An Angel's Mark

By Christine_AO All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


In the beginning God said, "Let there be light" and now it will end in darkness. As humanity gives in to the darkness within them, the doors to hell crack open ever wider. Lucifer sits upon his throne in his new stronghold above the surface and awaits God's final challenge. He has planned for all the powers the Lord's celestial beings can use against him, for there is no way in hell he will return to rule the scorching pits below. His only weakness is the crippling pride that caused him to fall in the first place, it blinds him to the seven human women that have the power to defeat him. The marked ones alone have the power to remind Lucifer of his rightful place. However, Lucifer is not the only being unaware of the powers, they themselves have no knowledge of their gifts. Since it was Eve who placed humanity on their path to self-destruction it will take seven of her female descendants to take them off of it. After all God is nothing if not a fan of irony.

God's Plan

As God sat in the newly formed Heavens and looked upon his creation a jubilant smile danced across his face as he watched Adam chase Eve around the garden of Eden. Adam could clearly see Eve’s long flowing hair sticking out from behind one of the perfectly formed trees but he decided to let her have her fun. He turned and walked in the other direction pretending not to have seen her and set off to find a particularly beautiful flower to gift her with on his return. What happened next would be remembered for all of eternity, and as the story goes Eve was convinced by a snake to eat fruit from the tree of wisdom which she then feed to Adam. The smile that once painted God’s face fell as quickly as it had formed, he descended from the heavens to the Earth is flash of vibrant colours and a gust of wind. He quickly reprimanded Eve decreeing that both she and the snake would be rightfully punished and Adam to lesser extent also experienced his wrath as it would be the descendants he shared with Eve that would carry the mark for this treacherous act.

As God rose back up to the heavens he felt the sharp pain of regret blossom within him.

“Did I make a mistake?” he said to no one in particular.

For he as the creator was all knowing and had never been afforded the ignorance of not seeing how the path of humanity would play out. He knew a day would come where the majority of humans would walk the Earth with no faith in him at all . They would ignore the Bible and brand it as a work of fiction. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride would be ever present as they strayed further and further away from faith. However, that was not what worried him the most, for he had known that by granting humans free will they would disappoint him and evoke happiness in him in equal measure. They were his favourite creation as just when he believed they were beyond saving, a single act of kindness would remind him of their true potential to be an example to the rest of creation. Over the many millennia as his angels were born they would often suggest to him that humanity were undeserving of God’s love for them.

Many years later one daring angel even went as far as to declare humanity flawed beyond repair. Lucifer then a young angel was sorely mistaken in his commentary and God often reminded him of this fact.

“ Humanity form the best and the worst of creation” God would say but time and time again his words would fall on deaf ears.

“ Yes I can see how incredible it can be Father, when humans choose the difficult path of believing in you when the world suggests otherwise. However, many humans do not and they fall victim to some if not all of the cardinal sins. They live a life in which the hurt their fellow men and destroy the beautiful home you have created for them. So I say they should be removed so the other humans, those who are truly good can live in peace” Lucifer would retort.

God could feel other angels around him silently agreeing with the young angel’s revolutionary thinking though they did not audibly speak these dark inner thoughts. However he didn’t need them too, for he saw deep into all their souls and in Lucifer’s he saw pride beyond compare, he would never be content with his role in Heaven watching over and guiding humanity as all angels do. His true intentions compelled him to wipe humanity from existence and in doing so he believed he was an even more capable ruler than God himself. As with all his creations God knew that he would have to let Lucifer continue down this path and stop him only when his committed a treacherous act against him. He could not punish him simply for his intentions and ambitions. He would also be lying to himself if he secretly didn’t hope that Lucifer’s mind would change, so that disciplinary action would not be necessary against one of his most treasured angels. Lucifer’s problem was that he knew it and never thought to humble himself because of it.

A tear trickled down God’s cheek as he saw Lucifer scheming with a group of his followers. They were planning to fly down to the Earth and destroy all humans who showed sins of devious intentions.Although Lucifer could not see it now that meant that all of humanity would have to be destroyed, as within them all was the potential for both good and evil.

God knew what he had to do.

“Lucifer” he shouted

“My child can’t you see that this is wrong. It is not your place to decide who should live and who should die. Though humanity have a short life compared to ours they are capable of great change within it. You can not only pick the good qualities in any creature, angels included. I did not create any being perfectly because it is not possible, even I have my flaws and I thought humanity would help remind us all of that. I made man in my image and by questioning their existence you question me”

“You are naive father. We may not be perfect but compared to humanity our imperfections are futile. They must be removed from this Earth in order for it to thrive, you would be able to see that if you were not blinded by your undying love for them. Ever since Jesus died and gave his life for them before returning to us you have worked tirelessly to make sure that his death was justified. I am not questioning you, I am simply telling you the error in your ways. Did you not create me to do exactly that?” Lucifer explained with a defiant smirk placed on his proud face.

“You leave me no choice. I declare you Lucifer to be the first of your kind to be banished from Heaven. You question the creator and believe you are above him so I will create a new domain for you to rule over named Hell. Humans who know no kindness and only evil will be sent here in the afterlife. You will judge them and determine their punishments, it will be a realm of your own making and you may decorate it as you see fit. You will never return to Heaven and your wings though they remain on your back will not allow you to reach the heights of the Heavens. Those angels that aided you in this nefarious act will become your generals and will help you rule the depths below.” God declared with a heavy heart.

“NO FATHER!, I AM SORRY I QUESTIONED YOU I CAN CHANGE” Lucifer screamed as he made the dramatic descent from the Heavens followed by his companions.

The Earth formed a hole that enveloped the fallen angels in a cold hug of despair. God almost changed his mind as his children fell through the abyss but he knew he had made the right decision. Often the decisions that hurt him the most were the right ones but he could shake the piercing screams that had shattered his heart.

Begrudgingly Lucifer took over his role as the leader of Hell just as the Lord had instructed. He created a realm similar to Heaven in its bright white walls and opulence. He told his generals this was because he wanted to lure humans into a false sense of security before they experienced eternal torment. Yet, deep down he knew it was because he missed the Heavens and as each day passed envy rose like a burning inferno within him for the angels who still lived in paradise. Even the thought of God ignited a spark in the pit of stomach that could only be described as an unbridled anger he never thought himself capable of. However he was as brilliant as he was prideful and though he had been wrongly punished for God’s own faults he would bide his time and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. If he could never fly to the Heavens again he would kill the creator and drag the Heavens down to Earth if he had to. Once he had rid it of the useless humans that had caused him to be thrown out of them in the first place, of course. Once again the prideful smirk that was as much a part of him as his blond hair or blue eyes found its rightful place on his unnervingly handsome face.

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