Our Time is Now

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Chapter 14


“Romulus where are you? For the love of the goddess just answer in some way so I can have some hope to find where you are at.” Cornelius yelled from somewhere.

Cornelius calling out whipped my attention away from Lorenzo as I turned my head to look behind. With Cornelius not in sight I turned my head back to be startled by the disappearance of Lorenzo.

“I`m over here Cornelius.” I was able to call over to him where ever he was.

Slightly shaken I put our conversation behind me I knees buckle from underneath me and I collapse to the floor. My breath is shaken and my pulse is racing in my ears. Out of the corner of my eye Cornelius made his way over to me while scanning my body from head to toe for any sort of injuries inflicted onto my body. Taking my eyes off the ground I scanned his face. Concern and confusion are written across his face as he helped me to feet.

“Do you understand what happened here? Everything is still a little hazy for me even if it was just for a few minutes apart.” Cornelius asked me.

“No I don`t know one minute we were walking and the next you had disappeared and some voice was taking to me. And then Lorenzo appeared out of nowhere shortly after and was talking to be about my baby brother and was telling me he has left me behind on the island to die. He disappeared when I heard you called out for me to make some noise.”

“Ok that is strange because I don`t see or hear any of this. You were there one second and gone into thin air the next. When I walked around calling out your name multiple times I couldn`t find or here you until now.”

“What happened then?”

“Magic that’s what happened. Lorenzo must have the ability to separate us and keep the two of us concealed away from each other. Either one of us could talk to one another mentally so Lorenzo or this voice person thing could have worked together to cancel that out.”

“How is that even possible? Magic is just in fairy tales not in reality.”

“You need to stop being in denial Romulus otherwise none of us can help you and for you to help us.”

“What are you saying Cornelius you are not making that much sense? I need you just to tell me straight what is going on.”

“No sort I cannot do that if I do the timing won`t be right and the island will throw things at you that neither you or your brother are prepared for in the slightest. Now stop asking me these silly questions and be patient for once in your life.”

Taking in the surroundings around us the trees are a lot closer together and there is a hell of a lot more of them. The heat from the sun is almost trapped down here making it more like the temperate of a sauna. Dried out crispy brown and red leaves crunched under our shoes as the bright green lush grass has withered away leaving behind dried up crumbly dirt and missing patches of grass. Taking in deep breaths of fresh air you can taste the high temperature of the sun surrounding us. Chirping of birds filled out ears in the distance with the occasional howling of multiple wolves a lot closer than I expected them to be. Sometimes they sound like they are singing a song to gain ours or others attention to make us and others aware.

Together the two to of us talked a little longer about what we were going to do if either one of us get separated from each other again. And so with a few plans in place we headed to the middle mountains peaking though the tops of the trees reaching high in the sky. However, not long after we set off walking something unexpected stopped the two of us in our tracks. A large pack of wolves the size of a land rover standing protectively in front of a dragon the size of an aeroplane lying on the floor in severe pain. The first thing I noticed were the surrounding landscape of trees have been flattened underneath the weight of the dragon. Peaking a glance at Cornelius his jaw is clenched and his hands have turned into fists gripped tightly at his side quickly turning white. Taking a side step closer to Cornelius I gently placed my hand of his shoulder; he whipped his head towards me and deeply growled. Unfazed by the growling I took it as a bit of a warning at took my hand off his shoulder and stepped away to give him some space if he needed. Thinking Cornelius was growling at them the oversized wolves took into a protective formation and growled in sync with one another. Something is seriously wrong here and we all knew it. Well I did but everybody else thought a little different. Cornelius immediately took it as a threat swiftly changing into his black eyes wolf beast.

“Alright everybody there is no reason to be tearing anyone`s heads off. Well not yet that is what I would assume anyway.” A new male voice called out over all of the territorial growling.

“Stay back boy I don`t need you getting into business that isn`t yours to get into.” The wolf at the front of the pack formation backed at the new voice.

“Don`t get your knickers in a twist grumpy I`m in on this just as much as you are. These people are here for a reason with someone else on the other side of the island and will soon enough need our help. Now all of you stop growling at each other and let’s be civil with this.”

“Stop telling me what to do rug rat I don`t take orders from you.”

“But you kind of do, don`t you?”

“Don`t make me repeat myself boy I won`t hesitate to come over there and take a nice big bite out of you.”

“Well come on them I will come over to you and make a good show to watch for our new guests.”

A lanky boy covered in scraps of clothing made his appearance from behind the dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon didn`t like that the boy moved out of his hiding place and then proceeded to blow a ball of fire in his general direction. In time the boy caught the ball of fire in his hands and squeezed it between the palms of his hands until it disappeared. All the boy did in a reaction was chuckle and wipe his hands down his trousers. Making his way over to me we shook hands much to the other`s demise and quickly clicked in having an interest to protect our loved ones as best we could. Another shot of fire flew over the boy’s head into a tree to gain his undivided attention. A bit scared to get burned to a crisp I moved out of the way not to be in the fire zone of the dragon`s mouth. Cornelius shifted back with his clothes on still and did the same thing moving in the opposite direction and lent against a tree with his arms crossed over his heart.

“It’s all right boys she is not going to hurt you our poor sweetheart here is in too much pain to be able to do much damage to any of us.” The boy said ruffling a wold`s thick fur coast between his long bony fingers.

“Why is she in so much pain might I just ask?” Cornelius asked the lanky boy.

Instantly I zoned out of the conversation and focused on the bright rays of sun shine through the tops of the trees. The mid-day heat hasn`t shifted one bit and with the lack of water I am growing dizzy and rather nauseous. Maybe the meat I cooked earlier was done properly and is now starting to repeat on me churning the content of my stomach. Progressively black dots slowly appear in my vison making it very hard to see. As soon as it all hit me in a large way I am dropping to the floor in a heap blacking out. Before I could black out I can hear vaguely the people around me calling out my name. It all sounds like it is being said in the far distance ringing in my ears. Completely blacking out I fall into a rapid dreamless sleep. However, all of a sudden screaming and shouting of my parents startled me awake.

Lying on the floor of my living room from my old family home the TV is on in front of me playing the news. Pulling myself up into the sitting position I rub the bump resting on my left temple taking off a little bit of dried crusty blood. Waiting for the nausea and the dizziness to pass I look around the room and it is exactly how it was before my parents had the twins and then up and disappeared. Family photos are hung up of the wall beside the bay window on the furthest wall looking out on the lake we rent out with the rest of the family during the summer months to cool off from the dreaded heat of the sun. Like any ordinary living room, we have a three seat sofa, a couple of arm chairs, a coffee table and an all expensive flat screen TV.

It’s not the biggest living room in the world but I was enough to fit our family before it grew bigger and we and to get rid of some pieces of furniture to make some more room. Climbing to my feet I searched around the house following the screaming and shouting to the kitchen; where my parents are standing on either side of the island hollering at the top of their lungs at each other. Sitting down on a bar stool next to my mother I waited for the tow of them to quieten down.

“Hey guys can you be quiet for a minute I need to talk to you about a few things that I need to get off my chest?” I called over the shouting.

Neither one of them even battered an eye lid towards me and just continued to shout, scream and argue with each other. They don`t turn to me or even acknowledge that I am there in the kitchen with them which is a bit disheartening on my part. Something or multiple persons moved smoothly through the kitchen door. A surprised gas left my lips as a grown my Rocco and the twins walked into the kitchen whispering to each other quietly. I truly didn`t know what to make of it because I didn`t think that this day would actually come to see it. My brothers are together at last enjoying each other`s company and getting to know each other; I couldn`t be happier overjoyed even. One tear slipped out the corner of my eye as I watched them pushing each other back and for the playfully. Nevertheless, something inside is missing like I have a giant hole inside of my heart watching my younger brothers gossip and play fighting without me there to do it with them.

“Hey boys what are the three of you talking about?” I asked them.

Once again like my parents Rocco and the twins stood there talking and fighting not batting and eye lid in my direction sitting at the island next to my arguing parents. A pang of hurt stuck me as I couldn’t get a hold of my own younger brother’s attention for a few minutes. I so desperately wanted them to see and acknowledge my presence. Trying to a great extent, I waved over to them to see if that would work instead. Another go failed to grab their attention and disappointment floods through me. Slumping forward onto the countertop in front of me I was just about to give up when one last idea came into mid. Getting up out of the chair I made my way to them and stood blatantly in front of the boys. Attempting to tap Rocco on the shoulder I hand went straight through him a bit like a ghost. As if he felt that his hand went to his shoulder and gave it a little rub. A burning sensation ran through my chest sending my hand straight to my heart. On to that my breathing became laboured and my palms are sweaty. The world crashed down around me as a panic attack rose out of the stress that my family has forgotten about me and doesn`t care anymore.

Falling to the floor I cannot feel my legs underneath me and I don`t know how to stop my abrupt panic attack. In the past I was never me who got the panic attack but now that I have gotten one I am struggling to remember how to stop it all together. Literally the world around is wiped away along with the duration of the panic attack. Nothing made sense one minute I am sitting with my family and they cannot hear or see me and the next minute it is gone just like that over taken by the darkness. Darkness surrounds me nice and snug which puts me quickly on edge. Lifting my hands up in front of me they come into contact with some wood. Feeling around me I am trapped in some kind of box. Outside of the box I can hear the different wildlife scurrying around the forest floor in and out of the shrubs. I couldn`t move even an inch leading me to believe that I am trapped in a coffin. I have some more head space than I do with my feet and the rest of my body. Bile rose in my throat as I firmly put my hands on the wood in front of me and pushed with of my strength I could muster up. The lid just rattled against a chain wrapped around it and continued to stay perfectly shut. Breathing in and out deeply I tried to calm my nerves and my fast pacing thoughts clashing into each other making even wilder accusations of how the hell I got myself locked in here.

“Hey guys can you let me out of here please? Mum? Dad? I no longer wish to be trapped in here and it isn`t funny anymore either. Cornelius, Rocco where are you?” I called out through the wood.

The last of my strength I used to try and push against the wood for a second time but nothing happened; only the sound of the rattling chains on the outside of the coffin. Although out of nowhere the coffin started slowly shaking and then gradually increased getting more powerful as time went along. Unable to see around me in the darkness I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and clutched my hands together at my sides. Thoughts of wanting all of this shaking to stop it all of a sudden it did just that. When I cracked open my eyes the lid of the coffin is open and Rocco is standing at my feet watching me.

Rocco leaned down inches away from my face smirked and then proceeded to screaming in my face like a banshee. Retaliating a powerful scream out of my lungs myself the coffin dropped like that as if I am being dropped from a great height.

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