An Angel's Mark

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The Celestial College

Heaven – 3 years before the present day

If it was possible to reach heights greater than the Heavens themselves, then one building that demanding your attention when you looked down at the utopian realm would be the Celestial College.

The procession of youthful angels followed keenly behind Dina and with all the introductions having already been completed, they were rather eager to start their studies. As the angel of learning it seemed only appropriate for God to place her in charge of the Celestial College upon its creation. She possessed an effortless grace as she wove her way under the marble arch of the College’s entrance. A comforting smile was plastered on her face and though you could not describe it as natural, it was most definitely genuine. She cared very intensely for each angel that would reside within her College for the next three years. She was also a great believer in beings earning smiles from one another as she found fake ones entirely unnecessary and rather painful. However when she did smile, frankly she had a beam that could rival any living creature. You have heard of the saying a smile that touches the eyes, well when Dina was truly joyful she had a smile that could touch even the highest peaks of the Heavens.

The Circle of the Seven stood proudly before the angels as they entered the courtyard. The founders of the Celestial College stood side by side and hand in hand, just as they had done throughout the college’s creation before leaving it under Dina’s provision. Their pristine bisque colouration gave away their statuesque nature, otherwise many of the students would have assumed they were very much alive and apart of the welcoming party. Even their clothes held off-white tones with the only exception being their eyes, emanating the radiant colours of their respective houses. The students gazed up at the statues who welcomed their sheer admiration in equal measure. Their white eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to each and every one of the majestic marble statues standing before them.

“It happens every time.” Dina said smirking as she watched as all the prospective students stood in absolute awe completely unaware of the fact that she had started to move on. Some of the angels had the courtesy to look apologetic whilst others still couldn’t seem to tear their eyes away from the creators of their legacy.

“From left to right may I have the honour of introducing you to the Circle of Seven.” She said laughing as the young angels nodded so enthusiastically that she thought the heads would simply tumble off their perfectly formed shoulders. Many of the students had heard stories of seven circle members but had met none of them in person. Even though they knew their statues weren’t real, being able to attach a face to their indisputable reputations was a remarkable privilege.

“First we have the temperate one, Cassiel first of the House of Chastity. He provided the seven with vision and the motivation to create all that you see before you. There is no more noble an angel in all of the Heavens. All though sometimes he can be a tad too serious.” She jested as if by mentioning her last statement she was letting them in on an unknown secret. Which of course she was most definitely not, though it was not exactly common knowledge just how single-minded Cassiel could be when focusing on the task at hand. She felt it was very important to express to the young angels that even the best of them had flaws. They would soon come to realise that she never spoke without meaning and that in every phrase she did speak was a timely lesson.

The ears of young Nephilim were sparked by her words whilst their eyes were locked in on Cassiel’s steely gaze. For they did not notice the curious eyes of the Elder angel land on the serious form of one student in particular. His chestnut brown hair lay perfectly tussled upon his head but that was not his most redeeming feature. Neither were his noble full brows or his chiselled jaw. It was eyes though white that held an unbreakable determination and revealed a heart that would never shy from either responsibility or purpose. She had only seen that look of such ferocity in one other set of eyes before. He was known as Daniel and she could sense that his life would follow a drastically different path from that of his peers.

“Next along we have the joyful one, Dara. You have not known real happiness until you have had the pleasure of meeting Dara. As the first of the House of Satiation she was the shining light that encouraged the seven through all their moments of upset as they created your new home. She can sometimes be a bit too eager to bring that same happiness to others even when they don’t require her assistance.” Dina retorted as she chuckled slightly. Once again her eyes scanned the room until the landed on a student nearer the front of the crowd. This again went unnoticed as Dara’s jubilant beam kept the eyes of all those in her statue’s presence occupied.

Archon, the student in question was the kind of angel that didn’t just see the glass as half full but overflowing with hopes and dreams. Neither the beautiful sun-kissed highlights that painted his hair warm shades of brown and yellow, nor his sculpted Grecian nose held a candle to his smile. It was powerful and kind all at the same time, the kind of smile that could erase all your worries within seconds. All angels had nice smiles but Dina could tell the was something special about this one. If she were here right now even Dara would agree. Archon had a face that was meant to bring joy to others and in doing so probably only made him ever the more content.

“Charmeine, the harmonious one was the first of the House of Moderation. There was no better moderator between the seven when they argued over the College’s architecture. He has one of the most understanding hearts of us all but he could afford to treat himself every now and then.” She spoke sincerely and the students found that when they looked more closely at his orange eyes they could actually see such understanding as what she spoke of within them.

Whilst the Nephilim explored the thoughtfulness swirling around in Charmeine’s orange orbs. Dina’s silver ones rested on Ramiel’s dark brown hair. He had a stature that just demanded respect and a face that was so striking it left you speechless. His eyes revealed a calm and collected mind which was complemented by his strong dark eyebrows and sharp cheekbones. His nose was strong and defined against his light brown skin. He stood with a posture so perfect it suggested a sense of control rare amongst angels and humans alike.

“Next is Uriel the creative one, the first of the House of Vitality. With his boundless energy there isn’t an idea he can’t create or a job he can’t accomplish. When creating the College he would come up with ideas throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning. At times he is guilty of finding the rest of us a bit tedious, in the sense that it seems we are living in slow motion in comparison.” As she spoke his green eyes seemed to ignite with an excitable energy that was highlighted by the brightness within them.

Yet again her eyes could not rest on Uriel’s face like her students. This time it was young Sablo who caught her eye. If he were human he would be linked to someone native to the country of Colombia. With jet black hair and sparkling eyes that seemed to have a life of their own. There was a playfulness about him which matched his open and welcoming stature. She hadn’t seen such expressive features on an angel in a long time. His oval face boasted a curved jaw line, a broad forehead and lips draw into a welcoming smile. To know him was to possess the strength and support to fight any battle.

“Irin, the honest had unprecedented empathy when working with her fellow circle members to create the College. She was said to be able to look into each one of their hearts and identify their truths and beliefs. As the first of the House of Patience she was never quick to judge a being’s actions or their intentions. However to this day she sometimes forgets not everyone shares her patient nature.” As Dina noted these facts the pale pink in Irin’s eyes remained motionless, almost as if they were not wanting to rush her.

There was something hypnotic about Irin both in her nature and eyes, even in the form of a statue. Michael was particularly attuned to this and in that moment Dina was attuned to him. She tucked a strand of silver hair behind her ear she noted his form. His dark hair reached just past his shoulders but his expression revealed a heart tender to all those around him. When people spoke he didn’t just hear them, he listened so as to completely understand every bit of what they wanted to share with him. In that way he made people feel special and it was a powerful gift that had to be used wisely. He would easily fit into one of the Native American tribes that had freely roamed the plains of the Americas in the past. He had a strong face formed of a regal nose, prominent eyebrows and eyes that required no extra help to warm to.

“Lailah, the conceptual one had unrivalled compassion when working to build this Celestial Institution. With one look into their souls she could understand all their hopes and dreams as well as just how to accomplish them. As the first of the House of Kindness at times she can be unaware of people taking her kindness as weakness.” Dina was once again completely accurate in her evaluation as purple eyes that looked upon the first years with insurmountable concern.

Only one pair of eyes looked back up at her with equal concern. They belonged to Nathaniel and kindness was woven into every element of his being. To be hurt in his presence was to hurt him, for he suffered along with others during their dark times. However, there was rarity in his ability to know when to give people a moment alone instead of just trying to impose happiness onto their being as soon as possible. For he knew there were no easy solutions to most of creations problems and he would never pretend there were. His appearance was likened to those of Indonesian descent with characteristic almond shaped eyes and thin lips. In that moment Dina felt she could trust him with all her worries and knowing that he would have exactly the right solution.

Even if that solution was doing absolutely nothing at all.

“To complete the seven we have Jophiel the enlightened one. Upon completing the College the seven felt great pride within them and perhaps that would have evolved to dangerous levels if not for Jophiel. For it was Jophiel who reminded the others of how much more work they had to do in the world. As the first of the House of Humility he carried himself with such an air of gratitude that he didn’t even really have to say anything in order to humble the others, they simply followed his lead. Though it wouldn’t hurt him to take the credit for some of his achievements every once in a while.” As Dina spoke the students all noted that as brilliant as his Gold eyes were they didn’t demand attention like those of the others.

This meant that they did in fact notice Dina’s eyes land on Micah’s dark chocolate skin. However, their eyes moved away from him as quickly as they found him. Only Dina’s eyes remained on him as she observed the humility he exuded. He didn’t make an effort to draw attention in his direction, as a matter of fact that was common amongst all angels. However, most other angels wouldn’t have discouraged this attention once it had been freely given to them. Micah on the other hand looked uneasy, so his peers all politely looked away and gave Jophiel the attention he deserved. Micah had the broad nose and full lips that could be associated with any human of African descent. He was the kind of angel that was just thankful for life in general and it showed. He wasn’t timid so to speak but it wasn’t his nature to display confidence openly. That was something he internalised so he could focus on doing his best to honour all those before him and all those who continued to help him along his way. He saw the best in others and strove to help them see it in themselves whilst remembering those who contributed to their success.

“Well, we have spent much longer here than I had initially planned. Come along follow me” Dina said cheerfully as the angels quickly gathered once again forming a procession behind her. As she led them into the left wing of the college through gold archways, their eyes darted around frantically trying to take in the splendour all that they saw around them. From the paintings on the walls to the corridor themselves, each aspect of the College was living and breathing art. The brilliant colours within the founders eyes transcended each and every aspect of the College’s interior.

“Throughout your first year you will study the four principle disciplines – Demon Warfare, Music for the Soul, the History of Creation and most importantly Understanding Humanity 101. This is a generalised syllabus that should be taken seriously irrespective of what House you feel you have an inkling towards. Then once we can be sure you have grasped the true essence of each of these disciplines you will receive your gift. The process of the Changing is very personal so don’t expect any of what the seconds year’s tell you to be entirely accurate. Then you will be inducted into one of God’s Celestial Houses.” Dina continued in the hopes of maintaining the attention of the young Nephilim whose eyes, wild with excitement danced in all the different directions. She knew her only hope was to keep them moving.

“Come along now, there is still much more to see” She announced, alerting them to her intentions, which they quickly responded in their eagerness to see more.

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