Meledys' Island

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Chapter 2

Farewell Lover!

As Olivia simply slurps on her coconut, a few empty shells laying around her, Noire watches her partner in fascination as the playful DJ is propped up against a tree she tried to climb up earlier.

She wore her usual clothing; black tank top, white hoody with an open zipper and short sleeves, white short-shorts and white and blue running shoes, leaving most parts of her legs, arms and belly open. Noire was sure her companion didn’t wear any undergarments under her tight shorts, but she wasn’t too sure with herself to gamble on it.

Olivia and herself were considered to be beautiful musicians; Olivia playing in night clubs and rave parties, remixing music and songs of the modern time while she, herself, played classical music with her cello, sometimes a violin or viola on rare occasions, and a quartet of other musicians in more regal theatres. Even though her companion was born into a rich, regal family, Olivia stood out like a sore thumb amongst them; being a little wild with her crazy shenanigans, loud, impatient and energetic, but her parents supported her with her goals nonetheless. She wanted to become independent and be a professional music mixer, and so she did with great enthusiasm.

They were the same height and about the same age, though, Olivias’ skin was a little pale compared to her own, most likely caused by staying indoors during the day and going out at night to party. Her vibrant, electric blue eyes faintly shone in the dark, most likely because of her heritage; one of her ancestors being a High Elf. Probably the reason why she has little points on her ears as well, yet they were barely noticeable as they curled back a little, making her look like a regular human.

Olivia tosses the empty shell to the side, relieving her stomach of its’ built-up gases with a loud, long belch, causing a few exotic birds within the forest to be, yet again, disturbed from their rightful nests. She sighs blissfully and pats her stomach with a smile like a happy, glutinous couch potato, scratching her belly button and slowly sliding down onto her back on the dry, warm sand.

“How and why are you so relaxed?” Noire asks in shock as she stands over her housemate.

“Huh?” Olivia looks up at her questioningly with her sapphire blue eyes.

“How are you so relaxed?” Noire raises her volume a little more to send her message straight while placing both her hands on her hips.

“Why not?” Olivia shrugs with a small smirk, leans back onto the tree and used her hands as pillows.

“Why not?” the Cellist hisses, glaring daggers at the relaxing party-girl in front of her, “We’re stranded, in the middle of nowhere!” She yells angrily and begins stomping and kick up sand repeatedly in a tantrum. She swings her gaze back to her partner as Olivia watches her in confusion and a slight hint of concern. Noire stomps over to her, scrunching up her face, “Can you even see anything negative to this disaster!?” she growls.

“Well…” she looks down to her side and draws out her favourite purple-tinted sunglasses, the right eyeglass revealing a crack webbing across the whole glass, “I need a replacement glass for my shades.” She then draws them up and rests them right on her hairline, a curl of hair keeping them in place.

Noire just stares at her for a long moment, right before she twitches her right eye and blows up like a collapsing dam “AAAAAAAAUUGH!!! We’re stranded on an Island, Olivia!” she turns to her right and puts up a hand to her brow to shield her eyes from the sun to look across the open ocean, “Oh! Look here!” She swiftly turns around and did the same thing, causing Olivia to look as well with a peak of interest, “Oh! And look there! Do you see it!?” she points out into the horizon with a finger and looks at her companion with a comically, manic big grin.

“No! What is it!?” Olivia excitedly gets up and stands beside her, squinting her eyes to see more clearly while briefly shaking her hips to and fro.

“NOTHING!!!” Noire screams into her ear, causing the poor DJ to fall back onto her rump and rub her ear with a wince. “We’re going to die out here!” Noire cries out in despair and runs over to a rock near the waterline with a stumble and collapses on it in a heap.

She cries mournfully for a few moments before she feels a comforting hand rub her back, calming her to a few sniffles while wiping her eyes the best she can with her hands and sleeves.

As she opens her eyes, though, she sees a cell phone half way embeded in the sand, its’ little screen glowing away brightly. She quickly scrambles over to it like a starving bum and grabs it desperately, rubbing her eyes to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. She than jabs herself on her side to make sure, receiving a shock of blissful pain. The little item brings a tear to her already drenched puffy eyes as she sees the bar count for the signal was full, ready to make a call.

She gets up to her feet with the phone on hand and scoops up her companion in a bear hug, “Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes! We’re going to be saved!” she cheers and twirls around with an oxygen deprived girl in her tight grasp.

“N-Nowy…” Olivia croaks out as she begins to feel lightheaded. Right after she speaks she is unceremoniously tossed away like garbage, or like a deflated balloon just landing after a ridiculous fly around.

The moment Olivia gasps for air on the sand Noire has already dialled a number for the coastguard. Olivia gasps and coughs for air but was quickly shushed by her partner, whom almost crushed her spine and ribs. Olivia returns Noires’ lifted palm with a scowl and sticks out her tongue mockingly.

After a few rings, it is picked up by a woman.

“This is the Tahlis Coastguard, how may I help you?” She asks.

“Hello, this is Noire Meledy with Olivia Wenning. We’re stranded on-”


Noire blinks as the line suddenly cuts off, “Hello?” she says but no one answers.

She looks at the screen, wondering what is happening but then her eyes goes wide in sheer horror of what the little cell tells her on the small screen.

“Battery level: 0%” and just like that, it shuts off like a light right in front of her.

Noire just stands there, staring at the cell phone with a blank expression and slouched shoulders. Olivia slowly walks up beside her and looks at the phone as well for a few moments before she looks at Noire.

“So… what now?” she asks and crosses her arms just under her breasts and leans in to get a better look at the device.

Noires’ hand holding the cell gradually begins to shake till the phone falls out of her grasp and splats down on the wet sand. She stands at attention with a shaky hand and swiftly lifts her head up and stares at Olivia with a grin that was dangerously close to splitting her face into two, her hair now fizzled up and her right eye starts twitching madly. Like a child on a sugar rush, she begins running around, stopping at random points.

“Oh! Maybe we can set fire to the whole island!? Somebody will see that!” she stares at the exotic, luscious forest for a brief moment before turning her gaze to a small sparkle of light on the beach close by. She zooms over to the twinkle of light like a lightning bolt, noticing it was a glass, empty, cracked wine bottle embedded within the sand. She scoops it up with a swipe of her hand while twirling a little on the spot like a ballerina, “Or maybe, we can send a message in a bottle! Y-yeah! That should work!” Her eyes perk up and turn her crazed gaze at the open ocean, “Ah! We can swim back!” she finishes, tossing the bottle over her shoulder as she sprints in the forest like the rushing women on Black Friday.

Olivia, on the other hand, is just standing nearby, watching her once sane partner losing it. She sighs and looks down at her wrist, checking on her imaginary watch. As she looks back up, she sees Noire stumbling out the forest with a coconut under her arm and skids to a halt in front of her.

“Yeah-Yeah! It’s hundred percent fool proof! Are you coming, Olivia!?” she faces her companion with a look of blind excitement. Olivia just gives her a deadpan stare and slightly raised an eyebrow. “Okay-okay! I’ll grab help and get back to save you! Wish me luck!” she tucks in the coconut securely and runs into the tropical waves, splashing up sea water. “I’ll be baaack!” Noire yells as she swims away with a wave of her hand and drops her coconut into the water. “Hey! Get back here!” she swims after her only food and water sours for the trip.

Olivia sighs with a light shake of her head. She strolls on over to the coconut tree with empty shells of coconuts littered around her, leans against the tree and checks her imaginary watch once more. As she checks with a three-second countdown of her fingers, it is quickly followed by a sound of a screaming girl with splashes of water. Olivia nods to herself, picks up an empty shell of a coconut with her hand and waits patiently as she stares ahead with a tapping foot and crossed arms.

The screaming increases in volume as well as limbs splashing on the shore. Noire gets out of the water with a baby shark clamped down on the bottom-back of her vest, wiggling its body as it tries to gnaw off her favourite clothing.

“Get-it-off! Get-it-off! Get-it-off!” she screams repeatedly as she runs around with a dripping wet body.

Just as she passes by, the focusing DJ knocks the baby shark off her with a swing of her broken shell and holds up the wiggling infant by its tail with her finger tips. She strolls on over to the shore and lightly tosses the shark back into the sea.

“Bye, little fella!” she waves happily at the infant shark as it swims away from the beach shore and blows it a kiss like they were long time lovers. She goes back over to the shaking young woman, hugging her legs against her chest while rocking back and forth on her rump, looking even more terrible and broken by the second. The DJ sits down beside her hyperventilating companion, “Okay, Noire, deep breaths.” she takes a deep breath to show her. Noire looks at her with bloodshot eyes, “Deep breaths, Nowy.” She does it again with a reassuring smile, as Noire begins doing what she was telling her to do. “In…” they both breathe in a lung full, “Oooouuuut…” they both breathe out at the same time. After a few more Noire calms down exponentially but continues to shiver in the cool breeze. “Want to go in the jungle? It’s a little warmer and shady.” Olivia suggests in a quiet, caring tone, acting as motherly as possible for a DJ to be while rubbing her partners’ back. Noire nods shakily in response, slowly getting herself up to her shaky feet. “Okay, let’s go in the shades.” Olivia lets her lean against her side, as they slowly walk into the dim forest.

Olivia gives the resting girl a makeshift coconut bowl filled with cool, clear water, slowly and gently tipping it on Noires’ lips so she can drink her fill as she lays next to a tall tree. Noire empties the water from the coconut bowl and rests her cheek back down to her arm and hand.

“Feeling better?” Olivia asks like a mother to her child, as she gently strokes Noires’ head, lightly pulling back her long, wet hair, just the way she enjoyed it.

“Thank you, Olivia…” she murmurs loud enough for her to hear and closes her eyes to rest, as Olivias’ gentle strokes lull her to sleep.

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