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This Can't Be Happening

“I am assuming you all know why you are here?” Headmistress Martha Danquah said in a neutral tone not giving a single thing away in either her demeanour or tone. She looked over the top of her reading glasses to see fourteen rather nervous faces looking back as her.

“Actually I am …..” Sablo replied only to be cut off by the sharp shooting pains seeping out of the foot that Faye had just crushed with her own.

“What he means to say is we were wondering if you could just provide us with a reminder, so that we are all on the same page” Ramiel replied coolly.

When in fact none of them had any clue as to why they were currently standing cramped into the Office of G.I.S’s Headmistress. In actuality it was the Nephilim who were standing, as the girls each sat on the seven chairs that formed a semi-circle in front of Mrs Danquah’s desk.

“Right well I guess you are here because I want to congratulate you” She replied.

“What for?” Geneva said beating everyone else to the punch. As hard as she worked in her studies she was just as shocked as the others to be receiving such high praise. Especially from a women who wasn’t exactly known for her ability to freely give it.

“Among you are some of the brightest and most hard-working students I have in this school. You set a great example for all those in the years below you” The older woman replied.

The expressions on the faces of the students then transformed from shock to suspicion. Not that it wasn’t wonderful to hear such compliments from a woman they all greatly respected but why she was giving them out now.

“In a few months the School is holding an exhibition to celebrate its 100th Birthday and I feel like you would make the perfect Committee to undertake and supervise the presentation of such a project.” As she spoke the atmosphere began to drastically shift with Martha’s energy increasing whilst draining the students of their own.

“Headmistress Danquah, I am honoured but I don’t think that this is the right kind of project for me to undertake as of now. In a couple of months we will be taking our exams and I would rather just focus on preparation for the time being. I can’t afford any additional distractions” The Ghanaian native replied the last sentence seeming to be an overarching one that couldn’t just be coloured by this particular situation alone. If you listened closely enough you could sense that she was talking in a much more general sense.

“Celeste to be honest with you that is of none of my concern. I wasn’t asking any this of you but simply giving you the courtesy of coming to the right conclusion on your own, by making it seem like a suggestion. You of all people should be grateful for all the opportunities the school has given you and want to give back as much as you can. Show some school spirit!” The Headmistress retorted.

Her scalding tone was not to the liking of anyone one else in the room and at that moment Celeste was thankful they had already sent off all their applications to prospective Universities. As it seemed the Headmistress didn’t like being told no, especially since this was the first time Celeste was doing so. She was quickly losing favour with Mrs Danquah who had obviously taken her participation in all her optimistic endeavours as guaranteed. The young girl shrunk into herself a bit suddenly feeling insecure and vulnerable at the idea of letting her Mentor down. It was only a slight inward folding of her arms and a small depression of her shoulders, which went unnoticed by all except one.

Deep depressions were being made into the chair that Celeste was sitting on. A physical depiction of the raging inferno burning within Daniel as he saw how the Headmistress’s words had affected the formidable woman sitting in front of him. He didn’t like it one bit and decided he would do everything in his power to fix it. Celeste had ever right to focus on making sure she obtained the dreams she had worked so hard for and no one should tell her otherwise, let alone berate her for trying not to take on too much. Besides neither he or the other Nephilim had got round to telling the girls of their part to play in the upcoming events. It wasn’t something they could just come out with and they hadn’t even told them they were angels yet. She didn’t need anymore on her plate but time was running out, soon Lucifer would try to permanently open the gates to Hell for good. Nevertheless that was a headache for another time, what was going on now he could fix. He would always protect her with everything he had, in fact he would put himself in harm’s way for them all without even a seconds doubt.

“With all due respect Headmistress, I completely agree with Celeste. She is always the first to come to your aid and provide any help that you need whether it is giving tours, talking to prospective parents or writing testimonials about her time here. However this time I think you are asking too much of not just her but all of us. Who knows what could happen during the next few months and we all need to stay as focused as possible.” Daniel replied firmly his words holding a double meaning. The other angels also noticed a slight darkening of his features which they had seen only in the Doomsday room but Martha Danquah was no demon. Once the others all chimed in with choruses of support for both Celeste and Daniel she had no choice but to back down. Even she could see that she couldn’t force the students to help her unwillingly, perhaps she had gone about her request completely the wrong way.

“Right well, if that is what you wish then you may all leave my Office. I have a new Committee to find amongst your peers.” She stated turning on the computer on her desk. She stared at the blank screen whilst she waited for it to warm up. It was clear she was finished with them so they quickly rushed out of the room.

The others made sure to quicken their pace to give Daniel and Celeste some alone time as they trailed to the back of their little procession.

“Thank for what you did back there” Celeste said her voice coming out much smaller than she meant it to be.

“It was nothing really, you would have done the same for me if the situation was reversed. Actually, come to think of it you have done the same for so many people.” Daniel said his face softening as he saw the vulnerability on hers.

“I know its just it really hurt me to hear her so easily turn on me like that. I always thought she put so much effort into pushing me to excel because she believed in me but now I see it was because I would do so much extra work for her at no cost at all.” Celeste replied her voice even smaller this time.

“Can you blame her though? Everything you put your mind to turns out excellently, I can see why she would want your help with things. You are wrong about the other thing though, everyone who has ever met you can tell how extraordinary you are. They can’t help but believe in you and neither could Headmistress Danquah. She just got a little carried away and forgot that you are only human even if you do have all these talents” Daniel responded earnestly.

“You are so sweet. Really, though and I am so grateful for you standing up for me like that. I know how confident and tough I must seem with all this relentless drive and ambition. Yet, that sometimes makes me even more vulnerable as I build up such high expectations both for myself and from others. It is therefore more obvious when I fail so I shy away from vulnerability because I think it makes me look weak or that I won’t be what people expect of me. Thank you for reminding me it is OK to seek help and support sometimes, especially when you need it most. Being saved by a knight in shining armour every now and then doesn’t hurt at all. In fact I think it is really charming especially when it’s done by someone like you.” Celeste replied cheekily completely restored to her vibrant and confident self.

“You are more than welcome and I would be your knight in shining armour anytime you want. As long as you promise to be mine when I have my weak moments too” Daniel replied his face tinged with a red hue.

“I think that’s one of the things I like most about you. You are completely secure in the presence of a woman that prides herself in being strong and you even do your best to support it. I think we should catch others but I mean it. You are definitely not like any man on this planet.” Celeste mused quickly rushing off to catch-up with their friends.

That’s because I’m not a man, Daniel wanted to cry out. As more days passed, the more frustrated he was grew. The truth of the severity of their situation was becoming more and more distant from their reality. He knew the other angels were worried about it too but they couldn’t just drop such a big bombshell in their female companion’s laps.

However it seemed they wouldn’t have to wait much longer for all to be revealed.

Their impromptu meeting with the Headmistress had meant that by the time they reached the school courtyard all their classmates and the teaching staff had already left the campus.

Afriel and Kwame sat in the van patiently waiting for their arrival in the car park. Whilst Mae’s aunt was driving into the courtyard and as she drove up to the roundabout, instead of turning to go around it her car kept hurtling forward. In a matter of seconds Ramiel predicted that if they didn’t intervene she would be killed in a head on collision with the tree at the centre of it.

He shared a look with the others that gave them silent permission to do something as he could literally see no other way. Sablo didn’t need to be told twice and teleported into the car as Micah raised the tree vertically upwards by the roots, in turn lifting the whole circular podium benches and all. In order to buy him more time to stop the car. Which he did in plenty of time and it came to a screeching halt allowing Micah to gently settle the tree back to its rightful place.

Constance Lee had fainted at the wheel and Sablo gently carried her unconscious state out of the car in order to rest her on the bench. Having witnessed it all Afriel and Kwame raced over to the bench dragging Archon and the other Nephilim with them. With Mae and the other girls hot at their heels.

Archon quickly went to work resting his hands over her body letting the yellow light seep out of his fingers. What should have taken a matter of seconds became an internal struggle, Constance’s body seemed to be fighting him and the harder he pushed the more it pushed back.

“It’s not working Afriel. Why is it not working?” Archon said his desperation clear and it was apparent he felt like a complete failure. He had never be unable to heal an wounded angel before even if their wounds were internal. What would be the point of such powers if they didn’t work on humans?

“What isn’t what working, Archon?. What are you doing to my Aunt?” Mae replied in a panic.

“Don’t think we didn’t just see the superhero stunts you just pulled either. What is going on? Someone better explain all this now!” Celeste demanded as she tried to reassure Mae. The other girls were too shocked to speak and just agreed in a series of nods.

“I believe we have a lot of explaining to do. Let’s just wait for Constance to wake-up and then we will all talk” Afriel said calmly. His tone quickly diffused the tension of the situation but the young women still looked very unconvinced. He had a sneaky suspicion that not only did he know what was wrong with Constance Lee but she did to.

Soon all would be revealed and he wasn’t quite sure how anyone would take it.

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