t joke about me going sane. Night life will get dull and wither away when I become a snobby blueblood.”

A pleasant silence settles in as the two relaxed with small smiles, as the two reminisced their childhoods.

Moments later, two nuts falls down from the branches above and hits Olivia square on her scalp with a small bounce and landed in front of her in between her legs. Olivia pouts with a little whine as she gently rubs the sore spot on top of her head and glares down at the hard shelled nuts and looks up at the tree with the same look.

“Stupid tree… tea bagging me with no good reason. What did I ever do to you!?” she shakes her fist up at the tree.

Noire giggles at her friends’ ‘luck’, “Maybe because you drank and ate its cousins’ coconuts down at the beach?” she then laughs as Olivia looked at her as if she grown two heads.

Noire suddenly stops laughing as a vibrant humming bird hovers in front of them with buzzing wings; its’ colorful feather practically shined in the sun. As it buzzed from here to there, inspecting the two companions closely, Noire cooed as the cute little bird and slowly reached out with an index finger.

But suddenly, a brown snake lashes out from the tree they rested against and nearly had the whole bird in its mouth. Noire and Olivia quickly jumps away from the snake in surprise as the limbless reptile recoiled back against the tree to feast.

Noire glares at it, got up to her feet and points at the snake, “Spit out that beautiful humming bird this instant, now-” but as she finishes, an eagle screeched from her right, flew in, grabs the snake in its talons and flies away through the open canopy above as the snake dangled, releasing the little bird as it flew away at breakneck speeds back into the forest. As this all happened, Noire just stood there, frozen with her finger still pointing to where the snake used to be.

Olivia stepped up beside her friend while still looking up at where the eagle went, than looked at her friend, “So… yeah… nature can take care of its own when it wants to.” she spoke.

Noire sighs and covered her face with her hands as she tried to relax, “This island is a tempest of crazy.” she murmured into her palms, but than looks at her friend when Olivia put a hand on her shoulder with a smile.

“It’s like I said before, Nowy. You need a little crazy to make life work and interesting.”

Noire sighs once more with a little nod and turned to the stream. kneeled down, cupped her hands and drank. Once finished she looked over her shoulder at her friend, “Where to next?” she asked, making Olivia smile a little brighter as Noire stood back up.

Olivia points up the river, “Up stream. There’s a fallen tree we could use as a bridge.”

“Okay, lead the way.” Noire responded as her friend nodded as both started following the river up to get to their mountain.

When they broke through the thick foliage, Olivia stepped aside and gestured to the area. “Behold! Paradise!”.

Noire dragged her feet with heaving grunts as she went up beside her housemate like a tired slave. She slowly looked up with tired eyes and immediately her eyes grew three times bigger the second time that day.

The land before her was indeed a ‘Paradise’. To their right was a smooth rocky ledge as a glacial, waterfall sparkled down to a pool of fresh water, a little stream flowing out to the forest of berry bushes and fruit baring trees right up ahead, clear paths leading through the forest as well. To their left, was a small clearing where a cave mouth was located, as well as a large twisting tree right beside the entrance. She looked around a little more and sees they were in a large crater of some sort, near a mountain top of white glacier resting at the very tip, a whole living forest smacked right in the middle of the crater as the ridges shielded the little haven from the rest of the world like a baby in a cradle.

“Like it?” Noire looked at Olivia as the young mage smiled hopefully.

“It’s a beautiful place.” She looked back at the scenery. “How in the world did you find this?” she asked as a small flock of birds flew out of some bushes and circled around in the sky.

“Oh, Fluffy helped me!” Olivia answered with an upbeat voice. Noire looked at her with a questioning look. Olivia chuckled, “He’s just a fluffy fella.” She waved a hand at her dismissively and looked down at the haven, “He should be here somewhere…” she said as she search the forest below with a small, playful smile, crouching down a little, ready to pounce like a cat.

“Oh… well… may I have a grand tour?” Noire asked and gestured the forest.

“Sure! Right this way, madam.” Olivia answered regally like a well trained butler and strolled down the dirt path with a little skip in her step as she held her head high. Noire smiled and followed her housemate down the path, her once tired limbs finding back their energy as excitement flooded her body and mind.

She then quickly stopped in her tracks once more an looked down at the flat surface of a large rock, noticing the crude, carved out letter ‘M’ once more with a raised brow.

“Hm…” she tried to inspect the symbol a little closer but the voice of her friend broke her concentration.

“You coming!?” Olivia yelled near the bottom of the now noticable, strange gravel path. Everything on this island said ‘Wild’ but these little hints were telling something else in Noires’ mind. But then her mind blanked at the sound of her growling stomach, demanding fresh food and water. With the promise of potential, fresh food in mind, she quickly jogged over to her friend.

But as they strode down the path, a creature uses its slimy, oral appendage to move aside some leaves from behind the two girls. With a low, throaty growl, it slid back into the shadowy forest like a stalking ghost.

To Noires’ relief, this smaller jungle was pleasant and quiet with birds chirping happily in the air and within the more dispersed trees. The sun shined like there’s no tomorrow and the small pond and waterfall sparkled like stars in the night. When Olivia showed her a few berries, she ate a few to see if they were good and immediately devoured the small berries, Olivias’ hand almost going alone with the process. Eating a few more berries right out of the bushes like a greedy dog, satisfying the hunger in her stomach, she continued to follow Olivia to their new home while wiping her stained lips; the cave.

“Honey! We’re Hooome!” Olivia yelled at the mouth of the rather large cave with an excited grin as her voice echoed.

Noires’ mouth was slightly ajar from the sheer open space of the cavern; rays of sunlight going down from the few openings from the high ceiling. Surprisingly enough, she saw a few ledges on the far side of the cave to sleep on and were shielded by bars of stalactites and stalagmites like protective barriers. She even saw a stage like flat area to her right. If only she had her Cello with her.

“Like it?” Olivia spoke up, causing Noire to get out of her stupor with a light shake of her head.

“It’s… quite cozy looking with the lights to be honest. How did you find this?” she asked and stepped in the cave to get a better look around her new surroundings.

“Fluffy helped out.” Olivia started looking around curiously, “Where’d he run off to now, though? I wanted him to meet you.” She quickly ran up to the stage and looked at the flat surface, closely inspecting it, “He should be here.” she pointed down while looking around the cave.

Noire looked around the new settlement and spots something that was out of place within the natural cage like the phantom letters of this island. She strolled on over and stepped through with gentle echoing steps, to be met with a crude, carved out word, each letter in different levitation but was clear of what it said.

“Meledy…” she whispered and leaned in to get a better look. “Olivia… did you see this when-”

Before she could finish properly, a loud screech echoed into the cavern, followed by thunderous wing beats as shadows briefly covered the sunlight from the ceiling leading to the mouth of the cave. After a moment of silence, Noire quickly hopped in the circular, bowl like protrusion and spoke.

“W-what was that?” she asked with a shaky voice.

Olivia held a light frown while starring at the cave mouth, “It wasn’t Fluffy, that’s for sure.” Olivia quickly and quietly goes over to the mouth of the cave, sticking close to the smooth wall as she snuck closer. She peeks out cautiously, “Fluffy?” she spoke out.

With another screech, Olivia yelped and sprinted back in; get’s in the cell with her friend and jumps in the bowl with Noire shakily.

“Nope. That wasn’t Fluffy. Fluffy’s nice.” She said with a quivering voice.

“D-did you see it?” Noire whispered.

“Um… uh… i-it was b-big… with big w-wings… an-and had a pointy h-head.” Olivia answered. “We need help from Fluffy. He should get that wingy-thing away.”

“Oh for goodness sake, Olivia. Who’s Fluffy!?” Noire whispered with a hiss.

The moment she finished speaking, a shadow loomed in front of the cave with a heavy thump, dry dust mixing in the air. Both girls slowly moved their gaze towards the cave mouth and slowly sank down at the creatures’ presents. The large creature slowly goes in the cave, looking around with its spear like head and a long boney crest going backwards from its skull. Its front legs were large, leathery wings with three tiny toes, while the membrane of its wings connected to the back of its short legs, its long tail jutted out from its boney pelvis with a fin like growth located at the very tip. The creature surprised both girls as it created its own blood red light source coming from its broad chest, stomach, throat, to the tips of its wings and at the very end of its long tail. The red shinning light bounced off the walls and back to the creature, bathing the winged-terror in a gentle red sheen, making it even more horrifying than it already was.

The Pterasaur made a throaty growl and continued on in, still looking for its supposed prey it spotted from above.

“What are we going to do!?” Noire whispered as they both huddled together, ducking behind their hiding place.

“I-I don’t know. Fluffy should get this thing out, though.” Olivia replied and peeked over the edge to see the creature now looking around the stage. “Where the heck are you, Fluffy?” she whispered, but did so a little too loudly.

The winged terror swiftly turned its head at them, its beady eyes staring straight at them both, quickly shutting them both with a squeak. With an ear shattering screech, the creature propelled itself with its powerful fore legs and crashed onto the barbed minerals, but it held strong. Both of them screamed and tried to back away from the creature trying to break through to get to them. It speared its head between the gaps of the columns and snapped its beak at them repeatedly.

“Crap!” Olivia yelped and ducked down just as the sharp beak lanced towards her, cracking the wall of hard mineral just behind her head. But as she ducked down, she accidentally nudged Noire out of her spot, causing Noire to flail her arms in their air to regain her balance with an ‘Eep!’.

Seeing this, the creature took advantage of Noires’ situation and snapped its large beak onto the womans’ right arm. With a pained yell, Noire desperately started pulling back to get back her limb. Olivia saw this and started pulling Noirs’ arm with gritted teeth.

“Let! Go!” Olivia yelled as the two played tug of war with the creature. The winged monster growled and started pulling a little harder; causing the woman it held to make a short scream.

“Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Get this thing off, Olivia!” Noire cried out as tears started to form at the edges of her eyelids as the pressure on her arm being bitten increased by the creature’s jaw muscles as well as digging its tiny teeth into her forearm.

Olivia glared at the creature and started pounding its head with her fists, but once she knew her assault wasn’t doing anything she started using her magic to try and pry the beasts’ large beak as well as using her hands to get its jaw open, but she immediately regretted doing so as the monster bit down harder to compensate.

“Aaah! Olivia, Stop!” Noire cried out in pain as tears started pouring down her cheeks.

“Crap-I’m so sorry, Now-”

Suddenly, everything in the cave went silent as a bloodcurdling screech echoed into the cave and lingered around, bouncing off the stone walls.

Seconds later, the monster suddenly yanked Noire urgently and dragged her out her safe zone as it started prancing towards the cave mouth with her. Olivia quickly gets out of the cell, leaped out and caught her friends’ legs and was now being dragged along the ground with her friend just off the ground as the creature hauled them out of the cave. Noire cried out in pain and started pounding the beast’s lower beak desperately to get the now flapping creature to let her go before it flies off with her and her friend.

The creature tried to fly off the ground with a few desperate flaps but with the extra weight of another person it couldn’t get away. Once it knew why it couldn’t take off it started flailing around its large head to get rid of the second woman that held onto its meal of the day.

Olivia held on tightly to her friend as the creature continued to thrash around its head to get rid of her, but once she hit the large tree that rested beside the cave mouth, she had no choice but to let go. She screamed out in pain as she felt few of her ribs cracking from the sheer force and rolled onto the ground in a heap, hissing in pain.

“Livi!” Noire cried out to her curled up companion as the monster holding her started prancing away once more to gain momentum to fly.

Olivia suddenly looked up at her friend as she heard her childhood nickname being called out, her eyes widen from the sudden realization of her error.

“N-Nowy!” she cried her name and tried to get up to go after the hopping monster preparing to fly, but fell back down in a heap once more while yelping in pain.

With a mighty hop by using its muscular front legs, it quickly spread its forewings wide and started flapping, gaining height to get away from the ground.

“No! Livi!” Noire yelled and started hitting the creature once more on the side of its head, beak and neck to make it let go of her, but trying to hit a target while dangling uncontrollably was too hard for her. She immediately had flash backs of her childhood; playing peek-a-boo with her mother and father in her small crib, then moved onto her first school day where she met her dear friend Olivia Wenning the first time in recess, then flashed forward when she turned seven years old and celebrated in her home with her parents and Olivia, having cake and sweets and playing games like there’s no tomorrow. Her life moved onto her first live performance in the Opera Theater, nervously looking around the crowd of people with a forced smile but once she spotted her housemate Olivia sitting within the crowd with comforting smile, her nerves calmed down exponentially and took deep breaths before starting, it, then flashed when they received a letter telling them that they won two tickets for a two week long cruise in the new expensive ship.

The moment her flashback ended, she was hearing a waterfall roaring right under her as small droplets peppered her dangling legs and the loud wing beats of the monster’s wings as well as the rushing wind going past her ears. She wanted to live a little longer, to grow old to a right old age with Olivia in their home to let time do its work right up to their time of passing. Noire closed her eyes as her warm tears dripped off her chin, now believing she’ll never get to live her full life.

With another deafening screech, Noire snapped her eyes open and looked back as a large hairy creature bursts out of the forest canopy with a large maw gapping out as it extended out it surprisingly long tongue towards the monster that carried her.

The slimy oral appendage wrapped around the creatures’ neck and yanked it down with it. The pterosaur screeched in response, letting go of the girls’ arm it held.

With a scream Noire plunged towards the rushing shallow water, both monsters falling right after her. The cellist splashed down but sense she fell head first with her hands out, the pain in her right wrist worsened at the hard impact of the bottom. She started washing down as the heavy creatures splashed down not far from her.

Noire gasped up for air and tried to stop herself from getting close to the roaring fall, but she could only use her left arm and combined with the strength of the shallow yet strong, cold current of the river, she knew she’ll eventually fall over the fall.

Remembering the fall itself wasn’t that high off the ledge she began to prepare herself by tucking her injured her limb against her chest and curled into a tight ball as she fell over the edge, the thrashing monsters quickly followed after as they fought.

To say splashing down onto the small but deep lake back first wasn’t painful would be a great lie. Noire sank down quickly and nearly touched the sandy bottom. She opened her eyes with a wince of pain and a small throaty whimper, but shot them open as both monsters splashed down right above her, still struggling with another with muffled roars and cries. She flipped herself around and started swimming away to get away from the two fighting beasts while still tucking her pained arm close to her body.

She gasped at the surface and struggled on over to the shore now at the other side of the beginning of the small river while trying to keep her head above water. She trudged out onto the wet gravel ground and gasped to fuel her body of oxygen to regain part of her strength back. With a quick look around and a stumble, she limped over to a tree, leaned against it and slid down onto her knees while still gasping for air.

She inspected her injured limb; parts of her white shirt were missing, showing bruised skin as well as a line of cuts to go with it as small drops of blood leaked out. She sighed in relief that she got to keep her bow holding hand, it may hurt for a couple days, but it was still attached to her.

Sudden splashing, roaring and screeching caused her to whip her head around at the lake to see the creatures still brawling with one another as they threw each other around, bit and slashed out to injure the other.

The new monstrous creature looked like a large black bear with a large head and a maw that held thick sharp teeth and large canines to go with it. But its most prominent feature was its irregularly large, long and muscular tongue that lashed out at the winged creature like a striking viper.

Noire quickly stood herself up, hid behind the tree she was leaning against and watched the creatures brawl like wild rabid animals in a safe distance. Well, as safe she can get herself, she couldn’t go very fast with her injured arm and aching legs.

The black hairy beast wrapped its long tongue around the Pterasaurs’ neck and flung it over to a tree with a loud thud and cracking trunk, a few leaves being shaken off. The winged monster yelps in pain with a whine, but slowly got itself back up and looked at its opponent head on and screeched its loudest yet, causing its attacker to wince and whimper as it wrapped its head along with its ears with its own tongue to try and lessen the sound. The winged monster quickly pranced over to it and swung its large head to the side and struck its attacker with its thick beak, sending the dazed creature on the ground with a limp tongue as it groaned in pain.

With a snap of a twig the winged monster swung its head over to its meal of the day.

Noire lightly whimpered as she slowly started backing off with a limp, still staring at her attacker. With a screech, the monster started prancing after her and leaps over the small river with thundering steps as it chased after her like a gorilla. Noire quickly swung around and started limping away as fast as her legs could take her through the undergrowth beside the river and rounded around the trees to try and slow the winged beast down, but the trees did very little to slow the monsters’ chase.

The moment she looked back, it swung its mighty head from her side and sent her flying over the river with a pained cry. She rolled for a few feet and suddenly stopped with a whimper as fresh tears started to form while wincing in pain. She looked up with a cough and saw the winged monster loaming over her like a giant, raising its large head to prepare to strike her with its sharp beak to end her struggling.

But as she was sure her life was ending there, a loud roared echoed through the air and was quickly followed by a large slimy tongue wrapping around the winged monsters’ throat and sent it flying away from her against a large bolder. The new monster then charged right by her, scaring her to a breaking point.

Now crying in udder defeat, she quickly got herself up and started quickly limping away through the path she came through to get as far away from the fighting scene and disappeared into the forest with a sob.

As the distraught woman fled the scene in haste, the winged creature gasped for air as it tried to recover from its latest surprise attack from its challenger. The lumbering beast strolled on over to its enemy with glaring eyes with a deep, rumbling growl. Seeing this, the Pterasaur quickly got back up and started staggering back in fear to get away from the much stronger beast. The shaggy creatures’ tongue slithered back into it maw, took a deep breath through its wet nose and made a screeching roar that frightened its trespasser to the bone.

The winged monster stumbled back with a trip, pranced away and started flying away in hast to get away from the island. The monster roared in victory, but was suddenly stopped by a distant voice.

“Fluffy!” Olivia yelled out.

The creature quickly looked back towards its cave home in concern and started hastily going over to the injured DJ.

Olivia smiled at the lumbering beast as she laid on her side on the ground, her shades laying just nearby. As the creature got close to her she reached out and gently patted the monstrous creatures’ cheek and nuzzled its chin.

“You did great, Fluffy.” She whispered and chuckled as the beast licked the whole side of her face in response. “Yah kicked his skinny butt back to where he came from, Fluffy, but do you know where Nowy is?” she asked and as she got herself to sit up on her knees with pained grunts and winces. The beasts nuzzled her, making her chuckle once more but pushed him away with a small smile, “I’m fine, Fluffy, but do you know where my friend went? She needs help and comforting.” She asked once more.

With a little knowing huff, it turned its head and pointed the tip of its tongue towards the path her and Noire went through before.

“Okay, Fluffy, let’s go find ‘er.” She groaned as she got herself up and levitated up her shades up to her hand and looked at her new companion as it rested down. Its long tongue gently wrapped around her stomach and with a wince it lifted up Olivia off the ground and placed her on its shaggy back. Taking a few quick breaths to lessen the pain on her side, she took a quick look around, spotting a strange, small mound of dirt with a single, beautiful, blue flower sprouting from it near the tree she hit, but paid no mind to it. She smiled and pointed towards the path and yelled, “Tally-Ho, Fluffy!” with that, the beast sniffed the air and started following Noires’ scent as it started going towards the path in a brisk pace like a blood hound.

Noire quickly limped through the darkening forest, her cheeks damp with her salty tears as well as bloodshot eyes. While gasping for air, she looked back in paranoia but trips on a surfacing root while doing so and started rolling down a muddy hill with yelps and grunts and suddenly stopped hard with a thump, dead leaves being thrown up to the air like confetti.

She coughed and spat out dirt from her mouth and groaned from her beaten body. She spat out more dirt and opened her eyes to be met with a large black scorpion close to her face; its broad pincers spread out defensively and its big black stinger ready to strike.

With a screech she jumps back up to her feet and started running once more as best she can through the thick, darkening undergrowth.

She was tired, in both physically and mentally. All she wanted was a quiet and relaxing cruise with her friend for a good week before going back to their quaint little home and work. Yes, Olivia was more or less goofing around on the ship with the young girls and boys and playing pranks of the ships’ crew but she never gone beyond that because she knew her friend wanted to have a relaxing cruise.

She took a quick glance up at the sky and saw the stars were out and shinning as she hurriedly limped across the ground with tired and aching feet.

After a few more moments, she bursts out of the forest and collapsed on the sandy ground, the sound of waves washing up as well as the cool light breeze brushing by her face. The moon shined brightly in the sky, coating both land and sea with its cool, gentle silvery light.

Staring at the moon for a good moment or two to rest, she took a deep breath and sat herself up with closed eyes concentrating on calming down her emotions to think more clearly. Though, it was hard to concentrate clearly without her friend to be there with her. After a few moments she managed to calm down enough to start searching her surroundings with tear drenched cheeks.

She was sure this was a different part of the island’s shoreline; it was more of a small lagoon than anything else as short wall of dark rocks and stone curved around her sides but gradually shrank down into the ocean.

She breathes out shakily and rested down onto the warm sand and inspected her injured arm closely. The small cuts were still there but long stopped bleeding out. She unbuttoned the bottom half of her vest, gently tucked away her arm close to her stomach to keep it warm and covered parts of her exposed skin with her other hand to keep it warm.

She hung her head and continued to rest. Her mind was yelling at her to go find her companion, to make sure she was okay, but she gave up. She was too tired to do anything anymore, she was defeated and battered like a broken solder left behind after battling endlessly till their body and mind couldn’t function anymore to continue. She was a broken glass that couldn’t be brought back together with a simple clear sticky tape and some glue.

She continued to hang her head, accepting defeat like a grieving human she was. She accepted she was stuck here on an island that couldn’t stop giving her a hard time right from the start, turning her into a living stress that made her blood boil like a whistling kettle, raising her blood pressure like a volcano ready to erupt and stressing her body to the breaking point. That point, part of her mind was screaming at her to rest and sleep, and right before she could, loud brushing of leaves, snapping twigs and swaying trees caught her attention like an elephant was going through the forest.

Using her last bit of energy, she crawled and dragged herself to a large rock and hid herself behind it as best she could and curled into a small ball against the rough surface. She couldn’t do anything else; she was starving as her stomach ached, her dry throat thirst for cool water, her mind numb from the lack of nutrients and liquid and her muscles dead from being overworked to the breaking point. In the back of her mind, she knew she wouldn’t last for too long without help, sooner if that new monster wanted to have a little snack.

As she slowly closed her eyes, being lulled to sleep by the gentle waves, she heard light murmuring of her friend behind the rock but passed out not a second later the moment she closed her eyes.

Waking from a dreamless slumber, Noire cracked her eyes open but quickly shut them as the suns’ light bombarded her blurring sight. She whimpered and tried cover up her face with both her hands but winced as the other stung inside and out. She just covered her eyes with the other as her body slowly started to wake from sleep and rested her injured arm against her stomach.

Her mind ached as if she had a hangover of a lifetime from a night of hard party. Her mouth and tongue felt dry as well as her throat, her stomach ached of emptiness and her limbs felt stiff as a log.

Yes, she’s still alive.

She blinked her eyes to get them used to the light as she started looking around her surroundings with squinty eyes while still lying on her back.

She was resting beside a large tree with comfortable green moss bed cushioning her body from the ground and the leaves of the tree over head shaded her from the sun… well, somewhat anyways. The sandy beach was right above her head, gentle waves washing up the shore and against the dark rocky ridge. The birds sang within the forest nearby and distant, giant, mountains of clouds slowly drifted through the sky in a snails’ pace. If she wasn’t trapped on the island and was in a vacation, she might have considered staying for a couple more days. Who knows, maybe she’ll be stuck here for the rest of her life with…

“O-Olivia?” she said out loud and started looking around for her companion while sitting herself up. “Olivia?!” she yelled out but quickly coughed as her sore throat tickled.

With a quick whiff of odd odor, she looked down and saw some type of seaweed wrapped around her cut up arm. She wondered what good the marine plant was doing to her but just shook her head and continued to wonder where her friend went off to this time-


She whips her head to her right and saw Olivia smiling at her, with her lower ribcage wrapped in the same weed as well as a leaf basket being held against her side.

“Good morning, Nowy.” She greets and moved closer to her sitting friend and sat down as well.

Noire smiles in relief at the site before her, “I got worried about you.” She wrapped her good arm around the others’ neck with a small smile, pulling her friend closer.

Olivia chuckles and brought the basket down for Noire with a small wince, filled to the rim of various fruits and even a few rolled up seaweeds. “Hungry?” she asks. Her answer came in a form of Noire burying her face into the basket, her cheeks bulging out like a chipmunk with full cheeks, munching and crunching messily with juices leaking out.

After filling her stomach of fresh food, Noire made the most unladylike belch ever heard from between the two. She quickly covered up her lips with a surprised expression. Olivia giggled at her blushing friend and levitated up a pear to eat herself, taking out a large bite.

“Geez, Nowy. You almost beet my record with that burp of yours.” She snickered as she spotted her friend shrinking from embarrassment, turning redder than an Apple. She gently nudged the womans’ side, gaining Noires’ attention as she tried to disappear the best she could, “Oh lighten up, Nowy, we’re the only ones out here to witness that.” But right after she finished saying that, a short roar was heard with the forest. “Um… actually add another one to that list of island residents.” She corrected herself as she looked to the direction of the roar.

Noire cowered and shook in fear, trying to hide herself behind her companion, peeking out from Olivia’s neck and shoulder with pin pricked eyes. “W-what in the world… was th-that?” she squeaked out as the thrashing within the forest increased in volume with birds flying out there perches from the disturbance.

Olivia looked at her with a happy smile, “Fluffy.” She simply answered as the hairy beast leaps out of the forests’ tree line a dozen meters away, looking from to and fro with a worried, urgent look. Olivia quickly notice Noires’ terrified expression, scooted herself closer to the girl and started gently shushing her as well as caressing her back; down her neck and on to the mid of her back. “Sshhh… Nowy, it’s okay, Fluffy won’t hurt, yah. He’s more scared of you than you are to him. Come on, it’s okay.” She continued to whisper comforting words to the shaking cellist.

The large beast slowly lumbered over to them warily, taking each calculated step onto the warm sand and then stopped, leaned its head up to peek at the shaking girl in curiosity, just staying in place about ten feet away.

Noire pressed herself closer to her friend, anchoring herself onto the DJ to calm herself.

“It’s okay, Nowy. Fluffy won’t hurt you and me. He’s just a big softy with a heart of a lion.” Olivia continued whispering to her and hugged her to get the woman out of her shell.

After a while trying to coach her friend to calm down, Noire finally opened one of her clenched, amber eyes and looked up at her. Olivia smiled proudly and playfully tussled the cellists’ hair.

“There’s my cello playing girl.” Olivia congratulated and briefly hugged her with one arm, resting her chin on top of Noires’ head, gaining a small smile from the cellist. Olivia looked down at her as Noire gave her her full attention, “Now, Nowy. I know you don’t wanna meet or even see my new friend, but you have to give him a chance… He saved us.” Noire then looked down at her hands and legs in hesitation. “It doesn’t have to be now, maybe later, but he is here now. Like you said in the past, ‘Get it over with so we can get going.’…” The phrase itself caused a slight wince from Noire as a memory briefly clouded her mind, filling her will guilt. Olivia notices this and reassures her with a little hug, “It’s okay, Nowy. It’s in the past and you apologized. That’s more than enough for me.” She said but Noire continued to stare down. “So do you want to meet him now?” she quietly asked.

Noire continued to look down at her clenched hands and fidgeted a little. After a moment of waiting she eventually gently nodded her head in agreement, also tensing her body in the process.

Olivia notices, “Nowy, I promise I won’t let Fluffy get too close to you, you can just take a peek at him as well.” She assured. Noire internally sighed a relief and nodded her head and looked up at her.

Olivia looked back to see Fluffy just resting down on the sand, watching them from a short distance. Noire moved her leaf bowl to the side with her good hand and gradually inches forward with quiet grunts and pants. She leaned her head down and slowly peeked out from behind Olivias’ side.

When she saw the large, dark creature just quietly watching them like a curious dog watching its owners speaking to one another, she froze and held her breath as they both locked eyes. She wanted to scoot back to hide but her body was petrified to even acknowledge her command and Olivias’ hand was firmly planted on her back to stop her from moving.

Few moments of silence later, she finally released her breath and blinked a couple times to moist her dry eyes, quickly rubbing off the irritation with her good hand. Tears formed by how dry her eyes became but quickly, she felt a cool sensation being gently wiped across her forehead, cooling her temperature to a blissful level and wiped her cheeks and eyelids from her salty tears. She smiled at how quickly she felt better and opened her eyes, expecting Olivia carrying a wet cloth in her magical grasp but only saw a long, large tongue slithering back over to its owner, the beas-… Fluffy.

Noire sheepishly smiled with a small flush on her cheeks, “Thank you… F-Fluffy.” she thanked the monstrous, dark, gentle giant and leaned herself on her friends’ side.

Fluffy made a throaty coo and formed a sort of a smile at her in response as he started to gently sway his tail from to an’ fro.

“See? He’s just a big softy.” Olivia chuckled but quickly winced, “Ow…” she squeaked out as she held her sides.

“Olivia?!” Noire frantically started looking at her friend as Olivias’ breathing calmed down.

“It… it’s okay, Nowy…” Olivia panted for a few more moments before relaxing and smiling at her friend, “That buck-beaked loser got me pretty good…” she looked at her seaweed bandage and started slowly pealing it off with the help of her hairy friend. Octavia gasped at the large, fist size bruise; it was swollen, at its center was nearly black and gradually turned to a sickly purple, than blue, and finally to red and pink at its rims.

Fluffy gathered up the used seaweed with his tongue and went off into the forest with heavy steps, making the calm forest air echo with mighty thumps.

Noire looked at her friend with a newfound determination and slowly got herself up, “Olivia, it’s your turn to rest for once.” She nudges the bowl-leaf closer to the DJ and started looking around while standing up, “My turn to take care of us and figure out how to get off this island.” She said and faced the open ocean, spotting a few distant, lush islands at the horizon. “Okay!” she started making short hops, trying to get herself hyped, “F-first things first!” she suddenly stopped as her mind jammed itself, “U-um… First things first… is…” she started looking around once more in confusion.

“Find food and water!” Olivia called out behind her.

“Right! Food and water! Where could those be?” she moved on over to the forests’ edge and started limping around, looking around for anything edible.

“Um… Nowy!?” Olivia called out once more.

“Yes!?” Noire stuffs her head into a bush.

“We already know where food and water sources are!”

Noire suddenly pops out, “I knew that!” she called out as Olivia quietly giggled. “Okay second is…”

“Find or make a shelter!” Olivia answered.

Noire just stopped, and after a moment, turned and limped on over to her companion and stared at her.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Olivia started brushing her face with her hands to get something off that wasn’t there.

“How do you know all these things?” she asked.

“Know what?”

“How to survive out here?”

“Oh! That. Yeah, I was with the Girl Scouts before I met you. My mom enlisted me because I had nothing else better to do. I wasn’t the best Scout but I was average with the grades.” She answered.

“Oh… why didn’t you tell me you were a Girl Scout?” Noire asked out of curiosity.

“Simple. It never came up till now and you never asked.” Olivia answered and popped in a berry into her mouth with her magic and happily chewed.

“Oh… sorry.” Noire crestfallen.

“Nah, it’s fine, Nowy.” Olivia waved it off with a chuckle. “It was fun, but not that much.” She assured and threw in another berry.

After a moment of silence while Noire was thinking, thundering steps was going towards them. Noire squeaked and quickly hid herself beside her friend, peeking out through the crook of her neck. Olivia lightly chuckled at her friend as Fluffy jumped out of the forest, a rolled up, fresh seaweed being held by his oral appendage and happily went closer to her. He gently un-roles it on the mossy ground near the forest floor, lifted one up into the air and looked at her expectantly.

Olivia looked at her companion with a smile, “Okay, Nowy,” she gains her attention, “I need you to help me get up so Fluffy can patch me up. Can yah do that for me?” she asks and Noire shakily nods in response.

Olivia gently leans onto her friend and Noire slowly stood up, gaining a wince and a few hisses from her friend. As they finally stood up, Fluffys’ tongue stretches out and started wrapping the long seaweed around her chest-just under her breasts-carefully and applied a light layer of saliva onto her bruised wound, gaining a relieved, blissful sigh from Olivia with a small delighted shiver.

Olivia gently rested herself back down and laid on her side and rested her head down with a small smile, “That’s better.” She says with closed eyes.

“Um… Olivia?” The DJ in question looks up at her friend. “What do I… do next?” she asks.

“Oh! First off, Fluffy’s going to change that seaweed on your arm.” Noire quietly whimpered and drooped a little, “Oh you’ll be fine, Nowy, it doesn’t hurt very much, you’ll barely feel it! Now come on and rest down beside me.” She orders as she sat herself up.

With some hesitation Noire sits down on her knees beside her friend and eyes her bandaged arm with the fear of feeling a burning pain or some sort. Then taken by surprise, Olivia hushes her and brought the girls’ head against her chest with a hug, comforting her somewhat.

“I promise, Noire, nothing’s going to happen.” Olivia whispered to her.

After a moment of letting the words sink in, she buries her face into Olivias’ chest to look away and gently brought out her arm. A moment later, she felt a gentle prod onto her hand from the creatures’ tongue, causing Noire to whimper and shake in fear. But her shaking quickly subsided as she felt Olivia caress her hair and quietly hushed into her ear. Noire quickly held onto Olivias’ voice and thumping heart to distract her from the slimy appendage.

After what felt like hours of listening to Olivas’ heart, a voice spoke up.

“There! All done with your boo-boo.” Olivia says and planted a quick peck on top of her head.

Noire opens her eyes in surprise and slowly looked at her arm. The once nearly dried seaweed was now replaced with a new vibrant, livelier one, as well as coated with a light layer of cool slime within and out the bandages.

“H-how…?” she tries to speak up as she inspected her arm.

“See? Was it that hard?” Olivia ruffles up her already messy hair, “Fluffy knows what he’s doing. I don’t know how, but he knows.”.

Noire looks up at the beast with a small, timid smile and paws at the sandy ground with her fingers, “Thank you… Fluffy.” And the reply she gets was one big, wet lick on the cheek, completely covering the whole left side of her face with slimy saliva, causing Olivia to laugh at Noires’ sudden, surprised expression as her hair stood up in the air by Fluffys’ thick saliva. Their big companion happily wagged his tail and panted with his tongue lolling out like dogs do when they know their owners were happy with them.

As the day slowly went on for the trio, Noire continued to collect items within the forest to make a temporary campsite for her and her companion with the help of the mighty, gentle giant. They could just go back to the cave, but she didn’t want to stress her friends’ injured ribcage and possibly make it worse with all the moving. Besides, they have a great view.

Noire flopped down onto her rump on the forest floor and panted. She gently put her makeshift satchel bag down, full of fruits and three bamboo water bottles filled with fresh and cool water. She found the bamboo with the help of her new friend deep in the forest. She continued to take her breath, while Fluffy looked at her with worry and quietly whined to her and picked up the bag from her and a pile of freshly cut bamboo with his tongue. He rested down onto his stomach and motioned her to get on up on him with a nudge of his head.

Noire stared at him for a moment of consideration and eventually nodded her head with a sigh and slowly got back up to her feet. She got up to the massive body and looked up, trying to figure out how to get up to the top of the beast. But then she yelped in surprise as she felt something wet and slippery press against her tush, urging her against the body. She looked back and saw part of Fluffys’ tongue was gently pushing against her. She quickly understands after a brief moment of confusion and planted her hand against his shaggy coat, grabbed a handful of hair as Fluffy started pushing her up while she climbed up the best she could with her tired arms.

She grunts as she pulls herself up at the rest of the way and rested down with a sigh and closed eyes. When she heard Fluffy grunting at her, she looked down at him and just nodded her head and rested her head back down on his soft, comfy back.

The beast slowly rises up and starts lumbering back to the shore in a casual pace while carrying her bag and the bamboos with his tongue.

Noire repositions herself to face ahead, slowly sat up to her hunches and fixed her bowtie, tried to smooth out her hair and rested back down on her chest with a tired sigh. She started looking around her surroundings curiously and saw the light has dimmed from the setting sun. The forest was audibly getting a little quiet with a relaxing sound of crickets making a chorus in the first hours of the coming evening, a few birds and frogs joining in with the insects.

Moments later, Fluffy brakes through the forest and onto the sandy shore. But the moment they went out into the open, a light, salty ocean breeze passes by, cooling the wet pants on her butt, causing the unprepared woman to tense up as a light layer of blush goes across her face. As Fluffy started going over to their campsite, she quickly started wiping her backside with her hand quickly in embarrassment as a few of Fluffys’ fur clung to her rump like a possessive vine.

As they reached their friend, Fluffy rested back down while Noire carefully slid herself down on his side. Fluffy then put down the bamboo and bag nearby, making Olivia smile at the items they found.

“Where’d you find the bamboo!?” Olivia asked excitedly as she dragged a one pole of a bamboo over to her with her magic and examined the stem with a big smile.

“Fluffy, did.” Noire went on over to her bag and took out one of the makeshift bottles and showed it to her friend, “We got water too.” She smiled weakly.

“Oh wow!” Olivia took the offering, opened the lid and chugged down the cool water inside, a few leaks streaking down her chin and cheeks. She finished with a sigh of relief and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, “That hit the spot.” She said and closed the lid.

Noire smiled at her and then looked back at the pile of bamboo right behind her, “So… what do we do with these?” she asked, strolled on over and rolled a pole to and fro with her foot.

“Did you get the vines I asked for?” Olivia asked and Noire nodded as she pulled out a hefty length of green vines from her satchel.

Noire scrunches up her nose a little at the thin vine on her hand, “These were hard to get.” She remembered trying to pull one out of a tree with all her might, but suddenly flew back with a squeak when Fluffy cut the thing with one of his claws and landed in mud with a splatter. It took an hour and a half to wash off the brown substance from her skin and clothes in cold river water. Noire shuddered at the memory.

“Good! We’re going to make a bed frame under this tree.” Olivia said as she slowly got up to her feet with a wince. She looked at the worried Fluffy and Noire with a smirk but had one eye closed as she fought back against the pain on her side.

“What?” Noires’ worried expression soon gave way to confusion, “Why?” She looked at the moss bedding she and Olivia rested on, “Isn’t it easier to just rest on that?” she pointed.

Olivia nodded while slowly limping on over to the bamboo, “Yeah, but what’s going to happen if it started to rain? We can’t reach the cave without getting drenched and cold first, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree it’s a lot better to sleep on something dry and not have creepy crawlies crawlin’ on yah while we sleep.” She chuckled at Noires’ face drained of blood with her eyes wide, her irises turning into pin pricks. Olivia then looked at her shaggy friend with a smile and motioned her head for him to come over, “Get over here, Fluffy.” She says happily, making the beast perk his ears and wag his tail as he quickly scurried over to her. She looked at a bamboo pole in front of her, measuring it with her eyes before she gently gripped Fluffys’ clawed paw. “Fluffy. Cut.” She made a slashing motion with her hand with a little growl, showing Fluffy what to do and pointed at the bamboo. She levitated a sharp rock over to her with a wince and made a mark with a little cut on the hard stem. She pointed at the mark while looked at her new companion, “Fluffy, cut.” She made a slashing motion again and point at the marker once more.

Fluffy looked back and forth at her and the bamboo with his paw raised, but quickly understood her. He slashed the bamboo in half at the small marker.

“That’s a, good boy!” Olivia congratulated and started rubbing his head. Fluffy leaned in on her hands with a delightful groan and started kicking one of his hind legs in bliss and licked his master on the whole right side of her face in thanks.

Noire giggled at them both before looking out into the horizon, watching the setting sun, ever so slowly descend to make way for the coming night.

By the time they were finished making the bed frame, the stars were shinning and twinkling in the night sky with the bright moon shinning down on the island, making the ocean sparkle of its silvery light.

The small bomb fire crackled, bathing Olivia and Noire with a blanket of warmth as they finally finished their bamboo-bed-frame-contraption. Their bodies were a full three feet off the ground, had a roof over their heads that could collect fresh rainwater if it started raining and had a small three step staircase made of boulders that Fluffy found for them around the beach.

“Aaaand… through the hole… aand… you’re Done!”  Olivia congratulated as she ruffled Noires’ hair from their ‘bed’, gaining a relived sigh from the tired woman. The cellist rested down on her rump and hung her head back to stretch and rest her strained muscles in her neck.

“Goodness, that was a hassle to tie.” She voiced her complaint and looked at her latest knot that tied the bamboo column to the roofing. She huffs and looked at her friend resting and nudged her head to the side as she slowly got up, “Scoot over, Olivia.” She got up to the steps with a commanding tone and waited for her friend to move aside to make space for her.

With a little chuckle and a nod, Olivia carefully shimmies herself closer to the bark of the tree, making room for her friend. Noire gets herself comfortable; tucking her arms inward, turning her back to be exposed to the elements and cuddles a little closer to friends’ side for some warmth while nestling her face into the DJs’ chest, making Olivia chuckle.

Olivia looked over at their beastly companion resting under a coconut tree as it got ready to sleep, “Goodnight, Fluffy.” She whispered, making the beast whine in return. Olivia makes a throaty chuckle before a mighty yawn escaped her system, making her eyes droop and drossy. She snuggles up with her friend to go to sleep as well.

The lolling sound of a crackling fire, gentle washing waves, brushing leaves of the trees caused by the ocean breeze and nocturnal insects, frogs and toads making a calming chorus within their forest home. It was the perfect combination to make any day dwelling creature to go into slumber, but a certain musician had a question to ask before going to sleep.

“Olivia…?” Noire whispered in her friends’ warm chest.


“How are you so calm about this whole… ‘turn of events’?” she asked. It took a good minute to get her answer from the party woman in question.

“Actually… I was freaking out just like you when I woke up washed up on the beach. But when I found you I knew I had to be calm for you, so I took my breath and inspected you for any injuries or even if you were breathing.” Olivias’ body shivered as she got cozy with her friend, “After that, I accidentally woke you up to see if you were in a coma or something. I was relieved when you were your grumpy-self.” She quietly giggled and nuzzled her nose into Noires’ hair, “When you went back to sleep, I knew you’d be out for some time after sleeping on wet sand, so I went out to go find some fresh water and maybe a little bit of food. When I got into the creepy, quiet part of the forest, I got tackled down by Fluffy.” She giggled once more, “Oh, you should’ve see my face, Nowy, I was freakin’ out like a drugged out hippie. All I saw at the time was a big mouth full of sharp teeth and a big, long tongue. When I hit him with a rock with my magic, I crawled myself over to a tree and used a broken off branch to protect myself. When I saw the big guy, he was pouting like big-o’l-puppy while showing me a small branch of berries for me. Oh, I just fell in love with the cutie, so that’s when I started calling him, Fluffy. When we made peace, he threw me up on his back and showed me where he lived. After that, I told him to ‘stay’ and ran back to get you. Took me some time. I nearly got lost.” She finished her little story with a little chuckle.

After a minute of getting no response, she slowly lifted her head and saw Noire was fast asleep with quiet, little snores. Olivia smiled, pecked Noire on top of her head and rested back down.

“Goodnight, Nowy.” She whispered.


Noire and Olivia suddenly woke from their slumber from the sound barrier braking right above them. Noire rolled off their sleeping place with an ‘Eeep!’ and crunched on down on the sandy ground with a groan. Olivia just shot her head up, but quickly hissed in pain as her side was bombarded by red hot needles.

Quickly recovering from her fall and drossy mind, Noire shot up to her feet and looked around the area to notice nothing had change, but couldn’t see Fluffy from where he slept the night before. So she looked up to the sky to see a large, expanding, halo of bright cloud right above them, with dive bombing projectile heading straight for their position, with a cloudy trail in its wake… wait…

Her eyes widen at the realization and duck under their bed frame with an ‘Eeep!’. Noticing Noire diving under their ‘bed’, Olivia winced as she strained with her magic, casting a blue bubble to surround them in protection. A second later the sandy beach exploded in a shower of wet and dry grains, a small wave of sand bouncing off of Olivias’ shield.

The sound of disgusted spitting started to echo out, “Ugh! Maybe I should’ve slowed down first…” the tomboyish female voice spoke out as she continued spitting out salty sand from her mouth.

Both Olivia and Noire looked with wide eyes as they saw one of the fastest flyers in the world standing in front of them in a small crater. Raylin shook off the countless grains from her body as best she could and continued spitting at the ground. She finally looks up while trying to clean out her right ear, one eye closed.

The girl was a little shorter then both the musicians, but was far more athletic, and no doubt had large, maroon red, Swallow like wings. Her skin colure was the same as Noires’, had dark, blood red, dyed, short hair that gradually faded in silvery hair and a pair of mixed maroon red and brown eyes. She wore black jogging shorts with red stripes and a red tank top. Strapped on her right thigh was a walky-talky.

“You know, you two…” she gets out of her crater and shook her head violently to get the remaining sand out of her hair and shook her feet to do the same with her white shoes with red stripes, “When the ship got quiet, I knew something was wrong.” She brushed her chest and opened up the bottom of her top to drain out the sand, “I checked to see if you two were okay, then ‘Poof’! You both were gone! I searched-And I mean Literally Search every part of the ship to look for you both.” The young woman then started looking around and whistled with a nod, resting her hands on her hips, “Wow… I like stay here for a while.” She said.

“Oh thank goodness!” Noire crawls out with a grunt while smiling up at Raylin. “Finally, we’re saved!” she praised to the sky, now standing and throwing her free arms up in the air.

But suddenly, a mass of dark fur leaps out of the jungle and pinned the short girl back down in the crater, peppering the poor fliers’ face and hair with slobbering licks. Raylin struggled to get the beast off of her, but to no avail as Fluffy continued to smother her.

“Fluffy! Down!” Olivia yelled as she carefully got herself down with a wince, standing beside her nervously grinning companion. The beast obeyed loyally and took a few paces back from the matted flier. Olivia smiled approvingly with a quick nod, “Good boy!” she levitates up a stick from under the tree and waved it around with her magic, gaining the beasts’ attention as he eyed the stick with great concentration, his tail now wagging from side to side. She then flings the stick to the other side of the beach, “Go, Boy! Go!” she said with enthusiasm and with that, Fluffy ran off to retrieve the stick with loud thumps, making little craters in his wake.

Raylin quickly sat up to her haunches and wiped the slippery, thick, oozing saliva from her face and shook both her hands as the slobber slowly oozed down from her skin. She shivered in disgust and spat, “Groooss…” her face cringed and wiped her hands once again in front of her, leaning her head away with a scrunch.

Noire chuckled nervously, “Y-yes, Fluffy gets excited easily… but it does come off easily with a little bathing, Raylin.” She said as the lumbering beast came back and started carefully playing Tug of War with Olivia with a playful growl.

Raylin slowly got up on her feet with some help, sand now sticking to her wet skin. She sniffed her arm, but pulled away with a scrunched up face, “What about the smell?” she asked.

Noires’ smile flew away in a dash, “Not… really.” She answered with a sigh and hung her head, but jumped as the large tongue of Fluffy licked her cheek. She winced at first at the slobber, but once she looked to her side, she smiled at the happy look of Fluffy, his tongue hanging out as he panted while wagging his tail excitedly. “But he means very well.” She added, went up to the large beast and petted him on the head, gaining groan of appreciation from him.

It was strange; she noticed that the shaggy beast seemed to be a little more loyal and kind to her than the enthusiastic DJ herself.

A second later, the sound of running boat echoed into their ears. They all looked out and saw a three-man-crew zodiac boat coming their way with a few people on board, wearing bright red life vests. Noire couldn’t recognize any of them but the farm girl from a nearby town, Jaclyn. She believed both Raylin and Jaclyn were sent to the cruise ship to relax. It was strange, but enlightening to speak with them both at the first night of dinner. They told her their friends, family and business agents practically forced them to go on this cruise, and she believed she saw a glimpse of them trying to argue back at them in the docks. It reminded them of herself and Olivia in some ways; they were competitive at times. They for their strengths, while the musicians for their skills in music.

The three girls strolled down onto the edge of the water with Fluffy right in their wake, while Raylin continued to wipe and shake the slobber off of her with the best of her abilities, which was not much as her skin was still shinning, sticky and stank of Fluffys’ saliva.

The inflated boat got close but didn’t move up to the shore as the small crew on it stared warily at the shaggy beast behind the trio.

“What intarnation is that thin’!?” Jaclyn yelled with a southern accent.

The farm girl was just a few inches taller than Noire and her friend, well belt from working in their family barn, tanned from the sun and freckled. She wore light blue short-shorts, and an orange, yellow and white flannel and tied a knot just under her well endowed busts, making the girls feeling a little self conscious with their bodies.

“His name’s Fluffy!” Olivia yelled and petted the beasts’ head happily with a smile.

“Is this… Fluffy, hostile?” one of the crewmen spoke up.

“If being slobbered on excitedly by an easily excitable…” Noire stopped with a blink and looked at Fluffy in confusion, trying to figure out what in the world the creature was. After a second she turned back to the people on the boat, “‘beast’, then yes, Fluffy’s hostile.” She finished sarcastically.

The small, three man crew looked at each other for a moment, debating whether they should land or stay back. Jaclyn snorts and looked at the driver.

“Well, get goin’! We’re not leavin’ ‘em jus’ because of a li’le, ol’ vermin. Or are the big boys scared of gettin’ a li’le wet?” she taunted them both with a teasing, challenging grin. The two men frowned looked at one another in a silent agreement and the driver and drove up to the beach. Jaclyn tossed three Life Vests and beckoned, “Hurry on up, yah three. Everyone’s worried sick about, yah two.”

Noire easily put the red vest on and helped Olivia in hers, making the girl wince and grunt when she zipped her up. She then felt a nudge on her rump, making her squeak and twist around to find a sad looking Fluffy. She and Olivia smiled sadly back at him and hugged the beasts’ neck in a loving embrace. Noire nuzzled into his thick fur.

“I’m sorry, Fluffy, but we have to go back home.” she said, making Fluffy whine and hung his head in defeat and depression. Noire looked at him sadly, feeling terrible for leaving such a gentle giant by himself on the island.

“Strange…” the little group looked at one of the crewmen.

“Wha’ was that?” Jaclyn asked.

“This island, it’s not in our records or maps. It’s pretty far from mainland, but… how did it hide for so long? It’s huge!” he said and jogged over to the tree line and examined the planet life. “This is a new island!” he yelled back and continued to examine the surrounding flora.

“New?” Noire question, “Than how do you explain all the ‘M’s I’ve been seeing all over the island? This place have been visited before by someone named ‘Meledy’.” Fluffys’ ears quickly perked up at the name and gave Noire his full attention.

“Wait… isn’t your last name ‘Meledy’?” Olivia question.

“Yes, but I don’t let anyone call me by my last name, just the first. I got it from my grandmother.” she replied while stroking Fluffys’ head to calm him down, making him purr in delight.

“Oh…” She said, a little surprised, “Where is she now?” Olivia asked once again.

“She went… missing…” Noire looked down at the sandy ground a little sadly, “She went missing when I was five actually. My parents don’t know what happened to her. The last people that saw her said she went on a boating trip on her last week of vacation.”

“So… yah think y’er gran’ma somehow ended up here, maybe?” Jaclyn said and gestured to the island itself.

“I-I don’t know, it might be some other person with the same last name ‘Meledy’.” Noire rubbed her bandaged arm; feeling confusion and hope welling up inside her. She always did love her Grandma Meledy dearly, and she was the reason why she took up learning how to play the Cello, to be like her… well, not like her entirely. She wasn’t too keen on exploring the world on a sailboat. Than again, she hadn’t had the chance to, to go sailing in the open sea.

“Well, your grandmother or not, by the laws of ‘World Exploration’, you both own this island now sense no other is here to claim it.” the man said while going over the boat and started digging his waterproof backpack. Both Noire and Olivias’ mouths hung agape at the sudden news.

“W-what?” Noire voiced, dumbstruck.

He pulled out a sheet of paper and showed it to them. The face of the page was littered with numbers and words with different codes; coordinates, and two empty lines right under them; one for the owner or owners and the second for the name of the island.

“You both own the island, now. This is just one part of the paperwork that has to be done, but it’s a start.” he said and brought out a pen for them to use.

Olivia and Noire looked back and forth between them and the paper for a moment before Noire grabbed the pen, not expecting the simple little writing item to feel so heavy and signed her name and signature, as well as Olivia. They both looked at the empty slot, and blinked, but then Olivia looked at her.

“Any ideas for a name?” she asked.

“W-why me?” she looked at the DJ like she just grew a new head.

Olivia chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of her head, “Well… it’ll be your birthday in about a month, and… I… don’t really have anything in mind on what to give you yet, so… why not a whole island!?” she gestured to the forest with a big, nervous smile.

Noire took the pen from her magical grasp and looked down at the page, thinking through list upon list of names to choose from, trying to ignore that her companion had just admitted she still hadn’t thought of anything to give her for her birthday. Fluffy then whined and nudged her, and an inspiration quickly popped into her mind and wrote down the name.

She finished, “Meledys’ Island.” she said out loud with a proud smile adorning for face.

“Huh… I thought it would be something a little cooler.” Raylin commented, leaning to get a better look but yelped in pain once her friend jabbed her thigh.

Noire paid no mind to her and looked at the man, “Does this mean I and Olivia can visit the island whenever we want?” she asked with a big hopeful smile and he nodded. She giggled and pranced in place like a giddy little school girl and quickly hugged Fluffys’ neck, “We’re coming back, Fluffy!” she said.

“Really!? Awesoooome!” Olivia cheered with a fist pump, but hissed in pain right after as she gently touched her side with a wince.

Noire smiled as Fluffy started groaning around happily. She reached out and stopped him by holding his head, “Stay still, Fluffy.” she ordered and took off her bow tie and strung it around his right ear in a snug fit. “There…” she said and pulled his head into a loving hug.

She didn’t realize she would grow attached to the gentle giant or the island in just a span of few days.

~Three Months Later~

Noire never knew she had it in her, but she was actually enjoying-No! Thrilled to sail the sea! She had her own sailboat now, donated generously by the crown so she could visit her island whenever she wanted.

The S.S. (Seafaring Ship) Sound Wave.

It was not small by any means and she was proud to call it her own.

The boat was thirty five feet long from stern to bow and eighteen feet from port to starboard, and the pull holding up the massive sail was fifty feet high. On the sides of the smooth, glinting hall of her ship, printed in bold, electric blue letters was SOUND WAVE. The boat was rather plain looking like a regular wind-powered boat, but inside, there was plenty of room to fit in a small household.

There were at least two sleeping courters located near the stern, a small kitchen with a stove and a fridge around the middle and is also where they store all their food and water, a living room located near the bow, and of course, a working restroom. Right above those was the radio room, where all the maps, radios and paper works were, but last and not least the steering wheel right in front of that little workspace. But sense this is the modern time, she ship was equipped with a powerful engine that could propel the ship up to forty miles per hour when there are no winds to pull the sails. The boat also had a zodiac and a small crane for them to get off the boat to get to shallower areas.

All and all, this little ship was a cross-bread between a yaut and a research vessel.

The ship wasn’t the only thing that got her excited; it was the looming, tropical island right ahead of them, eclipsing the setting sun.

“Land-ho! Avast, Madam Noires’ bountiful plot!” Olivia yelled from behind, instantly causing Noire to blush hard.

Noire quickly spun around while covering up her rear with her hands, now feeling very self conscious.

“Olivia!” she yelled in embarrassment, making her friend laugh out loudly.

“We’ll reach the island in twenty min’ts, Capt’in’!” Olivia yelled from the wheel with a quick salute, a smirk plastered onto her face.

Noire lightly shook her head with a small smirk of her own; she still could believe Olivia insisted on talking like an old-time sailor during this trip.

She turned her gaze from the wheel to see Jaclyn lying down on her back with her legs crossed and using her hands as a pillow, while tilting her Stetson hat down to shield her eyes from the sun. Raylin swooped over the ship, flying circles and flips around the vastly open sky-quite literally-all day.

She invited both women along to have a week of vacation on the island with them after what happened three months ago; she felt she needed to pay them back for rescuing them.

Noire strolled on over to her housemate beside the wheel; the DJ going so far as to wearing an eye-patch over her right eyes with a small, white skull in the middle of it, a painted scar on her left cheek, capping one of her teeth with a fate gold one and wore a black bandana to cover her hair. It amused her, though, knowing her friend was as excited to go back to the island.

“Any word from our guests?” she asked and looked towards the stern to see another bigger ship tagging along with them. Jaclyn and Raylins’ friends decided to tag along with a couple researchers.

“Ney, Capt’in’! Them land-lovers said no word al’ day.” she replied with a thick accent and a grin on her lips.

“Inform them to get ready hit land. We’ll camp out on the shore for the night, and then move out to the crater in the morning.”

“Aye-Aye, Cap’tin’!” she grabs the radio and turned it on, “Sound Wave teh Krystal Clear, Sound Wave teh Krystal, ovah!”

The device statics for a second before a reply came, “This is Krystal Clear to Sound Wave. What is it that you need? Over.” a man replied.

“Capt’in’ Nowa ordered fer yer land-lovers teh get might ready fer land-ho. Ovah”

“Roger that. I’ll inform the others now. Over.” with that the call was over.

“You keep steering the wheel, Olivia. Jaclyin?” she called out for the farm girl.

Said girl lifted off her hat and looked up at Noire, “Yeah?”

“Can you help me to pack things up?” she asked.

“Sure thin’, sugar.” she replied and both women went down to the deck together.

Olivia eased the inflated zodiac down onto the calm waters with the small crane while Raylin was on the small boat. Once it hit water and floated, Raylin unhooked the straps from the crane but was still firmly tied onto the ship to keep it from drifting away as Raylin started loading the supplies onto the boat with Jaclyn passing the load onto her.

Olivia then quickly went over to her friends’ side with the speakers on the side. She checked the equipment and adjusted the volume before tapping the mike, causing loud thumping sounds to escape the speakers.

Noire looked back at the second ship behind their own boat anchored in place. Those people were getting ready as well to head for land for the vacation. She could see the Jaclyn and Raylins’ looking at their direction, waiting for what will happen next.

Both friends cleared their voices and took deep breaths before they yelled out.


Olivia quickly turned the speakers off to wait for a reply. They didn’t have to wait long as they all heard a roaring screech echoing out from the forest like they just woken a banshee, a few birds flying away from their perches to escape to another part of the island to get away from the loud visitors once and for all.

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