Meledys' Island

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Capt’n Meledy

~Three Months Later~

Noire never knew she had it in her, but she was actually enjoying-No! Thrilled to sail the sea! She had her own sailboat now, donated generously by the crown so she could visit her island whenever she wants.

The S.S. (Seafaring Ship) Sound Wave.

It was not small by any means and she was proud to call it her own.

The boat was forty feet long from stern to bow and eighteen feet from port to starboard, and the pull holding up the massive sail was fifty feet high. On the sides of the smooth, glinting hall of her ship, printed in bold, electric blue letters was SOUND WAVE. The boat was rather plain looking like a regular wind-powered boat, but inside, there was plenty of room to fit in a small household.

There were at least two sleeping courters located near the stern, a small kitchen with a stove and a fridge around the middle and is also where they store all their food and water, a living room located near the bow, and of course, a working restroom. Right above those was the radio room, where all the maps, radios and paper works were, but last and not least the steering wheel right in front of that little workspace. But sense this is the modern time, the ship was equipped with a powerful engine that could propel the ship up to thirty miles per hour when there are no winds to pull the sails. The boat also had a zodiac and a small crane for them to get off the boat to get to shallower areas.

All and all, this little ship was a cross-breed between a yaut and a research vessel.

The ship wasn’t the only thing that got her excited; it was the looming, tropical island right ahead of them, eclipsing the setting sun with its peaks.

“Land-ho! Avast, Madam Noires’ bountiful plot!” Olivia yells from behind, instantly causing Noire to blush hard.

Noire quickly spins around while covering up her rear with her hands, now feeling very self-conscious.

“Olivia!” she yells in embarrassment, making her partner laugh out loudly.

“We’ll reach the island in twenty min’ts, Capt’n’!” Olivia declares from the wheel with a quick salute, a smirk plastered on her face.

Noire lightly shakes her head with a small smirk of her own; she still couldn’t believe Olivia insisted on talking like an old-time sailor during this trip.

She turns her gaze from the wheel to see Jaclyn lying down on her back with her legs crossed and using her hands as a pillow while tilting her Stetson hat down to shield her eyes from the sun. Raylin swoops over the ship, flying circles and flips around the vastly open sky - quite literally - all day.

She invited both women along to have a week of vacation on the island with them after what happened three months ago; she feels she needed to pay them back for rescuing them.

Noire strolls on over to her housemate beside the wheel; the DJ going so far as to wearing an eyepatch over her right eye with a small, white skull in the middle of it, a painted scar on her left cheek, capping one of her front teeth with a fake gold one and wore a black bandana to cover her hair. It amused her, though, knowing her companion was as excited to go back to the island.

“Any word from our guests?” Noire asks and looks towards the stern to see another bigger ship tagging along with them. Some of Jaclyn and Raylans’ friends decided to tag along with a couple researchers and a nobleman.

“Ney, Capt’n’! Them land-lovers say nary word al’ day.” she replies with a thick accent and a grin on her lips.

“Inform them to get ready to hit land. We’ll camp out on the shore for the night and then move out to the crater in the morning.”

“Aye-Aye, Capt’n’!” she grabs the radio and turns it on, “Sound Wave teh Krystal Clear, Sound Wave teh Krystal, ovah!”

The device statics for a second before a reply came, “This is Krystal Clear to Sound Wave. What is it that you need? Over.” a man replies.

“Capt’n’ Nowa orders fer ye land-lovers teh get might ready fer land-ho. Ovah”

“Roger that. I’ll inform the others now. Over.” with that the call was over.

“You keep steering the wheel, Olivia. Jaclyn?” Noire calls out for the farm girl.

Said girl lifts off her hat and looks up at Noire, “Yeah?”

“Can you help me to pack things up?” she asks as she opens up a hatch to the lower deck.

“Sure thin’, sugar.” she replies and both women goes down to the deck one after the other.


Olivia eases the inflated zodiac down onto the calm waters with the small crane while Raylan was on the small boat. Once it hits the water and floats, Raylin unhooks the straps from the crane but was still firmly ties to the ship to keep it from drifting away as Raylin begins loading the supplies onto the boat with Jaclyn passing the load onto her.

Olivia then quickly goes over to her partners’ side with the speakers on the side. She checks the equipment and adjusts the volume before tapping the mike, causing loud thumping sounds to escape the speakers.

Noire looks back at the second ship behind their own boat anchored in place. Those people were getting ready as well to head for land for the vacation. She can see Jaclyn and Raylins’ looking at their direction, waiting for what will happen next.

The couple clear their voices and takes in deep breaths before they both yell out.


Olivia quickly turns the speakers off to wait for a reply. They didn’t have to wait long as they all heard a roaring screech echoing out from the forest like they just woken a banshee, a few birds flying away from their perches to escape to another part of the island to get away from the loud visitors once and for all.

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