An Angel's Mark

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Things Words Can’t Explain

Once Lillian had asked what was next an air of panic spread amongst them like wildfire. What would they do next? All the practical issues they had pushed aside because of Lillian’s untimely demise, had now been brought to the forefront of their minds.

Then out of nowhere a honking horn could be heard blaring from outside the garden.

“I will go and see what it is. Everyone stay alert and out of sight!” Daniel commanded. His hushed tone was so firm that the others had no reason to question it. He moved strategically in the direction of the noise avoiding any areas that would provide him with unnecessary exposure and staying hidden in the shadowy foliage. He then disappeared out of sight and the others waited in expectation.

“You can all come out now!” Daniel shouted a few minutes later but there was an unusual quiver in his usually strong and clear tone. They all shared suspicious looks but followed his instructions anyway. Fully expecting to see Lucifer with a Chrysoar to his throat they went forward in the direction of his voice with a strategic accuracy that any military tactical team would be proud of.

The last thing they had been expecting to see was Kwame fiercely hugging Daniel, so fiercely in fact that he had swept the young angel of his feet. It then seemed obvious to them why Daniel’s voice had sounded so shaky, he had been crying. However, the reason why was something else entirely.

When Daniel had skilfully jumped over the waist high gated entrance to Egerton Crescent’s private gardens. He had initially been overjoyed by the sight but the joy was short-lived. It was nothing personal towards the man but as soon as Kwame had appeared out of the van the young Nephilim had expected to see Afriel too. With Lillian just having come back from the dead a little part of him had held out hope that it was not Afriel’s time yet either. This was a confirmation of the fact that his hope had been fool hardy and in that moment all the grief had flown out of him as if someone had opened the flood gates to his emotions.

“Oh I know. I am so sorry” Kwame had said as he had rushed over to him. Though Daniel wasn’t sure how he could possibly know what was making him upset, he felt somewhat better being on the receiving end of such understanding and comfort. It was only then that he had remembered that he had left the other’s behind. He then made an effort to conceal his sadness as he shouted out beckoning them over, because he knew if someone asked him what was wrong he would start crying again and probably wouldn’t be able to stop.

Which was how they had found him wrapped up in Kwame’s arms and assuming that they were tears of joy, toppled in on top of them both forming yet another group hug.

After explaining the mornings events they were quick to bombard the Ghanaian man with questions.

“What are you doing here?” Geneva asked.

“How did you get here?” Celeste followed up.

“What do we do next?” Daniel then asked.

“Woah so many questions all at once, at least give me the chance to answer one before you ask me another” Kwame said shaking his head in pure disbelief. He couldn’t imagine what the young beings in front of him had been through.

“Afriel left me a letter a few days ago asking me to come to this location at this exact time. He had already booked the tickets, arranged a rental car for me and even sorted out the accommodation for my stay. Amongst other things he hinted at the idea that he didn’t think he would make it through this battle, so he needed to make sure that I would be here for you all”. Kwame explained.

“What do you mean he hinted at the fact that he wouldn’t make it?” Ramiel said voicing everyone else’s frustration. If the Elder knew that to be the case why did he come with them.

“I know, I know. I am really not explaining it very well, he can do a much better job.” Kwame stated and then he pulled out a large envelope from his jacket pocket that they all recognised to be in Afriel’s neat hand. Written on the front were the words “To All My Children” and Daniel already felt himself getting emotional once again.

“He told me to give this to you in the incidence that he didn’t make it. Whilst you read it I am going to go into the garden and check if for any pieces of supernatural evidence that need to be disposed of” Kwame said decisively, leaving the envelope in Daniel’s hands as he produced what looked to be a humungous toolbox from the boot. Noting the impending eruption of Daniel’s overwhelming emotions Nathaniel offered to read the letter that was addressed to all of them.

“To all my children you are the very best of me and in turn the very best of the Lord. Do not be angry at me for leaving you, I would stay with you forever if I could but alas that is not how life works. I have this overwhelming feeling that I will be moving on soon. I won’t ask you not to mourn for me because that would mean asking you deny your love for me and we can all agree that I am rather loveable. What I will ask, it that you don’t do it for too long. Live a fruitful life in the glory of the Lord just I have and be happy. Life will not always be good but it should always be a blessing. For I have truly been blessed in knowing you all and of all the things I have seen and done alongside you have been my greatest blessings. I am so proud of you all and I pray you keep being great in my memory. Otherwise I will come from my meeting place with God (wherever it may be) and haunt you all! Love, your friend and guardian Afriel.” Nathaniel had started to stumble over his words by the end and Adele had taken over afraid his tears would render their last communications from Afriel illegible.

The envelope had also included personal letters that he had written to each of them. Which meant that a mess of tears awaited Kwame when he had finished his deep clean of the garden, successfully removing even the subtlest remains of the supernatural war that had occurred only hours earlier (such as the occasional angel feather here or there).

Once they had each read their letter sand had both a good laugh and cry at Afriel’s kind words that resonated with each of them personally Kwame was the first to speak.

“I think it is clear what Afriel wanted all of us to do next and that is to keep on living. If you are all in agreement I think we should spend the rest of the Summer holiday here just as planned and live life to the fullest in his memory” He was still sniffling but the others appreciated his effort and were in full agreement, so that is exactly what they would do.

After all you couldn’t ignore a dying beings last wish, especially that of an Elder Angel.

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