An Angel's Mark

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The War Against Sin

After Lucifer’s fall God could not deny that there would come a time when humanity would face the threat of his ever-growing vengeance. Before the Fall, angels simply watched over their chosen human as their guardian. They could only assist their ward by creating different paths or opportunities that they could use to better their life. However, God ever the fan of free will did not provide his angels with the power to be seen or the ability to enforce good decisions onto the humans placed under their care. Much to the frustration of many angels, their wards often seemed to ignore such paths as the ones created by their righteous intentions. Seeds of doubt easily sprouted in the minds of angels in charge of the most reckless and destructive humans, softening them to the idea that perhaps the Luciferian ideology had not been so wrong after all.

Left with no choice but to get ahead of the problem, God decided that humans would need a more direct approach to help bring out the best in them. Since their ability to make terrible decisions often stemmed from one of the cardinal sins, he would tackle the issue of humanity’s malevolence at its source. He divided his angels up into seven houses which each played a role in combatting a cardinal sin that weaved its way in and out of the human condition. Houses were not families that angels were simply born into, instead they were revealed to them at age of 17 as they stood on the brink of adulthood. This removed any predetermined notions of what each young angel had to do or become. Each house was equal in honour and responsibility with the only difference being that one naturally complemented its chosen angel’s attributes more fiercely.

The House of Chastity was characterised by the electric blue eyes of the angels within this family as they helped tackle the lust in human beings. If Heaven ever required the need for religious leaders they would be formed from angels within this house, who were never distracted from their ideals in implementing God’s vision for creation. Whereas bright yellow eyes decorated the faces of the angels within the House of Satiation. They were the sunshine soldiers of Heaven as they were always content and they naturally found it hard to want for anything. This gave them the spirit to try and help aid the humans suffering from immense gluttony. The House of Moderation members were noted for their orange eyes and they fought the greed in humanity. This was a particularly hard task as greed was capable of such destruction. Whilst the bright green eyes of the House of Vitality provided angels with the everlasting energy to combat humanities endless sloth.

The House of Patience was identified by its pale pink eyed angels who could never seem to get angry. These beings had to exert strenuous effort in order to show their frustration with someone as the combatted the wrath of humanity. Whilst brilliant purples swirled in the irises of the angels in the House of Kindness as they opposed all the envy humans could so easily contain within their hearts. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for another being, human or otherwise. Last but not least the gold eyes of the House of Humility provided even more evidence of God’s appreciation for irony. He found it rather comical that his most modest angels should have eyes that represented the pinnacle of human wealth. Often it was wealth and talent that lead to the unsurmountable pride that crippled humanity. He believed pride to be the deadliest of all the sins as the humans who embodied it were the exact opposite of what they believed themselves to be, weak. He truly pitied his gold ones as the prideful humans were some of the stubbornest of all.

Being exactly opposite to the sin they specialised in, made it initially hard for the newly crowned members of each house to understand their roles. Eventually they found that like with all things, God had a reason for it being so. As angels gained a better understanding of their wards they often gained a better understanding of themselves. Even though they were exempt from the plagues of one sin perhaps they were susceptible to another.

After all it was not just humans that had their flaws.

Until the age of 17 all angels were placed in the custody of the angel of youth, Afriel. Afriel was a silver eyed being with the patience of saint. His compassion knew no bounds and his love knew no ends. Each and every cherub felt more love from him than humanly possible. God felt that since his angels sacrificed all of their adult lives in the service of humanity they deserved a childhood free of pain, envy and jealousy. Afriel never forced lessons onto his young charges but provided his wealth of unending knowledge to those who wanted to listen. He had an ability to bring out the best in each and every young angel as he gently nudged them towards the gifts that would aid them in the service of their future houses. However, that did not mean that he was not firm, for no angel would leave his care with a temper or spoilt attitude. They loved him so much that to show him disrespect would have meant hurting their very being. It was a wonder any young angel ever wanted to leave him but he always instilled in them the importance of their greater purpose.

On the eve of their seventeenth birthday Afriel would take each angel on a walk. He would smile his graceful smile and delve into the deep and lengthy history of creation. He would stress how important that angel would be to humanity’s future and how fortunate he was to have known them.

“If you remember one thing my child remember this. Love is the ultimate power, it cares for those who are not worthy and protects those whose kindness may be taken as weakness. Our father loves each and every one of us, just as deeply as I love you and just as deeply as you must love all of creation.” His velvety rich tone would conclude.

Over the years he had timed the walk so perfectly that as he finished that age old statement, they would reach the steps of the portal to the Celestial College. After one final hug goodbye he would encourage the angel to step through it to meet their destiny. Whether it was one of his first angels or the sixteen hundredth who had passed through it, it still hurt him just as deeply. As he wished all the young angels could stay with him forever. The short silver hair that rested on his head was as sombre as his expression but he always took a deep breath in and returned down the path from which he had come. As he had learned early on in his life - to love something is to let it go. A radiant beam would always then plant itself on his face as he thought of the pride he felt for the many angels he had walked down this path before and the many that would cause him to do so again.

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