An Angel's Mark

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Your Move

Lucifer sat on the throne of his own making absent-mindedly picking at his finger nails even though they were immaculate as always.

His generals stood in a semi-circle around him nervously bouncing from one foot to the other. Over the many years they had watched him grow his hatred for God and now the flower was fully cultivated and blooming in its wretched light. Many of the generals had realised their mistake in following Lucifer instead of standing by God many millennia ago but it seemed they were still paying the price. However, instead of focusing on blaming the Creator as Lucifer had done they were quick to see fault in their own wrong doings instead. For there is no angel or being less intelligent than one that has no ideas of their own but blindly follows the radical views of others with no thoughts as to the consequences.

“My Lord it is not that we question your might, it just seems very unnecessary to take such a strong stand against the Creator” One general said as tactfully as possible.

“What so you mean by that Ezekiel? What is the point in making a stand if it is not bold?” Lucifer questioned his voice starting to reveal his irritation with a conversation he obviously thought had gone on too long, even though it had just began.

“What he means to say my Lord is. Once you are successful in over throwing God what will you do with all the hell keepers especially if you plan to permanently open the doors to hell” Zara probed more skilfully than her male counterpart.

“That is of no consequence to me. That is why I have generals, is it not? To clean up messes that are beneath me” Lucifer retaliated almost as if he was testing their resolve.

“Of course Master but what of those in the five nations. Will they not stand against the hell keepers in order to protect humanity.” Rayna suggested relieving Zara of her questioning duties.

“There will be a period of confusion. For the five nations to protect humanity they would have to reveal themselves and risk changing the fine balance of creatures on Earth for an eternity. By the time the Celestial Court of Elders has decided that it is indeed worth the risk to make a stand it will be far too late. Then I think their need for self-preservation will kick in preventing them from making any further moves” Lucifer confidently replied.

The generals stared at him in awe. His cocky exterior always suggested that he put very little thought into his plans but now they could see that was definitely not the case. As arrogant as he was Lucifer never just jumped into action, however once he did his pride often blinded him to the possibility of failure.

“One last thing my Lord. Exactly how to you plan to defeat God?” Ezekiel bluntly asked. The horrified expressions on the other general’s faces suggested that once again he had put his foot in his mouth. His statement had come out as much more doubtful than he had intended it to be. It was far to close a reflection of his actual opinion.

“You dare question me. Well, why don’t I tell you since you are so doubtful. God will not come down to Earth to stop me opening the gates to Hell for good. He will raise heroes of some sort or another just to prove a point and to show his might. Once I make quick work of them a message will be sent and just like before more and more angels will start to doubt his word. They will fall like droplets from the sky on a rainy day and eventually Heaven will be left unprotected. Either I will find a way up there myself or I will create a new better version of Heaven on Earth once I am rid of those pesky humans. I just haven’t decided yet.” Lucifer vehemently responded.

Ezekiel and the other generals however knew that what their ruler was saying was not entirely true. After God had decreed it so Lucifer would never be able to return to the paradise in the sky. However unlike his peers Ezekiel didn’t manage to contort his face into a convinced enough expression.

Incensed Lucifer lifted up the Chrysoar that sat on the arm of his throne and cut him down where he stood. Golden blood poured out from the fatal blow and his other generals cried out in sorrow. Before they could reach the body in the hopes of taking it for a proper burial. Lucifer spoke once again.

“Anymore questions? No. Then leave my sight this instance.” Generals scattered disappearing in a flurry, fearing for their own lives.

Lucifer carried what was once Ezekiel towards the gates of Hell knowing that he had to be quick. Once he got there he allowed the deceased General’s blood to drop onto them. The moment the blood touched them another crack appeared. Soon he would have enough angel blood to open them completely and all his hell keepers would them able to pass through them. Not just the ones who were necessary for a specific mission at a specific time. In a years’ time they would be able to come and go as the pleased, not that they would ever want to return to the hellish realm.

The discovery that angel blood could weaken the gate had occurred by accident. Another general (now deceased) had suggested that perhaps he should be hell’s ruler instead. Always a fan of making his point Lucifer had challenged him to a duel for the domain that eerily resembled Heaven. However the similarities ended with its structure, as it lacked the spirit and joy that could be found in the haven in the sky.

Taris had fought valiantly but Lucifer had been better, pinning him against Hell’s gates and as he bleed from his injuries the two were transported to Earth for a few seconds before returning to hell. A few more experiments allowed Lucifer to test and confirm his theory that angel’s blood could be used to open the gates to Hell. However to do so permanently he would require a huge quantity of it.

Over the next few years he told his generals he was sending them on missions but really he had much more nefarious intentions. They grew curious as to why their friends never returned and eventually realised that to be chosen was to be given a death sentence.

The gates were growing weaker and weaker. Last year he had been able to transport both he and his generals through them and in just under a year from now they would burst open. Acting as no match for his hell keepers or their hounds.

For long stretches of time they had left Hell with no ruler and he believed that the confusion and frustration would help create more hell keepers. Hell was in absolute disarray so of course souls would choose that path of a hell keeper instead of a life of both chaos and torture below.

When on Earth he resided in the London Borough of Chelsea as he felt that out of all the places in the human realm it was most suitable for a being of his calibre. When he had first come through the portal he had scoured the nearby Earth for a place suitable to make his last stand. Chelsea was perfect because it embodied everything he believed to be wrong with humanity. The people there lived such privileged lives yet they didn’t use that to motivate them to help others. Instead they kept it to themselves and kept striving for things that were not worth having such as more wealth, power and influence. Which ironically was not much different to Lucifer himself but he believed that it was all for the right reasons. Deep down he truly thought all his terrible deeds would allow him to create a better future for all of creation. He would do what God was too weak to do, fix creation. Even if that mean eradicating the whole human race first. Without them life on Earth would be better and the five nations could live freely and out in the open. Whenever he doubted his vision he simply had travel to Chelsea and look into yet another house full of riches and rich in neglect, jealously and despair to remind him that he was making the right decision.

God was blinded by his love for the world and the humans in it. Humanity was not worth saving and as he set Ezekiel’s remains alight his eyes hardened.

“Send your very best father because I will not back down.” He shouted up at the sky.

“You made humanity in your image and they are broken just like you” He cried.

As he walked away from the burning wreckage he whispered to himself.

“Your move Father, now you must make your move” There was defiance in his angry whisper but it was supported by the will of hardened general.

He would not back down and he believed there was no being on Earth or in Heaven capable of stopping him.

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