Her Secret Scars

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Loyals POV

Being in a new school once again, and having to make a whole new batch of friends isn’t exactly my favorite thing in the world, but because of my dad’s career choice, it doesn’t exactly leave us another option other than to keep relocating every so often. I’m also not complaining though as much as I usually would this time because of how everything went down with the people I came to know at my most recent school. So I stand here halfheartedly content next to my cousin, surrounded by the gold and green skins of my new high school known as United Liberty Bridge High.

Now, my cousin isn’t someone I normally would associate myself with due to her trashy life choices that she dignified in her first year of junior high. You know, when having good looks, a nice ass, and huge tits suffocating you every time you moved, called the attention of every male that shared a mere glance your way. The beauties of the crackbrained social hierarchy.

Once upon a time though, Stella and I were actually inseparable, but these exact personal choices of selling away her body to anything with a heartbeat slowly and painfully tore us apart.

“Come on Loyal we gotta go” Stella whines in my ear, while stomping her foot like a child.

As I described earlier, my cousin, Stella Richwood is basically...how can I put it nicely?

Stella is a slut.

Huh. There really isn’t a way to put that nicely? Well, who cares, my cousin, Stella is one of the most retarded bimbos in little rags, she calls clothes, that I’ve ever met and that’s saying something. Believe me.

Also, how do guys find that attractive? Like do they sit there in their little posses and be like, Ooh that girl looks so innocent and sweet, with her little grey doe eyes....yeah nope. That’s a relationship with too much responsibility. I’ll just sleep with that girl in the tiny ass ‘clothing’ and get crabs.

Yep, sounds like a good idea. Krusty Krab jackoffs.

Like seriously?

“Stella calm your shit, I need to drop off my notebooks at my locker” I mumbled trying not to sound annoyed. As she rolled her eyes, looking back down at her phone, I casually checked the numbers as we passed the rows of lockers, looking for mine.

She scoffed, and began to mimic me in a high-pitched tone of voice, before continuing to say,“Can you be even more of a lame-ass virgin nerd? Fucking loser” she snorts, cackaling away like the obnoxious witch she is.

Although, she may think that her little joke was nothing but a friendly tease, for me it hit much harder. Breathe. No one even knows, so as much as I want to blame her for her insensitivity, I can’t. Because no one knows.

Instead of reminiscing, I swallow the insufficient amount of tears and ask, “Is that suppose to be my voice?” with a raised eyebrow. I don’t technically need her help getting around this school, nor do I want it at the moment.

“Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t” she slowly taunted me, getting closer and closer to my face as if I was a young child being scolded.

“Okay whatever” I shake my head, and continue down the hallway.

Another little secret about my dear cousin, is that she used to be a huge studyholic to the point where she would miss out on all the fun stuff that comes with your high school experience.

But now, she is the fucking party. Most would say she runs with the snobby ass rich bitches, but no, she is the fucking chlamydia queen of this school. Who would have guessed that she used to be the sweet innocent nerd ready to help anyone out with any possible need they could muster?...

“You’re lucky you’re my cousin or you would be wandering these halls with no idea where to go” she chuckled snobbishly, as she checked out her nails for the hundredth time, while smacking away on a piece of bubble gum.

“Not technically, I’m a very likable person, unlike you and your little friends, but I do appreciate you not shoving some random fuck boy into a closet and going down on him yet just so you could help me” I speak slowly in a way her pea-sized brain could understand with a forced smile in her direction.

“Whatever you proboscis monkey, let’s go,″ she mutters with an over dramatic hair flip, and stomps off making sure to sway her hips. That must be her raunchy take on a mating call.

“So have you contracted a sex transmitted disease yet?” I ask quipingly, as she plays around with the placement of her glossy brown curls.

“No, because my body is too strong to obtain any of the weak diseases, so some advice for you is to stay an asexual weakling” she snaps getting all up in my face, as she tries to be intimidating. Unfortunately for her though, I’ve seen and gone through way orse so her petty comments fly right over my shoulders.

Plastic Priss Vs. Badass Bitch; some could say.

“Girl, the strongest thing you’ve ever taken is Tylenol” I laughed, remembering when she couldn’t even handle that because she threw it up a second after she took it. You would’ve thought I made her snort Coke for the first time.

“Whatever,” she snaps with a repugnant scoff, as we finally reach my locker. I walked over and tried to remember the code that the bitch at the front desk gave me. After the sixth try, I eventually get the damn thing open, and I stuff my textbooks in my locker and then slam the door shut.

“Okay Stells, ready?” I asked, turning around dragging it out as she stood still watching something behind me. So you know the instinct is to turn around, which is exactly what I did. I mean how bad could it be?


They looked like they just came out of a movie screen. They all had a jean jacket on except for one who wore sleek black leather. He wore dark jeans and black vans, with his dirty brown hair disheveled in a way that still looked good. The thing that caught my eye was that he was holding a black motorcycle helmet. Interesting. And no, I’m not romantically drawn to him. This isn’t like the stereotypical movies when the screwed up girl falls for the bad boy that has an intriguing mystery past that connects to hers. We won’t be a power couple. We won’t be the perfect couple. I just won’t allow myself to be tied down or chained to a wall. I’m done feeling like I’m stuck in a cage. How can you live your life if you have it set on repeat?

“What da fuck? Stella, what the hell is going on?” I looked over to her, but she just stood still mimicking a statue. I can’t tell if it’s from fear or from awe, maybe both?

I observe my cousin, as she gawks at the four mystery men walking in slow motion. I watch as she fixes her posture and adds some sort of emotion in her eyes. She’s calling out to them hungrily and it’s absolutely disgusting.

“Ok here’s the deal you pathetic imbecile, those are the schools’ bad boys, they are definitely not ones you wanna piss off. Knowing you, I know you don’t give a shit on who they are, but trust me, don’t try and be something you’re not” she said cunningly taking her bottom lip with her teeth as she turns her head to watch the boys in awe. Which just made me flinch and roll my eyes at my cousins’ slutty attitude. How can someone have so little respect for their body?

“Also I would advise you to not look Sawyer Walker in the eyes” she whispered as they came closer, with a finger snaking around one of her dark brown curls.

“Why?” I questioned. What, are laser beams gonna shoot out of his eye or something? Or I’ll do you one better, lava spews from his pupils!

“Just don’t! It provokes him” she slightly yells as she looks away with a glimpse of lust glistening in her eyes. Oh?

“Cause he’s mine” she whispers under her breath. I don’t think she wanted me to hear that sentence, but I did.

Then it happened. It was like I wasn’t even in control. Or maybe it’s because testing people who think that they are all that and a bag of chips is really fun, but either way, he turned his head just as I looked over and our eyes met.

I didn’t act like all the other girls and melt into putty in his presence. Instead, I leaned against the lockers, relaxed, and didn’t flinch. I didn’t hide my face or look away. All I did was cock my head to the side and smile challengingly while I wiggled my fingers as a greeting.

The room went silent and everyone kept their focus on the intense stare between me and this guy. From the looks of this Sawyer dude and his posse, I would have to guess he’s the leader. It’s like their a pack of wolves following their alpha. Could this get any more stereotypical?

Why is the egotistical boy population in high school so headstrong? Honestly, it’s insanely comical.

And then, just like in the movies, the room filled to the brim with whispers.

“Oh my god, what is she doing?”

“Does she have a death wish?”

“He is so gonna beat her ass”

“Why isn’t she cowering?”

“She’s smirking?!”

I watched as he leaned his head back in the cocky bad boy way and strut towards me, with of course never breaking contact as he tried to intimidate me.

So stereotypical. Hence the eye role.

He kept walking my way till he was right in front of me, and put his hand on the locker space right beside my head - trapping me in this one spot.

“Hey Lilac, what do you think you’re doing?” he spoke gravelly with his minty breath fanning my face, while his other hand tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear. The feeling of his fingers sliding against my temple and behind my ear trails itself in fire, burning his touch into my skin.

“Breathing, what about you?” I said intimidatingly slow while tilting my head to the side, while sliding my hands into my back pocket.

“Smart ass, I sense” he observes looking me up and down.

So I do the same and look him up and down and utter “A prick, I sense”.

I don’t think he expected me to act this laid back in his presence because his face shines with aggravation with a sleek mask of dominance to hide it. He’s used to people fearing him. To people bowing in his golden light, but I’m not like the rest. I’m not something he expects. Which makes me the dangerous one.

His hands slide down the lockers beside me, and rest back at his sides. He then finally takes a step back creating a space for me to actually take a deep breath.

“Hey baby ” Stella alludes with her red lip tucked under her teeth, while she stares at Sawyer in hope of gaining his attention.

I watch as he removes his honey brown eyes from their attention on me and gives Stella a quick glance but nothing more. I also watched Stella’s reaction, which switched from a horny ass pig to an angry fucking bull. From the way her eyes glowed with hate and jealousy you would have thought, I was a red flag teasing her from a ways away.

“What’s your name, Lilac?” he curiously asks, meeting my purple eyes once more. Slowly shifting between them, as if he’s trying to flip through my every thought.

Lilac? What kind of cringy romance pet name is that supposed to be, or even mean for that matter?

I teasingly glance down at his parted lips, and then lick my own, “Not interested”, with an unnecessary eye roll.

He playfully laughed, dropping his head before lifting it back up to stare down at me once again, as his buddies chuckled and stood closer.

“You know, if your temper was as short as your dick probably is, then we would get along just fine” I smile, brushing my hand across his forehead, collecting his hair to one side.

“You can ask half the girls in this school on how false your little statement is, babe” he smirks, catching his bottom lip with his teeth, as he sized me up.

“Okay? Good for you. If someone has any questions about STDs I’ll direct them your way” I disgustingly curl my lip.

If this is one of his lines from his secret book of pickups, it would have to be because of his god-like features, because if not...those girls have some explaining to do.

He chuckles, “Okay babe, you do that, but whenever you decide to let go of all that pent up aggression, you know where to find me” he suggestively winks, tracing a finger behind my ear.

“Thanks for the offer, but like I said before-“, I look him up and down, “I’m not interested”, with a tight-lipped smile.

“And for the record”, I snap leaning towards him on my tippy-toes so close that our noses are almost touching. That I can feel his minty breath fanning my cheeks. The feeling of his hands ghosting the skin exposed on my hips, and the leisure footsteps of the student’s as they slow down to gawk at what’s going on around them echo in my pierced ears. “Being a dick, won’t make yours any bigger, babe”, I snarl, pushing him away.

I glanced over at Stella who is still leaning against the locker trying too hard to successfully flaunt her cleavage. In an attempt to get their attention, which is obviously not even working. I looked her in the eyes, signaling her to chill out, and then glared back at whatever his name is.

Jackass was it?

Cute Jackass though.


A patronizing smirk grows across his face, and the sound of his knuckles cracking sends familiar chills down my spine. Oh no. His piercing honey orbs peering down into mine, flashing with stories that will never be told, as his fist rises up in slow motion. Like in those old eighties movies. I swear I’m like a magnet for these types. The narcissistic, overflowing testosterone, alpha male type. As if someone pressed the resume play button on the remote control, his fist flew at me at lightning speed, but instead of it meeting my face, it caressed the locker next to me. The sound makes me weak in the knees, and not in the good way. My heart hammers in my chest, and it aches as I try to suppress it from causing the familiar feeling of a panic attack to ram through me.

I then let out a shaky breath, and glanced wide-eyed up at him in shock. Why didn’t he just hit me?

He leaned down once again, his soft plump lips grazing the crown of my ear, “The names Sawyer Walker, sweetheart”.

As he slowly draws himself back up to his full height, allowing a larger space between us to form, it feels as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I draw in a slow, calming breath of air, and straighten out my shoulders.

Don’t show weakness. Don’t show vulnerability. Once someone knows them, they can and will use it against you.

“Did you really think I was gonna hit you, Lilac?,” he sarcastically questions, acting as if he’s actually concerned about the answer I may or may not decide to give him. Guys like Sawyer, they just need a little...you know...what’s the word? They need to be knocked upside the head, kicked in the balls, and stripped of the cocky fuckin attitude they think they got going on. And it needs to be done by a boss ass bitch, such as myself.

“Maybe,” I huff, raising my eyebrows challengingly.

He rests his arm against the locker above my head, and leans down so we are almost eye to eye, “And why would you think that baby?” he gravelly whispered, brushing his nose against my own.

This is the game they play. They get up all in your space. To tease you, to drive you absolutely crazy, to throw you off balance. I may be strong, and I may have gone through hell and back, but I’m also a woman of needs, and I’m scared to admit that it’s working.

The tip of his nose grazes mine, and I open my eyes, allowing them to bore right into his. Two can play at this game. I slowly drag my hand up his body, and over the hills of what must be his abs until it’s curved against the side of his face. Gently running my thumb against his cheeks, and leaning in so our lips are almost touching. All he’d have to do is sway forward just a smidge, and they’d meet, but I brush that thought away as quickly as it came and mutter, “Because you’re an asshole.”

He peered down at my lips, and clenched his jaw, “Why do you have to be such a smart ass, Lilac?” while running a hand through his buoyant chestnut hair.

“It just makes boring conversations with people like you actually worth being a part of. Plus, it happens to bother the absolute hell out of you, so how could I not?” I reply with a wicked smirk, and a heated gaze.

Going back and forth with Sawyer is just getting irritating, and the fact that I can feel his dominating aura coming off of him in waves is beginning to feel suffocating. I’ve had and dealt with my fair share of men like him, and so I’m going to do my future and I a favor, and walk the fuck away now.

Just as he was about to speak I cut him off, “Ok listen here, assfuck. I’m done talking to you, and being a show to everyone including the three bitches behind you. So I’m gonna go” I state, patting his leather cladded shoulders, and walking off down the hall with Stella’s wrist in my snake-like grip.

Once I was a few feet away I let go of Stella’s arm and continued to walk. She just stayed beside me speechless from what just happened, but I was brought to a halt when I felt a tight grip on my wrist. I stood still as I was transported back to a flashback I wish I could forget.

-Beginning of flashback-

Jacob is so unbelievable. I thought he had already hit rock bottom when he did what he did all those years ago, but no. Of course he hasn’t. He’s determined to continue to rip me to shreds. To drag me through the mud. To throw me to the wolves. How could I have been so stupid? How did I let this happen?

I let it happen because I was lovestruck. I was young, inexperienced, and desperate, which is how he was able to manipulate me. He got into my head, and used my heart against me. I would say that I’m hurt as I look down at a pair of panties that aren’t mine, and I would shed tears on the fact that I know who they belong to, but I don’t really feel anything anymore. Not after what he took from me, and I’m not talking about my virginity.

I was young when I fell for him, I had just turned thirteen. Things were rough at home, and Jake made me feel safe, so I uprooted myself and moved to Rhode Island to live with him. More like ranaway with him actually. The biggest mistake I’ve ever made, but I had nothing left for me there. No one was on my side. Danny wasn’t talking to me, Faith was gone, Corey was disappointed on a whole new level with me, which I totally understand. Now, at least. Dad wasn’t paying any attention to me, and Mammina was always working. Then there was my best friend Tessa Mitchell.

Remember those panties I found? Yeah, their hers, but it’s not the first time she’s done this, and I bet you it won’t be the last.

I finally have all of my things packed, and I’m leaving before he gets home because I’m not in the mood for another punishment for his wrongdoings. Where the punishment would entail being beat till I’m out cold, and can’t move for a week. Again.

I shrugged my grey hoodie on, and stepped into my not-so-white converse sneakers. Reaching down, I grabbed my suitcase in one hand, and my duffle bag in the other. Just before I walked out the door I snatched his keys, and slammed it shut behind me.

I may only be fifteen, and I may not have a license, but nothing is fucking stopping me from leaving this hellhole. Not again. At least I have some experience from when he was too drunk to drive himself, or too high for that matter.

It’s crazy how far people will go, how far they’ll let themselves be broken just to feel loved by someone.

The wind whips across my face, stinging my cheeks scarlet red, as a tear runs down my cheek. Without a care to wipe it away, I opened the trunk and carefully tossed my belongings inside. After closing the back I ran to the driver’s seat, and plugged my phone in already set on my home address back in New York.

I guess I’m sleeping in my car.

Before I take off, I run back in to pack some food and water for my trip, and run it out to the car. Gas money! Damn it. I ran back in for the last time, and hopped onto the counter to grab the tomato jar I hid some money in incase of an emergency. After grabbing the cash, I hopped back off and stuffed it in my back pocket.

I turn back around, and head for the door, but just as my fingers graze the silver knob, it starts to turn. Swearing, as my vision begins to blur I make a mad dash for the back door. Just as the front door slams shut, rattling the whole house, I grasp the knob only to find out he fucking locked it from the inside.

I swiftly slide my sleeves across my cheeks, collecting all my fallen tears before I turn around to face him. I can’t even bring myself to look up at him, so I settle on looking at my own feet. Fuck, why couldn’t you have been faster?! I beg.

He starts to walk closer, which makes my eyes shoot up to meet his on high alert. He’s in his all-black suit as usual, with his hair slicked back with gel, but what catches my eye is the silver weapon he has dangling around his neck.

“Looking for this?” he smugly questions, pinching the chain above his chest.

The man who I thought was my prince charming was just another idiot wrapped in stupid fucking tin foil.

I go to walk past him but he curls his tattooed arm around my waist, snapping me against his front. His chest rises and falls quickly against my back, as he huffs and puffs in my ear.

“Why the fuck is the car packed with your stuff?” he calmly asks, dragging a finger behind my ear, as he leans in close. His five o’clock shadow brushes against my ear, leading me to fill my lungs with a soothing breath to hopefully alleviate the ache from my beating heart. I remember the nights when we first started dating where he would hold me in his arms, and whisper beautiful sentiments into my ear. How he’d tell me I was the most beautiful girl in the world. That the world around us was scary, but I had him, so everything would be okay. But it’s not. I know he asked me a question, and I know what will happen if I don’t respond, but for some reason, I can’t seem to find the strength to move my lips.

“Answer me goddammit!” He demanded, as he wrapped one of his hands around my throat, squeezing as he turned me around and shoved me up against the wall.

I was so close. I was so fucking close. I wish I could just end it all, then I would be free. But I can’t. It’s not an option anymore.

The longer I took to answer, the tighter his grip became around my throat. I started to scratch and pull, trying to alleviate the pressure, but nothing worked as I gasped for air. Tears leaked from eyes, as my vision became spotted, but just as the darkness was about to consume me, my knees hit the floor. My hands itched themselves into the wooden boards, as I craved to get a grip on something as oxygen flooded my sore lungs.

He grabbed a fist full of my hair, and yanked my head back so we were face to face. Just as he went to speak, his phone began to blare, causing my heart to erupt in relief as he went to reach for it. Once he had the device in his hand, he looked down to see who it was, and muttered something under his breath before throwing me to the floor, causing my head to smack hard against the wooden surface.

I groaned, slowly sitting against the wall, as I gently pushed my fingers against my forehead with a painful hiss. Scarlet paint stained my fingertips, glistening as the light above hit it just right. I looked over, as he started to heavily argue with who I’m guessing his Carson on the other end, and began to stand to my feet.

I then turned my head to stare at my last chance, it was slim, but it was there. I could hear someone screaming for me to take it, to run, but my feet were cemented to the floor. That is until Jake started to scream louder into his phone, as his anger increased ten folds making him grab the glass vase on the table in front of him, and launch it at the wall across him. That’s when my fight or flight response kicked in, and I dashed for the door, only for him to grip my wrist, and jerk me back.

“I think I asked you a question, and I want a damn answer Loyal” he sternly demanded, clenching his jaw to suppress his anger. The coldness in his voice sends shards of ice running through every vein in my body making me physically shiver under his penetrating glare.

“I’m leaving you” I choked out.

“What?!” he yells.

“I’M LEAVING YOU!! THERE ARE YOU HAPPY?! NOW I’M YELLING! You have me scared shitless every time you come home because you’re either drunk or high off your ass to the point where you’re even more ruthless than when you’re sober. You beat me senseless without a care that I’m bleeding out, or have broken ribs. You cheated on me countless times, especially with my best friend! That’s not love...it’s...it’s...it’s torture,” I screamed in his face, while tears raced down my own, revealing my weaknesses. My scars. My vulnerability.

“I’m sorry! I will never do it again. I love you Loyal!” he pleaded, but someone as sinister as he is, is incapable of feeling remorse. Of feeling love.

“You’ve said that before,” I said calmly, using my sleeves to wipe my eyes.

“Well I promise this time” he spoke sweetly, taking my bruised hands in his, kissing my every knuckle.

Promise. That stupid fucking word is what made me fall for his fucking games all the time. I thought he would change his vile ways for me, but I was just a dumb oblivious bitch. He never cared about me, and he never will. Even from the beginning it was all an act, and I was too blind to it.

With my heart screaming in my ears I yelled, “YOU’VE SAID THAT BEFORE TOO!!,” as more tears compromised my vision, only to roll down my already raw cheeks.

“Loyal, I’ve tried to be patient with you, but this behavior of yours is just absolutely disgusting, sweetheart,” he derangedly addresses, running a hand through my knotted hair. “I know you don’t mean to act this way, but don’t worry I can get you on some medication again to make you more tranquil,” he smiles wickedly, making my lower lip tremble. I will not let him drug me into submission again. Last time he did that to me, I ended up in the hospital for a month because it made me so weak.

“Fuck you, and your meds,” I coldly snapped, struggling to get free from his painful grasp on my upper arms.

He cynically laughed, gripping my jaw excruciatingly tight, “YOU WILL NEVER SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN! YOU HEAR ME?”

I so badly wanted to spit an ounce of sarcasm at him for basically spitting all over my face, but like before, I just don’t have the strength or the confidence to do so.

Instead, I decided to just ramble. The moment I decided to even leave New York, to come here, I already signed away my life. So why not take the little time I have left on the timer that’s slowly counting down the seconds of my life, and speak my mind.

“But you know what hurts the most? Not that you cheated or beat me. It’s that you became EVERYTHING you said you wouldn’t” I yelled back, with pain clearly evident in my voice. I’ve told him stories on what happened to my mother, and what happened to my older sister Faith. I’ve told him stories about what happened between Stella and Tessa, and he sat and continued to tell me that I didn’t have to worry anymore because he would never treat me like that. But instead, he took all those stories and made them ten times worse. He made them my worst nightmares. Memories I’ll hold onto forever till I die, whether I want to or not.

“Well don’t blame it on me. You’re the one that made the decision to move in with me, and you’re the one that ignored your gut for your heart,” he shrugged, as if we were just having a regular old conversation with the boys on a chill Friday night. He knows what he did. That he wormed his way into my head, and manipulated me. I knew what I was about to do would probably get me put in the hospital, or even worse, put in a casket six feet under, but it’s as if I had no control of it. A painful slap was placed on his cheek, flinging his head to the side. My palm felt like it was on fire, but the sting was the only thing keeping me from being totally and utterly numb. I can’t slip away just yet.

His hand cradled his stubbled cheek, as he practically turned red and shook with anger in front of me. Shit.

He stormed towards me, and carelessly threw me over his shoulder, as if I weighed nothing. As if I was nothing. I wish I could say I didn’t know where he was taking me, but I did. I hung limply over his shoulder, silently crying. I would say that I’m trying to prepare myself for what’s about to come, but it won’t work. I’ve tried too many times, and gotten my hopes up way too high only to get drop kicked into a never-ending freefall.

He kicked open the door, and tossed me onto the bed we used to happily share. The movie nights we used to have here, snuggled up with a Disney movie and popcorn. The nights we cuddled. Gone.

What happened that night will forever remain sealed in a confidential file in my fucked up head.

He raped me again that night. All because he grabbed my wrist. All because I didn’t try to get away. All because my heart started to beat faster because of him. All because my heart made me forgive him again!

-End of flashback-

That was the day I decided the romance seeker big-hearted, cutie pie that believed in love, at first sight, was gone, forgotten, dead!

And a cold-hearted smart ass took her place. A girl who won’t be run over anymore, who won’t be a pushover, the girl who actually believes in herself enough to stand up for herself!

His grip on my wrist loosens, but still is relentless to let go. The familiar feeling sends a shard of ice rushing down my spine, erupting my skin in goosebumps. Shit. We are not doing this again. I took a deep breath, and blinked away the tears that surfaced, trying my best to compose myself. I slowly turned around to look up at Sawyer, and if I’m not mistaken, he flinched back a little. Good to know I can get under your skin as well. You know it’s only polite to return the favor.

I ripped my arm from his grasp, and delicately rubbed it with my other hand. I steadily walk just a couple steps forward, never breaking eye contact once.

I steadied my voice the best I could and spoke, “Don’t you ever, touch me again! Do you hear me? I’m not scared of you because you’re human just like me and all the other people in this godforsaken room! If I slit my wrist I would bleed red and so would you! You and I aren’t that different! The only difference we have is our past, and the shit that made its way in between!” and with that, I walked away with all the eyes. I walked away with the power this time. I walked away with being heard. More importantly, I walked away.

And as I yelled at the brown-haired egotistical boy I watched as remorse covered his beautiful facial features. It’s as if a mother had yelled at a two-year boy for doing something he wasn’t supposed to do, but sometimes you just gotta speak and be heard. Speak and be heard.

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