Meledys' Island

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Chapter 5

High as a Kite

Noire gasps for air as she feels the thinning air and the cool breeze passing by. Her fatigued legs burns from the steeper climb and her stomach growled time after time, demanding to be fed. Noire trips a couple times during the hike, making her clothes a little dirtier than they were before with a few more tears. Noire was sure she was going to pass out very soon until she hears her companion call out the sweet, sweet words.

“Break time!” Olivia chirps with enthusiasm.

At that moment, Noire collapses down in the clearing, face down with a groan. She hears Olivia giggle but she didn’t care in the least.

Seconds later, she hears her housemate walk up to her with her shoes crunching on the ground and squats down beside her. She feels light tapping on her back.

“You okay there, Nowy?” she asks with a giggle and Noire groans in response, not even thinking about moving a muscle, making Olivia giggle. “Oh come on, Nowy, just a few more feet and you’ll get in the warm sun!” she cheers on as she stands up to throw out her arms in front of her but Noire stays put and silent. Olivia chuckles with a sigh and smiles down at her long-time companion, “Oh, fine, you couch potato, I’ll carry you over.” she says.

Just as said, Olivia slips her hands under Noires’ armpits and begins dragging the young woman where the sun shines. She gently rests down her tired partner on the dry ground, sits herself down on her knees and drags Noire once more to get her to rest her head on her lap.

Noire smiles at the warm cushion and manages to wrap her arms around Olivias’ waist, making her giggle.

“You always get what you want don’t you, Nowy?”

“Shut up and pet me.” Noire murmurs into her lap. With a quick laugh, Olivia obeys and begins stroking Noires’ hair back.

For a long while, it was just them resting there in the warm sun; Olivia petting her while Noire was in near comatose. Not long after, Noires’ stomach growls loudly once more, making the owner blush heavily while Olivia laughs out loud. Noire growls, mentally cursing her stomach for ruining the calm mood.

Olivia tussles her hair playfully, “Don’t worry, Nowy, we’ll feed your hungry, scary monster when we reach our new home.” she giggles, making Noire blush harder and slaps Olivias’ exposed thigh.

“Shut up, Olivia.” she shoots back quietly but only causes her to laugh harder and throw back her head, making Noire groan and buries her face in Olivias’ closed legs.

Olivia calms down somewhat, “Oh, is my little Nowy, embarrassed? Don’t worry, Mama Livi will chew the food before your big, bad monster can have it.” with that she starts another laughing fit.

Noire was sure she was going to die from the taunting she was receiving. Maybe she’ll bring Olivia along by killing her first before she herself dies? What’s the best way to kill a party-going-DJ in the middle of a jungle? Smashing their head repeatedly on something solid for ‘head banging’ with ‘the beat’? Maybe strangle her with her own headphone cords? No, she would’ve seen if her partner still had those…

Now Noire feels a little bad for possibly causing Olivia to lose her headphones to the deep sea and for thinking how she could take out her frustrations onto her.

Noticing Noire wasn’t slapping or hugging her anymore, Olivia quickly lifts her young womans’ head to make her look at her as she wears her comforting smile

“Nowy, I promise we’ll get out of here. We just need to keep our spirits up and let our music pump our blood with our heartbeats.” she gets what she wants as Noire cracks a small smile at her encouragement.

With that, she decides to find at least something to settle down Noires’ hunger for the time being.

“Okay, Nowy. You stay right here, okay? I think I saw something edible while I went through here the first time not too far from here.” Noire props herself up as Olivia stands up and tussles her hair with the same comforting smile, treating Noire as if she were trying to calm down a pet dog. “I won’t be long I promise. You won’t even notice I was gone.” with that she disappears back into the forest with a wave, leaving Noire alone in the clearing.

With a sigh, she sits herself up on her knees and looks around her surroundings she hadn’t gotten the chance to see for herself.

Surprisingly enough it looks beautiful, a Garden of Eden of the island if she could be so bold to admit. Bright and vibrant flowers and plants blooms all around her, the trees with vines looks more vibrant and welcoming and the smell of fresh dirt and plant life smells serene. Then she also finds out why the air felt a little thin; they were on top of a mountainous cliff overlooking most of the visible island with a rocky ledge jutting out from the cliffs’ edge like a diving board to oblivion. She can see three mountain peaks close by, though, the largest one with an icy tip looks like it had its top blown off. She could hear and see little bugs calmly fly from one flower to another and birds tweeting a merry tune within the trees.

Finding the strength once again, she eases herself up from her place with a quick brush down of her clothing, she starts walking around with a few stumbles in her steps, still feeling a little fatigued from the hike. If only she had her cello with her, she might have played some music with all these new inspirations she was seeing.

Being a little wary of heights herself, she stays at least a good ten feet away from the ledge but even so she could still see what the island had to offer; it both amazed and scared her with how big it was. Now she could relate to why Olivia reacted the way she did when she saw her again down at the beach.

Then, like a switch of a light, everything goes silent. She looks around nervously and silently begs for the animals to make their respective sounds once again. All she can hear were the cool wind going by with a light whistle and the gradually increasing thumping of her heart within her ears. She feels like she was being watched once more like they were in the forest earlier that day and it was getting her paranoid.

With a snap of a twig echoing out, she swings her gaze to where she and Olivia came from. She was petrified on the spot, her mind racing what was beyond the dim foliage, how and where she should run to, where her friend was and etcetera. Her whole body then goes cold as a dark mass slowly rises up without a sound and without warning, large yellow eyes blink into existence, staring straight at her as if contemplating something, pondering on what it should do next.

It confuses her as to why it hadn’t attacked and ripped out her throat yet, but then her heart leapt up to her throat in fright at the sudden entrance of her random companion from behind.

“Give a round of applause to the DJ of the century!” she yells out with her arms in the air like she was in one of her shows, making sound effects of a cheering crowd as she pants.

When she sees Noire, she was on the ground with a hand on her chest, panting like she about had a heart attack. She chuckles nervously with an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, I-ah… forgot.” she apologises and kicks at the ground with her hands behind her back once more.

Now somewhat calmed down it was just her significant other, Noire quickly looks back to where the black mass and eyes were and sees nothing. The birds and animals were back to their lives as if nothing had happened.

Thinking quickly it was just her deprived mind playing tricks on her, she looks back at her strand-ee to see her presenting her a strange red, plump fruit. She grabs the item from her grasp and examines it and feels out the hard surface, confused as to how you should eat the thing.

Before she could take a bite out of the strange fruit, Olivia quickly waves her hands with a shake of her head urgently.

“No! You don’t eat it like that!” she grabs the fruit from her confused companion.

Olivia kneels down, places the fruit beside her and reaches back into her back pocket and takes out a small, metal, cylindrical container. She pops the cap open and shakes out a white chalk onto her open hand. Noire recognizes the chalk as a thaumantic chalk, basically a magic chalk her housemate carried around but didn’t use very often. With that, Olivia begins drawing two circles about a foot apart, two parallel lines to connect the two circles, draws in a sequence of symbols around the circles and finishes it by drawing in large Xs with the circles. Olivia than covers up the palm of her hands with the calk to coat it in a light layer, and carefully stores her chalk away back in its’ container. Olivia begins her hands together, creating a light blue glow as her magic chalk reacts to her now active aura. She sticks out the tip of her tongue in concentration, hovers both her hands over the circles, and then quickly presses her hands down. The drawn lines and symbols blow a bright blue with her aura, and not a moment later, between the horizontal lines and the circles juts out a sharp, rocky ridge about ten inches from the ground.

Now smiling and a bit winded, Olivia grabs a handful of dirt behind her and washes away the chalk from her hand and sweeps away the drawn chalk from the stone while still panting.

With a tired smile, Olivia grabs the fruit beside her, lines it up against the sharp ridge and cuts it in half by smashing it through. She does it again with the two other pieces before presenting them to her waiting companion, “There… now… just eat… eat the… juicy… seeds.” she says before collapsing on the ground on her back with a heaving chest.

Noire stares at her for a moment before she set three of her slices down and looks at the first one she has on her hand.

It was littered with red, transparent, tiny marbles of ‘seeds’ as her partner said, and were stuck to small sheets of white membranes in between the core and the outer wall. It looked a little alien to her, but if Olivia gives it to her than it must be edible, right?

She plucks three of the red orbs with ease and tosses them into her mouth. With one bite, her taste buds explodes into a shower of passion and divine tastes. Within seconds she devours what remains of the seeds within the slices, getting her lips and hands stained with red from the sticky juices.

Noire licks and sucks on her fingers hungrily but when she spots her housemate holding herself back from laughter, she blushes profusely once more, pulling her knees against her chest and hugs them. She couldn’t quite believe herself, yes, she was hungry but devouring the fruit like a starving dog was very uncouth of her to show, though, currently, her companion thought it was very hilarious.

When Olivia settles down from trying to hold in her laughter with only a few peeps and snorts escaping her system, she sighs and pants, leaning back against her propped arms. This was one of the only times she ever seen her posh roommate getting laid back and doing whatever she wanted. If only she had a camera to record these moments.

“So…” Olivia looks at her blushing companion as the cellist speaks up. “How long until we reach our destination?” she asks, trying to change the subject matter.

Olivia hops up to her feet, jogs over to the ledge, which scared Noire because in her mind she could fall off the edge very easily, especially on the ledge hanging over the empty air to which the DJ is standing on.

Olivia brings up her right hand to her brow and squints like she was trying to see a pin in a middle of a vast forest.

“Hm…” she starts, “We’re… one-fifth of a way there.” she answers, making Noire visibly wilt like a dying flower. Olivia quickly chuckles and walks back over to her. “Nah, I’m just kidding, Nowy. We just need to get down this hill and hike up another.”

Noire looks up at her, “And which hill do you speak of?” she asks, remembering seeing at least three mountains around the island, the biggest one right in the middle. She slowly gets herself up with the help of her companion.

“The one with the icy tip.” Olivia wiggles a finger up with a mischievous smile.

Noire sighs and hangs her head low, The biggest one it is, than, she thinks to herself. She looks up at her partner as she begins going back into the forest with a merry tune and begins following her down another path with a slump of her shoulders.

But as the two left back into the forest, high above the clouds flies a creature with a sight greater than a hawks’. With a silent but mighty flap of its wings, it descends lower to follow its new meals.

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