Her Secret Scars

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Precious Purple Eyes

Just so you guys know, I fast forwarded the story to the end of the day

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Loyals POV

Loyals POV

Her chubby legs running through the tall grass of the never-ending meadow, carrying a handful of delicate white daisies in her tight grasp.

Excitement bubbling to its breaching point as her mother came into view, resting amongst a rock with a book in her hand. Her beautiful blonde hair running in the wind, making her cheeks turn red from the icy breeze.

“Mamina! Mamina!” the young girl screamed, showing off her hand full treasures. The sunset above bleeding in the sky in colors of pink and orange making her chestnut hair shine.

“Oh Piccola” she gently laughed, setting her book upon her lap. “Slow down before you fall, my love”.

“Mamina look what I found” she smiled showing her mother the beauty she has discovered on her journey, with anticipation glistening in her wide eyes.

“Oh those are bellissimo, baby girl” the mother giggles, pulling the young girl into her lap and kissing her cheek. The child falling into a fit of laughter, squirming in her mother’s hold.

“These flowers may be beautiful, baby, but don’t pick them next time” the mother softly says, rubbing the pad of her thumb against her daughters colored chubby cheeks.

“Why? I like them” she asks, skimming her tiny fingers among the white pedals, “They are pretty like you”.

“Awe baby, but even though they’re pretty, you should leave them be because when you pick it, the flower dies. Then it won’t be what you once loved, it won’t be white and smooth. It will turn brown, and crinkle to dust at you’re touch” the mother tries to explain to her young five year old.

“Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation” she whispers, kissing her daughters cheeks and forehead. She knew her child didn’t understand, but she also knew this memory would follow her in life. And it did.

“I’m sorry Mamina” the child trembled, the feeling of regret washing through her small figure, surrounded by the warmth of her mother. She curled into her mother’s lap, wiping her eyes.

“Don’t cry my baby. It’s okay” her mother hushed, rocking back and forth to calm her daughters weeps.

“Dry those magically rare purple eyes of yours, and smile” her mother gently spoke, raising her child’s trembling chin. “I love you” she whispered.

“I love you too Mamina” the little girl whispered back, matching her mother’s smile, and rubbed her little nose against her mother’s.

This little girl is me.
And I have Alexandrias Genesis.

My mother has soothing blue eyes that send calming waves rushing through your body, instantly relaxing you when you’re in her presence. Where as my father has piercing green eyes that can seek out all you’re deepest scars and reveal your every weakness. So then why are mine purple?

»»————-  ————-««

The second I stepped foot outside the school, the chilling Worcester breeze harshly slapped me across the face. I pulled my sunglasses out of my bag, and slide them over my hair to keep it from whipping across my face. I wrap my other strap back over my shoulder, and take a deep breath, as a rush of relief and freedom calms my stressing nerves. The only thing keeping me from freezing is my sleek leather jacket that tightly hugs my delicate frame. I take one more calming breath and slide my sunglasses over my eyes, and walk over to my bike. Once I reached my baby, I swung my leg over and turned the ignition. The purr of it coming to life always gets me, it’s both arousing and breathtaking. I usually hate driving, but when i’m on my Harley I feel so in-control, and the rush of adrenaline puts me on a high not even drugs could accomplish.

Unfortunately my time of peace had came to an end once I heard a nauseating high pitched voice call out, “You-hooo”.

Great. I totally forgot I had to drive Stella home today.

“Miss me, love?” she chirps in question, while latching herself around me in a hug, as she digs her claws into my shoulders.

“Not really” I mutter, resting down on the seat of my bike. I look over behind her and finally realize she isn’t alone.

Of course he’s with her though, and its probably because of what she’s wearing.

She has on a hot pink tube top with white ripped jeans, and beach sandals. Her light brown hair is decorated in curls, as she has one wrapped around her clawed finger. Why does she have to get her nails done so long? How the fuck does she wipe her ass?

I watch and listen as she starts to dramatically tell Sawyer about something that happened recently, and I just can’t seem to fathom on how people can listen to her talk all-fucking-day long. She reminds me of a yippie chihuahua honestly.

But i’m pulled away from listening to her as I feel a pair of eyes trained on me. I meet his piercing green eyes, and watch as he eyes me up. Once he meets my lavender gaze, with a straight face, I wink making him smirk.

“Can you believe that bitch?!” she exclaims, latching onto my shoulder as she smacks her gum. “She thought she could twerk better than me, but uh-uh honey boo boo!” she added glancing back and forth between me and a distinctly uninterested bad boy.

“And honey” she turns around retracting her hand, “I can do more than twerk” she winks, rubbing her ass on Sawyers leg.

“The fuck?! Stop!” he irritatingly snarls, lightly pushing her off his side.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Definitely not my girlfriend, that’s for damn sure” he snaps, running a hand through his hair, while walking over to me after glancing at Stellas annoyed expression.

“Well we can change that if you want, baby” she winks, running a hand down her thin frame.

His lip curls, “Yeah, I’m good” and turns to me.

He totally ignores Stellas grunts for attention and admires my polished Harley motorcycle instead, “So you guys are cousins?” he questions meeting my purple eyes.

“Unfortunately” I nod.

“Well you’re not a fucking ray of sunshine either, sweet pea” she remarks looking me in the eyes.

“I know” I chuckle. “I’m a sarcastic asshole” I add looking over at Sawyer whose laughing as well.

“So do you wear contacts or something?” he questions, looking into my questionable purple eyes.

I look up and meet his gaze, “Nope. They’re real” I smile raising my eyebrows.

He sucks in a breath and whispers under his breath, something my ears just couldn’t catch.

I reach behind me and grab my only helmet, and toss it over to Stella. She catches it, and with lightning speed, shoots up giving me a questionable look.

“It’s a helmet” I slowly taunt her. “You wear it on your head to protect whatever parts of your brain that aren’t trained on sex because apparently that’s all you can think of nowadays” I continue to mock her, as Sawyer bites his lip to keep from laughing at the fastidious countenance on her face.

After playing around with my helmet for a while she cynically fires back, “I know” as Sawyer and I share a distrusting look.

“You’re funny if you think i’m gonna wear your lice infested helmet?” she states dismally, placing her hand upon her bony hip inhumanly stuck out.

I quietly chuckle, “That’s you’re call, but if I end up losing control and crash, which is highly unlikely, it will protect your head and brain from being the new painting splattered upon the road” I spell out, as the gruesome look overtakes her make-up caked face.

“Which honestly wouldn’t be so bad” I whisper under my breath. Sawyer then brushes up against me with a smirk, telling me full well that he heard what I said and I can’t help but let a smile cast upon my plump lips.

“Fine I’ll wear it, but if I get helmet hair, your dead” she laughs while she runs her pink claws through her curls.

Hehe, much like her personality.

“Sure I am, do you think you’ll be able to catch me in those heels?” I ask gesturing to her shoes, before my hand falls limp at my side.

She rolls her eyes and slides the helmet over her ‘precious’ curls, and continues to fix the ends to make sure she still looks her absolute best. I slide my sunglasses off, slowly readjusting to the bright sunlight, before sliding them into the side pocket on the inside of my jacket. I swung my leg over my bike, and gesture over to Stella to get on. She huffs and dramatically throws her hips to the side as she walks, promenading the sound of her heels and slouches onto my bike.

I turn my head to side glance Stella and instruct her to follow only two simple rules, “Just make sure you hold onto my waist tight, and when I lean, you lean unless you do want your sex-crazed brain scattered amongst the road”

“Yeah yeah whatever. How do I look on a motorcycle, Sawyer? Sexy?” she requisites Sawyer once again, whose simply just leaning against one of the many trees splintering the parking lot. Now wearing a pair of his own sunglasses, hiding his penetrating gaze, but little does he know I can still feel it.

His head falls to the side, as his eyebrows raise, “Like someone who doesn’t belong on a bike like that” he articulates, shrugging his leather jacket on further.

With an over exaggerated scoff, Stella grumbles, “Playing hard to get?! Fine, whatever! What about her?” she gestures to me, desperate for him to say the same for me.

“Now she looks like she belongs on a bike” he smirks, only irritating Stella more.

I lean forward and rev my bike, just as the other three stumble out the double doors. I go to kick up my kickstand, but when I notice Stella was now trying to entice the men making there way over, with my spare helmet in her place. Once they get over, Stella latches herself onto one of them, while running a hand through his hair while she attaches her face to his neck.

The fuck is wrong with her?!

He just grabs her wrist and pushes her off of him, while she wipes the edges of her lips hungrily.

“The fuck?! Now I gotta get tested for fucking rabies” the guys exclaimed, making me chuckle.

He looks over at me with an enticing smirk and whistles, “Well hello there, bebita ¿Qué hace una mujer tan hermosa como tú alrededor de este duffus?”

“Nix she isn’t going to be able to understa-”

“Chi cazzo chiami neonata, dumb fuck?” I playfully snap, interrupting Sawyer, whose now in complete and utter shock.

Nix chuckles, “¿Español?“.

I smile back with a shining smirk of my own, “Italiano”

He runs a hand through his hair, eyeing me up, “Joder eso es caliente”.

“Back off Nix” Sawyer warns, shrugging off the tree and walks closer. I watch as his preditorial gaze moves from Nix to me, and softens.

“Chill bro, just being amistoso” he winks, walking back wards in surrender.

I reach behind me, and grab my helmet. I slide it over my head, and rev the engine as loud as possible resulting in Stella falling to the ground in dismay.

Her high pitch scream piercing the air, sounding like a cat dragging its nails down a chalkboard, then being thrown into a bucket of ice cold water. Where the guys just rest normally against the trees in annoyance of her attempts to gain their attention.

“Have fun handling her boys” I divulge with my eyes shinning with escapade. Before they can even object I swiftly kick up my kickstand and drive off, leaving behind Stella, in the hands of the boys.

I glide from one side of the road to the other, the wind whipping past me, turning the trees and buildings to smeared paintings in the air. Once I finally get to my house, I slowly pull into the driveway, coming to a smooth stop. I kick out my kickstand, and pull my helmet off, shaking out the dent it probably made, before laying it on the seat.

I’m not even two feet in the door when I almost stumble to the floor, as my legs are captured in the grasp of a baby bear. I grab onto the wall, steadying myself, before looking down at my blonde hair blue-eyed angel. I hook my hands under her arms, and pull her up to rest on the side of my hip, as her face glows with her elation to see me.

I lightly kiss her forehead, “Hey baby, how was your first day at your new school?”

“Good Lolly, but I missed you,” she whimpers with her lip trembling, and her eyes glossy as they bore into mine. I pull her closer to my chest, soothingly rubbing her back as it breaks my heart to pieces when she cries. Her little arms wrap themselves around my neck, as she cries into my shoulder.

“Well how about this” I begin to suggest, tipping her quivering chin up to look me in the eyes, “You, Danny and I, go out for some ‘I’m sorry’ ice cream?”

The second the words leave my mouth she starts dancing on my hip and screaming yes over and over. I chuckle in response, and tuck a strand of her golden hair behind her ear.

I kiss her cheek, and admire those gorgeous sea blue eyes of hers before pondering, “Did you make any friends?”

She slowly nods as her little freckled cheeks grow crimson, “Yeah, his name is Xander”

“Oooh” I smile, shimmying as I dip her up and down, another adorable fit of laughter bubbling from her lips.

“He yelled at Conner on the playground because he pushed me off the slide and I hit my knee,” she says, pulling up her pant leg to show me the red scrape.

“Awe, that was nice. Did you thank him?” I ask her already knowing she did. She can be too innocent for her own good sometimes, which is both a gift and curse.

“Yeah, he helped me up and brought me to the nurse, and just before he left, he kissed me on the cheek and said I was his Hope he always wished on a shooting star for” she explicates with a cheeky smile, as she grows redder by the minute.

Damn my baby sister is already snatching a mans.

Just as I went to interrogate her further on this new mystery boy, my father walked through the door, making me seal my lips. My father may be loving, but the second one of his daughters mentions the presence of a man he calls the men in New York to keep tabs. I lightly press my finger to my lips, telling Hope to keep quiet on what we’re discussing, and luckily she complies.

“How are my girls doing?” dad asks, smiling as he walks into the room, and kisses the side of my head.

“Good, how are you dad?” I ask.

“I’m good pumpkin” he smiles, as he pokes at Hope, making her squirm in amusement in my hold.

People on the outside looking in would see a loving family of seven exchanging in a light conversation, but to the outside the picture isn’t as perfect and impenetrable.
To the inside, it’s still a loving father exchanging in a conversation with his daughters, but except this loving father, is also a cold and ruthless gang leader. Our mafia is a branch extended from Italy, as we work with the American, Sicily, Mexican and Russian mafias. Nobody knows that we are children of the King himself, but when they do, none question it because they know what he’s capable of. For my mother, she’s a neurosurgeon, and has won over five Nobel prizes, following in her own mother’s footsteps. She is also trained in several other fields of medicine, which both benefits her and my father and his men when they fall injured.

My mother walks over, sliding past my father to encircle me in her arms, “Hey baby, how was you’re first day of school?” she soothingly questions, rubbing my back.

“Good” I answer honestly, kissing her cheek. She doesn’t need to know the details.

“Any boys give you trouble?” she asks, raising her eyebrows cuddling up next to my father who holds a stern look upon his face, also awaiting my response.

My mind drifts back to earlier today with my moments with the green eyed jackass and his troglodytes. The moment I relived one of my many torturous flashbacks of my times with Jake, but I simply look my parents in the eye and tell them no, and head up to my room with Hope giggling away on my hip.

Once I get into my room I set Hope down on my frosted white fur comforter, and begin to rummage through my closet for something to change into.

“Lolly what are you doin?” her silvery voice chirping up, as she turns her head to look at me in the closet.

“I’m just gonna change real quick, piccola” I gently explain, my mind beginning to crave more answers about this mystery boy my sister has now mentioned.

I grab my mesh black long-sleeved shirt and my sleek leather skirt, and lay them on my bed. I glance up at Hope, and feel as my heart increases ten folds as she wraps my blanket around her head and makes weird faces in the mirror across my room.

I can’t help but let out a heart felt laughter, “Baby, what are you doing?”

She looks up at me, eyes sparkling with a playfulness and warmth, “I’m a burrito” she screams out with a gleeful smile, and starts dancing around. Still wrapped in my blanket, she loses her balance and falls face first into my pillows.

I shake my head, with a smile growing by the second, and ignore the ache in my cheeks as I slide off my shirt. I pull on my mesh long sleeve over my black bra and un-zip my jeans, and step out of them. As Hope rolls around, completely messing up my bed trying to get free, I slide on my leather skirt and zip up the side. I walk over to my jewelry box, and unravel my sliver chain, successfully clipping it around my skirt.

I touch up some of my make-up, and curiously ask, “So who exactly is Xander? Is he a nice boy or do I have to kick his culo?”

“Nooo” she laughs turning crimson once more. “He’s a-” she pauses rolling her eyes up in thought, rethinking her response, “Nice boy, but only to me. I don’t know why he’s so mean to everyone else, but he is really nice to me” she smiles looking at her intertwined hands.

Young love, so pure and so underrated.

Changing the subject Hope muffles into my blanket, “Are we still getting Ice Cweam with Danny?”

“Yes piccola, untangle yourself and let’s go” I chuckle, closing my closet door and picking up my clothes, tossing them into my hamper.

I grabbed my wallet from the bottom pocket of my bag, and grasped Hopes little hand in mine and lead us out of my room. I walked over to Danny’s door about to knock, when his deep rumbling voice made me pause.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?! Do you realize what family you’re fucking with right now? Da qui in poi, è meglio guardare il modo in cui mi parli, a meno che tu non voglia andare sotto i sei piedi” Danny screamed followed by a huge crash, probably from him throwing shit around his room.

“I swear to god you mother fucker, if you rip us off again l’affare è concluso! Do you even understand how much i’m putting on the line for this?!” he stressingly added.

What the hell is he talking about? What deal could fall through?

When I feel a tug at my sleeve, I look down at my baby girl shining with concern, “Lolly why is Danny yelling?”

“I don’t know baby” I sighed tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, as my mind raced a mile a minute. Looking back down at Hope, as she stared at the door trying to comprehend what was happening on the other side, and crouched down pulling her up to rest on my hip. Growing up in an Italian family you really don’t have to lean up against a door or grab a glass cup to hear what someone is saying, and I understand how rude it is to listen on someone else’s conversation, but this sounds juicy and i’m curious as hell.

“non capisci con chi stai andando contro?! Watch you’re back ragazzino, don’t make threats when you’re incapable of following through with them” he warns coldly, as liquid dances around with what sounds like ice.

He probably poured a scotch. Him and my daddy’s favorite.

“I swear if you touch one hair on her head I’ll fucking kill you! She’s going to hate me and I know you don’t give a fuck, but this is my family we’re talking about!” he screams in a hushed tone in the phone.

Whose gonna hate him? Danny may be kinda rough around the edges, but deep down he does have a nice heart.

I was too wrapped up inside my own head to realize Danny had opened his door and is now staring down at me from his six five stance. Nevertheless hiding his livid anger deep within, as he just stares down at me with a stone induced look.

Oh shit.

I stumbled backward creating a space between us with Hope still holding on tight to my shoulders, as I tried my best to muster a smile, “Hey brotha what’s going on?.”

“I could say the same to you,” he says while closing his bedroom door and crossing his arms over his chest.

“We were wondering if you wanted to go get ice cream with us?” I smiled weakly.

“Why?” he derisively scrunches up his nose, as he leans against the frame of his door.

“Because I want to! Now no more mad and be happy”, Hope snaps at her older brother baring a serious expression, with a disapproving finger pointed straight at his chest.

She may be a tiny human, but Hope can throw quite the tantrums when she decides to. Some can get a little violent...

“Damn child, fine. I guess I’m coming just let me grab my jacket real quick” he mutters and walks back into his room, while shutting the door behind him.

I slowly guide Hope to the floor, and gently take her hand in mine. We both take one step at a time, down the stairs, and walk into the kitchen to grab the keys to Danny’s convertible. Once we walk back over to the front door I slip on a jacket, and then proceed to help Hope slip on one of her own. Soon after we make our way to the car, and I set Hope in the back on her car seat, as I claim shotgun.

“How come you’re not taking your Harley?” Danny hollers, as he walks down the driveway with his jacket strung over his shoulders.

“Well I don’t really think that three people can fit on one seat, smart one” I roll my eyes, as I plug my phone into the aux.

“Whatever” he mutters and hops in the driver seat, and sticks the key into the ignition bringing the car to life. With the wind running through my hair, and Hopes smile in the mirror, we listen to Last night by Lucy Spraggan blaring through the speakers.

“Last night I told ya I loved ya
Woke up, blamed it on the vodka
I genuinely thought I was dyin’
And I could see that smile you were hiding. Last night I told ya, I need ya.
That’s the last time I drink tequila
Super-Lemon and his sidekick Salt-Kid
I start cryin’ and verbally assaulting” I sing along as we pass happy couples in the park, and people enjoying fine jelly-filled pastries from the bakery.

“God, can you shut up?! You sound like a suffocating horse shitting on a gorilla that’s slurping pudding” Danny squanders with love and disgust, leaving us both to crack up in hysterics.

God what would I do without a brother like him?


Finally, we pull into Pinecroft and come to a stop, with Hope starting to get antsy with ice cream not even being five feet away from her. We all walk up to the ordering counter to be greeted by a guy wearing a little ice cream boat hat, which oddly doesn’t make him less attractive. Instead it’s the contrary, as it makes a few strands of his brunette hair pour over his forehead alluringly.

His solemn expression totally changing once he meets my gaze, “What can I get you, darlin” he smirks, leaning forward on his elbows.

“I’ll have two waffle cones, one with triple chocolate brownie ice cream and the other with strawberry, and also cotton candy ice cream on a sugar cone,” Danny pipes in, not allowing me to answer, baring his over protective brother instincts like a provoked animal.

The guy just rolled his eyes, as he wrote the order down on a piece of paper and walked it to the back. Once he came back he had my chocolate cone in hand and smiled, “What’s your name baby?”

“I’ll tell you if you give me my ice cream” I tease, leaning against the counter with a smile.

Why does this guy look so familiar?

My response only made the guys smirk widen, as well as Danny’s scowl when his gaze drifted down to my chest. I chuckled lightly and captured my glossed bottom lip between my teeth.

“Alright then” he smiled back, closing the tiny window and walking around.

The second I push myself off the counter and go to turn around, a painful slap is delivered to the back of my head, “What in hell’s name was that?” my brother seethes, through his clenched white teeth.

I rub the back of head to soothe some of the ache and shout, “Jesus Christ Danny what the fuck!?”

“Really Loyal? I didn’t take you as the type to be so naive. Didn’t you just get out of an abusive relationship, and now you’re trying to start some shit up with some dumb fuck who works at an ice cream parlor?!” he scolds in a hushed tone, treating me like a five year old on something he knows completely nothing about.

“Danny I suggest you stop while you’re ahead because you have no idea what you’re talking about” I threaten, with tears forming against the brim of my eyes.

“NO, Lols seriously! You come out here basically naked, trying to flaunt your shit in just a bra and a skirt! It’s like you have no decency or respect for yourself” he scolds. “You talk a lot a shit about how much of a whore Stella is, but have you looked in a mirror recently?” he mocks, as his hands turn into fists with his temper devouring him whole. The mock in his voice feels like someone just punched me in the gut. Does he really believe i’m like Stella?

“How dare you compare me to her?! I understand what i’m wearing is kind of revealing, but it’s not like I dress like this everyday. I don’t use my body to get attention, and I definitely have enough self respect for myself to not sleep around” I calmly try to explain, but my voice betrays me as it cracks and wavers with hurt.

“And if you ever” I growl. “Ever! Bring up my relationship with Jake against me again I swear to god i’ll beat the living shit out of you. You have no idea what i’ve been through, and continue to go through because of him. So if I wanna try and make myself feel better by dressing like a badass bitch in leather than I damn well do what I please” I exclaim getting louder by the second. I swiftly wipe the stray tear that was strong enough to break free of my hold and turn around to watch Hope whose playing on the kiddie playground.

The mystery ice cream guy finally comes out the back door and trudges over, “Hey beautiful, here’s your ice cream” he smiles, and holds it out for me to take.

“So darlin you gonna hold up your end of the deal?” he asks, leaning against the old fashioned brick wall of the building.

I walk a little closer, and hop onto the ordering counter, “My name is Loyal Bailey” I smile, after taking a lick of my chocolate ice cream. The second I tell him his smile begins to falter, just as I knew it would.

“Wait-” he looks up meeting my purple gaze. “Holy shit, are you Alexander Baileys daughter?” he exclaims, jumping to his feet to come over to my resting spot on the counter.

All I do is shrug as my mouth grows to a smirk. The fact that he put two in two together to master the conclusion of Alexander Bailey being my father, means he has to be involved somewhere in the Underworld. Honestly though, with his innocent blue eyes and dreamy brown ruffled hair who would have thought he had any connections with that side of the the world.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours darlin?” he ponders, hopping onto the counter next to me.

“Absolutely nothing” I smile, finishing off my ice cream cone.

“Oh and, turns out we are only gonna need that cotton candy ice cream not the strawberry” I add into the conversation, as I watch Danny keep track of Hope.

“Okay ill fix that right up so you can get that sweet ass home” he says grinning, as he swiftly hops off the counter.

“Watch it” I chuckle, kicking my feet up at him.

“Oh I will” he playfully flirts back, making us both softly chuckle.

After a comfortable silence falls over us, he smiles and says that he’ll see me around, but after some deep thought I realize that I don’t even know his name.

I quickly look over to find him reaching for the door back inside and quickly shout, “Wait!”

He stops and spins around to see my jogging figure and hollers back, “Yeah?”

“You never told me your name” I state, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

The chilling breeze runs between us making me shiver, as he peers down at me. He takes a step closer relinquishing his hold on the steel metal door, to rest his hands on my shoulders. He leans down and whispers, “You’ll find out soon enough darlin” and kisses my cheek before walking back inside the old fashioned parlor.

Well....I wasn’t expecting that.


After some lady handed me Hopes cotton candy ice cream, I sauntered off to reunite with them at the park. Once I got over there, Hope was giggling away on the swings, while Danny pushed her. I almost feel kinda bad for telling the guy that we no longer needed the strawberry ice cream, but oh well what’s done is done.

“Hope I have your ice cream” I call out, while holding the cone in the air for her to see. Danny pulls the swing to a stop so she can hop off, and run over to me.

She quickly says a thank you before completely- and I mean completely- shoving her face into the tiny cone. I softly chuckled, as I ran a hand through her golden hair.

“Where’s mine?” Danny query’s, making his way over to us.

“Oh they were out” I shrug, lying right through my teeth, but he just rolled his eyes without question.

“Okay fam lets hit the road” I announce, admiring Hopes now cream covered face. “Danny go start the car up, I’m gonna go clean off Hopes face” I add knowing Danny won’t let her in his car looking like a mess. He nods and heads off, and I grab Hopes non-sticky hand, and lead her off to the counter.

Once we are halfway there I feel a tug at my shirt, making me look down at my blue-eyed princess.

“What’s up, babe?” I casually ponder, as she keeps stepping closer to my leg.

“That guy over there keeps looking at you” she nervously reveals, as she plays with her bottom lip. I start to look around, but I don’t see anyone else in sight, except the flow of darkness.


“You’re probably just tired baby, come here” I softly coo, and wrap her in my arms before I continue walking over to the ordering counter.

Except now that she mentions it, I do feel the chill of someone watching.

Once I get over, there’s an older woman cleaning the counter so I nicely ask if I could have some napkins, and she sweetly smiles. She hollers to someone else in the room to go to the back and grab some, and that it won’t take long.

“Thank you so much” I smile, rubbing Hope’s legs comfortingly.

“No problem sweetie. Might I say both of you girls are absolutely beautiful” she compliments, as she sweeps. Her face painted with settle colors and experienced lines drawn on her face, that only make her seem more delicate.

“You are really pretty too” Hope smiles shyly, as she hides herself into my chest. I rake my hand through her golden strands, and totally agree making the old woman’s smile widen.

“Here you go, Rosie” some guy says, as he hands her a stack of white designed napkins. I thank her once again as I take a few, and wipe Hopes face, and once i’m done I jumble it all in a ball and lay it beside Hope.

“Oh sweetie, here, can you throw these away for the poor girl” Rosie pleads, as she takes them in her shaky hand.

“Yeah of course” he says, setting the rag down and walking over. I look to thank him and once my eyes hit those gentle blue ones, my smile widens in comfort.

“I thought I told you to get that fine ass home” he points out, grabbing the dirty napkins from Rosie in his fist before tossing it into a big grey bin.

“I thought I might stick around a little longer” I playfully respond, making him chuckle. He shakes his head, and turns around to grab the rag he was using to clean with, and continues to go around the room with the bottle of blue chemicals.


“What’s up, Piccola?” I ask looking down at my darling baby sister, as she shyly smiles looking at our mystery friend with crimson cheeks.

She covers the side of her mouth with her little hands and whispers, “He’s cute”, causing his head to pop up all the sudden curious.

“You should convince your sister that” he teasingly adds, but his smile falters when something behind me catches his eye. I send him a questionable look, and he starts to chuckle as he heads over to where we’re standing.

He rests his finger under my chin and pulls me closer, so I can feel his warm peppermint breath against my ear, “Don’t panic, but there’s a guy back there at a table whose been watching you for some time now. So I’m gonna walk you back to your car so nothing happens, okay?”

I nod, as my heart starts to beat a little faster with the hairs on the back of neck starting to perk up. I try to wait patiently, as he comes around the back way, but I can’t help but pull Hope closer to my chest.

He quickly walks over after noticing my paranoid figure, and rests a calming hand on my back. “Come here, sweet pea” he says referring to Hope, and picks her up after swinging an arm around my shoulders.

“Just act normal. It’s okay, ” he whispers, as he continues to rest his hand on my back with his finger drawing soothing circles. I may not know this guy very well, or his name for god sakes, but the fact that he’s as tall as my brother and doesn’t exactly have a slight frame comforts me more than he’ll ever know.

He walks over to the car, and buckles Hope into her car seat for me, as he subtlety observes the area around us.

“Thank you so much” I breath out with a hand over my rapid beating heart.

“Anytime darlin” he softly smiles, as always. Except this time he pulls me into a small hug, and kisses the top of my head.

“Be safe” he mummers. “Because if you’re not you’ll never find out my name” he smirks teasingly, as he slowly walks backwards and away from me. I just shake my head and faintly laugh at his childish actions and get in the car.

As we drove off into the night in the safety of our car, there was still one question that continued to rattle my brain.

Where the hell do I know him from?

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Here are some questions,

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