An Angel's Mark

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Shine A Light

“You know I think we should all change our postal addresses to this backyard right here, considering all the time we spend here. What do you guys think?” Faye jested.

Yet again they found themselves in Afriel’s back garden for yet another training session. This time Sablo was taking charge and the girls had wrongly assumed that he was as laid back a teacher as he was a person.

“Faye as much as I appreciate you trying to lighten the mood, now is not really the time for jokes. We have a month left till you go up against Lucifer and every little bit of training counts” Sablo said firmly not a hint of humour in his tone.

“You are right I am sorry” Faye said sincerely. Instead of being upset about being reprimanded by Sablo she was actually rather impressed. She liked seeing all the different sides of his personality and this was yet another one she deeply respected.

“No need to apologise, let’s just get started shall we” Sablo boomed.

“What do you think I am going to teach you all about today? What do you think my teaching speciality is?” Sablo questioned.

The young women exchanged confused glances, not sure exactly how to answer his question.

“It is not a trick question, just say exactly what comes to mind.” Sablo suggested

“Well, I would say that you always seem to have boundless amounts of energy” Cora suggested sweetly.

“You are correct I do seem to have rather limitless reservoirs of energy. What can I say, I was made this way but more specifically I am going to teach you how to harness the light within you. You can think of light as the true currency of the Lord, it is how he saves, protects and shows us all the way. Us angels all undergo a type of metamorphosis known as the Changing. Now I can’t say if that is exactly what will happen to you but I can tell you one thing that we will all share. God blesses us all with our gifts through a light within us. It thrives on truth, love and understanding and is snuffed out by doubt, selfishness and a lack of faith.” Sablo preached.

“I am here to tell you that simply going along with all this because you feel like it is the right thing to do is not enough. If you don’t wholeheartedly believe in God and what he put you on this Earth to do, they will never come and what’s more you will be wasting all our time” He continued and after he had spoken Faye could see exactly why the others had tasked Sablo with teaching them this vital lesson. It was all the more impactful to receive such important news from someone who was usually so easy going. It reminded them of what was at stake and the fact that just saying they were all in wasn’t enough. They had to actually mean it and it would soon become clear if they didn’t.

Following Sablo’s instructions the sat down in their trusty semi-circle with Sablo sat right in front on them. Upon sitting on the grass, they started meditating and all sorts of thoughts swirled through their heads. It was hard to know what they should actually be thinking about in the first place.

For example the words “think of Godly and pure thoughts” kept on replaying in Cora’s mind over and over again. In another less important scenario she would have actually found her thoughts rather amusing but in this particular moment in time, it was simply acting as a source of frustration and she wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

The frustration he sensed in the women in front of him, reminded Sablo of some of his own past experiences at the Celestial College.

“I know this isn’t what you want to hear guys but you all need to relax” Sablo commanded.

“You’re telling me” Faye muttered under her breath. However it was still perceptible to Sablo’s angelic ears and he couldn’t help but silently chuckle to himself. He found her little combative comments rather adorable, even if they were a little misguided. It reminded him of the fact that there was a time not so long ago when he felt exactly the same way. In fact there were some days when he still felt like that and he was grateful to Faye for reminding him of that fact even if her timing sucked.

“Let’s try this again everyone trust me. I want you to keep your eyes closed and focus solely on my voice. I want you to remember why you are doing this. Why you have all be chosen. It is for a purpose so much greater than you. It is greater than all your demons, fears and insecurities. You are fighting for a chance. The chance for all humans to keep living this Earth. I know you have heard it all before but I can’t say it enough. God doesn’t make mistakes and he definitely didn’t make one in choosing you. You have to want these powers and know in your hearts that you deserve them. Focus on that feeling and push all your fears aside” Sablo explained.

“Do you believe in something bigger than you?” Sablo asked.

“We do” They chanted.

“Who empowers you? Who can you put all your faith in?” Sablo questioned.

“The Lord Almighty” They replied .

“So I ask you this. Through him are you worthy?” He asked.

“Yes” They chanted in unison.

“Finally. Is humanity worth saving?” He asked.

“Yes” They cried out in complete certainty.

Then something miraculous happened. It seemed like everything around them stood still. It couldn’t be defined as complete silence, in fact it could more accurately be described as absolute peace.

They responded by firmly grasping onto each other, their interwoven hands representing both the intense physical and mental relationships they had established. In that moment the Heaven’s opened and so did their eyes. A rainbow coloured arrow of lightning passed through the newly formed opening in the sky and struck the small space between them and Sablo, narrowly missing both parties.

It bounced off the ground and split into seven equally intense but colourfully diverse parts. With a deep blue beam seeking out Celeste, a radiant yellow striking Lillian, a warm orange hue swarming Geneva, a delicate apple green blasting Faye, a pale pink stream reaching out to Cora, a jet of royal purple seeking out Adele and a majestic gold blasting Mae.

Within seconds it was gone, almost as if it never happened. The girls eyes each instantaneously flashed the colour of the lightning bolt fragment they had been hit with, before returning back to normal.

“Will someone please tell me what just happened?” Faye exclaimed.

“I think we just got our powers” Cora replied.

“Well. What do we do now?” Faye asked.

“We test them out” Sablo stated.

“How do we do that exactly?” Celeste questioned.

“Ok everybody. Up!” Sablo exclaimed

Lillian was the first to jump up, seemingly unable to contain her excitement with Faye and Cora following closely behind her. The others were a bit more apprehensive of the immense power now bubbling up inside them but they quickly followed suit.

“Let’s make a start shall we?” Sablo enquired and taking their nods as a yes, he continued.

One by one their eyes changed colour and that same colour sparked from each of their hands. In intermittent bursts of blinding light that seemed to betting brighter and brighter with each passing minute. The next hour consisted of what could only be considered trial and error, in an effort to explore what their new found powers meant.

It seemed that their powers were set on a gradient innately connected to their emotions. They stood hand in hand, too afraid to try anything on their own. Their initial shock and excitement led to a powerful breeze that effortlessly swept Sablo off his feet. It had just required just a flick of the wrist to initiate the power at their fingertips that now grew as quickly as their tensions melted away. Soon afterwards, the wind transformed before their eyes into water and suddenly all the control seemed to start slipping away from them. What had initially been so invigorating and effortless had suddenly become some sort of a power struggle. Causing them to try and enact a full on rescue effort, in the hopes of reigning in their renegade powers. Hopefully preventing Sablo from drowning in the tumultuous watery tornado they had created in the process. Unable able to keep their powers in check they grew more and more frustrated, in seconds blazing fires had been substituted for the water and Sablo had to teleport just to save himself from being incinerated.

“Well Ladies, it looks like you have control over the elements but I need you too calm down. There more frustrated you get the hotter the fire will become. Relax and focus on stopping the fire.” Sablo commanded from his safe place on the roof of the house. The fact he had to seek refuge in such a high place wasn’t exactly confidence inspiring but they followed his instructions, nonetheless.

The fire was abruptly extinguished by soil which rose up from the ground to put it out. Once they were sure it was out they disconnected their hands as if it was them that had been on fire. They were desperate to prevent any further dangers from occurring.

It was confirmed. Separately they each had limited control of the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water but together they were extraordinarily powerful. It seemed that each power was connected to a different emotion whether it be peace, freedom, anger or excitement.

Sablo teleported back onto the ground once it was safe, with the only remnants of what had happened imprinted on a few singed blades of grass. Even though he hadn’t been expecting their powers to manifest today , with the way he put together the rest of the session you would never have guessed that to be the case. They worked individually, then in pairs and then once again altogether. They soon realised it was a matter of practice, focus and clarity but one thing was for certain. When they held hands and worked together they could amplify each of their individual powers to insurmountable heights.

It was thrilling and frightening all at the same time but there was a kind of reassurance that came from the light. It was a physical reminder of the fact that, no matter how bad their troubles or how dark the circumstances it was the light that was able to conquer all darkness.

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