Meledys' Island

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Chapter 9

Once a Girl Scout…

Noire quickly limps through the darkening forest, her cheeks damp with her salty tears as well as bloodshot eyes. While gasping for air, she looks back in paranoia but trips on a surfacing root while doing so and starts rolling down a muddy hill with yelps and grunts and suddenly stops hard with a thump, dead leaves being thrown up into the air like confetti.

She coughs and spits out dirt from her mouth and groans from her beaten body. She spits out more dirt and opens her eyes to be met with a large black scorpion close to her face; its broad pincers spread out defensively and its big black stinger ready to strike.

With a screech, she jumps back up to her feet and starts running once more as best she can through the thick, dimming undergrowth.

She was tired, both physically and mentally. All she wanted was a quiet and relaxing cruise with Olivia for a good month before going back to their quaint little home and work. Yes, Olivia was more or less goofing around on the ship with the young girls and boys and playing pranks of the ships’ crew but she never went beyond that because she knew she herself wanted to have a relaxing cruise.

She takes a quick glance up at the sky and sees the stars were out and shining as she hurriedly limps across the ground with her tired and aching feet.

After a few more moments she bursts out of the forest and collapses on the sandy ground, the sound of waves washing up as well as the cool light breeze brushing by her face. The moon shines brightly in the sky, coating both land and sea with its cool, gentle silvery light.

She stares at the moon for a good moment or two to rest, she takes a deep breath and sits herself up with closed eyes concentrating on calming down her emotions to think more clearly. Though, it was hard to concentrate clearly without Olivia to be there with her. After a few moments, she manages to calm down enough to start searching her surroundings with tear-drenched cheeks.

She was sure this was a different part of the islands’ shoreline; it was more of a small lagoon than anything else as a short wall of dark rocks and stone curves around her sides but gradually shrinks down into the ocean with the smoothing stone.

She breathes out shakily and rests down onto the warm sand and inspects her injured arm closely. The small cuts were still there but long stopped bleeding out. She unbuttons the bottom half of her vest, gently tucking away her arm close to her stomach to keep it warm and covers parts of her exposed skin with her other hand to keep it warm.

She hangs her head and continues to rest. Her mind was yelling at her to go find her partner, to make sure she was okay, but she gave up. She was too tired to do anything anymore, she was defeated and battered like a broken solder left behind after battling endlessly till their body and mind couldn’t function anymore to continue. She was a broken glass that couldn’t be brought back together with a simple clear sticky tape and some glue.

She continues to hang her head, accepting defeat like a grieving human she was. She accepts she was stuck here on an island that couldn’t stop giving her a hard time right from the start, turning her into a living stress ball that made her blood boil like a whistling kettle, raising her blood pressure like a volcano ready to erupt and stressing her body to the breaking point. That point, part of her mind was screaming at her to rest and sleep, and right before she could, loud brushing of leaves, snapping twigs and swaying trees catches her attention like an elephant was going through the forest.

Using her last bit of strength, she crawls and drags herself to a large rock and hides herself behind it as best she could and curls into a small ball against the rough surface. She couldn’t do anything else; she was starving as her stomach aches, her dry throat thirst for cool water, her mind numb from the lack of nutrients and liquid and her muscles dead from being overworked to the breaking point. In the back of her mind, she knew she wouldn’t last for too long without help, sooner if that new monster wants to have a little snack.

As she slowly close her eyes, being lulled to sleep by the gentle washing waves, she hears light murmuring of her companion behind the rock but passes out not a second later the moment everything goes dark.


Waking from a dreamless slumber, Noire cracks her eyes open but quickly shuts them as the suns’ light bombards her blurring sight. She whimpers and tries to cover up her face with both her hands but winces as the other stings inside and out. She just covers her eyes with the other as her body slowly starts to wake from sleep and rests her injured arm against her stomach.

Her mind aches as if she had a hangover of a lifetime from a night of hard party. Her mouth and tongue felt dry as well as her throat, her stomach aches of emptiness and her limbs felt stiff as a log. As she feels these aching pains throughout her body, a thought goes through her mind.

She was still alive.

She blinks her eyes to get them used to the light as she starts looking around her surroundings with squinty eyes while still lying on her back.

She was resting beside a large tree with comfortable green moss bed cushioning her body from the ground and the leaves of the tree overhead shading her from the sun… well, somewhat anyway. The sandy beach was right above her head, gentle waves washing up the shore and against the dark rocky ridge. The birds sing within the forest nearby and distant, giant, mountains of clouds slowly drift through the sky in a snails’ pace. If she wasn’t trapped on the island and was on a vacation, she might have considered staying for a couple more days. Who knows, maybe she’ll be stuck here for the rest of her life with…

“O-Olivia?” she says out loud and starts looking around for her companion while sitting herself up. “Olivia?!” she yells out but quickly coughs as her sore throat tickles.

With a quick whiff of an odd odour, she looks down and sees some type of seaweed wrapped around her cut up arm. She wonders what good the marine plant was doing to her but just shakes her head and continues to wonder where her partner went off to this time-


She whips her head to her right and sees Olivia smiling at her, with her lower ribcage wrapped in the same weed as well as a leaf basket being held against her side.

“Good morning, Nowy.” She greets and moves closer to her sitting housemate and sits down as well.

Noire smiles in relief at the site before her, “I got worried about you.” She says with a quiver of her lower lip, wraps her good arm around the others’ neck with a small smile, pulling her closer and kisses her cheek lovingly.

Olivia chuckles and brings the basket down for Noire with a small wince, filled to the rim of various fruits and even a few rolled up seaweeds. “Hungry?” she asks. Her answer comes in a form of Noire burying her face into the basket, her cheeks bulging out like a chipmunk with full cheeks, munching and crunching messily with juices leaking out.

After filling her stomach of fresh food, Noire makes the most unladylike belch ever heard from between the two. She quickly covers up her lips with a surprised expression. Olivia laughs at her blushing companion and picks up a pear to eat herself, taking out a large bite.

“Geez, Nowy, you almost beat my record with that burp of yours.” She snickers as she sees her shrinking from embarrassment, turning redder than an apple. She gently nudges the womans’ side, gaining Noires’ attention as she tries to disappear the best she could, “Oh lighten up, Nowy, we’re the only ones out here to witness that.” But right after she finishes saying that, a short roar was heard within the forest. “Um… actually, add another one to that list of island residents.” She corrects herself as she looks to the direction of the roar with an expectant smile.

Noire cowers and shakes in fear, trying to hide herself behind her companion, peeking out from Olivia’s neck and shoulder with pin pricked eyes. “W-what in the world… was th-that?” she squeaks out as the thrashing within the forest increases in volume with birds flying out their perches from the disturbance.

Olivia looks at her with a happy smile, “Fluffy.” She simply answers as the hairy beast leaps out of the forests’ tree line a dozen metres away, looking from to and fro with a worried, urgent look. Olivia quickly notices Noires’ terrified expression, scooting herself closer to the girl and gently shushing her as well as caressing her back; down her neck and on to the mid of her back. “Sshhh… Nowy, it’s okay, Fluffy won’t hurt, yah. He’s more scared of you than you are to him. Come on, it’s okay.” She continues to whisper comforting words to the shaking cellist.

The large beast slowly lumbers over to them warily, taking each calculated step onto the warm sand and then stops, leaning its head up to peek at the shaking girl in curiosity, just staying in place about ten feet away.

Noire presses herself closer to Olivia, anchoring herself onto the DJ to calm herself.

“It’s okay, Nowy. Fluffy won’t hurt you and me. He’s just a big softy with a heart of a lion.” Olivia continues whispering to her and hugs her to get the woman out of her shell.

After a while of trying to coach her to calm down, Noire finally opens one of her clenched, amber eyes and looks up at her. Olivia smiles proudly and playfully tussles the cellists’ hair.

“There’s my cello playing girl.” Olivia congratulates and briefly hugs her with one arm, resting her chin on top of Noires’ head, gaining a small smile from the young woman. Olivia looks down at her as Noire gives her her full attention, “Now, Nowy. I know you don’t wanna meet or even see my new friend, but you have to give him a chance… He saved us.” Noire then looks down at her hands and legs in hesitation. “It doesn’t have to be now, maybe later, but he is here now. Like you said in the past, ‘Get it over with so we can get going.’…” The phrase itself causes a slight wince from Noire as a memory briefly clouds her mind, filling her will guilt. Olivia notices this and reassures her with a little hug, “It’s okay, Nowy. It’s in the past and you apologised. That’s more than enough for me.” She says but Noire continues to stare down. “So… do you want to meet him now?” she quietly asks.

Noire continues to look down at her clenched hands and fidgets a little. After a moment of waiting she eventually lightly nod her head in agreement, also tensing her body in the process.

Olivia notices, “Nowy, I promise I won’t let Fluffy get too close to you, you can just take a peek at him as well.” She assures. Noire internally sighs in relief and nods her head and looks up at her.

Olivia looks back to see Fluffy just resting down on the sand, watching them from a short distance. Noire moves her leaf bowl to the side with her good hand and gradually inches forward with quiet grunts and pants. She leans her head down and slowly peeks out from behind Olivias’ side.

When she sees the large, dark creature just quietly watching them like a curious dog watching its owners speaking to one another, she freezes and holds her breath as they both lock eyes. She wants to scoot back to hide but her body was petrified to even acknowledge her command and Olivias’ hand was firmly wrapped her back to stop her from moving.

Few moments of silence later, she finally releases her breath and blinks a couple times to moist her dry eyes, quickly rubbing off the irritation with her good hand. Tears forms by how dry her eyes has become but quickly she feels a cool sensation being gently wipe across her forehead, cooling her temperature to a blissful level and wipes her cheeks and eyelids from her salty tears. She smiles at how quickly she feels better and opens her eyes, expecting Olivia carrying a wet cloth in her grasp but only sees a long, large tongue slithering back over to its owner, the beas-… Fluffy.

Noire sheepishly smiles with a small flush on her cheeks, “Thank you… F-Fluffy.” she thanks the monstrous, dark, gentle giant and leans herself on Olivias’ side.

Fluffy makes a throaty coo and forms a sort of a smile at her in response as he starts to gently sway his tail from to an’ fro.

“See? He’s just a big softy.” Olivia chuckles but quickly winced, “Ow…” she squeaks out as she holds her sides.

“Olivia?!” Noire frantically starts inspecting her partner as Olivias’ breathing calms down.

“It… it’s okay, Nowy…” Olivia pants for a few more moments before relaxing and smiling at Noire, “That buck-beaked loser got me pretty good…” she looks at her seaweed bandage and begins to slowly peel it off with the help of her hairy friend. Noire gasps at the large, fist size bruise; it was swollen, at its centre was nearly black and gradually turns to a sickly purple, then blue, and finally to red and pink at its rims.

Fluffy gathers up the used seaweed with his tongue and goes off into the forest with heavy steps, making the calm forest air echo with mighty thumps.

Noire looks at Olivia with a newfound determination and slowly gets herself up, “Olivia, it’s your turn to rest for once.” She nudges the bowl-leaf closer to the DJ and begins looking around while standing up, “My turn to take care of us and figure out how to get off this island.” She says and faces the open ocean, spotting a few distant, lush islands at the horizon. “Okay!” she starts making short hops, trying to get herself hyped, “F-first things first!” she suddenly stops as her mind jams itself, “U-um… First thing’s first… is…” she starts looking around once more in confusion.

“Find food and water!” Olivia calls out behind her.

“Right! Food and water! Where could those be?” she moves on over to the forests’ edge and starts limping around, looking around for anything edible.

“Um… Nowy!?” Olivia calls out once more.

“Yes!?” Noire stuffs her head into a bush.

“We already know where the food and water sources are!”

Noire suddenly pops out, “I knew that!” she calls out as Olivia quietly giggles. “Okay. Secondly is…”

“Find or make a shelter!” Olivia answers for her.

Noire just stops, and after a moment, she turns and limps on over to her companion and stares at her.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Olivia says with a full mouth and begins brushing her face with her free hand to get something off that wasn’t there.

“How do you know all these things?” she asks.

“Know what?”

“How to survive out here?”

“Oh! That. Yeah, I was with the Girl Scouts before I met you. My mom enlisted me because I had nothing else better to do. I wasn’t the best scout but I was average with the grades.” She answers before popping a berry into her mouth.

“Oh… why didn’t you tell me you were a Girl Scout?” Noire asks out of curiosity.

“Simple. It never came up till now and you never asked.” Olivia answers and pops in another berry into her mouth and happily chews.

“Oh… sorry.” Noire says, crestfallen.

“Nah, it’s fine, Nowy.” Olivia waves it off with a chuckle. “It was fun, but not that much.” She assures and throws in another berry. She chuckles while chewing, “Although, I almost became a pyromaniac when I figured out how to make fire. Took me about three months to stop myself from lighting anything on fire after my stay at the camp.” She giggles at all the times she got in trouble for making small pit fires around the campus and her home.

After a moment of silence, while Noire was thinking, thundering steps was going towards them. Noire squeaks and quickly hides herself beside Olivia, peeking out through the crook of her neck. Olivia lightly chuckles at her housemates’ antics as Fluffy jumps out of the forest, rolls of fresh seaweed being held by his oral appendage and happily goes closer to her. He gently un-roles it on the mossy bed near the forest floor, lifts one up into the air and looks at both girls expectantly.

Olivia looks at her companion with a smile, “Okay, Nowy,” she gains her attention, “I need you to help me get up so Fluffy can patch me up. Can yah do that for me?” she asks and Noire shakily nods in response.

Olivia gently leans onto her and Noire slowly stands up, gaining a wince and a few hisses from the injured girl. As they finally stand up, Fluffys’ tongue stretches out and begins wrapping the long seaweed around her chest - just under her breasts - carefully and applies a light layer of saliva onto her bruised wound, gaining a relieved, blissful sigh from Olivia with a small delighted shiver.

Olivia gently rests herself back down and lays on her side and rests her head down onto her curled arm with a small smile, “That’s better.” She says with closed eyes.

“Um… Olivia?” the DJ in question looks up at her. “What do I… do next?” she asks.

“Oh! First off, Fluffy’s going to change that seaweed on your arm.” Noire quietly whimpers and droops a little, “Oh you’ll be fine, Nowy, it doesn’t hurt very much, you’ll barely feel it! Now come on and rest down beside me.” She orders as she sits herself up slowly.

With some hesitation Noire sits down on her knees beside her and eyes her bandaged arm with the fear of feeling a burning pain or some sort. Then taken by surprise, Olivia hushes her and brings the girls’ head against her chest with a hug, comforting her somewhat.

“I promise, Noire, nothing’s going to happen,” Olivia whispers into her ear.

After a moment of letting the words sink in, she buries her face into Olivias’ chest to look away and slowly brings out her arm. A moment later, she feels a gentle prod onto her hand from the creatures’ tongue, causing Noire to whimper and shake in fear. But her shaking quickly subsides as she feels Olivia caress her hair and quietly hushes into her ear. Noire quickly holds onto Olivias’ voice and thumping heart to distract her from the slimy appendage.

After what felt like hours of listening to Olivas’ heart, a voice speaks up.

“There! All done with your boo-boo.” Olivia says and plants a quick peck on the top of her head.

Noire opens her eyes in surprise and slowly looks at her arm. The once nearly dried seaweed was now replaced with a new vibrant, livelier one, as well as coated with a light layer of cool slime within and out the bandages.

“H-how…?” she tries to speak up as she inspects her arm.

“See? Was it that hard?” Olivia ruffles up her already messy hair, “Fluffy knows what he’s doing. I don’t know how, but he knows.”

Noire looks up at the beast with a small, timid smile and paws at the sandy ground with her fingers, “Thank you… Fluffy.” and the reply she gets was one big, wet lick on the cheek, completely covering the whole left side of her face with slimy saliva, causing Olivia to laugh at Noires’ sudden, surprised expression as her hair stands up in the air by Fluffys’ thick saliva. Their big companion happily wags his tail and pants with his tongue lolling out like dogs do when they know their owners were happy with them.

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