An Angel's Mark

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The Eve of Destruction

Dirty blond hair cut low and piercing blue eyes ablaze, Lucifer examined his reflection in the ornate mirror. He had grown quite fond of the four-bedroom flat on Egerton Crescent, perhaps it was the fact that it was painted completely white on the outside. He had also fashioned the inside of the building the same way, with not a hint of colour seen on any of the floors or walls.

It was only a matter of days before the gates of Hell would finally break open rupturing a hole in the space-time continuum of Egerton Crescent’s private gardens. It represented a tipping of the scales towards what he considered to be a much more righteous outcome.

With the last of his Generals gone he felt a niggling sense of discomfort that couldn’t be defined as regret or pity but instead a stab of loneliness, which he quickly attempted to push aside. It was not like they had deserted him or passed away of natural causes. He had killed each and every one of them including Zara and even Rayna in order to make sure the events of the next few days were guaranteed. Initially he had told them that he would keep them around for the aftermath but his paranoia kicked in and he thought it better to be safe than sorry.

A dry laugh overcame him starting out in small fits and then eventually escaping his mouth in one long continuous shrill that echoed throughout the empty house. It was the realisation that he was truly alone in this fight that had sparked his episode of wry humour. Sure, his hell keepers would soon join him but he would have to dispose of them eventually too, once they had removed every other sign of humanity from the face of the Earth.

The keepers were dark tortured stains on an already hopeless humanity transformed of his own accord, no longer the evil humans they once were but not completely spirit either.They now existed somewhere in between the two, still beings of true evil perhaps even worse than they had been before. As God’s brightest light in Heaven all those millennia ago, he would have never guessed the atrocities that he would commit for the sake of his perfect version of creation.

In his deceptively clear blue eyes it was the human world that was irrevocably flawed and it was only through their death that true cleansing of this world could be accomplished. Ironically, he believed the main issue with humanity to be their lack of self-awareness. They blamed him for all of their issues and wrongdoings when the truth of the matter was the were just inherently sinful.

He feel even deeper into his aged thoughts, if his God was so all-knowing then surely it was his fault that Lucifer had even been created in the first place. He would have been able to predict everything that was to come, perhaps his father had created him to complete a mission that he was to weak or blinded by his humanity to accomplish.

There would be struggles and complications but that was the case with anything worth having. He honestly believed what he was doing to be in the name of what was right. Humanity was running the Earth and all its resources quickly into the ground. Chocking the Oceans and poisoning the environment. Initially there would be outrage but the members of the five nations would eventually be relieved and even grateful for his efforts.

It would be worth it, it had to be. Otherwise nothing he done for the sake of this dream had been worth it.

He was well and truly alone but an end to humankind would most definitely be worth it.

After all, this was all their doing.

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