Meledys' Island

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Chapter 1

Life’s a Beach

Everything felt calm, quiet and serene as the young woman sits near the railing on a cliff side with her cello, her long, dark, silky hair and dress swaying in the cool breeze. Her slender yet curvy body is akin to an hourglass, lightly tanned skin was gently worked by the sun and the elements and her bright hazel eyes with amber flecks shone in the setting sun.

Noire watches the sunset, her back to the regal city over looking the beautiful, vibrant land. The cool breeze continues to lightly sway her dark, raven hair while it cools her exposed skin from her dark grey dress, caressing it to a comfortable temperature. For the first time in a long time, she breathes in and lets all of her stress and frustrations out. She feels at peace, and right as she sets her bow down onto her strings to play a tune, she feels someone poke her right cheek and everything suddenly becomes dark and blank as she awakes.

“Hey, Nowy… you still alive?” The familiar and somewhat raspy voice calls out to her as the owner of the voice pokes her cheek once more.

Noire waves her away with a tired hand as she turns over with an irritated moan, “Go away, Olivia…” She mumbles to her partner as she tries to go back to the sweet embrace of sleep.

“Fine…” Olivia whines in defeat with a short huff. After a moment of silence, she speaks up, “Want me to find a coconut for you?” she suddenly asks.

“Mm…” Noire moans in response, begging for the young woman to go off to her shenanigans and dub-box or whatever else she calls her music. The sound of her adorable whine and feet crunching away on wet sand is music to her ears, especially the sound of waves washing up on the shore and the serene trees blowing in the cool breeze.

Curling herself a little on the sandy bed, she smiles and thinks, Mm… finally. Time to rest on this soft, cool… gritty bed… she nestles in, tucking in her legs and arms closer to her body to get cozy. After a long moment passes the gears in her head begins to come back to life as they slowly spin, Mm… why does it feel so… strange? she thinks as the gears start to gradually speed up as her little mental hamster awakes for a morning workout. Hm… I feel just fine… Maybe I forgot something? she ponders long and hard trying to find when or anything she might have forgotten; an important meeting with somebody or anything but nothing comes in her mental checklist.

She sighs with a light shake of her head and nestles back down, “Well, nothing like a good long nap will fix…” she murmurs with a quiet, sleepy tone as she moves around to get herself more comfortable as wet sand clings to her body. Mmm… comfy, wet, cool sand… wait… Sand? SAND!?

She quickly scrambles up to a sitting position with wide eyes, just now seeing what her companion meant by ‘find a coconut’. She screams at the top of her lungs at the sight before her, causing a few birds in the trees to fly off; they were now stranded in the middle of nowhere on a tropical island.

She begins to hyperventilate at the thought of being stuck here forever, with no food or shelter. They’ll DIE of dehydration, or from an unknown infection, or get ripped apart by a wild animal!

She checks herself to find she was wearing her casual clothing; polished, black shoes, dark grey pants, white, button-up shirt with a baby blue bowtie on her collar and a grey vest. They were wet and cold of course; sleeping near the waterline will do that to nearly any piece of cloth or clothing. Though, the only thing missing on her is her wond and its’ holster, which in turn panics her mind even more.

Her thoughts race a mile a second from one point to another of how they’ll DIE, but then her line of panicked thinking is interrupted by the girl she’d been stuck with for most of her life.

“Hey, Nowy!” She looks to her right as she continues to heavily breathe and sees her roommate, waving at her happily, clinging onto a coconut tree upside down as the tree bent down with the extra weight, her electric blue, two-toned, dyed hair hangs freely and swaying lightly in the gentle breeze. She then suddenly looses her grip on the tree with a slip and falls into a bush billow with a yelp as three coconuts shook themselves off their parent tree and made audible ‘Bonks’ in the bush. “Ow!” she then hears the girl mumbling to herself angrily about ‘treacherous’ coconuts.

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