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She is unique with all her extraordinary traits. She loved him but only to get into the mysterious maze of her forgotten past. Will she survive this time? Meet Aarin. A 21 years old girl with many secret identities and a forgotten past who lives with her loving foster family . Meet Advay. With his multi-billion worth wealth and business , good looks, charm, athletic body he is every girl's dream. He always have his own way. In other words he is the definition of perfection. And he has also other identities which makes him more admirable. How will things go on between them when Aarin falls for him at first sight, not knowing who is he? And he plays a major role in her forgotten past? And that past again comes before her to discover the hidden truth that changed her life for good? Or an unbelievable truth? Will she be able to save herself this time? *All characters and events in this book are fictional. Similarity to any real person, living or dead, is absolutely unintentional and pure coincident* *Images used in this story belongs to their respective owners*

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1- Meet Aarin

Aarin’s P.O.V :

I seem to concentrate more on the outside atmosphere rather than listening to my best friend Geetanjali. We were in a cafe since it was my day off.

She’s talking about her boyfriend Nick and telling me the need of a romantic relation in my life.

Actually I would have listen to her if I was interested in any kind of relation like that.

Love is a complicated concept, right? It’s like I haven’t found my ′ The one ′ yet. And besides, I’m too busy for all these thing.

“.........Come on girl! You’re 21! ...Don’t you want someone to care for you? Make you feel exceptionally special.......”

Seriously? Exceptionally special?

“.........Don’t you want to experience what’s it like to be in lo...........” She was cut off by the sound of her phone. And I thanked Lord.

Judging by the amount of occasional giggles and blushing. ..........that must be her boyfriend Nick on the other line.

They are seeing each other for the past two years. A combination of a fashion designer and an architect is not that bad. They are both excellent and renowned in their fields.

Not that I’m an exception.

“........You should’ve told me earlier..........How can I......In this short notice.....No! I swear to your hair Nick! I’ll not talk to you if you go with Lily.........Pick me up in two hours” Geet ends the call with a sigh as she rubs her temple.

“Seriously Geet? His hair?” I asked amused and Geet shrugged.

Geet has a habit of changing things to swear. This time she chose Nick’s hair.

There is a belief among some people if the swear is not fulfilled something bad will happen to that particular thing.

For me it’s all is just a superstition.

“I guess we’ll have to reschedule our movie night ”

“Nick said we need to attend an important function........I’m very sorry Ari............”

“You have forgotten your best friend....” I feigned a hurt expression.

“You’re such a drama-queen.......There will be one day when I’ll repeat your words to you”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah yeah.....And that will be the day when ice cream will taste sour”
“When is your flight to Paris?” Geet asked after we made it to the parking lot.

“It’s tomorrow at 12pm ”

“Do call when you reach there” Geet said as she hugged me.

“Okay, Grandma” Geet rolled her eyes.

Being three year older, makes Geet treat me like a baby sister sometime. The one she doesn’t have.

Geet is my best friend since high school. I skipped some grades so I was in the same grade as Geet.

“And yeah.... say sorry to Nirupoma on my behalf ” With that she drove off with her bmw.

“Come on my black knight. Let’s roar to life” I sped off with my Harley Davidson CVO.

This handsome is my second life.
It was afternoon as I reached home after having a small tour with my knight. It was Monday so Nirupoma was at her college.

Nirupoma is my sister and best friend. She is a 20 years old medical student. So in my family, I have Dadu (Grandpa), Dida (Grandma) , Mamoni (Mother) and Nirupoma. Mamoni is a college Lecturer at a nearby college.

We live in a apartment in Mumbai which is near the beach. With a nice neighbourhood.

It is owned by Dadu. Dadu is a retired Army Medical officer and in his mid sixties.

As I have spare keys I didn’t bother to push the doorbell. As I entered I saw Dadu is reading book. While Dida is cooking something in the Kitchen.

Mmmm... the smell is very delicious. A smile crept on my face as she is cooking my favorite desert and her famous ‘rosh-malai’ which is a bengali desert.

Something you can expect from a bengali family.

I tiptoed as I neared the kitchen and hugged Dida from behind.

“Seems like someone is very eager to taste the desert” Dida said as she patted my cheeks.

“So how was your day, Aarin?” she asked. Though she didn’t see me she always know whether it’s me or Niru.
After we had our dinner it was near 9pm. I began to arrange my luggage for tomorrow. I have a flight to Paris which happens to be my one of the favorite places.

I love travelling. Working in an airline allows me to enjoy that.
“Do eat your meals timely and call once you’ve reached ” Mamoni said as she kissed my cheeks.

“Okay. Now I’ve to go. My pickup is here. Bye”
Reaching the airport and finishing some regular formality I headed towards the aircraft.

On my way, I stopped infront a glass window which was mostly reflecting.

The girl in the reflection had chestnut brown hair that was tied in a braided bun with a few strand lose.

She had sparkling emerald eyes which complimented her light tan skin and brown hair.

She was dressed in a white shirt with three golden stripes on each shoulder. And in dark blue pant.

Her dark blue coat was hanging on her left arm. While the other hand occupied her luggage handle.

Last but not least, she was wearing a dark blue cap that had a golden wing in middle with golden lines on both side.

And that girl is me. Being a pilot and travel around the world has always been my dream.

And living your dream is a magical feeling.
“Hello, Officer Mukherjee ” Raina, one of the crew member greeted me.

“Hi, Is the Captain here already?” I asked with a smile.

“No” She replied and I mumbled a ‘thank god’.

Raina gave me a meaningful smile at this.

Though Capt. Thomas is not a jerk. But he hates it when the co-pilot arrives after him.
The landing was nice. It’s my third time in Paris. After checking in the hotel I called Mamoni to inform about my reach.

I decided to visit the Eiffel tower this evening and for tonight I planned to enjoy my secret and second identity.
Along with my family, Geet and Nick a very few people know about this.

Hi Everyone, This is my first fiction. And writing is something I enjoy a lot. It lets me create a world of my own. Where I can make rules. Where I can control it. Where I can make someone’s story a perfect one.

I hope you enjoy reading my work :)

*Plagiarism is a crime and prohibited.

The pictures belong to their respective owners.

Now Enjoy reading!

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