Meledys' Island

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Chapter 3

Did you bring the Bug Repellent?

When Noire awakes once more this time from a dreamless sleep, she makes a wide yawn and holds it for a few seconds before fluttering her eyes open. She lifts her head lazily while stretching her body and looks around to find herself surrounded by exotic, tropical plants of many species and sizes. She sighs sadly, hoping it was all just a bad dream. After finally accepting she and Olivia are stranded in the middle of nowhere, she takes a good look once more to see if she hasn’t noticed anything yet.

The ground was covered in brown, dead leaves, plant matter and a few snapped twigs, draping the dirt like a possessive carpet creature. She then notices she was leaning against the base of a tall tree, the base of its roots towering over her like a small wall, protecting her from the elements and a few vines growing against it like a latter to promise land. She slowly gets herself up, brushes herself off calmly and takes a few steps to examine any plants that catches her interests.

Vines hung overhead and between the branches like loose string as well as the leaves from the trees, few fallen logs lay rotting on their sides and bird songs echoing out new tunes in the calm air. Her ears than lightly twitches at the distant waves washing up the shore; turning her gaze towards a break through the forest, showing her the open ocean as well as the cyan blue sky. If only there were calming jazz music to play with the birds, then she could relax a little more.

All was calm and quiet for a good few minutes, until she feels something tickling her side. At first, it starts out as little giggles for a good moment as she tries to contain her laughter, but quickly turns into chuckles and as the dam brakes, it turns into an all-out laughing fit as pins and needles start invading her body. The poor woman collapses on the jungle floor, hollering out laughter as fresh tears start forming, blurring her vision.

Suddenly, the tickling increases ten folds all over her body, causing Noire to roll around the soil, making the tickling effect worse as tiny pins and needles continue coating her body like a swarm of angry bees.

She struggles up to her shaky legs and limps over to a tree, propping herself up in a fit of laughter. The moment she looks down, her teary eyes bulges out at the sight of her body being covered with thousands of dark brown, crawling Ants. With an ear shattering screech, she starts to frantically shake her body violently to get rid of the small insects off her clothes, while continuing screaming bloody murder.

While she continues screaming and flopping around on the jungle floor like a fish out of water, she manages to get herself closer to a small drop off without her noticing the calling of a river. She quickly gets up to her feet after crawling backwards, backing away from the last ant that flies off of her leg while standing up, but suddenly her foot slips over the loose, muddy edge. With a quick yelp, she flops down on the hard, unforgiving ground and begins sliding down while she groans from falling onto her breasts. Realising what was happening to her; she tries to dig her fingers in the slick soil frantically and trying to find a solid footing with her feet to crawl back up, trying to get herself out but to no avail.

She goes over the edge, screaming and flailing her arms and legs around as she falls. With a splash she sinks down, nearly hitting the rocky bottom but quickly her body gets carried away downstream. The current throws her body around like a ragdoll for a few moments, but as her mind goes back to working order she quickly swims herself up to the surface.

She gasps loudly, desperately filling her lungs of the precious oxygen her body needs, but also causing her to cough out the water she accidentally inhaled earlier.

This continues for a good few minutes; trying to keep her head out of the racing water, muscles straining by the constant paddling, cold water keeping her from thinking and breathing straight, and trying to avoid being smashed against the river breaking rocks.

By the time she gets herself onto somewhat dry land, she was back on the beach. She drags herself out of the now wide and shallower mouth of the river, hacking out what little liquid left from her lungs while still trying to gasp for air. She flops down onto the warm sand and begins panting; breathing more properly as the water in her sore and burning lungs were dispelled.

She whimpers as she rests on the sand, letting the hot sun dry her dripping, damp cold clothes. She just got out of sleep not a moment ago, but now she was - yet again - incredibly tired and wet. All she wanted was a little, relaxing vacation on a cruise with her housemate Olivia. But because she made one wrong slip in the middle of the night with Olivia on the open deck to stargaze, she and her companion are now stuck in a middle of nowhere. How she and Olivia are still alive was a mystery to her.

With another whimper, she slowly opens her eyes and looks down at the sand with a defeated expression.

“Why can’t I have a peaceful life?” she mumbles and with a grunt, she gets herself up to her four shaky limbs and begins brushing off the sand as she sits on her knees. As she continues to brush herself off, her thoughts goes right to her housemate, Olivia. “Oh, of course, I can’t get a peaceful, simple life because of that crazy girl.” She frowns as she catches herself of the thought and shakes her head aggressively, “No, bad Noire! Don’t you dare think of her like that!” she scolds herself and shakes her head a little more violently and finishes with a snort while immediately fixing her hair. “Olivia is your dearest, and the most thoughtful person you’ll ever get in your whole life!” she holds her nose up high, beating down the parasitic, angering thought and brushing it aside like a common, fine dust.

“There you are!” Noire jumps at the sudden sound and turns back to the forest to see the culprit. Olivia grins sheepishly near a tree she was under, “Ah… sorry, Nowy.” She gently kicks the leafy, sandy ground with her hands behind her back.

Noire sighs in relief, feeling her heart slowing as she stands up, “It’s okay, Olivia. Just… clear your throat or knock next time, okay?” she says and Olivia nods in understanding, a smile coming back to the DJs’ lips. Noire begins looking around curiously, “Now… any idea where we are?” she asks as she watches seagulls glide overhead.

Olivia goes up to her side, “Don’t really know, but it’s a pretty neat place. I looked around while ya slept. This place is huge!” She answers with a grin and motions her head for Noire to follow her back into the forest. With a bit of hesitation and a shudder of creepy crawlies crawling all over her again, she huffs in determination and begins following Olivia, just a few paces away from her.


As they strode through the forest like amateur explorers, Noire slowly following right behind Olivia, she glances from left to right at the various plants and insects with great caution. The sound of birds singing in the trees overhead and the brushing of leaves being caused by a light breeze in the canopy calming what was left in her-

“Aaah!” She hops away from where she once stood and quickly shakes her right foot frantically as little ants fall off of her once more.

“Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, watch where you step.” Olivia speaks up back at her companion as she tip-toes over the highroads of ants like a tap dancer, giggling like a little girl like she was playing Lava Floor.

Noire glares at her, “Oh? Really? I was thinking of blinding myself while using flippers, later.” She says sarcastically while waddling from side to side for a short demonstration before checking her feet for anymore creepy crawlies still attached, causing a shudder to go down her spine from the thought of going through the ordeal once more.

“Oh don’t be a big baby, these ants don’t even sting or bite. They just crawl around you.” Olivia chuckles and continues on, playfully hopping from one point to another.

Noire huffs and tries to catch up, but also trying to watch where she stands and tip-toes out of the rather large ant highway coating the forest floor like a living carpet. She could almost hear their little quiet, legs pitter-patter like pop rocks because of how numerous they are.

“Okay, Olivia, where are w-Aaah!” a sudden weight flops down onto her back. Noire begins running around and shakes her body to try and get rid of the small weight clinging onto her hair, until Olivia stops her in a bearhug from behind.

“Calm down, Nowy!” Olivia laughs and gently picks up the small green lizard off her back with one hand while letting go of Noire, “It’s just a little lizard. See!” she shows the gecko over to Noires’ face, causing the cellist to lean her head away with a cringe as her legs suddenly freezes up.

“Olivia! Please! Just… just take that thing away from me! I’m having a rough morning as it is.” Noire begs and quickly leans her body and head further back as the lizards’ tongue licks its’ own large, bulbous eye.

Olivia snickers and let loose the gecko to the hoard of ants. As the girls leave the area, Noire swears she hears tiny, barely audible screaming coming from where she came from but shrugs it off as she sees the little green lizard lapping up the ants by the dozens with quick movements; scurrying from one target to another. Soon later as the girls became out of sight, more geckos scurry in and terrorise the ants and their home. A slaughter of countless innocent ants died that day and no survivors were left alive, not even the Queen herself as she joins her children in the afterlife in the great ant hill in the sky.

The Clan Geckos’ assault was a success.

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