Meledys' Island

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Chapter 4

How Quiet is too Quiet?

An hour or so later, Noire is having trouble just keeping up with Olivia as they walk through the wall of plant matter. The only thing keeping her in line with her companion is that she keeps her head low and followed Olivias’ footprints. But the occasional light slap to the face caused by the plants and the muddy ground sucking in her feet were not helping making the trek any easier.

“W... alm... ther...” Olivia murmurs.

Noire looks up at her, “What was that?” she asks but is quickly followed by a hard slap to the face by a leafy branch. She trips back to her rump and rubs her stinging face with her hands. “Ow…” she whimpers.

Olivia looks back in slight annoyance, “Nowy, it’s not the time to sit around and whine all day. Now, come on! We’re almost there.” She chirps.

Noire glares at her for a moment with a reddened face shaped like the branch and leaves, gets up to her feet and begins following her once more, choosing just to stay quiet and soldier on.

But now that she was quiet, she couldn’t hear anything else but their feet strolling through the thick wall of plants. She couldn’t hear frogs croaking or exotic birds singing. It was just… silent. It unnerved her to know something was wrong, she knew from experience - just an hour ago at least - that this jungle was supposed to be quite musical with all the animals, but all she can hear now were her heart beating in her ears and the now loud moving branches caused by Olivia and herself.

She begins looking around for any life moving and living around them, but nothing seems to move, not even the insects buzzing around the air or crawling on the forest floor. She sees a large yellow snake retreating up a tree but that was all she can see anything living.

She quickly stops in her tracks as the yellow python moves its body away to reveal a capital letter ‘M’ carved into the tree, barely noticeable with the growing moss, but it was there. She then shakes her head, figuring she was just seeing things and continues on to follow her housemate.

The thought of animals being so quiet and possibly hiding starts to scare her. The only time animals were this quiet was because something big or predatory creature was nearby

She gasps and freezes on the spot as she hears a distant twig snapping. She feels her pupils dilate into pinpricks and her heart pounding in her ears. The hairs on the back of her neck stands erect as a familiar feeling takes hold of her whenever she tries to practise ‘alone’; they were being watched.

“O-Olivia …” she calls out quietly to her oblivious companion as the said girl continues on through the forest but stops and looks back at her.

“Yeah, Nowy?” she replies with a small smile.

“Do you hear that?” Noire quickly and shakily scurries over to her and begins looking around in paranoia.

Olivia scrunches up her face and begins looking in every direction. After a moment, she lightly shakes her head, “No, I don’t hear anything.” She simply answers as Noire sticks close to her.

“Exactly!” she hisses with a terrified expression, “It’s too quiet! Nothing in this jungle should be quiet!” she says and continues looking once more as her body gently trembles in fear.

Olivia turns to her, “Nowy, it’s okay.” She says with care and gently pulls her chin to look at her in the eyes. “Nothing bad’s going to happen to us. I promise.” She finishes with a wider smile.

“H-how do you know that? We don’t know where the heck we are!?” Noire replies.

“I know because I found a safe spot on the island while you slept, Nowy. It has all the things we need to keep ourselves going while we’re stuck here; food, clean water and shelter. That’s where we’re going.” Olivia gently ruffles Noires’ already un-kept hair playfully, “And I went through here before, Nowy. Like before, it was as quiet and creepy as Tartarus.” She chuckles nervously and looks around the thick undergrowth. “It’s just a little creepy like a jungle should be, but nothing came after me while I went through. Nothing to worry about.” She finishes and looks back at her with a small, confident smile.

Noire shakily nods and starts taking deep breaths. “Okay, okay…” she says with a flushed face and takes one last, long breath and slowly lets it out with a sigh. “Okay… I’m fine now.” She says.

Olivia grins, “Good! Now let’s head to our new home to settle in!” she happily says and starts going through the forest once more without a care in the world.

Now calm once more, Noire shakes her head and continues following her housemate with her head down.

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