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The ice cold water jolted me awake and alive to notice that the sleeping quarters is quickly filling up with water. What the hell is happening to us on this ship that we have got ourselves stuck on? Rocco is nineteen year old orphan living with his foster parents and is ready to move out and explore the world himself. His life changes when he meet someone of up most high importance within the circumstances that he finds himself in who in fact demands Rocco's all around attention while recovering. Together this pair will face many challenges ahead of them while meeting new friends and old along the way. Twists and turned the two of them will face from crazy Monkeys, killing rivers and a crew full of pirates out to kill you for destroying their one ticket out of the ocean. What could go wrong? Right......

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


Tonight is the night when I finally leave the herd without so much of a word. Our alpha male my foster father is fully aware of my decision to leave; supporting it whole-heartedly. Being in large group of tigers, who are physically bigger and stronger than you, can be nerve racking on a daily basic. However my alpha female my foster is clinging onto the hope that I will change my mind. They are the best foster parents I could ever ask for because they loved me for being me. Packing the last of my clothes in my backpack I sigh in frustration. Stephen, my older foster brother, strides in the room with a surprised look on his face.

“Dad said you are going away but I didn`t think you actually really meant it.” Stephen said.

“Yeah well I`m soon going to be twenty years old and I don`t want to be stuck here for the rest of my life.” I replied back.

“Don`t you like it here little brother? You know you can always go to father and he would change heaven and earth for you.”

“I know that Stephen but I want to go away and explore the world before wanting to stay put and settle down. Besides it would be nice to finally meet my biological parents if I ever get the chance to.”

“What about mother and farther don`t you consider them as your parents and me your brother?”

“Look Stephan you guys and everybody in the herd happened to me. Although now that I`ve finished high school and college I want to go away and did some things I`ve on my bucket life for a long time. Can`t you put yourself in my shoes and actually understand that please?”

“Alright bur promise me that you will take proper can of yourself while you are taking on the world exploring it.”

“Okay I guess I can agree to that.”

We shake hands and gave each other a hug swiftly as our mother walked in carrying a box of tissues and also a box of chocolates. She puts them down on the end of the bed and launched herself against me pulling me into a tight mother and son bear hug, Towering over her a small amount I rested my own head against my mother`s head bringing her as close as possible. My dearest brother Stephen and fathers joined in the family hug as the rest of the herd is preparing for tonight`s annual feast with some of the neighbouring mixed herds. When I had a private meeting in fathers office last week we agreed that it would be best for me to leave tonight so that we can leave behind any type of awkward goodbyes between the herd and myself. Mother didn`t agree with it this morning but completely understood where I was coming from.

“What time are you planning on leaving son?” my father asked me.

“My train leaves at six o`clock do I want to be at the train station at five thirty hopefully to have enough time to settle down. So pretty much I can leave anytime soon to be get to the station three towns over.”

“Its three o`clock now and some of the other herds are starting to arrive early some and you will have to stay here and greet them. I know that Stephen will gladly drive you to the train station.”

With one last family hug both my foster parents smoothly striding out of my room hand in hand lightly whispering to each other. My heart swelled to see them so loved up at their age. Together Stephen and I took my bags out of my room and out into the land rover sitting outside on the drive at the front of the house. Odd members of the herd waved at us as we went past them to reach the care unaware of where I am actually going and hopefully it will stay that way until the day that I do come back. When the bags were packed in the back of the land rover the two of us jumped into the front seats and started the long journey. One the way to the train station two town`s over Stephen and I joked with each other and played silly games to keep us entertained. Although we did have to stop once to fill up the gas tank and to stretch our legs also we didn`t waver with the constant flow of conversation in which did involve past memories of sneaking out of the house to late night parties, punishment for sneaking out to parties we were band from go to and out family days out to the beach and the movies theatre in town.

“Come on there must have been more to it than that. You can`t leave me hanging for the rest of the car journey?” Stephan asked as we stopped at a red light.

“Alright fine I may have left out several minor details in the story but nonetheless I am too embarrassed to tell you anyway Stephen.” I replied back covering my face with my hands.

“Oh please brother don`t leave me hanging with these small minor details in your story that you call them.”

“Fine okay first put that pouting face away before I can continue with these minor details that you so carefully–“

SLAM! An oncoming driver slammed straight into us hitting the car from side on. In fact my side first nonetheless the land rover skidded along the road flipping over several times before coming to a halt upside down in the bottom of a roadside ditch. Neither one of us expected it to happen so our reaction time bracing for impact I can indeed say is on the little of the late side today. All I can remember is talking to Stephen about something and then it felt like I was flying in the air however I am being held down by the seat belt as shards of glad are being thrown everywhere against us from the windscreen and our door windows. The smell of gasoline is a strong smell along with the sounds of screeching tires, screaming people and sirens in the very distance.Dots of black cover my vision as I am zoning in and out of consciousness trying so hard just to stay awake to see how my brother Stephen is doing form the effect of the car crash.

Something in a liquid form is trickling down the side of my face and out of my nose in which is taking my mind off the agonising pain shooting through my left leg and the pounding inside the back of my head at the edge of my hair line. Not being able to see very much I can vaguely hear the mumbling and groaning from my brother next to me also strapped down by his seat belt while his limbs are dangling in twisted in positions that I didn`t think ere possible for someone of his build and considerable size in height and weight. Slipping out of consciousness once again I just felt the roaming of hands pulling me out of the car as carefully as they could without trying to cause me anymore pain that I am already in from the crash itself.

The sound of beeping rang throughout my ears as I came to after countless other times I think in many hours, days or weeks I do not know anymore. Murmuring voices increase around me when a set of cold dead like fingers feel about my wrists in which I assume to find my beating pulse. I still cannot see anything due to my eyelids feeling heavy, stiff and almost glued shut with some pads taped over them. Clutching soft sheets under my fists I inhale the awful smell of disinfectant, blech and many other chemicals wafting in the air. Everything is a blur from saying goodbye to my fosters to the other car slamming into my side of the land rover rolling several times into a deep ditch.

From the beeping to the smell of cleaning chemicals I soon realise that I am lying in a hospital bed in the hospital two towns over from the herd. A reminder of the herd and my brother hundreds of questions rapidly run through my brain one after another working up my heart beat. Nothing can comprehend the amount of worry that I am feeling to see my brother and the bad shape that he is in from the accident. My pulse evidently quickened even further increasing the loudness and pace of the heart rate monitor that I am attached to beside me. Footsteps grew louder into the room as I tried to peal my eyes open.

“Woah easy there Rocco I can finally see that you are strongly coming awake from the amount of medication that we had to inject you with over the last two weeks.” A smooth light female voice said.

Making my head turn from side to side I tried to locate the nice sounding voice talking to me. This made me take my mind off the bad state of my brother momentarily focusing on the people scurrying around the hospital room. A chuckle escaped someone`s lips when the sound of a sliding door is closed opened or closed.

“It`s okay now Rocco everything is working out perfectly fine your body is on its way to making a full recovery so far. Your left leg is a bit slow on recovery because of the amount of damage that was done to it. When the car flipped over your leg got severely trapped under a large amount of the metal of the car. A number of surgeries have been done on the leg to put it right which has gone quite well so far still you may have a limp until it has fully recovered over time. I can assure you that if you give yourself some time then the patches on your eyes will be on the straight and narrow in a full recovery.” The female voice says again gliding around the room.

Groggy and very out of it I try to grunt in response but it turns out to be more of a phatic whimper than a grunt. The voice chuckles again before calling someone over about x-rays, text results, and blood samples. Rolling my head back and forth I try to speck a number of words however they turn out to be a bubble of such utter nonsense.

“Rocco I know that you want to speak to me right now but I need you to do is let your throat heat first. While the care was flipping over a piece of glass embedded itself at the bottom of your throat cutting it up fairly deeply enough to leave a scar behind. The other doctors have tried their absolute hardest to remove it as carefully as they could in which they were to do successfully by the way.”

A squeak erupted from the bottom of my throat and so did a sharp twisted agonising burst of what is called retched pain. Wanting to see what the voice else had to say I didn`t get a proper chance to as I dropped back into unconsciousness. Many twisted and unwanted thoughts plagued my mind as my brain shut itself down. A red light blinking in the back of my brain as a warning sign that I won`t be waking up anytime soon without some perfectly good rest in a chemical smelling hospital bed.

Over the next week it is now Friday a full month after the car accident when I can now fully stay awake for more than an hour at a time before drifting off to sleep. My eye sight has improved yet nonetheless the female voice that belonged to Dr Jane Margate sadly told me that my eye sight may never return to me. It is a 50/50 chance at the moment but I can only wait for now when more test results come in from the many tests that were done to check on my progress. Previously in the week my foster parents rushed into the hospital to see me when the doctors told them that I was fully stabilized and healing to form a few strung along words and to stay awake for more than ten seconds. They updated me on my brother`s recovery which is sounding very positive so far with only several broken bones, cuts, and bruises to his body.

He should be out of the hospital within the next week or two but on the condition that he stays on best rest until his bones are fully healed. Within the brief visits mother told me that the person responsible for the car crash was already dead when they looked at the body at the crime scene. Some witnesses had seen a few minutes before hand that the man in the car had gotten into an argument before getting into his car, hands full of liquor, and driving back down the street into our car. Police are just riding it off as an accidents but I knew better.

“How are you today Rocco?” Dr Jane Margate said walking into the room heels clicking and a clipboard in hands.

“Better than before I guess Dr Margate but I don`t dare to try and open my eyes in case I can`t see anything.” I replied.

“Now that’s perfectly okay Rocco to do so I am not standing here to judge on your reasonable actions. I am just making my last rounds for the night before I disappear off home to bed.”

For the next ten minutes she explains how my wounds are rapidly healing due to some strengthening injections put together for any supernatural species that come in and out of the hospital to get treated. Cross my fingers and hope to die that I won`t need these blasted pads of my face so that I can test my eyes out for myself and to see if I do have the chance to properly visually see. As a check-up procedure done before the lights are turned out Dr Jane Margate removes the oversized pads to see what state my eyes are in at the moment. Even without the pads on my face I still cannot see at all because of the black hazy dots scattered around my vision burring the colour that is streaming through the spaces of the black dots.

We discussed about putting on some smaller cotton pads but I suggested letting my eyes heal with some fresh air. Once the Dr took her leave for the night and the room is turned off the main room lights I am left in semi-darkness with the low light bed lamp glowing in the one corner of the room. Shadows moved and flickered against the windows as I heard the footsteps of a nurse walked down the hall way to give us residents some alone time to sleep in withering darkness. However in the darkness I notice that there is an unsettling feeling rising in the room as I feel the nervily feeling of someone staring at me from a corner of the room.

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