An Angel's Mark

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Hidden Talents

“I am so sorry” Felicity’s panicked voice rang out, her gold speckled eyes shining with concern. The current situation was one of her own making and she had no idea how to fix it.

She had been sitting slumped on a bench when Elder Tabbris had spotted her, whilst completing his daily rounds. He walked over to the young angel and tasked himself with making her feel better. She explained to him how most of her classmates seemed to be receiving their powers and hers were yet to reveal themselves. He quickly reassured her that they would show themselves when the time was right. She was painfully shy but she wanted to show the Elder how much she appreciated his encouragement by looking him directly in the eye. As she motioned to move the beautiful kinky black hair out of her face he started to rise off the ground, once she realised she was the one causing this upward movement she started to panic.

Which is how Elder Tabbris was found to be levitating several feet above the ground with no hope of getting down. Try as he might his wings just couldn’t seem to fight his new positioning.

“It’s ok Felicity just relax. Your powers are obviously connected to your emotions, so the more you panic the harder it will be to get me down.” His voice was calm and reassuring but the vein pulsing on his forehead suggested otherwise. His words had the opposite effect as a crowd was starting to gather and Felicity felt her anxiety growing.

Before she could have a complete panic attack or faint from the stress another angel came to her rescue.

“Do you people not have anything better to do? Move it or lose it people before I drown you in an oceans worth of water” Imra’s tact had always been lacking but at this moment in time Felicity had never been so grateful. The crowd scattered with angels almost tripping over each other in order to get out of her way. Imra would know what to do Felicity told herself, in the last few weeks she had progressed with her powers immensely.

Imra and Felicity had formed an unlikely friendship over the break. They were opposites in every sense of the word but that in no way diminished the loyalty they had for one another. They were closer than sisters and they knew each other like the back of their own hands. Which is exactly why Imra knew that Felicity would not be able to handle this on her own.

“Fe look at me. Just me. You can do this just relax and use your hands to motion Elder Tabbris moving back down to the ground. You only just got your powers so it’s okay if it doesn’t work. I can always wrap water around him from the fountain and drag him downwards myself.” She chuckled, doing her best to make light of the situation.

Felicity took a deep breathe in and followed Imra’s instructions, her eyes now displaying a new found determination. It took her three tries but eventually she was able to get Elder Tabbris safely back on the ground.

“That is one of the most interesting power manifestations I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.” He stated with the upmost sincerity. Now that he was back on the ground Felicity could see that he had not been angry with her but the situation itself. She visibly relaxed and was quickly pulled into Imra’s death clutch.

“You were amazing, telekinesis is such an amazing power!” Imra uncharacteristically gushed.

Elder Tabbris quickly excused himself and rightly so after such a timely ordeal but not before congratulating both of the females on their teamwork and resilience.

Felicity saw seven figures walking towards her. With the exception of Imra there were seven other angels who had provided her with excellent companionship.

Upon forging her friendship with Felicity, Imra had grown to find the seven angels in front of her a lot more tolerable. Though they did not hang at all the time they often provided great conversation, challenged her intellectually and weren’t afraid of her abrasive nature.

Once the males reached them high fives were shared all around.

“It was like watching the dream team in action” Sablo proclaimed, he had a soft spot for sweet Felicity. He saw her as the little sister he never had and was very glad Imra had been able to provide her with some timely assistance.

“Trust me, that was nothing compared to my power manifestation” Sablo continued.

“No kidding I was the one you scared half to death” Archon retorted, his yellow eyes shimmered with humour.

Sablo had discovered his ability to teleport whilst reading “The Habits of Humanity”. He had wanted to talk to Archon about humanity’s difficulties with finding and maintaining happiness. In order to hear Archon’s take on what he thought made beings happy, however his friend was in their dorm room on the other side of campus. In a split second he was then standing right in front of the male he so desperately wanted to see. Archon stood there frozen in shock for he was sure he was hallucinating as he had dropped Sablo off at the library himself. It took two more unexpected trips for him to grasp what was actually going on.

“I don’t know, I think Nathaniel’s pm was pretty crazy as well remember” Ramiel said leading a deep discussion into how Nathaniel discovered his ability to sense the emotive forces in himself and others. Ramiel had been reading about the atomic bombing of the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and had found it deeply upsetting the little regard humans had for one another’s lives. Then out of nowhere tears started to fall from Nathaniel’s purple eyes, he could sense immense sadness however Ramiel’s calm nature didn’t indicate that he was the source. It took many weeks for Nathaniel to be able to detect the source of whatever emotion he felt. He was now working to make sure his own didn’t get lost in all the noise.

“No way, Michael’s was by far the most insane” Micah protested, as he had personally experienced the purple eyed boy’s ability to manipulate time. When Michael first raised his suspicions that he seemed to be able to speed up or slow down time, the others thought he meant it in a more abstract way, not literally. However the proof came a few weeks ago, when some of their peers were relaxing by participating in a volleyball game which Michael and Micah were planning to join. As they were approaching the ongoing game, the ball was spiked at one of the rather absent minded players (as he was obviously the weakest link) on the opposing team. He had very little time to react and so he just acted in defence which sent the ball hurtling towards Micah. He was sure he would have suffered a rather nasty blow to the head had Michael not stepped in front of him and saved him. He caught the projectile with ease and after the game explained that he had just slowed down time so he could react appropriately. Word spread and the six other angels swore never to question his suggestions (no matter how crazy they sounded) again.

“I don’t know, I still find Ramiel’s powers a little scary. Not everyone can be as lucky as us elemental men” Daniel teased whilst simultaneously high-fiving Micah. His ability to control fire was revealed to him in a rather fun way and he was very grateful that it had not been through setting someone or something on fire accidently. He had been having a dance party in his room all by himself when his favourite swing song came into the mix. As he felt the music flow through him his fingers clicked along with the beat and started sparking. Sure enough by the chorus he had a flame at his fingertips and he alerted everyone in the dorm with ears to his new discovery, with the most excited screams in all of the Heavens.

Micah was his elemental partner in crime with the ability to influence and move the Earth at will. He had been strolling through the gardens when he spotted a hedge of roses. They were all dying as their growth had been interrupted by some unknowing angel or animal crushing them. He wished in that moment that he could have saved the flowers he loved so much. His wish was then answered as the roses gained a new lease of life growing to twice the height they had before. After this event, for a couple of weeks vegetative growth and flowering plants appeared on every piece of ground he walked on. Though it was beautiful, he soon found a way to only encourage nature’s growth only when he willed it.

Unlike the elemental boys, Ramiel’s powers were a bit more practical. If he concentrated hard enough he could see the mostly likely outcomes of a given event depending on a person’s chosen actions. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly when it started but whenever he needed to know how something would turn out; the different outcomes for each of his actions would just play out in his head like alternate endings to a movie.

Archon was the last to have his powers revealed to him but they appeared just when he needed them most. A fellow angel had dislocated their wing whilst showing off his flying skills for some young female angel. It was an injury that would eventually heal on its own, once the wing had been popped back into place but the angel would be in excruciating pain for weeks. When he heard Isiah complaining to his friends about it, Archon felt compelled him to help. The angel eagerly accepted Archon’s suggestion that he might be able to help. When he placed his hands on the troubled wing a yellow light shone out of his hands and within seconds the wing was as good as knew. With his bravado returned Isiah was soon off trying even more difficult aerial displays.

After hearing about the mixed bag of power manifestation experiences Felicity felt reassured and her negative thoughts about the days experiences were quickly forgotten. She could see that though she panicked, thanks to Imra she persevered and her control of her powers had improved because of it. Everyone came into their powers in a different way, what was important was that they cherished and respected them once they had them.

She was so happy that she had decided to reach out to Imra so many weeks beforehand, when they had both been sitting by the fountain reading. Normally she would have been okay with the complete silence, in fact she would have preferred it. However, she sensed something in Imra that perhaps many other angels didn’t understand, a lonely soul. Just like her she had probably adapted to being alone but that didn’t mean she didn’t get lonely. She understood what it was like to feel like you were on the outside looking in. Perhaps it was even worse in Heaven because every angel tried to be so kind but even they couldn’t hide the fact that they found her odd. She had read “The Art of War” (which was sitting in Imra’s hands) before and she decided it would be the best way of starting a conversation. By leading with such an intellectual introduction Imra was highly impressed and she decided she would give Felicity a chance. The worst that could happen was that she got bored of her or she greatly annoyed her. These two problems could easily be solved by cutting her out of her life, which she told herself she was more than capable of doing. However, deep down she knew she had been waiting to have a real friend of her own (and of her own age) for a very long time. As the sun set the two angels walked off into the sunset, having shared more than either of them had initially intended and smiling more than either of them ever had.

They found themselves in the same position today as they said goodbye to the others. Imra walked Felicity to her dorm room first, making sure for the hundredth time she was completely alright. She also sent her room mates a warning glare to make sure they understood not to tease her about day’s events. As she thought back to their first meeting she giggled incredulously, she couldn’t believe that at one point she had ever thought she would grow tired of her best friend. Felicity had the heart of a lion and only weeks later she couldn’t imagine life without her. While others saw Fe’s shyness as weakness, Imra saw the true beauty in her friend. She had a quiet determination fuelled by her humility and grace.

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