An Angel's Mark

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Geneva breathed out a rather exasperated sigh. It was one that had followed many others, each coinciding with the build-up of tumultuous mini explosions inside of her. She considered herself a very logical person and her life had been perfectly balanced in the fact that her destiny was entirely her own. Before everything that had happened her world had no rhyme or reason and that suited her perfectly. Now her world was not only under threat but bursting at the seams.

Which is why she was now sat on a lawn chair on her balcony scrunched up in a ball, making all possible efforts to cut herself off the world. She was having an existential crisis and panic was forming a thick smog all around her. She supposed in the past she had considered that there might be something out there that acted as a supreme power over all but definitely not God. Now she knew of his existence she wished she could go back to the ignorant bliss she had once experienced.

A few weeks had passed since the Nephilim had revealed their true nature and at first the other girls had seemed to be living in the depths of denial with her. However even though most of them wouldn’t have called themselves Christians beforehand, they had all seemed to become much more open to the idea and quickly at that.

If she was honest she was now worried about her future and life after death. She had never really considered it before but she had paid enough attention in Religious Studies in her younger years to know how life worked undergo God’s domain. She would find herself in Hell if she didn’t find eternal life in Jesus but she was convinced it might already be too late. Surely she wouldn’t have a chance to so if she only choose to do so because she now knew for sure that he existed. She feel even deeper into despair when she thought about all her loved ones who would never find Christ.

Her misery continued as she was reminded of a thought that really pushed her over the edge. From what the young angels had told her, she and her six best friends had been chosen by God to save the world from hellish destruction caused by Lucifer’s unending pride. She couldn’t help but feel like it had been some kind of mistake. Why would God choose her of all people? What made her so special? Better yet how could he be willing to have someone who completely denied his existence fight on his behalf?

Then she heard a sharp knock at the door and opened it to reveal an ever serene looking Ramiel.

“What are you doing here?” She asked completely shocked by his presence as she looked around for any possible companions he might have arrived with, only to find no one else in sight.

“I just had a feeling” Ramiel replied mysteriously.

“Can I come in?” He politely requested quickly reminding Geneva that they had been standing in her doorway for far too long.

“Of course please come in. It is a bit of mess as I wasn’t really expecting visitors” She quickly stated. In that moment she reminded of the fact that the room should be the least of her worries, as she caught her reflection in the hallway mirror. The hair that was usually neatly combed into a bun was amiss sporting rogue strands and tangles. Not to mention her attire, the grey jumper she wore was loose and splattered with some very obvious stains. Obviously the remnants of the Continental Breakfast she had made for herself early that morning in a hopeless attempt to make herself feel better.

“Thank you very much and trust me your house looks to be in perfect condition. Remember I live with 8 others so if I can see the floor I consider it a success” He replied charmingly and even though Geneva wasn’t fully convinced she found herself feeling slightly better.

Ramiel then followed her out onto the balcony where she had been sitting on before he had arrived. She offered him a seat and he sat down accordingly. She looked at him in anticipation hoping he would elaborate on his earlier answer as to why he had decided to turn up at her doorstep unexpectedly on a Saturday morning.

“I wanted to come and see you because I feel like you haven’t been yourself recently” Ramiel explained.

“Well you can’t exactly blame me. How would you know what I am usually like anyway? We have only known each other for a few months” She retorted in a tone far snarkier than she had initially intended. She suddenly felt very defensive, especially because he had hit the nail on the head. It bothered her that he had been able to tell so easily. She had tried really hard to hide how she was feeling because there were obviously much more important things at stake and if he had noticed it meant the others had too. That said she may have overexpressed herself for once in her life and she suddenly felt the need to apologise to Ramiel for her foul mood but before she had the chance he spoke.

“You are right we haven’t know each other very long but I think you and I are much more alike than you would care to admit. I can be stubborn and a complete perfectionist. Life has a funny way of surprising you no matter how well prepared you are. Which means that sometimes my rigid stance in response to it can mean surprises throw me off my game more easily than they should. Leading me to overthink and doubt myself, an often very deadly combination.” He stated, his dark eyes full ofsincerity.

In short, his little speech had single handily put into words everything she was feeling was wrong with her life at that moment in time. It seemed they were more alike than she had thought. It wasn’t sympathy that she needed but the truth. The revelation was cut short when she realised he had be indirectly notifying her of all her flaws and even though he may share them it was still required a lot of nerve. Ramiel soon recognised this too and subsequently he tried to save himself,

“Not that I think you have those flaws and if you do they are definitely not as prominent as mine. I mean you have every reason to act a little differently, this definitely isn’t an everyday situation.” Ramiel said his voice revealing a newfound sense of panic. He had come to make the young woman in front of him feel better not to insult her, it seemed he had really put his foot in his mouth.

“Oh is that right” Geneva said faking a look of complete hurt and distain with such prowess, that Ramiel missed the teasing gold specs in her hazel eyes sparkling with amusement.

“Yes I mean you were chosen for a reason. You are an amazing person and even with your flaws, not that you have any glaring ones.” Ramiel said as he internally face palmed obviously not catching onto the humour Geneva found in the whole situation.

Then he heard the most delightful sound known to all God’s creatures, Geneva began to laugh. At first it was a small giggle but it soon erupted into a full belly laugh.

“I am teasing you. That was exactly what I needed to hear, I can’t wallow in self-pity forever obviously we are needed for greater things and we need to start preparing ourselves. The eternal damnation of myself and my loved ones can wait” She said sobering up as she finished her last sentence. The Heavens opened pouring out their watery contents as soon as she had spoken almost as if to emphasize her point. They quickly hurried into the house for shelter closing the doors behind them.

“Why would you be damned?” Ramiel questioned suddenly very concerned.

“Well before meeting you and the others I wasn’t a Christian. I hardly think that God is going to forgive me now just because I have seen his wonder for myself. Those that enter Heaven have undying faith from the start and don’t need to see it to believe it.” Geneva explained. She was so surprised he hadn’t come to this conclusion already since it was so glaringly obvious.

“Oh Geneva. Has anyone ever told you that you think too much? You aren’t going to Hell and even if you were on the course to do so it isn’t pre-set or determined. The fact you have even been able to accept that God exists now already puts you on the right path. Faith that Jesus died on the cross for your sins is the only qualifier for entering Heaven. God is the most graceful of beings, he isn’t going to reject you because of the semantics behind why you sinned. He doesn’t simply compare one person’s sins to another or have some kind of scale where he allocates doom points depending on how badly you sinned. Even angels can be at fault but if we must all acknowledge this and put our trust in him we will all end up with eternal life with him. In terms of your loved ones you still have time to reveal God to them, in fact you have your whole life ahead of you. We just need to stop Lucifer first” Ramiel reasoned.

Geneva felt herself release a breath she hadn’t even known she had been holding in. She found a new sense of peace in the words that had just been spoken to her. Now she only had to awaken some unknown powers within her so she and her six best friends could save the humanity from Hell on Earth, literally. She wanted to get started as soon as possible, she would make sure to give everyone on this Earth as much time to find God as possible just like she had.

“Thank You for coming” She told Ramiel as she looked into his dark chocolate brown eyes. There was a palatable connection between them and she found herself not wanting to look away.

They were snapped out of their staring match by the buzzing of Ramiel’s phone in his pocket. He chatted away to a voice that seemed to belong to Sablo. Once they had finished talking he looked up at her with a worried expression.

“I have to be honest with you Geneva I came with the others but I sent them away to get your favourite takeaway because I didn’t want to overwhelm you. It seems like they have picked up the food and are on their way back. I can get them to just drop it off and go but I can’t promise that Lillian won’t try and break her way in.” He hesitantly replied.

“Of course that is OK. Thanks to you I am in such a generous mood that they can even come in. I am glad you warned me ahead of time though, so I can go and clean myself up.” She replied genuinely happy and surprised.

“It’s no problem and I have to say it is nice to know that you are human after all. The relaxed look is rather cute on you. Hey! Would you look at that” Ramiel said pointing past her shoulder through the closed balcony windows, before Geneva even had time to fully process the compliment he had just given her.

The rain had cleared up and there was a beautiful rainbow that had appeared in front of them. They stared at it for a while before Geneva excused herself to change. Once she had returned they heard Lillian’s happy calls from the gate outside.

“We’re coming in” Faye declared as soon as Geneva opened the door to let them in. She quickly passed through the threshold followed by angels each carrying bucket loads of food.

Once they had decanted all the food and laid it on the table they enjoyed an evening full of questions and acceptance. The young angels detailed the battle preparation plans moving forward but it didn’t make what they were destined to accomplish seem any less daunting but they had each other and they would get through it all together.

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