Meledys' Island

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Chapter 8

Do the Monster Mash!

With a deafening screech of a new creature, Noire snaps her eyes open and looks back as a large hairy creature bursts out of the forest canopy with a large maw gapping out as it extends out it surprisingly long tongue towards the monster that carries her.

The slimy oral appendage wraps around the creatures’ neck and yanks it down with it. The pterosaur chokes out a screech in response, letting go of the girls’ arm it held.

With a scream Noire plunges towards the rushing shallow water, both monsters falling right after her. The cellist splashes down but sense she fell head first with her hands out, the pain in her right wrist worsens at the hard impact of the bottom. She begins washing down as the heavy creatures splashed down not far from her.

Noire gasps up for air and tries to stop herself from getting close to the roaring fall, but she can only use her left arm and combined with the strength of the shallow yet strong, cold current of the river and slick rock and ice, she knew she’ll eventually plummet over the fall.

Remembering the fall itself wasn’t that high off the ledge she begins to prepare herself by tucking her injured her limb against her chest and curls into a tight ball as she falls over the edge, the thrashing monsters quickly follow after as they fight one another.

To say splashing down onto the small but deep lake back first wasn’t painful would be a great lie. Noire sinks down quickly and nearly touches the sandy bottom. She opens her eyes with a wince of pain and a small throaty whimper escapes her lips but shoots her eyes open as both monsters splashes down right above her, still struggling with one another with muffled roars and cries. She flips herself around and began swimming to get away from the two fighting beasts while still tucking her pained arm close to her body.

She gasps at the surface and struggles on over to the shore now at the other side of the beginning of the small river while trying to keep her head above water. She trudges out onto the wet gravel ground and gasps to fuel her body of oxygen to regain part of her strength back. With a quick look around and a stumble, she limps over to a tree, leans against it and slides down onto her knees while still gasping for air.

She inspects her injured limb; parts of her white shirt had large tears, showing bruised skin as well as a line of cuts to go with it as small drops of blood leaks out. She sighs in relief that she gets to keep her bow holding hand, it may hurt for a couple days, but it was still attached to her.

Sudden splashing, roaring and screeching causes her to whip her head around at the lake to see the creatures still brawling with one another as they throw each other around, bit and slashes out to injure the other.

The new monstrous creature looks like a large black bear with a large head and a maw that holds thick, sharp teeth and large canines to go with it. But its most prominent feature was its irregularly large, long and muscular tongue that lashed out at the winged creature like a striking viper.

Noire quickly stands herself up, hides behind the tree she was leaning against and watches the creatures brawl like wild rabid animals in a safe distance. Well, as safe she can get herself, she can’t go very fast with her injured arm and aching legs.

The black hairy beast wraps its long tongue around the Pterosaurs’ neck once more and flings it over to a tree with a loud thud and cracking trunk, a few leaves being shaken off. The winged monster yelps in pain with a whine, but slowly gets itself back up and looks at its opponent head on and screeches its loudest yet, causing its attacker to wince and whimper as it wraps its head along with its ears with its own tongue to try and lessen the sound. The winged monster quickly pranced over to it and swings its large head to the side and strikes its attacker with its thick beak, sending the dazed creature to the ground with a limp tongue as it groans in pain.

With a snap of a twig, the winged monster swings its head over to its meal of the day.

Noire lightly whimpers as she slowly starts backing off with a limp, still staring at her attacker. With a screech, the monster begins prancing after her and leaps over the small river with thundering steps as it chases after her like a gorilla. Noire quickly twists around and starts limping away as fast as her legs can take her through the undergrowth beside the river and rounds around the trees to try and slow the winged beast down, but the trees did very little to slow the monsters’ chase.

The moment she looks back, it swings its mighty head to her side and sends her flying over the river with a cry. She rolls for a few feet and suddenly stops with a whimper as fresh tears start to form while wincing in pain. She looks up with a cough and sees the winged monster loaming over her like a giant, raising its large head to prepare to strike her with its sharp beak to end her struggling.

But as she was sure her life was ending there, a loud roar echoes through the air and was quickly followed by a large slimy tongue wrapping around the winged monsters’ throat and sends it flying away from her against a large bolder. The new monster then charges right by her, scaring her to a breaking point.

Now crying in utter defeat, she quickly gets herself up and quickly limps away through the path she came through to get as far away from the fighting and disappears into the forest with a sob.

As the distraught woman flees the scene in haste, the winged creature gasps for air as it tries to recover from its latest surprise attack from its challenger. The lumbering beast strolls on over to its enemy with glaring eyes with a deep, rumbling growl, shaking the various things around it. Seeing this, the Pterosaur quickly gets back up and starts staggering back in fear to get away from the much stronger beast. The shaggy creatures’ tongue slithers back into its maw, takes a deep breath through its wet nose and makes a screeching roar that frightens its trespasser to the bone.

The winged monster stumbles back with a trip, screeching in fright as it prances away and flies away in hast to get away from the mountain. The monster roars in victory but was suddenly stops by a distant voice.

“Fluffy!” Olivia yells out commandingly.

The creature quickly looks back towards its cave home in concern and hastily goes over to the injured DJ.

Olivia smiles at the lumbering beast as she lays on her side on the ground, her shades laying just nearby. As the creature gets close to her she reaches out and gently pats the monstrous creatures’ cheek and nuzzles its chin.

“You did great, Fluffy.” She whispers and chuckles as the beast licks the whole side of her face in response. “Yah kicked his skinny butt back to where it came from, Fluffy, but do you know where Nowy is?” she asks and as she gets herself to sit up on her knees with pained grunts and winces. The beast nuzzles her, making her chuckle once more but pushes him away with a small smile, “I’m fine, Fluffy, but do you know where my roomy went? She needs help and comforting.” She asks once more.

With a little knowing huff, it turns its head and points the tip of its tongue towards the path she and Noire went through before.

“Okay, Fluffy, let’s go find ‘er.” She groans as she gets herself up to her shaky feet, slowly picks up her shades and looks at her new friend as it rests down. Its long tongue gently wraps around her stomach and with a wince it lifts up Olivia off the ground and places her on its shaggy back. Taking a few quick breaths to lessen the pain on her side, she takes a quick look around, spotting a strange, small mound of dirt with a single, beautiful blue flower sprouting from it near the tree she hit, but pays it no mind. She smiles and points towards the path and yells, “Tally-Ho, Fluffy!” with that the beast sniffs the air and begins following Noires’ scent as it begins going towards the path in a brisk pace like a bloodhound.
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