An Angel's Mark

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A Promise Well Kept

7 years later ~ Deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest

Mae stilled couldn’t believe it. It was the one year anniversary of her aunt’s death and she could confidently say that she was now celebrating the life her aunt had lived instead of mourning it. She could be at peace with the idea that somewhere out there the older woman was living an afterlife she deserved, where she didn’t have to suffer anymore.

In fact Mae couldn’t have been more on the nose, not only was her Aunt looking down on her at the right hand of God but she was in some rather familiar and desirable company too.

The six years that had shared together had been more than she could have ever asked for. No one had believed that Constance would have been able to keep up the good fight for so long and they had shared many laughs and tears. When Constance Lee’s time finally came not only was she ready but her niece was too.

Mae didn’t doubt that the only reason she had been so prepared was because of all the good friends that had been around her.Yet, the angel standing right next to her had definitely been the biggest reason for her surviving it all. The shift from friends to something more romantically fuelled had happened organically and Micah had been wonderful about it all. Whether had been driving both she and her aunt to chemotherapy or finding wonderful bucket list moments for them all to do together.

Which was why there were in the rainforest in the first place. Mae wanted to give him something in return for everything he had done for the both of them over the last couple of years. Micah had once confided in her that before he died Afriel had promised to take him to visit the fey lands in the Amazon. With the Elder Angel having have died 6 years ago she decided it was up to her to make his dream come true. Kwame had managed to charter a private plane and had taken them to the boundary between the known world and the hidden one, where he had arranged a tour from a fey guide once they crossed over.

They should have known from the entrance what majesty lay beyond. Everything was untouched by civilisation and perfectly natural. The great oak door that had appeared in front of them had great rings and grooves across its bark that hinted at its ancient nature. In actuality it wasn’t a door at all but a beautiful mesh of the trees branches which gently retracted their branches in order to let them through.

The brilliant wonder in Micah’s gold eyes had been priceless once they had passed through them into the fey realm, so much so that he had almost been moved to tears. He looked around with a childlike fascination as if he was seeing the world for the first, which in a way he was. Standing before them was the epicentre of the perfect union between nature and magic. Mae couldn’t help but smugly grin to herself, as it seemed her plan had been a good one and she was hopefully getting across how much he meant to her.

However she would soon find out that she wasn’t the only one with a surprise or two up her sleeve.

As they took in the beauty of their surroundings they both noted the wonderful freedom and wildness of all the greenery around them. Every single leaf and flower had its place in the vibrant utopia and was given the liberty to grow as large or tall as it would like. The meadows were filled with joyful shrieks as young fairies darted in and out of the unruly grass in a airborne game of hide and seek.

A few paces away stood a fairy that even an untrained eye could identify as royalty. Brilliant wavy auburn and fell down her back and ended at her waist resting neatly between two translucent wings, that when spread out at her back ended just before her wrists. Her features were as elegant and soft as the flowing gold dress she wore, which perfectly match her crown of entwined gold leaves and burnt orange marigolds. Standing beside her was a formidable figure that stood at ease in perfect stillness. His expression was neither pleasant nor hard but instead blank, which made him all the more intimidating.

“Welcome to the land of the fey Mae and Micah. I am Princess Fionn and this is my personal guard Thaddeus” Her voice could only be compared to the delicate chiming of bells. Light and awe inspiring as well as impossible to ignore. Thaddeus whispered into her ear after she had spoken, but not before taking a very obvious inspection of their forms.

Not knowing what to do and completely flustered by the fact they were meeting royalty both of the new visitors formed clumsy bows.

“Oh no please rise we aren’t that kind of royalty, more like custodians for the nature around us. Our people are free to speak and do as they please, we simply coalesce their wishes.” The princess said obviously more than tickled by their display.

“If you could follow us this way please” She continued.

They followed her glittery shadow through the fey lands trying to absorb as much of the sensory information around them as possible. Thaddeus walked just half a step behind the young royal leaving only the tinniest space between them.

“I feel it is important that I come clean to you about something, people always find it rather awkward when they find out later. I am blind and Thaddeus is not only my personal guard but my eyes in the world. It is often better to be upfront in case you gesture at something we see on the tour and I can’t tell what you are looking at. When Thaddeus whispers something to me he isn’t being rude but instead letting me know what is going around me.” Fionn stated.

It all made a bit more a sense as to why Thaddeus had been whispering exactly as she had said earlier on. He had been describing what they looked like for his princess. Mae couldn’t help but note that he looked at her with a great softness that he either didn’t care to or was unable to offer the rest of them. Perhaps she was becoming one of those people who because they were happy in relationship wanted everyone else to be as well but her intuition told her that there was really more to it.

“Oh that is no problem at all thank you for letting us know and I also want to thank you for personally providing us with such a wonderful tour.” Micah said earnestly. It seemed his reaction had been the right one as not only did Fionn start to beam but she could have sworn she saw a shadow of a smile on Thaddeus’s face too.

Then something caught Micah’s eye growing near the grass was a deep crimson Etlingera elatior commonly known as a torch lily. It was his favourite flower and it often reminded him of Mae, in that moment he knew it was the right time.

He picked the flower but not before using his powers to grow up another one in its stead. Princess Fionn and Thaddeus were a little way off in the distance but Mae had stayed behind to see what he was doing.

“This is for you” He said sheepishly as he pushed it in Mae’s direction causing her to blush the same colour as flower he had just given her.

“It is my favourite flower because it reminds me of you. Selfless, strong, magical and brilliant. You create such amazing art but never forget that you are the greatest piece of art of all. I was taken with you the first moment I met you. I have been thinking about asking you this question for a while now but I couldn’t seem to find the right time. I know how lucky anyone would be to spend the rest of their lives with someone like you and I am asking you if you would give me the chance to be that lucky someone. Mae Lee will you marry me?” Micah said as he dropped to one knee and produced the gold diamond ring from the front pocket of his rucksack.

“Yes” She said after standing there for a short while in a complete shock.

“Yes” Micah replied wanting to make sure that he had heard correctly.

“Yes I will marry you” Mae replied as he slipped the beautiful gold ring on her ring finger. In the middle sat a crystal clear diamond with gold intertwined bands on either side of it.

In her excitement Mae jumped into his arms knocking the angel over due to his surprise.

They left a huge dent in the grass beneath them that Micah quickly fixed with his magic, they had only just got here and he didn’t want them to be kicked out for disturbing the beautiful ambiance.

Once they had both calmed down a little they made their way over to Thaddeus who could be seen whispering the events of the past few minutes into the Princesses ear.

“I hear congratulations are in order. What a nice way to start a tour.” Princess Fionn proclaimed.

“Yes congratulations” Thaddeus added his voice though deep and strong, surprisingly smooth.

They then started the tour with the Princess asking them all about their life’s adventures and taking a particular interest in Micah’s magical control over nature. The two talked endlessly about the different species of plants with Mae chiming in occasionally when she could. Seeing her lack of knowledge in the field Thaddeus took it upon herself to point out the different varieties that were being mentioned. It seemed he had warmed to the pair and the hostility they had presumed to sense earlier had simply been his protective nature in disguise.

The trip had turned out even better than Mae had planned and she couldn’t wait for them to start their lives together as a married couple. The first of their close knit group of friends to take this important step but she was sure the others would soon follow.

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