An Angel's Mark

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The Beginning of The End

“Are we too late?” Micah muttered

“It would seem that way” Sablo replied solemnly not even attempting to try and make light of what was already becoming a dire situation.

With Afriel leading the way, once they had arrived on the English shores it hadn’t taken much time for them to zone in on Lucifer’s location. It had something to do with the Elder Angel’s sensitivity to Evil allowing him to act as a honing beacon in order to track down its roots. Neither the young angels nor their wards had completely understood how he was able to do so but they were happy to follow his lead anyway. After all they would follow him anywhere, even into a presumptive War Zone. This meant they had arrived at Egerton Crescent in a state of pure confidence, driven by unfaltering purpose. It hadn’t taken a genius to figure out that the opening to the gates of Hell would coincide with some area within the private gardens.

Even in such a heightened state Micah had been able to take a quick note of the landscape, which had initially been void of any sort of suspicion. It didn’t hold a candle to the Celestial Garden but it couldn’t be denied that it was definitely well kept. A modest fountain stood calmly in its middle, sat upon on the low cut grass fashioned with military precision. The marble construction that rested in the middle of the fountain was sturdy and elegantly simple in its constitution, a stone chalice of sorts upon a pillar. With a neat low cut rectangular border of hedge row providing the picture perfect finish. There rest of the lawn that surrounded it was spotless and bordered by beautiful lime, emerald and forest green hues that boasted of vegetation that was remarkably well looked after. In any other circumstance Micah would have felt right at home but something told him that the perfect existence in front of them was about to meet its untimely demise.

Seconds after Micah’s astute observations, the structure in the middle of the fountain began to crumble at the core of its foundation. The minute cracks giving way to huge caverns almost as if an invisible force was trying to break through from the ground up.

However it wasn’t invisible at all.

Daniel was the first to note the blood red tips of what could only be the gates of Hell. They slowly rose to attention, reaching their full 20 ft height. It was then clear to see that the gates were not only deep scarlet in nature but also scattered in metallic gold marks. At the sight of these torrid blemishes, his stomach could only turn in response forming intricate and tight knots. They were the final remains of the angels who had been massacred in Lucifer’s attempts to achieve his twisted dreams.

The gates then began to glow swamping the surroundings in a blazing red tendrils of light that seemed to reach out through the morning mist, drawing all eyes towards them. Which was obviously not a good sign, so they rushed forward in an attempt to prevent any further progression of such nefarious events.

“Too late indeed” A voice prominent sullied in darkness confidently declared. His haunting blue eyes blank and empty as he drew his Chrysoar and savagely hacked it across Afriel’s neck.

Afriel had stayed behind to keep watch when his young companions had rushed towards the gate. Seemingly out of nowhere the Devil himself had appeared like a dark shadow behind him. Lucifer had then made light work of his merciless execution of the Elder. His lengthy existence had made him quite the proficient assassin and before they could so much as scream Afriel’s lifeless body had collapsed and been incinerated in Hell fire. All that remained was the crude mix of his burnt remains and the golden blood that had seeped out from the fatal wound inflicted on his neck.

The onlookers had been helpless to do anything but watch and once the foul deed was done all they could feel was rage.

“Don’t” Micah whispered as he held onto Sablo’s arm preventing him from doing anything rash. The golden eyed boy tilted his head in the direction of the long forgotten gates.

They were starting to open.

“We will take care of the hell keepers coming through the gates and you must take care of Lucifer. Are you ready?” Nathaniel asked his face forming a hardened expression that was neither natural or comfortable for him but entirely necessary. Even though he could feel the tsunami of emotions silencing his friends and he too shared in their feelings of hopelessness, guilt, fear and immense sorrow. Now was not the time for mourning, they still had a job to do.

“As ready as we will ever be” Faye responded .

“That is not what I asked you. I said are you ready?” Nathaniel repeated determined to restore some of the confidence they had initially walked in with.

“Yes” Lillian replied with reassured confidence. The others followed suit and now satisfied Nathaniel lead the others in the opposite direction, where Hell keepers could be heard banging at the doors that gaped ever wider.

Ramiel picked up one of the shards of broken fountain and pressed down hard into the ground drawing a horizontal line across the front gate.

“By the grace of God no Hell keeper shall cross this line and through him we will make it so.” He proclaimed as he looked at the others. They chanted in agreement wings agape and Chrysoar’ s ablaze.

They were ready.

Meanwhile on the other side of the garden Lucifer cackled in complete mockery of his opposition.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh but this is just so funny to me. I am the enemy of man and the ruler of Hell on the brink of destroying the world as we know it. Look at what I did to your Elder Guardian, what makes you think you can stop me? In fact what makes God think you can stop me? It is this kind of clouded judgement which reminds me exactly why he should no longer be the supreme ruler of creation. They say I am cruel but he has sent you all here to your deaths. Tell me where is the God you claim to serve? Huh? Tell Me!” Lucifer roared at them.

“In fact I won’t even need this” Lucifer said arrogantly throwing his Chrysoar aside. He mustered up his powers and threw arrows of red energy at them, obviously feeling no need to battle them directly in hand-to-hand combat.

In his eyes the confrontation would soon be over.

A rainbow coloured beam met his attack and moved forcefully against him. Momentarily shock registered in his overconfident features but he quickly recovered. A deadly game of tug – of – war ensued with the power shifting momentarily in one direction or the other. With his maniacal brain working overtime Lucifer noted that the girls were all holding hands, realising their strength came from their unity he quickly came up with a plan. The easiest path to victory involved targeting the weakest link, in order to break up their connection then they could easily be picked off one by one.

He noted the Indian looking girl with the small frame and using her physical stature as an indicator of her strength, diverted some of his power into targeting her alone. He had expected her to crumble momentarily but she stood steadfast with the others as if nothing has happened. Which led him to direct more and more power in her direction.

The other girls had assumed that Lucifer was just weakening and felt joy in their hearts at their impending victory, completely unaware of personal battle being waged on Lillian. Together they lifted Lucifer off the ground, turning around to face the gates as they did it. As promised the young angels had not let any of the hell keepers past its entrance. They had stood no chance with Sablo moving in and out of space in front of them and the rest of the boys catching any strays. They were driven by their insurmountable grief but it had turned out to be just what they had needed to tirelessly hack down any hell keeper that so much as moved in their direction.

However, they were starting to fatigue and the army seemed to keep coming in never ending waves. Until their progress was interrupted by the emergence of the girls with Lucifer in tow floating above them, trying with all his might to escape their telekinetic hold. They summoned winds of such formidable strength both Lucifer and his hell keepers were knocked back through the blood red gates. They then borrowed the branches of the trees in their immediate proximity, entwining and weaving them intricately across the front of the gate. In order to hold both the gate in place and keep those behind it from breaking through it again. In the meantime Lucifer and his hell keepers hacked at the bark fortress with no avail. The young women then summoned water from the ground below them and froze it across the surface of the gates. Making a fist motion they then crushed the gates where they stood. Retracting the protective foliage they then scattered the remains in the furthest corners of the garden but not before burying them in lots of soil and grass for deep measure.

The threat was no more.

They all breathed a sigh of relief, the scenery in front of them showing next to no signs of the immense battle that had just befallen it.

Just when they had believed all to be right in the world, Lillian dropped dead.

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