An Angel's Mark

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The Changing

“It is time” The headmistress proclaimed as she gazed over at her soon to be seconds years.

The other Elders all joined her in standing guard on the outskirts, ensuring that all the students were contained within what would soon be a protective circle. They and their wards were once again in the courtyard surrounded by the Circle of Seven. It seemed only fitting that they started the next stage of their lives where it had all began and it had quickly become a College tradition.

The arrangement of the students within it could only be described as haphazard. They were all sat on the ground with their legs crossed facing different directions. They had their eyes closed in the hope that the next time the opened them their irises would be painted with the most significant of colours. Dina had done her best to calm her students but the air was thick with their growing anticipation. It was common practice for each angel to only share their Changing experience with those who had gone through it themselves. Leaving the minds of the students to do the most dangerous thing possible concerning the upcoming events, guess. Would it hurt? Would they experience visions? If so, what of? It was not as if their seniors were keeping this information to themselves out of spite. The experience was deeply personal and to share it with someone who had not experienced it themselves would only lead to confusion. It was practically indescribable and only someone who had gone through it themselves could even begin to understand.

A crackle of thunder and flash of lightning revealed an Almighty presence.

Only the Creator could bring about such a change in an angel’s morphology. However, his presence was kept a secret by the Elders. They knew that if angels were notified of their Father’s presence at the ceremony they would become even more tense and anxious. The overwhelming need to hide their flaws and inadequacies would make it impossible for them to reach the state of calm necessary for the process. This was in itself a ridiculous notion for the Almighty didn’t need to be near you to sense the thoughts you tried so hard to bury but that wouldn’t have hardly made a difference. Like all children in the presence of a parent the endless need to please them always seemed to defy all logic.

He took a step forward after greeting each of his chosen Elders. He raised up his arms and a protective globe of light encased both the students and the seven statues. The lights of the Seven Houses danced across its surface, searching for worthy vessels to contain them. Then one by one each light would fall from the roof of the newly formed protective shell, propelling downwards at immense speed seeking out a specific host. It was the most stupendous event to happen in the Heavens, the human equivalent would perhaps be the lights that granted the Aurora Borealis with its esteem. As the students were raised of the ground by the light that become as much a part of them as the wings on their backs, Dina was reminded of the true blessing that encompassed her duty. The brilliance of the light grew brighter and brighter as each student was chosen.

After a short time each students path was decided and their identities completed. Before they could wake up the Creator took Dina to the side, it seemed that he had more to say to her. The other Elders still stood mesmerised by the now diminishing light show. However, the intensity had not weakened enough to be shrouded by the darkness of the midnight sky, which would soon extinguish the pride burning brightly in each of their eyes. All of their students had been worthy of the most glorious blessing and they had all played a small role but crucial role in deeming it to be so.

“Oh my child I am so proud of you. You have done everything I have ever asked of you without so much as a single complaint. Your faith allowed me to in trust you with the entire future of the angelic race, the youth. However I see now that I have taken you for granted and I am not ignorant to the source of your sadness, no matter how carefully you try to hide it. I employ you to watch over seven newly changed angels particularly carefully, together they will face the greatest of challenges. They will require your guidance and support for the next two years to prepare them for this. I must go now but who knows what surprises lie just beyond the horizon ” The Creator stated in his golden tone before winking at her, his eyes twinkling with mischief. If the Elder didn’t know any better she would have said her Father had something rather interesting in store for her.

Thunder clapped and lightning crackled signifying his departure. The moment he left the young angels gracefully fell from their levitated state, each landing on their feet. The force field melted away disappearing into the ground. The only evidence it ever existed was the eruption of light into the most delightful kaleidoscope of butterflies. They then scattered, revealing the youngest angels of each Celestial House. All at once hundreds of eyes opened their newly coloured eyes, each different shades of a distinctive colour.

A buzz spread across the group like wildfire. They were describing each other’s eyes colours, as the owners could not see them for themselves.

“Oh my goodness just what I thought. Micah it seems your eyes have turned blood red. You are another creature entirely, I knew all that modesty was just for show.” Sablo joked.

Micah knew Sablo was only kidding but he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe his eyes were in fact turned a peculiar colour. People’s gaze remained fixed on his face a few seconds longer than usual. He also noticed that even though every angel had the colour of their chosen House branded on their irises, each person had their own individual shade of said colour. Perhaps the pale pink of the House of Patience had favoured a more red hue in his own irises, which no one else’s around him possessed.

“He’s kidding. You have the most beautiful gold eyes.” Nathaniel quickly responded not wanting his friend to suffer even a second more of uncertainty.

The others nodded in agreement. It seemed rather obvious that Micah would find his place within the ranks of the House of Humility. Just as the deep blue eyes signified Daniel’s place in the House of Chastity, he would also have the pleasure of sharing a majority of his second year lessons with Imra. As ocean blue tones swirled in her irises.

Nor was it surprising that Sablo’s eyes were decorated with an apple green hue which seemed to have a life of its own. The newly fledged member of the House of Vitality had found the perfect match for all his excitable energy. Whilst a yellow brighter than the heart of the Sun shot out of Archon’s eyes matching the lightest tones in his hair. The House of Satiation had just found a bright new addition, whilst the softest pink embers projected onto Michael’s irises signified his addition to the ranks of the House of Patience. Nathaniel of course had royal purple eyes of the that clearly confirmed his place in the House of Kindness.

“I am sure you will want to stare at your eyes yourself so carefully make your ways to your dorms. Do not forget that your two month break starts now. This will provide you with enough time for your powers to start to manifest and you will develop them in your next academic year. They are each uniquely tied to your personalities and will reveal themselves in due time” Dina noted cutting through the excitement.

The students nodded happily as they charged towards the dorms with one aim, finding a mirror. The Elders found the next two months particularly challenging as there was no way to prepare for the diversity of powers that would soon appear. Let alone the panicked responses that joined them. Elder Tabbris was already rubbing his temple at the thought, last year a student’s newfound ability to project her thoughts had shown in great detail the depth of her innocent but rather embarrassing crush on him.

Majestic gold eyes stared back at Micah as he stared at his reflection, he could hardly believe they were his own. He walked back into the communal seating area to join the others.

“During the Changing I had a vision of the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was painting a picture of a beautiful landscape and paint was smeared all over her. She was very much human and her ethnicity suggested she had Chinese ancestry.” Micah stated wondering if he was the only one who had seemed to dream of a perfect woman.

“So I wasn’t the only one who dreamt of a Goddess. My visions contained a women of a caramel complexion and she too was rather remarkable. She smiled directly at me, like she could see me and then went on comforting someone next to her.” Nathaniel contributed, his face forming a pleased smile simply at the thought of her kind nature.

“I find it odd that we all seemed to dream of a woman. The woman in my visions had the most captivating dark features. Perhaps like that of an Italian, I couldn’t quite tell because she was deeply engrossed in a conversation.” Michael stated, he too started smiling at the thought.

“In my visions, God simply told me I had many great things to do and accomplish” Sablo said with such certainty that his companions almost believed him, but he cracked just before he sold the experience completely.

“Just Kidding, I too dreamt of an extraordinary woman and I think she was the woman of my dreams. I kid you not from what I could tell she was running through her native streets of Brazil. Alas, when I waked I cried to dream again” He said dramatically faking tears of sadness but deep down he knew that his fixation with his dream women was no laughing matter.

“I think the quoting of Shakespeare is a bit over the top but I know exactly what you mean. The women I imagined was living, breathing perfection. I think it should be a crime, that’s how captivating she was. She had these delicate elven features and hazel eyes ….” Ramiel quickly reigned himself in but her image was still playing over and over in his mind.

“The one I saw actually left me breathless. I can definitely see how Helen of Troy could start the Trojan War if her beauty was anything to go by. She looked at least part Indian to me and she was one hundred percent lovely. Her smile was just amazing.” As Archon spoke a smile graced his face to match the one his saw in his mind.

“Is no one curious as to why we all experienced visions of such amazing women. Are they some how all connected or is this God’s way of telling us we need a woman in each of lives. With that said I don’t think I will even be able to consider another women after seeing a literal African Goddess in my minds eye.” Daniel quickly remarked.

They continued this line of conversation late into the night, eventually each of their friends had a perfect picture of all the women, even the ones they didn’t see for themselves. They completely forgot about the powers that would soon be awakened within them.

Only one other angel in the entire Celestial College experienced such strong visions centred around one person. From the intel that she already gathered in the short amount of time since the ceremony, Imra had only heard of her peers dreaming of their future aspirations during the Changing. For her the experience was much different and all she could think about was him.

With his perfectly carved jaw line, brown curly hair and tanned skin so clear and perfect, she could have sworn she had experienced visions of an actual Greek God. His stature was imposing and majestic with broad shoulders and a strong chest. He seemed to be moving through a market but there was something very odd about the vision. It almost seemed other worldly and she couldn’t picture much else but the scenery and his physique from the chest up.

She chuckled to herself, these were not exactly the best thoughts for a newly declared angel in the House of Chastity to have but she would work to strike a good balance between her lust and chastity. After all, she had ocean blue eyes which were meant to observe beauty, especially in such a well carved form. It wasn’t like she now had to act like she was dead inside. No one had ever inspired such thoughts in her before and probably never would again.

It was probably God’s way of reminding her how important it was to focus on the task at hand. A way of readying her for such distractions in the future. Once she successfully got this Godly creature out of her head, no other being could ever even cause her to bat an eyelid.

Wrapped up in her thoughts, she missed the trickle of water that entered through her dorm window. Whilst she was fanning herself in an attempt to cool both her thoughts and her body’s reaction to them. The tiny stream moved up and down the walls of the room in time with her hand motions.

Unbeknownst to her, her new powers were starting to reveal themselves.

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