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Find Me A Connection

Find Me A Connection

“Breathe in and breathe out” Although Elder Caesar’s words were said with the aim of calming the Third Year students in front of him down but they were having the opposite effect.

“Elder Caesar you know I love you like the grandfather I never had. I respect everything that makes you the wonderful teacher that you are but I am going to say what no-one else will. THIS IS POINTLESS!” Imra declared and as if she had been saving up her frustration in some imaginary damn in the centre of her being; and the doors had just flooded open. Even she knew that the words spilling out of her mouth were a result of her agitation at the situation, not the Elder himself but that didn’t make them any less truthful.

Second Year had been difficult but each member of her cohort had passed onto to the Third, which was saying something because at one point for some of her peers it was not looking hopeful at all. The reason it had been so stressful was largely due to the disproportionate amount of information that had to be learnt in the History of Creation 201 Class. They were after all squeezing all the known knowledge of the 5 nations into a year. However, this did not mean that they could let their other disciplines suffer, the respective Masters simply wouldn’t allow it. Even Imra had at one point questioned whether too much was being expected of them all in such limited time. However after their examinations had been taken and they had all passed successfully. All the students could see how the intense course had benefitted not just their learning of each discipline but also their ability to see the links and overlap between them.

Which is why as they sat on the grass on the Apostle’s Fields (which extended from the back of the Celestial Gardens) the air was filled with a signature mixture of confusion, worry and anger. A scent common to both angelic and human students alike. They had been told that today was the day. As in the day that they would make the connections with their human wards. If they were honest with themselves many students had thought that after surviving Second Year, the connection process would be a walk in the park. That was the exact reason why they were all in this predicament and it happened each and every year. The fault was not of Caesar’s making but every year one if not more of the more vocal students would deem it to be so and each year the other students would silently agree. This year it seemed Imra was that unlucky victor.

“Elder Caesar you are a very forward thinking man, what I don’t understand is how you can have this issue every year and still do nothing to fix it. So, here we are again sitting here like idiots with our eyes closed seeing nothing. All you are telling us to do is focus on our breathing and let me tell you now, it is not helping.” Imra continued, so incensed she failed to notice the accusatory tone that she was targeting the Elder with. Sablo snickered at the whole scene it seemed ridiculous to him that an angel so young, would have the gall to scold an Elder of unending maturity and knowledge like a child whose hand had been caught in the cookie jar.

“I don’t know what you are laughing about. Heaven’s knows you can’t even focus enough to keep your eyes shut as we meditate. It is no wonder you haven’t been granted images of your human charge yet, it is the rest of us that I am worried about.” She quickly retorted, which soon had Sablo shielding his apple green eyes from view with his lids.

That shut him up Imra thought to herself.

Having seen enough, finally Elder Caesar spoke, he was sure if he did not Imra would self-implode. One thing she didn’t not seem to know how to do was accept failure and he could predict that this animosity towards something that every being naturally experienced, would cost her greatly in the future.

“Imra that is enough!” His voice was highlighted with a sternness that none of the students had ever heard from his mouth before, from Elder Tabbris’s yes but not sweet Elder Caesar. In that moment Imra knew she had really put her foot in her mouth and wished she had literally stuffed it in there instead of continuing her tirade like she had just done. Even Sablo knew that this was now definitely no laughing matter.

“Has it ever occurred to you that the reason the connection isn’t happening is because none of you really want it. I am always the first to put my hands up when I am the cause of disruption or the enemy of progress but in this situation that is not the case. Don’t think I haven’t heard all of you talking about how amazing the creatures are that make up the five nations and how humans pale in comparison to them. If I didn’t know any better I would assume you all wished they were your wards instead of the humans.” Chiron scolded with a greater intensity than even Imra could muster.

Consequently, it was not just Imra who felt the gravity of the Elder’s words. Her shoulders and those of all the angels around her soon dropped, they wanted to act out in defiance if not for any other reason but just to defend their own pride. However they knew the older angel was speaking nothing but the truth. Even though the seed of doubt varied in its size and morphology within each of them, it still existed.

“Until you produce genuine feelings of gratitude and excitement towards it you will find that the bond will not form.” Elder Caesar continued.

“So I see no reason for me to be within your presence any longer. You have the rest of the day to discover it for yourselves and those that do will meet me bright and early for class tomorrow.” He then stalked off at a brisk pace in search of some far more grateful and engaging recipients of his tutelage.

The Third Year Class remained frozen in shook. If they had been competing to replace the statues of the Circle of Seven the competition would have been fierce. It was unheard of for a class to be concluded in such a manner and they had no idea what to do next. It seemed easy to blame Imra for her outburst but they all knew that they had silently agreed with her. It had been within each of their rights to stop or interrupt her before it had escalated to this level of chaos but none of them had. Yet, the warm oranges and brilliant purples that weaved through the sky of the Heaven’s as the sun started to set on the horizon, reminded them that there was no time to pass blame.

They all snapped out of their daze and set off in the various directions to their dorm rooms. They had no choice but to figure out how to portray gratitude and enthusiasm for the bond they had spent so long preparing to receive. If that wasn’t enough that they had to produce these pure emotions but there was also an imminent time constraint. If they failed it seemed that their progress throughout the rest of the penultimate year and onto Eden would suffer the consequences, Elder Caesar had said as much.

Every student in every hall was pacing up and down, and up and down still to know avail. It seemed that it was too late and as the end of the night drew nearer they were looking more and more likely to become the first year group in the College’s history to fail to find a connection.

Imra felt the panic building up within her, not just at the thought of her own failure but at the fact that she might have ruined the chances of a connection for the others. It was unheard of for angels to be unable to make a connection and it was looking less and less hopeful. If they received the bond now they would really be cutting it close. In every other room throughout the dormitories of the Third Year they all had these same thoughts running through their heads. They made the decision to regather at the Apostle’s fields in the dead of the night as a class. In that moment everyone felt immense comradery towards one another as they offered each other selfless support and recanted everything negative they had ever said about their connection both minor and major. In that moment they all wished for nothing more than the sight of a human face in their mind. Their issues with Imra and all their other issues with one another were long forgotten.

Then it happened.

“I see her” He shouted.

“I see my human too” Another shouted.

Another followed, then another, followed by many more excited replies. It was like a domino effect and within seconds each and every student standing on that field had successfully found their connection, Imra included. It seemed their prayers had been answered (maybe literally) and they would not take this opportunity for granted, they would care for their charge as if their life was their own.

Imra would have been lying to herself if she didn’t admit that part of her had been hoping that the green-eyed Adonis that she had been gifted visions of in the Changing would be her ward. Nevertheless his perfection was far to magical to be contained within a human vessel and with her new found knowledge of the five nations she couldn’t help but wonder about his nature. Today she had been taught a valuable lesson about respecting the opinions of those with more knowledge than her and she would do everything she could to achieve excellence for both herself and her new human charge.

The man in her visions was handsome she supposed, in his own right but compared to her Greek God he stood no chance (but then again could any being stand beside him). Henry had dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and was in his first year at Portsmouth University studying History in the hopes of becoming a teacher. He lived in Southsea on the South Coast of England with his family. He was in fact a walking contradiction, by human standards he was rather angelic looking with an innocent face that suggested him capable of no ill will towards others but he was a terrible ladies man. Somehow he couldn’t seem to connect the fact that him having so much love to give and giving it so freely to others could actually hurt people in the process.

He believed the women when they said they could handle no-strings-attached types of relationships even though their eyes told a different story. He then just up and left when it suited him with a quick goodbye, more than a little oblivious to the utter devastation he left in his wake. Perhaps in his mind he felt it was okay if he was honest from the get go; but that simply left every women from Brighton to Dover believing that they had the power to change his player ways and that was definitely not the case. He simply enjoyed the pleasures of life and didn’t see why he should have to conform to anybody else’s standards of self-respect or what a real relationship entailed. Yet, as the age old story goes every action has its reasons and Henry treated his family with the upmost love and respect. Ever since his mother walked out on them in order for her to start a new life in Ibiza to make up for all the time she lost having her useless children, which she had constantly reminded her children of. He had done his best to play Mum and Dad for his younger sister Charlotte. She way the light of his life and he smothered her with all the affection anyone could ever want.

In fact the first image Imra saw in her head of Henry was him sneaking out of some woman’s bedroom and she had felt herself start to really understand the scale of work she would have to put in help him. She would need in depth counsel and advice to help this young man evolve and she hoped that by tomorrow Elder Caesar would have forgiven her, even though she knew she didn’t really deserve it. However her heart softened when the next image revealed that he had raced out of the woman’s house not only to avoid her but to make his Dad and sister breakfast and then to make Charlotte her packed lunch. He wasn’t a bad person at all and deep down he knew that relationships terrified him because after his Mum left, it destroyed his father and he was never the same again no matter how much he faked it for their benefit. The big strong builder had cried for days into his pillow so the children couldn’t hear him but his bloodshot eyes told a different story. Even the thought of her still made him a so sad as he had loved her so much but he make sure his children knew how much he loved them each and every day. Henry believed that if he never gave the woman the power to destroy him he would never get hurt and he always left the relationships, if you could call them that before she ever even had the chance to. There were a few times he had thought of staying but he truly believed that his mother had broken him so completely that if he did, the woman wouldn’t like what she saw and would leave him anyway.

In that moment as he gave his sister her lunchbox Imra felt all of these emotions that he had buried so deep within him. No young man should feel so much responsibility and suffering at the tender age 19, she would make it her mission to help him see just how amazing he could be both alone and with someone else.

This was what it was all about and to think she had almost thrown it all away with her defiance and ignorance in assuming that such a important job could be beneath her.

Somewhere in one of the complex pockets of space time God chuckled to himself. He really was good at the whole Creator thing. Every millennia he applied the same strategy to the Third year angels and each time it worked. He planned to keep using it until it was no longer effective and that seemed to be a time very far away in the distant future.

Each year Caesar would tell the angels that they were supposed to connect to the humans in the class because that was how it usually had happened for the past millennia but occasionally God would choose a year group in which he would delay the connection. The apprehension and panic that naturally ensued caused the students to identify their doubts both in their future duties, themselves and each other. By the time the actually received the connection they were far better for it and much more grateful for it occurring at all. This then sent ripples through the College and Eden reminding all angels what a gift the connection was and how lucky each of them was to have it. As great as it was poor Caesar did suffer some abuse in these situations as a result and the Father was sure that had added a few new silver hairs to his head as a result. There was obviously nothing he could do about these incidents since the selection was completely random, at least to worldly beings. God knew it was the perfect system but he would apologise to Caesar at the next Changing ceremony. It was still rather an ordeal and the Elder hadn’t even been sure if all his students would be able to attend his next class.

However, the Creator knew his face would light up the next day when he noted that none of his students were missing and he would accept Imra back with open arms as if nothing had ever happened. For that was just the kind of angel he was.

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