Our Time is Now

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Chapter 4


That god damn bloody voice has always been causing some trouble one way or another for its own sick twisted pleasure and fun. It somehow located a gateway portal to somewhere bizarre just to dump the two of us in the middle of nowhere in the ocean. Rocco and I floated around in the ocean talking about anything and everything just as that god forsaken pirate ship sailed up beside us. My father told me countless bedtime stories of the myths and legends of the supernatural curse that was once placed upon us by some dark magic blood thirsty hybrid witch fae over a thousand years ago. The curse has thankfully been broken but it has had its great deal of setbacks and side effects over the years to many different species in the supernatural world running alongside the human one. Somehow that voice I think is going to be sticking around more often than not. Now that the two of us are out of the cold salty water we face another problem currently standing in front of us smiling like e knows something that we surely don`t.

“So captain what destination do you have in mind exactly?” I said pipping up.

“That`s a topic that I won`t be sharing standing here in these circumstances. Now come along it’s almost time for supper and we don`t want to be late for that will we?” The captain said striding away.

The crew scurried back to their places once the captain`s right hand man closely standing behind my baby brother. I watch the two of them and the interactions between each other carelessly grinding my teeth together in frustration. Although Rocco is able to stand on his two feet; I am more concerned that this right hand man Ryker has some alternate alter-motive hiding somewhere up his sleeve waiting to be used just for a stranger such as Rocco or I included when he gets the proper chance to. In the back of my head I can feel someone`s dead cold burning gaze. I couldn`t help but carefully search around the top deck for any wondering hateful gazes. It may not probably happen but my gut feeling is telling me that I need to keep Rocco glued to my side for the remainder of this trip while we find a way out of this god forsaken ship on the so called next port they will arrive at. Where ever that is I suppose?

When we`ve got far away as possible from the pirate ship new clothes are in order and somewhat of a plan to get back home to our other younger brothers. Shit, I almost forgot about them for a minute which is really bad of me for being an older brother. They must be worried sick that I haven`t contacted them in a long while (in their terms is a majorly long time but is really like hour). Knowing the two of them I guess they would manically drive to the hospital and storm into Rocco`s room with an army of police, military and the CIA etc. A shiver ran down my back as the winter blistering wind blows sharply across the ship. Adding on the wet baggy clothes I surely am losing body heat quicker than I thought I would be.

“Hey Romulus have you stopped spacing out yet? I kind of want to go and get some different clothes on along with a hot meal in my stomach.” Rocco called over to me.

Slightly taken back I blinked several times and unfasingly started to walk over to him in a blur of movement.

“What did the right hand man Ryker want?” I asked Rocco.

“Trying to intimidate me and all by using small empty threats besides he can`t really so any proper damage anyway.”

“I`m pretty sure he can do a hell of a lot of damage to people like us Rocco. I suggest to just staying away from him for the time being and that goes for the rest of the crew members. We cannot risk getting too close to them if and when they decide to use the information we tell them and use it against us for their own benefit.”

“Firstly Ryker will have to be the one to actually catch me while secondly haven`t you heard of stranger danger by any chance older brother. For the time being I won`t be telling these folks jack shit unless I get myself pissed faced.”

“That`s my boy! With that out of the way let’s go and get some clean clothes and a meal of hot food into our growling stomachs.”

We eventually found the food hall and quietly sat in the far end corner away from all the hype and noise of tonight’s dinner. Something about this beat and chilled vibe in the room is not something that I expect it to be. However a small smile crept on my face when the captain walked in and instantly joined his crew for supper, fun and games instead of eating alone in his own quarters. Rocco laughed a little when the ship rocked heavily to one side and a bowl of chicken noodle soup is thrown over Ryker`s head. The scowl on his face deepened as he stormed his way out of the food hall in a blind rage. A few members of the crew laughed at him and continued to drink, slap each other on the back, and stuff their faces with food. For the time being Rocco and I watched the scene in front of us while eating some of our own soup and laughing along with the crew as some of them made a complete fool of themselves pissed drunk off some funny tasteless beer handed out constantly but the cooks.

“Hey my boys how are you coping so far? We lot aren`t usually jolly and vibrant as this every night. Better enjoy what tonight has to offer before I set the two of you off to work in the morning at dawn sharp.” The captain slurs staggering his way over to our table of two.

“Well captain the two of us have new clean clothes and some fabulous tasting food lining our hungry stomachs which has put a smile of our faces. But will any of us want to start working in the morning again tomorrow morning at dawn if y`all are gobbling down pint after pint of beer and wine.” Rocco answered for the two of us with sass in his tone.

“Don`t start the tone with me boy. I wouldn`t mind giving you a clip round the ear if I hear you do it again within my presence and while you’re at it stop calling me captain I severely hate that go forsaken title. Just call me Lorenzo but for the sake of the crew call me Captain Lorenzo. I`ve already when my crew mates fight and die over the formality of what I as captain should be addressed as. Can`t afford to lose any more men until we got to port and we find some more lost boys wondering by underfeed and no one to turn to in need of shelter and protection.”

“Wow okay a bit too much information their captain – I mean Lorenzo. By the looks of things we aren`t even going to make it to port if the rest of your crew is eating all the flood along with all the alcohol on board this ship. The ship is miles and miles out to sea with endless blue of water in the distance sparkling under the hot blazing sun.”

“Boy you don`t know anything to do with now far out to sea we are. It will take us a day or two trip to get to our next destination without another hitch. We travel past the edge of a pent up raging storm, through the bottomless black hole of man eating mermaids, and straight on till morning.”

“A raging storm and man eating mermaids? I don`t know what type of crack you are on at the moment Lorenzo but I can tell you right now mermaids do not exist let alone man eating mermaids. They are myths and legends based off of ancient animal attacks within the boundaries of the water in oceans, lakes, and rivers.” I interrupt the conversation.

“I don`t know what land the two of you are from but I have met my fair share of sirens, mermaids, and many other wild and crazy species lurking deep inside these insidious waters.”

Before I could question Lorenzo some more he stumbles up and out of his seat and weavers towards the members of the pirate ship crew. I turned to Rocco about to say something snarky and instead he grabs hold of my sleeve to pull me out of the food hall. In and out of some twisted hallways and stairs Rocco takes me to the top deck. Fresh sea salt air smacks me in the face the second I walk through the door however nonetheless a face full of ice cold water sprayed over the edge of ship. Wiping my face with the edge of my free sleeve I notice that the moon is shining high in the sky shimming a bright reflection off the waves of the ocean. The taste of salt and cheap wine sat on the very tip of my tongue just when some lanky object in the corner of my peripheral moved or should I say glided in the shadows out of the way facing the water.

Shaking off the feeling that I am once again being watched by a non-existent heated gaze I listened to the sound of the overlapping waves hitting the front point of the ship as I silently followed my younger baby brother to the right side of the ship. Together we lent against the railing and bathed in the comfortable silence that clawed at our skin. Nonetheless being here with my brother is all I can ask for but a constant reminder that I need to take him back home to our brothers he has never met before and is also excited to see sometime soon. Guilt flourishes out of these lingering thoughts dampening down my whole mood this evening.

“What are we doing here Rocco? I was kind of enjoying the captain and his crew mates making fun of themselves.” I said breaking the comfortable silence.

“Something isn`t right here brother a deep gut feeling is telling me that being on this pirate ship longer than necessary isn`t such a good idea.” Rocco said.

“The supposed captain isn`t as bad as he seems on the outside however the mention of a raging storm and man eating mermaids is in the bonkers category of the crazy train. I can agree with you brother that we need to find a way off this ship as soon as possible without casing so much of a scene in the process.”

“That will be more difficult than you think mate considering we are at the moment in the middle of the ocean only god knows where.” A familiar voice engages into the conversation.

Rocco and I turned around swiftly to see right hand man Ryker stepping out of the shadows over the other side of the ship. Visibly Rocco stiffens and clenches his hand together into tight fists. Slowly he turned them white all the way down to the knuckles. Whatever was said in their conversation earlier today when we arrived first thing on the ship it obviously wasn`t good and it isn`t about to get any better from here on out. It has affected Rocco in such a way that I have to forcibly unclench his fists before in unintentionally starts to draw blood in his palms. One glance into my baby brother`s eyes I can certainly tell that he is feeling a lot of burning hatred towards Ryker. To stop Rocco from lurching forward to try and have a swing at Ryker I take my place in front of him and turn his attention away in a different direction all together. In a silent frustration Rocco drops his forehead down onto my chest and repeatedly bashes his head against me. Letting out a small chuckle Rocco bashed his hands against my chest for laughing at his methods of letting go of all his pent up emotions swirling through his mind.

“Are you done now littler brother?” I asked.

“Yeah I am but I can`t say that I will hold back on giving Ryker a beating when I do actually get my hands on him.” He replied.

“What makes you think we won`t get off this ship?” I ask Ryker meeting him in the middle of the top deck.

“For starters there`s no dry land for miles that the two of you can aim for at all. Secondly we don`t have any rowing boats free to be taken by thieves that go bump, splash, and gargle in the night. And thirdly Lorenzo isn`t going to be happy that his two bam spanking new guests are disrespecting the hospitality and generosity he has so kindly offered to the two of us in the earlier hours of this afternoon. It is not something he as a captain would like to take as a proper thank you. In all the power he holds as our dear captain we his crew mates will stand behind him and stop you from trying to leave this ship ever. Besides we are in desperate need of some new cleaners to scrub the decking every day in which the two of you lovely boys I think will be perfect as our new additions to our small family crew I do believe.” Ryker said.

“Isn`t it that the two of us being guests on this pirate ship have the right to be able to walk straight out the door we have previously walked through to begin with? Forcing the two of us is kidnapping by the way if you didn`t notice and you really don`t want me as a part of your family because I can really become annoying and irritable when I want to be.” Rocco sassed to Ryker trying to push his buttons.

“It doesn`t always have to be that way you know. I have every right and also power to get the two of you off this ship and drowning at the bottom of the ocean before the sun rises in time of the fishes first feeding of the day.”

With that the conversation between the three of us soon came to a close and Ryker so kindly showed my brother and I to a couple of small hammock’s in the far left corner of the ship at the back of the sleeping quarters sitting on top of the kitchen keeping it constantly warm. Some members of the ship`s crew have already turned in for the night snoring away like nobody’s watching. This is technically true because we are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by miles and miles of bright blur sparkling salt ocean water waves. I couldn`t help but laugh at Rocco when he jumped onto his chosen hammock like nothing can get in the way between him and the world of sleep and dreams. Luckily Ryker handed the two of us some freshly clean blankets out of the small built in cupboard in the wall of the ship. Together we got ourselves comfortable in the hammocks and silently listened to the waves crashing up against the sides of the ship in a constant flowing rhythm.


Sounds of violent crashing waves smashing hard and heavy against the ship arose me awake. The more violent these waves become the harder the ship rocked side to side forcing me to awake out of a deep slumber. Not fully being able to wake up straight away, I groggily notice that my back in covered in water sticking my clothes to my skin. The ice cold water jolted me awake and alive to notice that the sleeping quarters is quickly filling up with water. A few others of the crew members are also startled awake by the sheer amount of water starting to sink the sink. Sliding out of the hammock and into the thigh deep water I dragged a half a sleep Rocco out of his own hammock.

“Come on little brother we need to go now before we are stuck here permanently and drowned to death.” I said to Rocco splashing his face with ice cold salty ocean water.

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