Meledys' Island

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Chapter 7

Terror on Paradise Island

When they break through the thick foliage, Olivia steps aside and gestures to the area. “Behold! Paradise!”.

Noire drags her feet with heaving grunts as she goes up beside her housemate like a tired slave. She slowly looks up with tired eyes and immediately her eyes grew three times bigger the second time that day.

The land before her was indeed a ‘Paradise’. To their right was a smooth rocky ledge as a glacial, waterfall sparkled down to a pool of fresh water, a little stream flowing out to the forest of berry bushes and fruit bearing trees right up ahead, clear paths leading through the forest as well. To their left, was a small clearing where a cave mouth was located, as well as a large twisting tree right beside the entrance. She looks around a little more and sees they were in a large crater of some sort, near a mountain top of white glacier resting at the very tip, a whole living forest smacked right in the middle of the crater as the ridges shield the little haven from the rest of the world like a baby in its cradle.

“Like it?” Noire looks at Olivia as the young alchemist smiles hopefully.

“It’s a beautiful place.” She turns back to the scenery. “How in the world did you find this?” she asks as a small flock of colourful birds fly out of some bushes and circles the sky.

“Oh, Fluffy helped me!” Olivia answers with an upbeat voice. Noire looks at her with a questioning look. Olivia chuckles, “He’s just a fluffy fella.” She waves a hand at her dismissively and looks down at the haven, “He should be here somewhere…” she says as she searches the forest below with a small, playful smile, crouching down a little, ready to pounce like a cat.

“Oh… well… may I have a grand tour?” Noire asks and gestures to the forest.

“Sure! Right this way, madam.” Olivia replies regally like a well-trained waitress and strolls down the dirt path with a little skip in her step as she holds her head high. Noire smiles and begins following her housemate down the path, her once tired limbs finding back their energy as excitement floods her body and mind.

She then quickly stops in her tracks once more and looks down on the flat surface of a large rock, noticing the crude, carved out letter ‘M’ once more with a raised brow.

“Hm…” she tries to inspect the symbol a little closer but the voice of her guide breaks her concentration.

“You coming!?” Olivia yells near the bottom of the now noticeable, strange gravel path. Everything on this island said ‘Wild’ but these little hints were telling something else in Noires’ mind. But then her mind blanks at the sound of her growling stomach, demanding fresh food and water. With the promise of potential, fresh food in mind, she quickly jogs over to her companion.

But as they strode down the path, a creature uses its slimy, oral appendage to move aside some leaves from behind the two girls. With a low, throaty growl, it slides back into the shadowy forest like a stalking ghost.


To Noires’ relief, this smaller jungle was pleasant and quiet with birds chirping happily in the air and within the more dispersed trees. The sun shines like there’s no tomorrow and the small pond and waterfall sparkled like stars in the night. When Olivia shows her a few berries, she eats a few to see if they were good and immediately devours the small berries, Olivias’ hand almost going along with the process. Eating a few more berries right out of the bushes like a greedy dog, satisfying the hunger in her stomach, she continues to follow Olivia to their new home while wiping her stained lips; the cave.

“Honey! We’re hooome!” Olivia yells at the mouth of the rather large cavern with an excited grin as her voice echoes.

Noires’ mouth was slightly ajar from the sheer open space of the cavern; rays of sunlight going down from the few openings from the high ceiling. Surprisingly enough, she sees a few ledges on the far side of the cave to sleep on and were shielded by bars of stalactites and stalagmites like protective barriers, though there were a couple broken pieces of the bars right beside it. She even sees a stage like flat area to her right. If only she had her cello with her.

“Like it?” Olivia speaks up, causing Noire to get out of her stupor with a light shake of her head.

“It’s… quite cozy looking with the lights, to be honest. How did you find this?” she asks and steps in the cave to get a better look around her new surroundings.

“Fluffy helped out.” Olivia starts looking around curiously, “Where’d he run off to now, though? I wanted him to meet you.” She quickly runs up to the stage and looks at the flat surface, closely inspecting it, “He should be here.” she gestures down with both her hands while looking around the cavern curiously.

Noire looks around the new settlement and spots something that was out of place within the natural cage like the phantom letters of this island. She strolls on over and steps through with gentle echoing steps, to be met with a crude, carved out word, each letter in different levitation but was clear of what it said.

“Meledy…” she whispers and leans in to get a better look. “Olivia… did you see this when-”

Before she can finish properly, a loud screech echoes into the cavern, followed by thunderous wing beats as shadows briefly covers the sunlight from the ceiling leading to the mouth of the cave. After a moment of silence, Noire quickly hops in the circular, bowl like protrusion and speaks.

“W-what was that?” she asks with a shaky voice.

Olivia holds a light frown while staring at the cave mouth, “It wasn’t Fluffy, that’s for sure.” Olivia quickly and quietly goes over to the mouth of the cave, sticking close to the smooth wall as she sneaks closer. She peeks out cautiously, “Fluffy?” she speaks out.

With another screech, Olivia yelps and sprints back in, gets in the cell with her roommate and jumps in the bowl with Noire shakily.

“Nope. That wasn’t Fluffy. Fluffy’s nice.” She says with a quivering voice.

“D-did you see it?” Noire whispers.

“Um… uh… i-it was b-big… with big w-wings… an-and had a pointy h-head.” Olivia answers. “We need help from Fluffy. He should get that wingy-thing away.”

“Oh for goodness sake, Olivia. Who’s Fluffy!?” Noire whisper-yells in frustration with a hiss.

The moment she finishes speaking, a shadow looms in front of the cave with a heavy thump, dry dust mixing in the air. Both girls slowly move their gaze towards the cave mouth and slowly sinks down at the creatures’ presence. The large creature slowly goes into the cave, looking around with its spear-like head and a long bony crest going backwards from its skull. Its front legs were large, leathery wings with three tiny toes, while the membrane of its wings connects to the back of its short legs, its long, bony tail jutting out from its bony pelvis with a fin like growth located at the very tip. The creature surprises both girls as it creates its own blood red light source coming from its broad chest, stomach, throat, to the tips of its wings and at the very end of its tail. The red shining light bouncing off the walls and back to the creature, bathing the winged terror in a gentle red sheen, making it even more horrifying than it already was.

The Pterosaur makes a throaty growl and continues on in, still looking for its supposed prey it spotted from above.

“What are we going to do!?” Noire whispers as they both huddle together, ducking behind their hiding place.

“I-I don’t know. Fluffy should get this thing out, though.” Olivia replies and peeks over the edge to see the creature now looking around the stage. “Where the heck are you, Fluffy?” she whispers but did so a little too loudly.

The winged terror swiftly turns its mighty head at them, its beady eyes staring straight at them both, quickly shutting them both with a squeak. With an ear shattering screech, the creature propels itself with its powerful winged, forelegs and crashes onto the barbed minerals, but it holds strong. Both girls scream and try to back away from the creature trying to break through to get to them. It spears its head between the gaps of the columns and snaps its bony beak at them repeatedly.

“Crap!” Olivia yelps and ducks down just as the sharp beak lances towards her, cracking the wall of hard mineral just behind her head. But as she ducks down, she accidentally nudges Noire out of her spot, causing her to flail her arms in their air to regain her balance with an ‘Eep!’.

Seeing this the creature takes advantage of Noires’ situation and snaps its large beak onto the womans’ right arm. With a pained yell, Noire desperately starts pulling back to get back her limb. Olivia sees this and begins pulling Noirs’ arm with gritted teeth.

“Let go!” Olivia yells as the two plays tug of war with the creature. The winged monster growls and starts pulling a little harder; causing the woman it held to make a short scream.

“Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Get this thing off, Olivia!” Noire cries out as tears start to form at the edges of her eyelids as the pressure on her arm being bitten increased by the creature’s jaw muscles as well as digging its tiny teeth into her forearm.

Olivia glares at the creature and starts pounding its head with her fists, but once she knew her assault wasn’t doing anything she quickly looks around the ground and finds a broken piece of stalactite. She quickly grabs it, wedges the tip between the creatures’ mouth beside Noires’ arm and begins pulling down to try and pry the beasts’ large beak to get its jaw open, but she immediately regrets doing so as the monster bites down harder to compensate.

“Aaah! Olivia, Stop!” Noire cries out in pain as tears starts pouring down her cheeks.

“Crap-I’m so sorry, Now-”

Suddenly, everything in the cave goes silent as a bloodcurdling screech echoes into the cave and lingers around, bouncing off the stone walls.

Seconds later, the monster suddenly yanks Noire urgently and drags her out of her safe zone as it begins prancing towards the cave mouth with her. Olivia quickly gets out of the cell, leaps out and catches her roommates’ legs and was now being dragged along the ground, with Noire just off the ground as the creature hauls them out of the cave. Noire cries out in pain and starts pounding the beast’s lower beak desperately to get the now flapping creature to let her go before it flies off with her and her partner.

The creature tries to fly off the ground with a few desperate flaps but with the extra weight of another person, it can’t get away. Once it knew why it can’t take off it begins flailing around its large head to get rid of the second woman that held onto its’ meal of the day.

Olivia holds on tightly to Noires’ legs as the creature continues to thrash around its head to get rid of her, but once she hits the large tree that rested beside the cave mouth, she had no choice but to let go. She screams out in pain as she feels few of her ribs cracking from the sheer force and rolls onto the ground in a heap, hissing and gasping in pain.

“Livi!” Noire cries out to her curled up partner as the monster holding her begins prancing away once more to gain momentum to fly.

Olivia suddenly looks up at Noire as she hears her childhood nickname being called out, her eyes widen from the sudden realisation of her error.

“N-Nowy!” she cries her name while coughing and tries to get up to go after the hopping monster preparing to fly, but falls back down in a heap once more while yelping in pain.

With a mighty hop by using its muscular front legs, it quickly spreads its forewings wide and starts flapping, gaining height to get away from the ground.

“No! Livi!” Noire yells and begins hitting the creature once more on the side of its head, beak and neck to get it let go of her, but trying to hit a target while dangling uncontrollably was too hard for her to get in a good hit. She immediately had flashbacks of her childhood; playing peek-a-boo with her mother and father in her small crib, then moves onto her first school day where she meets her dear Olivia Wenning the first time in recess, then flashes forward when she turns seven years old and celebrates in her home with her parents and Olivia, having cake and sweets and playing games like there’s no tomorrow. Her life moves onto her first live performance in the Opera Theater, nervously looking around the crowd of people with a forced smile but once she sees her partner Olivia sitting within the crowd with comforting smile, her nerves calms down exponentially and takes deep breaths before starting, then flashes when they received a letter telling them that they won two tickets for a four weeks long cruise in the new expensive ship in a random draw.

The moment her flashback ends, she was hearing a waterfall roaring right under her as small droplets pepper her dangling legs and the loud wing beats of the monsters’ wings as well as the rushing wind going past her ears. She wants to live a little longer, to grow old to a right old age with Olivia in their home to let time do its work right up to their time of passing. Noire closes her eyes as her warm tears drip off her chin, now believing she’ll never get to live her full life.

Unknown to her, the true apex beast of the lonely island was getting ready to leap out of the trees to catch it’s flying rival.
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