Our Time is Now

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Chapter 3


“I know that your wake little brother I can hear your unsteady heartbeat. There`s no need to be afraid I am not going to hurt you.” The voice said.

“W-w-who are you?” I stutter softly.

“I`m your older brother of course who else would I be.”

“Well you could be a serial killer about to kidnap me from this hospital but anyway that can`t be true I already have a family a brother that all loves me very much in their own special way.”

The sharp breath intake indicated to me that this mysterious person wanted to say something to defend himself but immediately stopped before doing so. Slowly moving my head side to side I tried to see this person but the blurriness and black dots scattered about my eyes stopped me from trying to do so. Rapidly something moved closer to me bring to an end my shaking head with their large over-sized rough paw hands. Was my life a whole complete lie? Were my so called parents the ones that kept me in the dark from my real family? My thoughts swirled around my head doubting all my happy memories my foster family created over all of these years. Under his fingertips I can feel the slow beating heart beat against my checks.

A rough finger wiped away the single tear dripping down my check. Not being able to see the person in front of me leaves me more frustrated than anything else clouded up in my brain at the moment. Together however we waited in radio silence mentally daring each other on to speck first. Although in the back of my mind sailing about I am worried that I won`t be able to defend myself against the person in front of me attempt to kill me or kidnap me. The blind in fear and panic my breathing quickened increased subconsciously. Too fast a panic attack set in casing the machine I am attached to be beeping like manically crazy.

So along with the panic attack building my I can hear ringing in my ears and the rhythm of my heart beat going haywire and getting louder with each beat. Under my fingertips I clutch the covers over thing what is going to happen to me if I am taken away from the hospital with force and that that I am going to be in after wards.

“Hey little brother there is no need to panic and cry I am not going to kidnap you or hurt you for that matter. No one else is going to come in here to harm you either while I am alive and able to protect from them.” The voice said helping me to focus on something else for the moment.

For five minutes I sat up in the hospital bed and slowly rocked my body back and forth while clutching my knees into my chest. The total stranger cups my nearest hand and whispered soothing words into my ear comfortably. This small gestor clams down my erratic beating heat. Nonetheless I do finally calm down from the rapid panic attack and stop with the fear, panic and paranoia of thinking I would get kidnapped by some creepy pervert.

“Who are you?” I whispered.

“I am your older brother Romulus little brother. Who else would I be?” He replied.

“Then why haven`t I seen you before? How come I don`t remember you? What is -?”

“Woah slow down littler brother to many questions in one go. I can only answer them one at a time. You haven`t seen me before because long story short when you were barely one years old we were ambushed by a different herd of shapeshifter’s. It is a bit of a blur but before any of us could do something to save you someone got into your room and stole you righty out of your crib. It wasn`t till a little later on that out parents realised you were no longer within the pack grounds. Everyone after the fight was frantic trying to look for you but your sent had already disappeared and faded into the wind along with you and the surviving shifters.”

“Are you sure that`s the god given truth boy?” I can tell when you’re lying you know and not giving the whole truth is not very honourable of you is it?” A completely different creepy voice says.

The stranger I have been listening to I feel freezes up and growls under his breath. A faint crazy like laugh echo`s around the room dancing off the walls. There is something different about this laugh and it doesn`t sit right with me not at all. It has a dark, dangerous and devious tone to it in which senses a shiver down the back of my neck to the back of my spine.

“How?” My stranger said grasping my hand tighter.

“Don`t finish that sentence little boy that is if you know what`s good for you in the future to come.”£ Said the new creepy voice.

My stomach dropped as a gust of wind picks up around the room. Everything dropped away like flies as my body is plummeted down. It feels like I have been in one of those roller coasters when you rise to the top and it dropped down towards the ground and repeated it numerous times in one go. However It didn`t stop and rise again to be let go; I continued to fall as my voice is stuck in the bottom of my throat trapped just waiting to be let out and be used. Flapping my arms about like a bird I couldn`t grab onto anything to stop myself falling even further down the rabbit hole. In the meantime the sound of whooshing whips past my ear on more than one occasion as well as the taste of dirty and mints sitting on the ends of my taste buds. I couldn`t help but scrunch up my eyes together as the pressure of a fast speeding tunnel gateway thing.

Catching speed I am traveling faster and faster and when the time has come the mysterious stranger and I are dropped from out of nowhere like flapping fish into the blinding bright blue sea. I didn`t know where we were but we are no longer in the general hospital no more. It didn`t take long as I hit the water like a speeding bullet to loudly gasp and struggle to swim back to the top. Strong waves didn`t help me to breath in a deep breath being dragged under the water again. Fighting against the waves I gulped more water into my lungs than the oxygen that I needed. After a while in the end I gave up all the fighting the waves and decided to float with them.

Question upon question wizzes around my head which out of nowhere it dawns on me that I can actually see and there is no longer any black fuzzy patches swimming about my vison. All the pain has disappeared and the wounds have suddenly vanished leaving behind untouched and unbroken smooth skin. Not only have I started to save up my new found strength but I have been able to surveying the surrounding area with my perfect eyesight. Apart from endless amounts of miles of blue sea there isn`t anything much else to look at. Clouds are hiding the sun which doesn`t make much of a difference because the unbearable heat is seeping through the cracks in the clouds slowly burning and toasting my skin that is presenting itself above the cold water. There isn`t much I can do about my roasting skin but in the distance I can see something small slowly coming towards me.

Squinting towards this moving object I can`t see or figure out what it is. Accordingly all the same the sailing object does slowly grow bigger in size however doesn`t concern me that much until it is more closely and is an actual threat. Consequently I am thrown off my concentration by a wet soggy shoe being thrown at the side of my head.

“Hey little brother. Stop staring out into the ocean and start swimming with the strokes of the waves. Otherwise we are going to float here and die.” The familiar voice of the stranger said.

“What! I don`t wanna die out here and to get eaten by an outsized hungry fish.” I said.

Swimming round to take a first look at the mysterious person who claims to be my biological older brother and I expected him to look a lot different. His has the sides of his head shaven down with long chocolate brown hair on the top of his head tinted pure white at the ends. He has sharp check and jaw bones along with striking upturned sapphire coloured eyes. I couldn`t help but cock my head at him and see the few similarities between us. You could say that he has that dangerous aura around him if you were a stranger. But Instead of the contrary when he looked at me that power and dominance disappeared changing into a calm natured aura. Nevertheless a calm overdue silence is set thick over between the two of us.

“Can you actually see me little brother?” He asked me cupping my face in his face.

“Yeah I can actually which is nice because I can see your face when we are in a conversation and I don`t feel like I am being rude not being able to see you. Besides I didn`t realise that we had so many similarities rather than the small amount of differences.” I said.

“Well that does make it a hell of a lot easier to be able to get out of here alive and to have a proper eye to eye conversation doesn`t it.”

“Is there any other brothers and sisters that we have that I should know about?”

“There is we have two younger brothers who are identical twins called Oliver and Orlando. Oliver is the older twin by about two hours which can be a bit of a pain for Orlando because Oliver tends to rub it in about any chance that he can get when the two of them are starting to argue. Sometimes it can be funny to watch the two of them argue away pointlessly but on those other rare occasions the bickering will get extremely annoying and I want to bury them six foot underground.”

“They do sound like nice and fun people to be around exceptionally when the two of them are arguing. I hope that one day I am able to meet them fully in person when we do try and get ourselves out of here.”

“If you are willing to when we get back to the hospital and you get discharged will you come home with for a visit to see them. I know that the twins will love having you around even if it is for a short while. From that point onwards we maybe could decide what you want to do as far as you to go in meeting more of your own kind.”

“I can meet more of my own kind. I thought that we were all a rarity in this part of the world.”

In contrast the two of us have swimming or I should say floating here for long enough that the moving object is much closer and bigger. I didn`t realised what it was until it is moving right beside us. A large pirate ship glides past us shifting the waves further against us. We were pulled under water when the wave slammed down onto us. Struggling to swim to the surface a long tanned arm reached down into the water and grabbed hold of my hand. The hand pulled me out of the water, into the air, and onto a small rowing boat. Straightaway I am coughing up sea water from the bottom of my lungs. My hospital night gown clings to my body as I get off my knees and rest on my hunches trying to gain my bearings and my balance.

“You stopped coughing yet I`m kind of hoping to get out of this blazing heat before I shrivel up and become a raisin.” A demanding male voice says.

I shot up to my feet and wobbled to a halt to gain my balance inside the rowing boast.

“I think I am okay just exhausted that is all. Anyway who are you?” I questioned.

“Should we be asking you the same questions? Who are you and why did you magically fall out of the sky? What is that funny looking gown over your body?” The male in front of me says in one swift breath.

“I asked the question first so why don`t you answer the bloody question. Then maybe I will answer the questions that you have for me.” I sassed.

“Rocco I wouldn`t argue with him if I were you I don`t think I could bear watching your head bob up and down in the sea.” Romulus said.

“Listen to your brother Rocco we can`t have you getting hurt anytime soon now can we.”

“Let`s get this over and done with the captain wants these two stowaways unhurt, alive, and well. None of us really would want to be missing supper and to be scrubbing the decks till we get to our next port.” A scrubby man behind me said rowing closer to the pirate ship.

The man standing in front of me grumbles and slams his hands on the side of the ships. A minute late a long ladder is thrown down the side of the ship. Looking surprised at it I am shoved towards indicating to start climbing up the ladder. Doing as I was silently told I gained my footing on the ladder and started to climb up to the deck of the pirate ship. My grip on the ladder tightened, turning my knuckles white, as more people followed up behind me adding on more weight. The more weight added onto the ladder it increased in swinging from side to side rhythm of the ship.

Eventually I pull myself over the ship and onto the deck where a crowd of funny looking buff men and women are staring at me in the soaking wet hospital gown. Getting all embarrassed I lower my head and fiddle with the material of the hospital gown between the tips of my fingers. Hot breath blast on my wet cold neck as a finger rested on the edge of my chin to lift it up.

“Welcome to the Death of Damnation.” One of the pirates said.

“Damn it.” Romulus swore.

One particular man in the crowd stepped forward in tattered looking top, black leather trousers, knee length boots, and a blood red cape and hat with a feather draped to one side.

“Welcome aboard boys I`m Captain Lorenzo Heisenberg and these ugly lot are my crew. My right hand man standing behind you is Ryker. Now before we start all the interrogation and bloodshed why don`t we get the two of you properly settled in clean clothes, some nice hot food in your stomach and a nice comfortable bed to sleep on for the night.”

On cue my stomach loudly growled in agreement of a nice hot meal rather than the food from the hospital canteen.

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