An Angel's Mark

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When I Look At You

Adele sat one of the benches in the G.I.S courtyard revisiting the riveting concept of Plato’s cave. It had a tree right in the centre with many other benches joining hers to form a circle around it. This island acted as a small roundabout, allowing cars to turn around after entering through the front gate. At this moment she had angled her body towards said gate, with the expectation that no cars would be passing through it for quite some time. She was always one of the first people on campus and that was including the staff. She liked to use to time to think and prepare herself for the upcoming day. Especially since it was her last year of school which required even more preparation for the first day.

Little did she know that this day, was about to be completely different form the rest.

Just as she started to unpick her aspirations for the upcoming year a car pulled up, which could have more accurately have been called a van. It wasn’t one she had never seen before so she quickly assumed it was that of a visiting parent, trustee or even a new catering service.

When the door opened on the driver’s side opened a massive Ghanaian man stepped out. He wasn’t massive in an overweight way, in fact there wasn’t a single inch of fat anywhere on his frame. Sinewy bands of muscle covered his every bone and his face seemed born to express the message “Don’t mess with me”. She didn’t find it all that surprising, many of the important parents and board members in the school had to travel with security. The destroyer of worlds in her eye line was far more built though, than any driver or security detail she had ever seen last year.

Next a distinguished man that looked to be no more than 35 stepped out of the passenger’s seat. What interested Adele was the juxtaposition of his youthful face and the silver hair neatly combed back on his head. She guessed it wasn’t all that surprising people could be born with silver hair or dye it. Yet his fancy Italian suit didn’t suggest him to be the type to do something so daring, she quickly decided that the unusual shade must be natural.

Her curiosity was satisfied in presuming the new arrival was some sort of foreign dignitary looking around in the hopes of bringing their child to the school in the future.

Just as she was about to turn her focus away she saw the back door of the van slide open. Once person stepped out, then another, then another. She was starting to wonder how many seats the van had and before she knew it 7 newcomers had been emptied from its bowels.

If she had to guess she would have said they were all her age but that was very unlikely since she was going into her last year. The waiting list for the school was ridiculously long and her parents had put her name on it at birth and it still took her until Sixth Form to get in. Not to mention the fact that they would be taking the last exams this year and it was unheard of for people to move into Sixth Form half way through.

She then decided to stop speculating and just observe what was in front of her, trying her best to be discreet. The other girls would want to know all the details of her suddenly eventful morning.

All the boys were a range of ethnicities, heights and builds so she quickly ruled out the chances of them all being brothers. At least not in the biological sense but they could all be orphans or on an exchange program together. She tended to sway more towards the latter as their clothes look both to be both immaculate and very fashionable.

She noted each of their different appearances as they got out of the car and was so engaged in her physical assessments she didn’t realise that they were probably assessing her too.

The first boy to get out of the car looked South American if she had to guess and seemed very lively and confident. He smile seemed perfectly at home on his face and so did all the rest of his features. He reminded her of your typical class clown, always trying to make everyone laugh but just so much more handsome. He playfully nudged his companions pointing to all the facilities around them while they waited for they others to exit the car.

The next guy was much more classically striking. He was the definition of cool and collected basically floating out of the van as if it was second nature. She could imagine seeing his picture on a billboard for an AD campaign. He looked like the type to take things rather seriously and though he laughed along with the others he kept on facing forwards as if to prepare himself for whatever was next.

Then a ray of sunshine exited the van, just in human form. That was the best way to describe the next guy, pure light. His curly blond hair was absolutely beautiful just like the rest of him. He exuded the kind of happiness that even a stranger standing a few feet away could sense. He was most definitely a blond bombshell that could easily be pictured surfing on the Melbourne Coast.

After him followed a more subdued character who personified harmony. He just looked so comfortable with his surroundings even though as far as she new he had never stepped foot in the school before. His dark South Asian features reminded her of the princes she read about in all those heart-wrenching teen fiction novels. Perfect to the point its almost off putting as you felt yourself pale in comparison.

A statuesque figure then exited the car next and he was far more understated than any of the guys that now stood next to him. His skin was rich with melanin and his features were fierce and sharp. All the tell-tale signs of East African man. He was the kind of guy that didn’t know how attractive he was, which of course made him even more desirable.

The guy who followed had more of rugged beauty which would get him quickly branded by the rest of the girls in the school as an absolute stud. His pronounced features nicely complimented his dark shoulder length hair. However his looked at his friends with such genuine love and care that she could just tell that on the inside he was as sweet as they come.

The last guy out of the car was something else. Now Adele thought they were all angelic in their own way but the moment he steeped out of the car it was all over. She had never considered herself the type to have her breath taken merely by the sight of someone before. In fact she thought love at first sight was stupid but lust at first sight might actually have some basis. Whichever one it was, that was what she was experiencing right now. If it was possible her eyes would have turned into heart shapes, like the ones in the corny cartoons manically jumping out of her eye sockets.

She was by no means boy crazy and was pretty sure she would probably never seem him again, so she would take in the visual feast in front of her for as long as the privilege was offered to her. He was adorable and hot all at the same time, if that was even possible. He looked to be Indonesian with the most amazing almond shaped eyes and perfect bone structure. He was the perfect height of around 6 ft 2, taller than her but not completely dwarfing her. He wore a pale green T-shirt and jeans a combination she too was rather fond of but he made it look infinitely better than she ever could. His dark brown hair was almost black was shorter at the back gathering in the front to make a sort of messy fringe. All in all he just looked effortless and his eyes were even this enticing indigo colour.



It was only then that she realised that his eyes were purple. That didn’t make him any less amazing in fact she thought they suited him but she couldn’t deny it was odd. A quick scan reaffirmed that he wasn’t the only one with an unusual eye colour: Silver, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Gold and Purple. Even the boys with normal eye colours had unusual shades of them but maybe it was some type of mutation or they all followed a trend of wearing coloured contacts.

Anyway it then took her a second to register that the purple eyed dream boat was starting to make his way towards her. This could be her one chance to make a lasting impression. What should she say? What should she do? How should she sit? All these thoughts ran through her head and before she had the chance to answer even one of them he was standing right in front of her.

“Excuse me, I am really sorry to bother you we are just looking for the office. You wouldn’t happen to know where that is would you?” He asked hesitantly. Obviously really worried about being an inconvenience but at the moment Adele would have happily listened to his soft tone “bother” her again and again.

“You have really beautiful eyes” She replied. As she simultaneously died inside.

She started an internal monologue reprimanding herself. Really Adele, you had one job! All you had to do was nod if you couldn’t find the words and point in the right direction, but no you had to try and speak. Now look at how you have gone and embarrassed yourself. Beautiful eyes, really? A man this kind and delicious probably has a girlfriend and here you go with your cringy flirting.

Nice job she sarcastically told herself, internally face-palming.

“I mean it is over there. Just follow the path and it is the first door on the right” She replied sheepishly trying to save herself any further embarrassment. If it had been anyone else she would have offered to take them there but she didn’t trust what else could come out of her mouth in the short walk to the office.

“Thank you so much. I will let you get back to work now” He said gesturing to the Philosophy book sat on her lap.

“The name is Nathaniel by the way” He said. Whilst offering her his right hand.

“Adele” She said. Taking his hand and gently shaking it.

“That is a lovely name and thank you so much for all your help, even though you obviously came here for some peace and quiet” He replied apologetically. As he started to make his way back to the group.

“Oh, Just one more thing. If anyone has beautiful eyes it’s you, those are some very enchanting weapons you have right there. Hopefully I will see you and those gorgeous eyes again sometime. I will return the favour and be of service to you next time round though, I promise. ” He said with a hopeful little smile.

She simply nodded pretty sure that even her caramel skin couldn’t hide all the shades of red she was now blushing. As Nathaniel returned to the group and lead them to reception as per her instructions she picked up where she left off. In her breaks her mind kept drifted back to the mental images she had taken of a certain purple eyed stranger.

She most definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him again but it wasn’t looking all that hopeful as she only had one year of schooling left. They would probably join in the next academic year but at least it would make any interesting story to tell all the other girls over lunch.

She sighed and went back to work. Her break was officially over, she still had so much to get through before the bell indicated the actual start of the school day.

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