An Angel's Mark

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A Self-fulfilling Prophecy

It was the last day and having successfully completed their final year, the young angels were packing up their things in preparation for their move to Eden. There they would begin their work as the Official Guardians of Humanity through God’s Celestial Houses.

A sharp knock interrupted the boy’s celebrations as they laughed and cheered, incredibly excited to move onto the capital of the City of Angels with their classmates. In fact their sheer jubilation was the reason that none of them realised the authority that had been displayed in the knock. None of their peers would have knocked like that.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. Hold your horses” Sablo cheerfully shouted as he ambled towards the door as if he hadn’t a care in the world and if he was perfectly honest, at that moment in time he didn’t.

“Seriously. What is so important that you have to interrupt our Bro-Time?” He joked as he opened the door obviously expecting to see one of his fellow classmates wanting to join in the fun.

“Oh Elder Tabbris, my mistake please accept my humblest apologies. If you are here to fail me I am sorry to tell you it is too late, we have already had the ceremony and everything.” He joked though he was surprised to see the Elder he supposed it wasn’t that strange. Maybe Elder Tabbris liked to personally congratulate all the students one last time before they left. It was only after he opened the door wider, when he saw the grim expressions of the other Elders including the Headmistress herself that he started to become suspicious. Elder Tabbris always wore such a hardened expression so he had thought nothing of it but the others were almost never so stoic.

Something was definitely up.

“Well are you going to let us in or not” Elder Tabbris all but demanded gruffly much to the disapproval of the other Elders.

“Of course Elder Tabbris do come in, along with all the other Elders. You too Headmistress welcome to our humble abode.” There was absolutely no need for Sablo to elaborate on his answer so loudly but he had to provide the others with at least a bit of a warning. The shuffling of footsteps he heard in the apartment suggested that he had been successful.

He opened the door as wide as possible and followed the Elders into their communal lounge area. The others had miraculously cleaned the area to a more than acceptable standard (not that it was that messy beforehand). They stood at attention as a sign of respect and the atmosphere couldn’t have been anymore awkward.

“Please everyone let us sit down we have much to discuss” Elder Dina said and everyone quickly followed her instructions seating themselves in the nearest chair. The confusion on the young angel’s faces was as clear as day, they were completely unaware that they had scheduled a meeting with all the Elders.

“You are probably wondering why we are all here” Dina continued.

“Well there is no easy way to put this. You are not joining you peers in Eden this evening” Dina said her expression grave.

“This must be some kind of joke” Sablo exclaimed.

“I can assure Sablo it is not. A different path has been chosen for you seven” Dina quickly replied. In an ideal world she would have preferred not to spring this on them but the Almighty had decreed it.

“What is more important than our life’s purpose?” Daniel questioned the worry rising in his voice with each word.

“Well, you are needed on Earth to guide your wards directly” Elder Dina answered vaguely but there was obviously more to the story. She was trying not to overwhelm them but the dubious looks on their faces suggested soon she would soon have no choice. Before she could feed them yet another morsel of information Elder Evangeline put them out of their misery.

“You guys know Lucifer right?” Elder Evangeline stated and the younger angels nodded. Of course they did, her question was very odd to them as they had learnt his origin story from the very people they were sitting in the room with. Dina subtly tried to subdue Evangeline but she was having none of it. She pretended as if she couldn’t understand or see the Headmistress’s signals and continued her blunt diatribe.

“Well it seems a year from now he will try and open the gates to Hell permanently. He will then let all his hell keepers through and make a move to overtake Heaven and defeat God. So in response he has bestowed the power to stop him into seven young women. They are the marked ones and each of you is one of their guardians. Together you must stop him or watch the world as we know it go up in flames.” Evangeline stated matter of factly whilst Dina’s eye began to twitch profusely in response to her colleagues outburst. The young angels in front of them could not help to save the world if they died of shock. Sure she had been taking her time but she was getting there, now they were all just terrified.

“Everyone calm down, look at what you are all doing to poor Nathan” Elder Eve said in a motherly tone. Nathaniel had great control over his sensitivity to emotions but the ones his friends were feeling were so intense, they were amplified within him. He had keeled over almost as if he was suffering from motion sickness. Once the others saw what an effect they were having on him, they tried to dampen and get a grip on their feelings. Eventually it worked and he was able to sit upright. They couldn’t however be rid of the deep insecurity, worry and fear they felt completely so he still looked a bit queasy.

“I don’t understand. Why us? Surely you guys are more qualified to handle something of such great importance or even a group of angels from Eden.” Micah questioned logically and the others nodded in agreement perhaps there was still a way out of this.

“It has to be you. As terrified as you are right now your wards will be ten times so. Some of them don’t even believe in God let alone Lucifer and none of them are aware of the powers they possess. This requires people who can relate to them completely in terms of maturity. They too have formed a close union as a seven and you must act as an example for them to follow” Elder Caesar reasoned.

“There is no getting out of this. For the Almighty has said it to be so. God does not give us anything we can’t handle and that is the case here. This is your greater purpose and you will not fail in what you were born to do.” Elder Eve said with a clear confidence that left her words ringing in each of their ears.

“You will also not go alone, a guide has been arranged for you throughout your stay on Earth.” Elder Dina stated.

“We understand. At least we shall all be going together and I have absolute faith that together we can achieve anything” Archon replied in his usual charming cheer, trust him to put a positive spin on such a disconcerting situation.

“When do we leave?” He continued happily

“Tonight” Elder Tabbris replied. Even Archon could not hide his doubt at that point. He like the others had assumed they would have time to be prepared. Maybe not three years worth of preparation but at the very least a month.

“What can you tell us about where we will be going and what we are up against?” Ramiel asked sensing the need for a change of subject. They couldn’t allow their emotions to get so out of control a second time. Nathaniel’s face was only now returning to its normal complexion.

“Finally you are asking the right questions” Elder Tabbris replied indicating that he would be providing them with the answers.

“The portal will take you to the capital of Ghana, Accra. The girls in question are all attending Ghana International School and they are in their penultimate year before University. You will infiltrate the school and befriend them. You then have a year to train them for the final stand against Lucifer. Speaking of Lucifer he is holed up in the London borough of Chelsea in England. Typical of that conceited, arrogant little ……” Tabbris replied before he was interrupted Elder Caesar, it seemed he may have known Lucifer more closely than he had ever let on when talking with the students.

“It is important that you remember you have always had the privilege of knowing God, your wards are humans they are not going to believe everything you say just because you know it to be so. Humans have a nasty habit of lying and they may simply think you are joking or worse playing a cruel prank .” Elder Caesar helpfully suggested.

Michael was just about to ask how they could then make their wards believe them when the Elders stood up.

“You have 30 minutes to gather any personal items then you must meet me in my office.” Elder Dina stated and with that she and the other Elders exited the apartment. It seemed they had said everything they could.

The young angels packed up in complete silence occasionally exchanging looks of disbelief. They had no idea how they were going to pull this off and even with the support of one another they each retreated to the dark corners of their mind riddled with doubt and uncertainty.

Once they reached the Headmistresses office they noticed a brilliant purple light seeping through all the crevices of the closed door. Before they could knock, she opened it and there was one addition standing next the portal along with the other Elders.

“I hope you are all ready to go on an adventure with me.” The familiar voice questioned.

“Afriel” They all shouted so happy that tears threatened to pour out of each of their eyes. The older angel was soon smothered by the group hug created by the young Nephilim. Even Elder Tabbris felt a smile tug on the corners of his lips.

They said their goodbyes and lead by Afriel walked through the portal into a world they had only seen through their ward’s eyes. However, a lot of their fear had now been replaced with excitement. They had missed Afriel greatly and he was the key figure in raising them to be who they were. They were not alone and like little kids, they just wanted someone to tell them it was going to be alright. Afriel had managed to do one better, he had reminded them that this was momentous event and a chance to do something extraordinary for the sake of all God’s creatures.

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