Meledys' Island

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Chapter 6

The Land of Chaos in Order

Noire was sure she knew what fresh water smelled like; nothing. But with the sound of a running stream and the smell of fresh, cool smell of earth and mineral corrects her in what she thought she knew, though, it was hard to concentrate when you dunk your head in the small river.

Noire was practically inhaling litres of fresh, glacial water into her stomach. She was sure she hadn’t come up for air for a minute now, the side effect of dizziness was kicking in but she wants to quench her thirst, but her housemate had other ideas as she feels a hand grab her collar and pulls her out, plopping her down on the wet, gravelly ground.

Noire begins coughing as water runs down from her hair and skin, staining her shirt and bowtie.

“Good Goddess, Nowy, you tryin’ to drown yourself?” Olivia chuckles and pats her back as Noire continues hacking out water while she pulls aside her wet hair to uncover her face.

With another chuckle, Olivia grabs Noires’ armpits from behind and drags her closer to a nearby tree. She gently props her panting companion against the bark and sits down beside her to just rest with her. Not a moment later, Noire leans against Olivia and rests her cheek on her shoulder; eyes closed while still panting for air. Olivia makes a throaty giggle and rests her cheek on Noires’ head as well while wrapping an arm around her shoulders to pull her closer.

After a long moment when Olivia was sure her cellists’ breathing was back to normal, she decides to break the ice with a little idle chit chat.

“Hey, Nowy…”

“Mm?” Noire responds, still resting against her DJs’ side.

“Remember when we use to play tag and hide and seek for hours and we get in trouble because we get home late?” she says with an amused tone.

Noire chuckles with a raspy tone and nods, “Yeah…”

“And I used to beat up bullies when they start bothering us?”

That causes Noire to laugh, “Those blueblood fools… their barks were worse than their bite I’d say.” she gently massages the knuckles on her right hand, “I think you started rubbing off on me at that time.”

“Pff! Understatement of the century, Nowy. You broke one of their noses while you had one in a headlock and ended it by kicking their family jewels!” Olivia laughs out and ruffles up her companions’ wet hair, much to Noires’ dismay, “I was so proud of you.” she sniffles and wipes away an imaginary tear from her eye.

Noire snorts and cuddles a little closer to her, “You are not a good influence to anyone around you.”

“And here you are, cuddling right beside me.”

“One: I really don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Two: Shut up, you love me, and three: you’re warm and comfy. Besides, I’ve been away for a whole month before this trip. I missed my blue haired, crazy roommate. Those nobles I had to stay with were driving me up the wall.”

Olivia chuckles, “Yeah, sometimes you need a little crazy in your life. What fun is there being sane all the time.”

Noire giggles while brushing aside a stray hair, “Live with the nobles and find out.”

Olivia shivers at the thought, “Nowy, don’t joke about me going sane. Nightlife will get dull and wither away when I become a snobby blueblood.”

A pleasant silence settles in as the two relaxes with small smiles, as the two reminisced their childhoods.

Moments later, two nuts drop down from the branches above and hits Olivia square on her scalp with a small bounce and lands in front of her in between her legs. Olivia pouts with a little whine as she gently rubs the sore spot on top of her head and glares down at the hard shelled nuts and looks up at the tree with the same look.

“Stupid tree… tea-bagging me with no good reason. What did I ever do to you!?” she shakes her fist up at the tree.

Noire giggles at her companions’ luck, “Maybe because you drank and ate its cousins’ coconuts down at the beach?” she then laughs as Olivia looks at her as if she grown two heads.

Noire suddenly stops laughing as a vibrant hummingbird hovers in front of them with buzzing wings; its’ colourful feathers practically shinning and reflecting in the sun and it’s buzzing having a melodic hum to it. As it buzzes from here to there inspecting the two companions closely, Noire coos as the cute little bird and slowly reaches out with an index finger.

But suddenly, a brown snake lashes out from the tree they rested against and nearly had the whole bird in its mouth head first. Noire and Olivia quickly jump away from the snake in surprise as the limbless reptile recoils back against the tree to feast.

Noire glares at it, gets up to her feet and points at the snake, “Spit out that beautiful hummingbird this instant, now-” but just as she finishes, an eagle screeches from her right, flies in, grabs the snake in its talons and flies away through the open canopy above as the snake dangled, releasing the little bird as it darts away at breakneck speeds back into the forest. As this all happens, Noire just stands there, frozen with her finger still pointing to where the snake used to be.

Olivia steps up beside her while still looking up at where the eagle went than looks at Noire, “So… yeah… nature can take care of its own when it wants to.” she says with a little shrug.

Noire sighs and covers her face with her hands as she tries to relax, “This island is a tempest of crazy.” she murmurs into her palms, but then looks at her roommate when Olivia puts a hand on her shoulder with a smile.

“It’s like I said before, Nowy. You need a little crazy to make life work and interesting.”

Noire sighs once more with a little nod and turns to the stream, kneels down, cups her hands and drinks. Once finished she looks over her shoulder at Olivia, “Where to next?” she asks, making Olivia smile a little brighter as Noire stands back up.

Olivia points up the river, “Upstream. There’s a fallen tree we could use as a bridge.”

“Okay, lead the way.” Noire responds as her partner nods and both begin following the river up to get to their mountain.

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