Meledys' Island

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Chapter 10

Fix’it Noire

As the day slowly went on for the trio, Noire continues to collect items within the forest to make a temporary campsite for her and her partner with the help of the mighty, gentle giant. They could just go back to the cave, but she didn’t want to stress Olivias’ injured ribcage and possibly make it worse with all the moving. Besides, they have a great view.

Noire flops down onto her rump on the forest floor and pants. She gently puts her makeshift satchel bag down, full of fruits and three bamboo water bottles filled with fresh and cool water. She found the bamboo with the help of her new friend deep in the forest. She continues to take her breath while Fluffy looks at her with worry and quietly whines to her and picks up the bag from her and a pile of freshly cut bamboo with his tongue. He rests down onto his stomach and motions her to get on up on him with a nudge of his head.

Noire stares at him for a moment of consideration and eventually nods her head with a sigh and slowly gets back up to her feet a bit shakily. She goes up to the massive body and looks up, trying to figure out how to get up to the top of the beast. But then she yelps in surprise as she feels something wet and slippery press against her butt, urging her against the body. She looks back and sees part of Fluffys’ tongue was gently pushing up against her. She quickly understands after a brief moment of confusion and plants her hand against his shaggy coat, grabs a handful of hair as Fluffy starts pushing her up while she climbs up the best she could with her tired arms.

She grunts as she pulls herself up at the rest of the way and rests down with a sigh and closes her eyes. When she hears Fluffy grunting at her, she looks down at him and just nods her head and rests her head back down on his soft, comfy back.

The beast slowly rises up and begins lumbering back to the shore in a casual pace while carrying her bag and the bamboos with his tongue.

Noire repositions herself to face ahead, slowly sits up to her hunches and fixes her bowtie, tries to smooth out her hair and rests back down on her chest with a tired sigh. She starts looking around her surroundings curiously and sees the light has dimmed from the setting sun. The forest was audibly getting a little quiet with a relaxing sound of crickets making a chorus in the first hours of the coming evening, a few birds and frogs joining in with the insects.

Moments later, Fluffy brakes through the forest and onto the sandy shore. But the moment they step out into the open, a light, salty ocean breeze passes by, cooling the wet pants on her butt, causing the unprepared woman to tense up as a light layer of blush goes across her face. As Fluffy goes over to their campsite, she quickly wipes her backside with her hand quickly in embarrassment as a few of Fluffys’ fur clings to her rump like a possessive vine.

As they reach their camp, Fluffy rests back down while Noire carefully slides herself down on his side. Fluffy then puts down the bamboo and bag nearby, making Olivia smile at the items they found.

“Where’d you find the bamboo!?” Olivia asks excitedly as she drags one pole of a bamboo over to her and examines the stem with a big smile.

“Fluffy, did.” Noire goes on over to her bag and takes out one of the makeshift bottles and shows it to Olivia, “We got water too.” She smiles weakly.

“Oh wow!” Olivia takes the offering, opens the lid and chugs down the cool water inside, a few leaks streaking down her chin and cheeks. She finishes with a sigh of relief and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, “That hit the spot.” She says and closes the lid.

Noire smiles at her and then looks back at the pile of bamboo right behind her, “So… what do we do with these?” she asks, strolls on over and rolls a pole to and fro with her foot.

“Did you get the vines I asked for?” Olivia asks and Noire nods as she pulls out a hefty length of green vines from her satchel.

Noire scrunches up her nose a little at the thin vine on her hand, “These were hard to get.” She remembers trying to pull one out of a tree with all her might but suddenly flew back with a squeak when Fluffy cut the thing with one of his claws and landed on slick mud with a splatter. It took an hour and a half to wash off the brown substance from her skin and clothes in cold river water. Noire shudders at the memory.

“Good! We’re going to make a bed frame under this tree.” Olivia says as she slowly gets up to her feet with a wince. She looks at the worried Fluffy and Noire with a smirk but had one eye closed as she fights back against the pain on her side.

“What?” Noires’ worried expression soon gave way to confusion, “Why?” She looks at the moss bedding she and Olivia rested on, “Isn’t it easier to just rest on that?” she points.

Olivia nods while slowly limping on over to the bamboo, “Yeah, but what’s going to happen if it starts to rain? We can’t reach the cave without getting drenched and cold first, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree it’s a lot better to sleep on something dry and not have creepy crawlies crawlin’ on yah while we sleep.” She chuckles as Noires’ face drains of blood with her eyes wide, her irises turning into pinpricks. Olivia then looks at her shaggy friend with a smile and waves her hand for him to come over, “Get over here, Fluffy.” She says happily, making the beast perk his ears and wag his tail as he quickly scurries over to her. She looks at a bamboo pole in front of her, measuring it with her eyes before she gently grips Fluffys’ clawed paw. “Fluffy. Cut.” She makes a slashing motion with her hand with a little growl, showing Fluffy what to do and points at the bamboo. She looks around, spots what she needs, quickly walks over and picks up a sharp rock with a wince, goes back over beside Fluffy and makes a mark with a little cut on the hard stem. She points at the mark while looking at her new companion, “Fluffy, cut.” She makes a slashing motion once more and points at the marker once more.

Fluffy looks back and forth at her and the bamboo with his paw raised but quickly understands her. He slashes the bamboo in half at the small marker.

“That’s a good boy!” Olivia congratulates and begins rubbing his head affectionately. Fluffy leans in on her hands with a delightful groan and starts kicking one of his hind legs in bliss and licks his master on the whole right side of her face in thanks.

Noire giggles at them both before looking out into the horizon, watching the setting sun, ever so slowly descend to make way for the coming night.


By the time they were finished making the bed frame, the stars were shining and twinkling in the night sky with the bright moon shining down on the island, making the ocean sparkle of its silvery light.

The small bombfire crackles, bathing Olivia and Noire with a blanket of warmth as they finally finished their bamboo-bed-frame-contraption. Their bodies were a full three feet off the ground, had a roof over their heads that could collect fresh rainwater if it starts raining and had a small three step staircase made of boulders that Fluffy found for them around the beach.

“Aaaand… through the hole… aand… you’re done!” Olivia congratulates as she ruffles Noires’ hair from their ‘bed’, gaining a relieved sigh from the tired woman. The cellist rests down on her rump and hangs her head back to stretch and rest her strained muscles in her neck.

“Goodness, that was a hassle to tie.” She voices her complaint and looks at her latest knot that ties the bamboo column to the roofing. She huffs and looks at her companion resting and nudges her head to the side as she slowly gets up, “Scoot over, Olivia.” She gets up to the steps with a commanding tone and waits for Olivia to move aside to make space for her.

With a little chuckle and a nod, Olivia carefully shimmies herself closer to the bark of the tree, making room for Noire. Noire gets herself comfortable; tucking her arms inward, turning her back to be exposed to the elements and cuddles a little closer to Olivias’ side for some warmth while nestling her face into the DJs’ chest, making Olivia chuckle.

Olivia looks over at their beastly companion resting under a coconut tree as it gets ready to sleep, “Goodnight, Fluffy.” She whispers, making the beast whine in return. Olivia makes a throaty chuckle before a mighty yawn escapes her system, making her eyes droop and drowsy. She snuggles up with her partner to go to sleep as well.

The lulling sound of a crackling fire, gentle washing waves, brushing leaves of the trees caused by the ocean breeze and nocturnal insects, frogs and toads making a calming chorus within their forest home. It was the perfect combination to make any day dwelling creature to go into slumber, but a certain musician had a question to ask before going to sleep.

“Olivia…?” Noire whispers in Olivias’ warm chest.


“How are you so calm about this whole… ‘turn of events’?” she asks. It takes a good minute to get her answer from the party woman in question.

“Actually… I was freaking out just like you when I woke up washed up on the beach. But when I found you I knew I had to be calm for you, so I took my breath and inspected you for any injuries or even if you were breathing.” Olivias’ body shivers as she gets cozy with her, “After that, I accidentally woke you up to see if you were in a coma or something. I was relieved when you were your grumpy self.” She quietly giggles and nuzzles her nose into Noires’ hair, “When you went back to sleep, I knew you’d be out for some time after sleeping on wet sand, so I went out to go find some fresh water and maybe a little bit of food. When I got into the creepy, quiet part of the forest, I got tackled down by Fluffy.” She giggles once more, “Oh, you should’ve seen my face, Nowy, I was freakin’ out like a drugged out hippie. All I saw at the time was a big mouth full of sharp teeth and a big, long tongue. When I hit him with a rock that was beneath me, I crawled myself over to a tree and used a broken off branch to protect myself. When I saw the big guy, he was pouting like big-o’l-puppy while showing me a small branch of berries for me. Oh, I just fell in love with the cutie, so that’s when I started calling him, Fluffy. When we made peace, he threw me up on his back and showed me where he lived. After that, I told him to ‘stay’ and ran back to get you. Took me some time. I nearly got lost.” She finishes her little story with a little chuckle.

After a minute of getting no response, she slowly lifts her head and sees Noire was fast asleep with quiet, little snores. Olivia smiles, pecks Noire on top of her head and rested back down.

“Goodnight, Nowy.” She whispers.

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