Our Time is Now

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Chapter 12


Hours slivered past slowly and ever so gracefully the loner the three of us sat here and burnt under the face of the sweltering red hot sun. Sweat poured down my temple the more that I panted with no access to a stream of clean flowing water. Eventually the day changes the sun is going down and the pressure of the heat have immensely died down. Wiping away any leaves stuck to my trousers I make my way towards what I think might be the way leading to the smoke mow covered by a few clouds appearing.

During the pain stacking slow hours I rested in the sun the smoked I die away with the win spreading it further in the sky in the opposite direction. However, I carried on in the way that I thought is not appropriate to follow. The baby dragon has made himself more comfortable with being in the trees with the monkey that tends to stay in front and makes fun of the baby dragon. Walking for a long amount of time the sun has just about hit the horizon and the trees have opened up to which I assume is another part of the beach I was previously woke up on yesterday.

Out to sea stands a much smaller scale island of its own with an oversized hollow skull. Not a normal sized skull it covers the whole square inch of the land that it is sitting on. Standing at the edge of the forest leading on to the beach I stared at the skull in awe. Instead of the skull being made out of bone it is made out of stone and very rightly you can see if you were close enough where it has been changing colour over so many years.

Also ivy has taken upon itself to start wrapping itself up around the gaps between the stone teeth of the skull. Surrounding the skull island are a dozen or so jagged rocks with the oceans waves sloshing and slapping against them in a very stormily matter of fact. The freshness and the chopping of the breeze it hit me head on straight in my face like a bulldozer on full steam ahead. Further I got on to the beach I didn`t see anybody around until a very familiar voice interrupted my lost wondering thoughts.

“I didn`t expect to see you way over here on this side of the island Rocco furthest away from you brother I see as well.” Lorenzo called out over to me.

Spinning on the tips of my toes Lorenzo is leaning against a nearby tree scanning his fingernails. Looking at him fully his is wearing an immaculate navy and green suit. With the grass green waist coat underneath the navy suit jacket and tie Lorenzo looks like he is dress up to go to either a wedding or simply attend a business meeting in the busy city of New York on a Monday morning at nine o`clock. Shaking my head, the baby dragon and the monkey glue themselves to the back of my legs trying to be protective of me.

“What do you know about Romulus? Where can I find him? How did you get to me so fast? Why are you not dead and at the bottom of the ocean with those damn man eating mermaids?” I fired question after question towards the fancy dressed Lorenzo.

“Whoa hold your horses I can`t answer all your questions at once. Firstly, I can take you to him if you like but it will be a long and painful journey when we do. And along the way I can answer all of your questions along the way if you allow me to take you to your brother on the other side of the island.”

“I don`t want any of your stupid riddles just want you to take me to my older brother please.”

“Well then follow my lead then and we will be there in no time and you and your brother can have a big happy reunion.”

Blindly trusting what Lorenzo is saying to me I follow his lead off the beach and back through into the forest as the night slowly took over the sky in bits and pieces. I didn`t want to believe by I need to get back to Romulus to get off this island and back home to my foster and biological family. If Lorenzo says he knows where my older brother is I need to trust that piece of information that Lorenzo is holding tightly for dear life to his chest.

All of a sudden a stinging sensation burns through my hand. Crying out in severe pain I clutch my left hand in pain. Looking down at it bright red blood is seeping through my fingers quicker than I could squeeze my hand tight enough. taking my right hand away a large bite is flowing out blood. Sitting on the floor beside me the baby dragon has its mouth hanging open; blood dripping out of the corner of its mouth on to the leaves on the floor.

“What did you do that for? I cursed.

“Do what?” Lorenzo called from a small way in front of me.

“Not you Lorenzo the stupid dragon he randomly just bit me on the hand.”

“it’s an island animal you’re not meant to keep them as pets you know. Now keep walking and as quickly as possible wrap up your hand along the way. Bad things happen when darkness falls around the island a red human blood is involved.”

Doing as Lorenzo says I do the best I can use a spare t-shirt from my bag to wipe away any excess blood and wrap up the wound itself. The tone used by Lorenzo I didn`t want to say anything more I case I do or say something wrong that could have me on his bad side which I really don`t want to see. Taking my attention away from Lorenzo and his temper I look around the forest. Nothing looks out of place around here almost as if the forest is taking care of itself.

No fallen trees are lying about or any sink hole hiding under piles of leaves lightly laying on the top. So lost in thought I didn`t realise many things rapidly changing around me. Firstly, the mountains in the far distance had alters place changed a slight direction. Secondly the ground underfoot is moving and so is the trees at a rapid pace and direction. Tress begin to fall down and get sucked up into the ground with the leaves and other things lying across the floor. A few feet in front of me Lorenzo is lifted off the ground into the air.

“Where are you going. And what is happening to you?” I called up to him.

He looked down at me crookedly and just flew away high into the sky without me. He disappeared above the trees still rooted in to the floor leaving me on the ground with the island moving and shifting around me. Then in the next split second I come to the realisation that the island around me is moving and my feet are no longer firmly touched to the ground. My eyes shot to the ground in a shift of panic. Underneath me the ground has opened up into a hole and for the mere split second I am left there hanging in the air.

Then it happened I fell downwards further into the screaming my head off like a complete manic. My bags go upwards as I am falling around my neck chocking the life out of me. I didn`t have the strength to pull my arms up for the bags to slip off increasing the strangulation on my neck. Hanging in the air the strangulation eased off around my neck moving it into a different position. Maybe I caught one of the bags on a lose branch in the mud wall of the never ending black hole. I looked up to see a small dragons body and its falling wings beating tightly within the confined space of the hole.

It didn`t take long for the baby dragon to fly its way out of the sinking hole before it collapsed back in on itself. The second my feet touch the floor a ball of chocolate coloured fur launched its way on to my chest pushing me off balance taking me down to the floor. Brought in on the hug the baby dragon wrapped itself around my back stretching its wings all the way around to my front and around the monkey.

“Don`t do that okay Rocco I couldn`t stand losing you.” A sweet female voice said.

Freaked out I jumped out of my skin. I wasn`t able to question the female voice because the baby dragon unwrapped itself from the monkey and I and proceeded to fly around me in the air.

“Up here up here.”

“Yeah listen to the poor girl she cannot stay in the air forever you know.” A new male gruff voice entered the one sided conversation.

The monkey then slapped me in the face multiple times trying to achieve something. I don`t know what to think when the monkey takes the leather bound book from the satchel and places it in my hands. The monkey proceeded to flip through the pages right at the back on the very last page is a detailed picture of the baby dragon and the monkey cuddle under a tree together. Black and white the picture is something different.

Tracing the picture lightly with the pads of my fingers three words are at the bottom of the page catching my full attention. The words are “Standing. Together. Forever.”. This surprises me the most because it is my scruffy handwriting on the bottom of the page. Maybe being frustrate and angry the monkey slaps his hand down on the page by the words. Out of the blue the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

“The two of you can talk can`t you?” I asked the monkey and baby dragon.

“Finally the poor boy gets it. I told you showing him the book sooner you damn monkey.” The female voice of the baby dragon said.

“Well excuse me small fiery dragon I thought he would get it a bit quicker.” The male gruff voice of the monkey said.

Watching the two of them bicker away to each other a wave of dizziness rushes over me like an overpowering wave in the ocean. Black sports appear in my vision putting it all over the place. Another wave of dizziness hits me full force and I feel myself fall and black out.

A pounding headache stomped its way through my skull as I come around from the black out. Groaning out in pain I sit up and griped my head in pain. It doesn`t take long to fully wake up and I observe my current surroundings. Longer than necessary it finally clicked that I am sitting in my old room in my foster family`s home. Around me everything has changed my room has been put into boxes and the colour of the walls have gone from a navy to a bright shining white. I am sitting on the mattress - sitting on the floor might - as everything crashed down on me all at once.

The island, the pirates, the man eating mermaids and finding my brother Romulus flooded through my memories like a rapids fast pace action movie. Swinging my legs over the edge of the mattress I notice I am still wearing my clothes I was in at the island. Now a long distance memory I trot out of my room towards the family gaming and movie room. Within the gaming room my foster family are sat on the large sofa watching a movie happily together as a close knitted family.

“Hey everyone I’m back you wouldn`t believe what’s happened to me in the last few days.” I said sitting down on the sofa next to my foster brother Stephen.

The three of them completely ignored me and continued to watch the movie and occasionally made some slide comments about what is happening next. A bit confused I wave my hand in front of Stephen`s face to try and catch his attention. He sat there next to me on the sofa and blinked just like that. No, comments, no retaliation, no nothing.

“You guys remember Rocco right I had a thought did he ever get out of the hospital alive or not?” Stephen said pausing the film.

“I don`t know the last time I heard he one day up and vanished in to thin air. They checked the whole hospital and a five miles’ radius around it and came up empty handed.” My foster father said.

“Remind me again why we even bothered to adopt him in the first place. We could have done a lot more if he wasn`t around to be a pain in the ass all the time.” My foster mother jumped in to the conversation.

My foster brother and father hummed in approval with my foster mother and then continued to watch the movie in silence once again. What they had just dais circled around my brain setting in my into a blind panic. Soon enough my heart beat rose along with my rapid breathing. Sweat dripped off my temple as I slide off the sofa and collapsed to the floor. Hearing these things from my foster parents set me off in a quick attack.

Adding on to that they cannot even see me either to say it to my face. The longer I sat on the floor having a panic attack my foster family turned off the movie and moved themselves towards me. None of them moved an inch as they sat there perfectly still almost waiting for their instruction’s. From the silence in the room it turned in to a large amount of laughter as my foster family pointed their fingers at me and continued to laugh.

During this laughter ugly and pathetic names were said from Stephen. I didn`t want to listen to them so I first covered my ears with my hands but then proceeded to uses some pillows instead to try and block out the noise. I didn`t have the guts to tell them to stop so as humiliated at it is I quickly found the strength in my legs to pull myself up off the floor and run out of the room. Running past my room I took myself down the stairs and through the hallway to the living room leading to the kitchen.

Multiple footsteps followed behind me as the loud laughing continued to follow me. Straight through the living room and the kitchen I continued to run through the front door on to the main street. Heading up the street I made my way towards the dead end part of the street. However, before I can get there clusters of my past friends are standing on either side of the street. Along with my foster family all my friends around me began again to laugh at me calling out some evil, veil and disgusting names.

The panic attack now has dissolved I try and focus on finding my way out of this and maybe a way to Romulus. A cross road before the dead end stops me in which I turn left on to another close dead end. Out of nowhere Romulus is standing at this dead end road with his right arm up and his finger pointing towards me. Shaking my head in denial Romulus started to laugh along with my foster family and friends. Physically and mentally exhausted I collapsed to the floor and screaming bloody murder to the world. I didn`t want to scream but I carried on for what felt like hours had gone by. Although, I gradually stopped when my lungs began to burn and runt out of oxygen to breath.

Briefly everything stopped around me slowly disappearing out of sight up in to the air. To replace everything around me it is now pitch black like a dead computer screen. My eyes are unable to adjust to the darkness and in so I stay where I am kneeling on the floor afraid of the darkness and to stray away.

“Come on Rocco you are brave enough to bring yourself out of this. I know that you can do it.” The feather light baby dragon`s voice floating through the air.

“Yeah come on buddy I know that you can bring yourself back.” The monkeys gruff voice appeared.

Shaking my head in protest I put myself in self-loathing and all my fears of being laughed and also being afraid of the dark while in small cramp spaces. The darkness wrapped itself around me enclosing me into a small box of that said darkness trapping me against my own will. Wanting to disappear I got off my kneed ad curled up in a ball with my knees under my chin and my hands wrapped around my ankles.

I could have been sitting here for days at a time but I knew better than to ponder in to my poor mental state at the moment. Round and round my mind went as my eyed slowly started to drop shut with a large amount of tiredness. After a short time of trying to fall asleep out of nowhere I am drenched with a bucket load of freezing cold water. At the same time of this a bright beaming light shines through the darkness taking it all away.

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