Our Time is Now

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Chapter 13


Leaving behind Rocco in the middle of the forest is the best idea I ever had in forever. Using my connection to the elemental ability air I sore myself through the air back towards the cave to the underground tunnels entrance. The sun is out, no cloud in the sky, and the breeze is running through my air and it is everything I could ask for. Only if it could stand like this forever but the minute that the sun goes down everything on this island changes and it no longer becomes bright and beautiful as it is now. Landing softly onto the sand I send a small silent thanks to the gods for using their abilities before I gradually make my way to the back of the hidden cave where the out of sight underground door is settled in the mud and stone wall of the cave.

A lantern in hand I descend the stairs towards the long hallway of empty useless rooms. Thinking of the throne room it takes me back to a time when the master and I finally finished putting the last detail in place within the throne room. It is round room with old stone tiles along the floor and up the walls to the ceiling. On each side the throne room has three large opening that is pointed at the top and comes down like a half a circle. In between these openings there is some stone that that holds some small and well-rounded balconies. On the floor is a large circle of navy and gold with some old inscriptions. Around that large circle is some smaller circles each with a different symbol in it. Last but not least ion the masters throne resting upon some stairs at the back of the room as the main centre piece to look at when you walk into the room.

Zoning out for two long I take a few twists and turns of hallways as I make my way to the direction of the throne room. Already open I swiftly walk through the oak double doors and closed them behind me as best as I could. Head held high plastered on the wall is a lantern holder I which Is where I settle the said lantern in advance before I move to the throne and master. A decent distance away I kneel down on one knee and my left arm goes over my chest with my hand clenched into a fist. Waiting to be told to rise I grist my teeth as waves of anger flows in waves of my master continuously one after the other.

“What were your orders Lorenzo? My master`s voice boomed off the walls.

“To take out any threats in your way sir.” I said projecting my voice for my master to hear me.

“And what threats are invading my Lorenzo?”

“Romulus and Rocco are invading your home master with their pets.”

“So why are these threats still wondering around my island at the moment Lorenzo?”

“I didn`t plan to kill them out right master. I wanted to use the pirates and the man eating mermaids to kill them for me.”

Keeping my head bowed down low I stare at the floor I wait to heat hat comes out of my master’s lips next. The ticking of the grandfather clock ticked away as the tow of us sat here in complete utter silence. A single bead of sweat dripped off my temple and slid down my face. Deep inside my stomach is churning about all over the place. Built up silence and the fear rolling around in my stomach frustrated me to no end. The longer I wait for the master strike out on to me for failing the assessment set out for me to accomplish in a short amount of time. Silent as a mouse and light on his feet the master`s shoes have appeared in my line of vision. The expensive dress shoes stand in line with my knees immaculate and shiny in the reflection of the fire flaring in the fireplace. A large bear hand wraps itself around the nape of my neck. Their fingers curl in the locks of my hair bring my head up. My master is staring at me with fury in his eyes and a devil`s grin sitting on display on his lips.

“Is there a reason why you didn`t kill them yourself Lorenzo?” My master hummed the tone in his voice held some amusement and anger.

“When that didn`t working in the beginning I thought maybe the island would take care of the brothers considering it doesn`t like strangers on its land. But when that also failed I payed to tow of them a visit thinking I could draw some of the creatures on the island out of hiding to kill the two of them. Failing also Romulus made his want into the graveyard of lost souls and bingo I was down one brother. So blindly trusting me Rocco followed me to allegedly go find his brother. But my intention was to bring him here to the tunnels and use him as a pawn in our calculated plan and make him forget his useless older brother Rocco. However, I believe the island has another plan in mind and started to shift about.”

“And then you come straight back here I’m guessing?”

“Yes sir I did.”

Taking my answer`s and explanation into consideration my master taped his fingers against his lips thinking. Nodding away to himself he made his mind up after a short amount of lime listening silently to the grandfather clock slowly ticking away the minutes of the day. Surprised at his next action I am lying flat on my back with my bottom lips bleeding and rapidly swelling. The last thing expected was for my master to actually punched me in the face. A trickle of blood pooled onto my fingers as I tested the size of the swelling on my bottom lip. With little time to scurry out of the way my master advanced towards me fists clenched and a murderous look in his eyes. One fist enclosed around my shirt when the other hooked round and continuously punched me in the face. To stop me from attacking back the master used his dark elemental magic to hold down my arms and legs together.

Adrenaline rushed around my body as my dead weight body is lifted into the air and forcefully thrown against the nearest wall behind us. The force of being thrown against the wall dented it in the shape of my body. Stuck on the wall mid-way a small waist high table appears beside the master that is full of sharp knives, swords and lots of other weapons that are just as equally sharp. Starting with the first row of knives of different shapes and sizes the master talked about how he was going to play a fun game of dragging them down my skin to see how loud I can scream and then proceeded to exactly that. When I had woken up from being unconscious a different type of blade or arrow head would be plunged into my skin ripping at my clothes tearing it into pieces. Over time I may have lost consciousness but I always wake up screaming with the amount of paining running up and down and inside out of my body.

Along my abdomen a centimetre thick cut run from one side to the other currently opened up by a pair of pliers while blood is pouring out quicker than necessary onto the floor and also down my trousers. Another major cut is on my temple along my hair line in which has dried up at the moment with blood but could open up at any time the way that the master is heading with playing his little game of pain. Screaming out in excruciating amount of pain that could make blood curdle a small dagger is plunged into the cut along my abdomen. Bloodless and dizziness fused together the more that I am being stabbed across my body from head to toe. Once again I am on the verge of losing consciousness the dagger in my abdomen is forcefully yanked out of my body and the pliers are taken out of my skin finally.

“Have a nice sleep Lorenzo I will see you later on nice and healed for weapons and magic training.” The masters voice rang out in my ears.

My eyes close on that note as I let go into unconsciousness. The sound of his footsteps followed me to the state of my unconsciousness the further I slipped into it. Greatful for passing out I did in fact abruptly wake up to the ticking of the wind traveling through the tunnels to the throne room. Shooting up off the floor on to my feet I no longer have pain running through my body and am left with dried blood covering my skin and my torn to shreds clothes. While unconscious my healing elemental magic put itself to work and healed all of my wounds caused by my master. Looking at the grandfather clock the rest of the night has gone by and it is now another day in the island bright and early. The bigger the cuts the worse that they are which unfortunately means the longer they take to heal them. This was a lesson purposefully done by my master to teach me a lesson not to fail again otherwise my punishment will be a hell of a lot worse that this last one.

Clearing the dizziness out of my head and the sleepiness out of my eyes I - in a slow sloth like walk - make my way to my room to get cleaned up. Grabbing a new clean pair of clothes, I strip off the old and torn ones and hop into the shower. Scrubbing off the dried blood until my skin is raw I quickly run some soap through my hair. Soap and blood free I speedily dry off with a towel and pop into my new clothes on before making my way to the training room in search for the master. In the training room the master in standing in the middle of the room changed into a pair of sweats and nothing else on this chest or feet. His eyes are closed and hands behind his back facing the floor to ceiling stained glass window on the other side of the room.

“While you were on the floor of the throne room I made myself known to the two brothers wondering around my island.” The master said turning his attention towards me.

“What do you plan to do with them sir?” I asked looking anywhere but at the master.

“Every person has their strengths and weaknesses buried away in the back of their minds. A little digging about here and there and we won`t need to be worrying about those two any time soon I should hope.”

Before another word passed through my lips a fist sized ball of light zoomed past my face in a flash. It hovered in front of the master until he put his hand out in front of himself and it dropped into the palms of his hands. Equally as surprised I walked over to the master when the ball of light dimmed right down so the pair of us can could look into the top of it. By the look on the masters face he also has never seen one of these before in his life. The ball of light is a crystal ball of sorts it magically finds its way to you wherever you are on the island. Legend says that it is meant to give you snippets of the future and then when it finishes the light inside fizzles out leaving behind an empty ball of glass. Within the legend it also has been said that it is a rarity that someone actually gets this prophecy of sorts and it doesn`t always put the events in the same order it would be in the future. Together the master and I focus all of our attention to the prophecy in his hands.

Quicker than expected the two of us watched the beginning of a war playing out. But the faces are blurry and it soon disappeared onto another scene of the future. Completely different and off the scale to the battle scene this next one is facing the back of a couple on a ship waving to someone or something on the island. However, one thing led to another and the scene changed once again. Different from the last two scenes this one is of the island on a beautiful sunny day. Although that all changed when out of the blue a dark and twisted black clouds thunders its way over the top of the island. Blasts of lighting shoot down from the clouds to the island physically splitting up the island into four equal pieces. With the snap of a finger the scene stops and the light inside dies out leaving behind a fist sized glass ball. For a long period of time the two of us standing in the middle of the training room looking like a pair of idiots with our mouths hanging open.

The realisation of what could be happening in the future hasn`t dropped just yet for me but the master grabs hold of my wrist with one hand and drags me to the war room muttering underneath his breath. He placed the glass ball on the table in front of his chair before rushing over to some drawers and rummaged hurriedly through them on a hunt to find them. He finally found what he was looking for and pulled out a rolled up detailed map of the island. A bombshell just exploded as the scenes in the prophecy ball flooded through my mind. Walking towards to master I keep some distance between the two of us and watch him quietly study the map pf the island.

“We need to find a way to get those brothers off the island in the short time frame we have before we need to start heading out to execute out plan.” The master started first breaking the silence between us.

“How would we do that sir? I believe that the island has a mind of its own and I am one hundred percent sure that it will be in due time to take care of the two of them for us.” I replied searching the masters face to any slight reaction of emotion for what I said to him.

“No we cannot leave it up to the island to get rid of them for us. It could turn on us at any point and put the two of them in our path to stop us in succeeding in our plans. We must be the ones to take those brothers out otherwise if we don`t it would be out down fall.”

Together we formulated a plan to get the boys off the island or kill them out right. Neither one of us wanted wat on the island between them and us so a way to take them out before the time comes to kick start the plan soon. Killing a lot of daylight strategizing a step-by-step plan the two of us stepped away and went back to the training room to get in a little bit of practice. Splitting the training up in parts we do some hand to hand combat n which will definitely bruise like crazy later on after I have some rest. Also we practiced swords fighting alongside some other weapons training. Lastly for a brief amount of time we practiced magic training with our elemental magic abilities.

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